Santa Photo Shoot, Pt. 02

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30 minutes later Sarah dashed out of the front door as Bryan and Michelle busied themselves taking down the Christmas decorations and packing them away to prepare for more Valentine’s photo shoots in the upcoming week. A quiet had fallen over the room with their movements being the only sound to interrupt the stillness.

“What do you want me to do with the… ‘presents'” Bryan asked Michelle as he looked at the boxes containing a variety of different sex toys.

“Just put them on the counter. I will put them away later.” Michelle said. She walked out of the room with her camera, prying out the memory card as she headed to her small office. A few minutes later, her computer was happily uploading the over 1500 photos she had taken. As soon she had them on the hard drive she would start running the software that would cull those images with blurs, bad lighting issues and red eye issues. That would pare the whole down to a more manageable size to work through.

“I have a question.” Bryan said from the doorway. Michelle jumped, her mind having switched gears from the shoot to getting work done. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you.”

“No problem. What do you need?” Michelle turned in her desk chair to see Bryan filling the doorway. He had taken off his Santa suit and now had his jeans on…. and nothing else.

“I was wondering what you were going to do with this.” Michelle fought to focus her eyes from the wide expanse of his powerful chest. She knew he had been a strength coach for a period of time, but the broad expanse of his chest and shoulders seemed much thicker with muscles than she had imagined.

And then she gasped as she realized he was holding the box with the silver butt plug she had purchased and wrapped as one of the items to be opened by Sarah as she sat on his lap. She had taken a LOT of photos of the moment they opened the box, hoping for a perfect shot of shock and surprise. The two had played through it all perfectly.

What did he want with that? She had always wanted to experiment with a plug. She had always enjoyed touching her own sphincter and since coming of age, had discovered that there were few things that turned her on more than having a guy lick her back there! But what did he want? Why was he holding it?!?

“I was just going to say, ” he broke his gaze on her face to start opening the box. “Looking at the box anyway, I am betting that this would look perfect between your tight round ass cheeks! What do you say, we find out?”

“Oh no!” Michelle stood up and reached for the box even as the flaps suddenly gave way and the small, shiny, silver toy, acorn shaped on one end and adorned with a glistening purple gem on the other fell into Bryan’s big hand. She grabbed his arm with both of her hands tried to pull his hand closer so she could wrestle the butt plug away from him but he just laughed. “Give me that!”

“Oh, I plan on it, but in due time!” Michelle beat on his chest as he continued to laugh. Then, with one arm he encircled her struggling body and pulled her to him, her back pressed to his chest.

She fought on, no longer certain of what she was doing. Was she fighting to get the toy, or to get away from him? She felt the muscles of his chest and arm hard pressed against her, wrapping her securely to him. She could actually feel his laugh at her attempts to pry his fingers off of her arm! It was scary and she felt frightened, angry at his invasion of her privacy. She felt violated….

His arm was now just beneath her breasts, holding her tightly to him. That was when she realized that he was pressed up against her from behind… in every way. She felt his width pressed between the top of he ass crack. She wiggled to try to free herself and felt him, somehow, impossibly wedging himself into her back there. She began to still. Fighting the much bigger man was not getting her anywhere! His arm relaxed a degree though it was still clamped around her, all to close to her now suddenly alert breasts.

He brought the butt plug slowly up before her face. “I couldn’t believe it when Sarah unwrapped this. I knew you were going to keep all of those items for yourself. The vibrator, the lube, the handcuffs…but this surprised me.”

“Maybe you don’t know me as well as you thought!” Michelle managed to snarl in an almost convincing fashion. He brought the surprisingly heavy metal object closer to her face and she turned to avoid looking at it.

That was when he leaned over her shoulder and kissed her! Adrenaline still pumping from the struggle; emotions high from seeing him with the plug and knowing he had uncovered her secret. Michelle again tried to push away from him but he turned and in a single fluid motion spun her so that her back was against the open office door. His hands caught both of her wrists and this time there was no denying either his kiss or his arousal.

Michelle realized that she was kissing him back. Some small voice in the back of her consciousness told her to resist, to fight Bodrum Escort and to put an end to it, but the thundering pulse of her heart filled her with an undeniable need. She may not be able to fight back, but she could kiss him back. She could attack him and subdue him yet!

