Secret Keeper Ch. 02

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Boku No

Awkward. It was doubly awkward.

All night I thought about the incident in my office. One moment I would be lost in the thrill and ecstasy of an absolutely gorgeous eighteen year old who had seduced and had her way with me. But the next moment I would be filled with guilt for violating the trust between a student and an educator.

The thing is, something like “this” had never happened to me. It’s not as if I am eye candy to women. At 31 years old, I’m neither tall nor short – just five feet eleven. I certainly would never be labeled as muscular. In fact, I used to be quite skinny, but now had filled out a little, but mostly due to frozen pizzas and Taco Bell. I wasn’t fat, but carried just a little extra – maybe ten extra pounds – giving me small love handles and just enough belly to hide my ribs.

The truth is, all of my success with women had come as a result of my personality and my sincere interest in their lives. Don’t get me wrong, I usually have not had a problem finding companionship, and usually with a rather good looking woman. But it comes as a result of who I am rather than how I look.

But I knew “this” could never happen again. It was wrong. It could ruin my future and it could ruin Rae’s future. So the next day, when I got to school, I had my secretary call her to my office.

I was out discussing something with my secretary when she arrived. When Rae saw me look up at her, a big smile came across her face. “Good morning Mr. Z,” she said. I’m not sure, but I think she winked at me. I hoped I was wrong because I feared my secretary might notice.

“Hi Rae,” I said, “go on in. I’ll be in in just a second.”

“Sure thing,” she said and walked into my office. As she walked by, the profile of her perfectly proportioned body was apparent because of her tight fitting jeans and form fitting white blouse.

After finishing my instructions to the secretary, I followed her into my office. When I entered, I saw her standing at the left side of my desk. Once I got through the door and took a step toward my desk, she stepped behind me and pushed the door shut.

I turned around leaning back and sitting on the front edge of my desk. Rae stood with her back to the door, her hands behind her on the door knob. I saw her turn the lock on the door before brining her hands to the top of her low cut blouse. Undoing the top button, she said, “About yesterday, Mr. Z. …”

“That’s exactly what I wanted to talk to you about,” I interrupted her.

“Oh, Mr. Z., I’m so glad,” Rae said as she took a step forward.

Before she could get any closer, I reached up and gently grasped her arms just below her shoulders, keeping my arms stiff so she could not advance any further. “Yesterday was a big mistake,” I said. “We can’t let that happen again.”

Her entire demeanor deflated. “What do you mean? I know you liked it Mr. Z. And I know you like me.”

“Rae,” I said, “I’m your school counselor. This isn’t right. I can’t do this. I’m too old for you.””

“But Mr. Z. …” she tried to say before I interrupted her.

“Rae, even if I do like you, I can’t do anything about it. I could get arrested for what we did yesterday.”

“But I’m 18,” she replied. “I’m an adult. I consented. You can’t get in trouble.”

“I’m a teacher. You’re a student. I can get fired and my whole career could be ruined,” I said, but by this point I had dropped my arms, removing the barrier between us.

Stepping forward into my intimate space and reaching her arms up around my shoulders, “But Mr. Z., you can’t say that yesterday didn’t mean anything to you. I could tell.”

It took all my will power to do what I did next. For I wanted in the worst way to take her in my arms, give her a deep passionate kiss, tell her how beautiful she was, and proceed to plant kisses all over her before making sweet and long and sensitive love to her goddess like body.

Instead, I reached up and pulled her arms from my shoulder, pushing them back to her sides. “I’m sorry, Rae,” I said to her. But I couldn’t add anymore as I could not bring myself to lie to her with those big sad eyes looking up to me.

After a very long and very awkward silence and stare down, she finally said, “So, are you going to go out with my mother tonight?”

Truth is that my appointment with her mother was just about the last thing on my mind. But it was this appointment that had set off the events the other day. “We’re just having coffee,” I said. “Nothing else. And besides, what’s that got to do with anything.”

Rae’s look suddenly turned to the all too familiar look of that of a teenager who was confronted with a clueless adult. “Whatever,” she said and then turned to go. But the door that she had locked got in the way of her flight.

Quickly I reached for her shoulders and turned her back toward me. “Listen Rae,” I said with desperation in my voice, “we need to continue on as we always have. You’ve come too far. I need you come and see me each week to check in. I don’t want bostancı escort bayan you to slide back into the wrong crowd and into drinking again.”

“Ok. Fine.” She shot back at me and then turned, this time successfully turning the lock and making a hasty exit.

“Well that didn’t go so well,” I thought to myself. But then I retreated into the state that I had been in since that time at the homecoming dance, the state of repression. Just like that I repressed the feelings I had for Raelene, sexual and otherwise, so that I could carry on with my life.

That evening I did go for coffee with Rae’s mother. I assumed that it was mostly a professional appointment, that we would just be talking about Rae. But Rae’s intuitions were right. Her mother had invited me to coffee for social reasons.

I arrived first at the “Ground Bean Café.” When Rae’s mother arrived, I greeted her formally, “Hello Mrs. Bronson,” I said.

“Oh please, call me Wendy,” she said right away. “I can’t stand being so formal.”

And from that point, there was no formality about the next two hours whatsoever. And Wendy and I did not talk about Rae at all, unless it had to do with Wendy’s life.

As it turns out, Wendy is only three years older than me (and only two if you go by high school class). She told me she got married and pregnant at sixteen. This explained why she looked as if she could be Rae’s sister rather than her mother.

Wendy was about three inches taller than Rae and looked to be more slender. But that was probably more a result of the additional height rather than the actual thinness. Her complexion and facial features, including the full round cheeks with large dimples that flashed when she smiled were obviously passed on to Rae. Her hair would have looked the same, except the fact that she had it styled like a woman of the ’90’s or early 2000’s. shaved closely on the sides and permed on the top. Along with the large gold hoops dangling from her ears, this kept her from being mistaken for a woman much younger than she was.

We talked for two hours straight without one moment of awkward silence. Even as outgoing and personable as I am, that had never happened on a first meeting with a person of the other gender.

“Oh my,” Wendy said suddenly, “look what time it is. I better get home. I need to cook dinner for Rae.”

“I’d offer to drive you home,” I said, “but I walked here.”

“So did I,” she said.

“Well then,” I said, not having the sense to know the danger I was flirting with, “why don’t I walk you home.”

The seven block walk to her townhome was just as pleasant and vibrant as the time in the coffee shop. While we walked we agreed to get together again on Friday after work for an adult beverage.

When we arrived at her door, I was about to bid her farewell, when she said, “Would you like to stay for…”

But before she could finish, the door burst open and Rae stepped out right between us. She turned toward her mom and said, “What’s for dinner?”

Because she was between us and had drawn her mother’s attention toward her face as she spoke, Wendy did not notice that Rae had reached backward with her left hand and placed it on my groin. In the brief moment between question and answer, Rae ever so gently fondled my balls with her hand, causing an instant reaction in me.

“I was just about to ask Ian to join us for dinner,” she said.

“Really,” Rae replied. Then turning toward me, “So Ian, would you like to join us for dinner, whatever it turns out to be?” And with that she squeezed a little harder so that I had a momentary look of horror on my face.

“That’s Mr. Zelman to you Rae,” Wendy gently corrected her daughter.

“Oh, Ian is fine outside of school,” I said. “But please make sure you call me Mr. Zelman or Mr. Z. when we’re in school.”

“Well okey dokey then Mr. Z.,” Rae responded indignantly, “will you be sharing vittles with us?”

At that moment, my phone vibrated in my pocket. I knew it was probably a sports update, but it gave me a great out. Taking my phone out of my pocket, I looked down at it with a shocked look on my face. “I’m sorry, I can’t stay,” I said. “Something’s just come up.”

“I’m sorry to here that,” said Wendy. “Well maybe Friday then. Thanks for a delightful afternoon.” With that she went inside saying, “Come on Rae, let’s find something to eat.”

“Be right there mom,” Rae said, allowing a few seconds for her mom to get further inside. Then she turned toward me with her most evil smile, “Something came up? You bet it did,” she giggled as she moved her hand up and grabbed my almost fully erect penis. “I’ll see you right here on Friday night,” she said before rubbing up and down my penis quickly a couple times and then adding two gentle squeezes for good measure. Then she too disappeared inside the townhome, closing the door behind her.

Drinks with Wendy on Friday night were just as enjoyable as coffee was. We talked as if we’d been old friends ümraniye escort getting reacquainted, but with the added thrill of discovery from being new acquaintances mixed with the sexual tension from different genders.