Her hands were on his back (when did he release her?) pulling him to her. His warmth was like that of a furnace and nearly singed the very essence of her being. She wanted him! As many emotions as she had felt toward him in the last four hours, there had always been one underlying feeling that she had tried to deny but would not, not now. She wanted him.

It did not matter that he was nearly 30 years older than her, twice her size or anything else. He was there and had been with her now for what seemed like her whole life. He had helped her when things were hard and celebrated with her when she had successes.

And she could feel his cock now, pressed against her belly, straining behind that belt and denim to touch her! That was enough! It was MORE than enough. She had been denied before, but she would not be denied now! She broke her lips from his and instinctively her lips moved down and to the right as if a moth drawn to a flame. She kissed and nibbled a straight line to his nipple, where she latched on like a newborn with her mother. His groan and fingers engulfing the back of her head and pulling her to him let her know that she was indeed on the right path. She chewed and bit his hardened nub even as she felt his hand with toy move down her back and squeeze her bottom. She moaned and he slapped her bottom hard.

Thinking it was now or never, Michelle let her knees fold a little and began her descent to his belt and to points beyond as she kissed and tasted his flesh. The scent of him was intoxicating, the touch of his flesh nearly scalding and the taste of him was magical to the point that her mind swirled.

Then his hands caught her and made her look up at him. “What are you doing?” His voice, normally low, was now a low roaring growl, choked with need and desire.

“You know what I am doing.” she replied coyly.

“Tell me! I want to hear you say it! I want to hear you say you want me out loud!” There was something in his eyes, a certain wildness that made Michelle’s heart skip a beat. She glanced to the bulge that now was only inches away, so close… why did he stop her now… again. “I want to hear you tell me you want to suck my cock.” His voice was a strained even cadence of barely controlled lust. She could see his fierce need of her and yet he held her once again.

“I want to… you know.”

“Say it Michelle, I want to hear you tell me what it is you want!” The maniacal level of passion behind his words was barely held in check.

A wave of unimaginable excitement and hunger caused Michelle to shudder from her soul out. He wanted her and needed to hear that she wanted him too. He wanted her with nearly every fiber of his being but he held back and would not surrender to his carnal nature until she told him she wanted him. He needed to hear her tell him that she needed him as badly as he was longing for her! “Give me your cock! I want it! I want to suck you hard and drain every drop of you in my pu…in my cunt! Dammit, Bryan, let me suck your cock!

With a growl he picked her up and without effort heaved her over his shoulder. The force of landing so unexpectedly upon her diaphragm drove the breath from her as he quickly carried her back to the bed. He barely broke his stride as he lifted his knee up onto the bed and then flipped her down onto her back. In the quiet darkness of the room she could hear his breathing, ragged from lust, exertion and need. She raised her head and bit the inside of his arm for no other reason than the need to release her own visceral hunger.

He was over her now, kissing her as his hands roamed her body. His fingers were like armies destroying the strongholds of her resistance and leaving her in flames wherever they touched. His lips vanquished her and the only cohesive thought that remained inside of her screamed of her need for him! She wanted him and had to have him!


It was all so fast!! What was happening?!? She had finally banished her feelings and nailed them into the door of her sub-consciousness with her computer keyboard and then he was there! She had never seen him without some kind of bulky clothing obscuring the shape of him. When she turned around saw him in detail, it was like the light being shone into the dark corners of a fantasy and her uncovering what she wanted that she had never thought about before!

It was all too much! Her own emotions smashed through her determination to move on and the new ones that flashed up on the screen of her mind as she wondered what it would be like to touch that much muscle…that much flesh… that man….

Now her mind whirled trying to catch Bodrum Escort Bayan up to her through the spinning vortex of all that had happened… was happening. Holy fuck! She was kissing him as he loomed over her! The heat of his ardor radiating down against her, as she realized her arms were now wrapped around him, pulling him to her. Something inside her was screaming for it all to happen faster; for him to do it now, hard and uncontrolled! She wanted to feel his unfettered passion for her and even more, she needed to, for once, just let go and stop thinking! “Stop,” Michelle said, pulling her tongue from his lips. “This isn’t.. stop, Bryan.” Her arms came down and with her elbows leveraged against the bed to either side, she attempted to push him up and away from her.