And the sexual tension was indeed there. I found myself noticing the form fitting sweater and the tight fitting skirt as soon as Wendy walked in. It was business attire, but it was very flattering business attire.

On top of that, it seemed that Wendy reached out and made physical contact whenever she got a chance. Weather it was a hand on the shoulder as she laughed at one of my lame jokes or a sympathetic palm on the top of my hand as I shared a sad moment in my life, each touch sent shivers from my neck down to my toes.

Before we left, Wendy invited me to come to her house for dinner. I accepted of course, for how could I say no to such a beautiful and delightful woman? But when I arrived at her townhome, I realized it may have been a better idea to decline the invitation. Rae served as our greeting party and host when we got there.

“Hi mom! Hi Ian!” she exclaimed as we walked in the door. “I’m glad you’re here. I’ve made supper for you. I thought we could sit down and have a wonderful dinner together, just the three of us.”

“Well, that’s very thoughtful of you,” Wendy said to her daughter. “Rae, you never cease to amaze me!” And then she stepped forward and gave her daughter a hug.

I, on the other hand, stood speechless. For Rae stood there dressed to attract. Wearing a very light beige mini skirt that was pulled tight at the waist with a black belt, it highlighted both her curvaceous buttocks and her voluptuous chest. The color was light enough that her dark complexion needed neither nylons nor a tan line to show offer her shapely legs. Meanwhile, her flat blue button up spaghetti strap top was tight enough to reveal her nipples and betray the fact that she was braless, while loose enough to make me hope she leaned over and revealed more of her cleavage.

“Let me take you to your seats,” Rae said as her mother released her from the hug. “You first mom.” She proceeded to take her by the elbow and guide her to her seat.

Returning, she said to me, “And now you Ian,” and with her back to her mother, she looked up at me and slowly licked her top lip. Holding her elbow out so that I would take it, she said, “Well?”

“Oh,” I said rather clumsily and put my arm through hers. She led me to the side of the table opposite Wendy and pulled the chair out for me.

“Here you go,” she said. As I sat down, she reached for the cloth napkin on the table. With a flick of the wrist she opened it and said in a very formal voice, “Your napkin sir.” But as she placed it on my lap, her hand reached under it and gave me the now familiar caress.

“Damn her,” I thought. “Wendy and I were getting along just fine. Why does she have to distract me so?”

“Well, dinner is served then,” she said as she popped up and then disappeared into the kitchen. Moments later she arrived carrying two plates, each with a small steak, a baked potato, and a serving of mixed vegetables.

Setting a plate in front of her mother, she said, again in the formal voice, “For you ma’am.” And then turning to me, she leaned over to set the plate down and said, “And for you kind sir.”

Deciding to play along, I mustered up my most formal voice and said, “Why thank you madam,” as I eyed the steak and potato. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed that she remained leaned over the table. As I turned my gaze slightly in her direction I realized why. For there right in front of my face was a look into her top at her braless breasts. I noticed that her gaze looked down and caught the fact that my napkin now looked like a big top tent. She smiled deviously as she rose to return to the kitchen to fetch her plate.

She returned from the kitchen with her plate and set it in front of the chair between Wendy and I. Just when Rae was about sit down she exclaimed, “Oh yes, I almost forgot,” and she disappeared into the kitchen again. Just moments later she reemerged, holding a bottle of wine in her hands.

“Mademoiselle,” she said to her mother displaying the bottle of wine. Then turning to me, “Monsieur, Cabernet Sauvignon?” she asked in perfect French, waiting for my approval.

“Tres bien,” I responded, maxing out what vocabulary I retained from high school French.

Rae proceeded to pour a glass for her mother and then one for me. As she stood up after pouring my glass, her mother said, “Rae, why don’t you have a glass also. After all, you are 18 and you’ve worked so hard to fix this meal. Go ahead.”

I could tell Rae wasn’t sure what to do. On top of that, my counselor instinct kicked in. So I piped in, “Maybe that isn’t such a good idea, Rae.”

“I don’t think it will hurt that much,” Wendy commented with a bit of irritation in her voice. This is the first time we had not seen eye to eye on something.

“No mom,” Rae said. escort kartal “I think Mr. Z. is right. I’m not graduated yet and I don’t want to compromise my standing in National Honor Society or lose my spot in the musical.”

“Yes honey, you’re right,” Wendy said to Rae. “You are so level headed and responsible. I’m so proud of you. And besides, I suppose if you had a glass of wine it would put Ian in a rather awkward position.”

Then leaning over me to put the wine on the table, she made sure that her glorious breasts were just inches from my face. “Yes, we wouldn’t want to put Ian in an awkward position now, would we,” she said, Wendy being completely oblivious to the sarcasm.

As Rae stood back up and returned to her seat, Wendy was busy cutting her steak. I sat there, however, with a horrified look on my face. Rae simply looked at me with a great big smile, winked with her left eye, then seductively licked her top teeth with her lips. This really scared me and I quickly looked down at my plate, grabbed my knife and fork and began cutting so that Wendy would not see the terror I was feeling.

During dinner, Rae made sure our wine glass was full. That did not take much for me as I was sipping ever so slowly, too afraid of what alcohol might do to my already shaken demeanor. Wendy on the other hand, savored the red wine with the red meat and hardly even noticed when her daughter opened another bottle, just for her.

The remainder of the dinner went by without a hitch, the conversation very pleasant and enjoyable with a lot of laughter. I began to relax and, more importantly, forget about the two incidents from earlier in the meal.

When we were finished, Rae announced, “I rented a movie, why don’t you two go put it in and watch the previews while I do the dishes. I’ll be in after a bit.”

“Rae, you are so thoughtful tonight,” Wendy said. “I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve this but I think I’ll take advantage of it and take this beautiful hunk of a man into the living room with me,” then hooking her arm into mine, she led me out of the room. Obviously, the wine had loosened her up somewhat.

In the living room, I sat on the love seat while she grabbed the DVD. I couldn’t help but notice her butt as she leaned over to put the disk in the player. I’m not sure there was a 21 year old alive who had anything on her. As she stood up, she arched her back, highlighting both her rump and her perfectly proportioned breasts. I think I was staring at that point, but if she noticed she did not let on.

I was sitting on the love seat, my left arm on the arm rest and my right arm on the top of the back. Wendy came over and sat next to me, cuddling right up to me and placing her head on my shoulder. My right arm naturally came off the top couch and dropped around her shoulder, pulling her in just a little closer.

It was a magical moment – much like two kids holding hands for the first time. We sat there speechless, relishing the newness of holding one another so close and so affectionately. We watched the previews, or should I say, we looked at the TV while the previews were running, having no idea what was playing. We simply enjoyed this very intimate and sensual first for us.

Finally, Wendy broke the silence. “You know,” she said, “I’m glad Rae made such a nice dinner for us, but I sorta wish she weren’t here.”

“Really?” I said looking down at her longingly, “Just exactly what is it you would do if she weren’t here?”

“Well,” she replied as she leaned up toward my face, “I think I’d start by doing this,” at which point she proceeded to kiss me. It wasn’t just any kiss. It was a gentle, sensuous, yearning kiss – a kiss I’d never experienced before. You’ve heard about the kiss where the couple sees fireworks. Well this was sort of like that. Only I didn’t see fireworks, I felt them. It was incredible. It was as exhilarating as any orgasm I had ever had. But this was an orgasm of the head and the heart rather than the loins.

When she finally pulled away from the kiss, she said to me, “And then, I might just do something like this,” at which point she moved her hand, which I had not even realized was resting on my thigh, up to my groin and began to ever so gently rub my penis through my khakis.

It only took a few seconds for my penis to reach full erection. It would not have taken her very much longer to give me an orgasm of the loins except for the fact that right about that time Rae’s voice came from behind us.

“All done with the dishes, is it time for the movie yet?” she said.

Wendy’s hand shot away from my groin as if it were a hot potato. I shifted to my right to try to cover up the bulge in my trousers. This actually brought Wendy closer and may have made things worse. However, as Rae sat down on the recliner, her eyes were looking at the TV, not at us.

The movie started, but it did not have my attention what so ever. I was sitting on a love seat cuddling with a beautiful woman who I was crazy about, while her daughter sat just a couple yards from us, the very daughter who had put my penis in her mouth and then used her breasts to bring me to climax less than a week earlier. I was hardly ready to pay attention to whatever romantic comedy Rae had picked out for us.

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