A cyclone of emotional energy wreaked havoc upon his face as she looked up into his confused countenance. For a moment she lay paralyzed with the sudden realization of the ferocity of his need and the realization that he might not be able to restrain it any better than she could her own! “Roll over.” She gasped. “Dammit, you made me say, now let me do it,” her voice gathering confidence that she did not know she possessed. “You made me say that, I wanted to suck your cock, now let me.” Staring up into his eyes that reflected total bewilderment, she almost laughed, but instead, she lowered her voice and said slowly, “I want to suck your cock right now!”

She watched as the smile radiated out from his eyes as he words registered and cut through all of the other things going on in his mind! She came close to laughing, but managed to restrain it to a smile. A smile that she then loosened as she allowed just the tip of her tongue to slip out of and taste his kisses upon her lips. His eyes flashed to the movement of her tongue and this time the giggle slipped out as everything about him now reflected only his longing to do whatever he had to do in order to have those lips and the tongue… down there!

He growled as he wrapped her to him and then rolled over and before she could have done anything to stop him, she found herself lying on top of him, her legs spread to either side of his hips. With a gasp, she was also VERY aware of a bulge that was now pressing up from him into her very private parts. She heard the small purr come from the back of her own throat as her hips lowered onto the prominent rise and sought out more of a purchase!

Michelle could not help herself. She leaned down to taste his full lips once more. She watched him close his eyes as her hips slowly moved over him. She felt his lips part to welcome hers, the warm inviting breath coaxing her tongue to come and to enjoy him!

His lips tasted of peppermint candies and she savored the smoothness of his teeth as her tongue slid over them and played a game of tag with her own. His hands on her hips guided her movements for a moment and then wrapped behind and his hands, so big and powerful, cupped her entire bottom, fingers wrapping over the thin material of her black leggings and tentatively exploring the cleavage of her ass.

It all felt so right as their bodies now moved together in a synchronicity that was nothing short of both magical and yet so simple. With every breath that was taken, every racing heartbeat that thundered within her mind and every kiss and fervent touch, the anticipation of what had to happen built ever higher.

Michelle wanted to stay like this, and yet she had to know what “other package” Santa had for her! Her pussy protested her moving down and off of him, but she mentally promised that better was coming… much better!

The touch of his hands moving over every inch of her back, touching, squeezing and stroking, felt so relaxing! As she kissed her ways down his chest she marveled at the fact that it was probably broad enough for two women to rest their heads on at the same time! The idea of sharing a man with another woman and watching what they did to him from so close…. A shudder from her private fantasy made her smile before she took a small nibble of his ribs!

His thumbs grazing over the outsides of her breasts and then across her nipples brought Michelle immediately back to the here and now. She had seen Bryan leering at Sarah’s breast. As always, she was overly aware that hers were… she was not flat, but … guys seemed to always admire her for her ass and therefore she was overly conscious of them. Would he, with those big hands, even notice what he was touching?!

The low moan rumbling through his barrel chest as his thumbs played over the small hard and hardening button of nipples that sat on the front of her told her that not only did he know what he was doing, but that he was definitely enjoying doing it to her! And he knew how to touch her to make her feel sooo gooood!! He did not attempt to pop them like balloons in the palms of his hand, nor did he twist her nipples in such a way as to cause her to moan into his soft fleshy belly. Escort Bodrum He touched and teased and it felt perfect!

On she moved, and he did likewise. He turned and moved up the bed, resting himself back against the headboard so that he could watch. She had moved with him, for a moment wondering if she would have to move off of the bed to have access to him. With him situated now, and kneeling between his thighs, she stared up into his eyes and she could see her own eager anticipation filling his every thought.

She undid his belt but he silently offered and she accepted his help with the button and zip. She saw the bulge stretching from just below the waste band to down below where his legs came together and quietly she said, “oh my.” He laughed as he raised his hips off of the bed and Michelle pulled the denim down to his knees. Reluctantly, she backed completely off of the bed and yanked his shoes off, tossing them to the side and then pulling off his pants and throwing them onto a chair near the still lit tree.

With an evil smile, she turned and walked over to the light switch and killed the lights and closed the door to the room. Now, lit only by the soft glow the Christmas lights, she turned crossing her arms; she raised the hem of her long shirt up slowly. She had practiced the move many times in her bedroom in front of the mirror and with other boys. She loved to watch their eyes as she revealed herself to them. She knew just how to turn so that her legs looked their best, her waist looked flat and tight and her breasts… at least she still had her bra on she thought with a little giggle. Judging by his near slack jawed entranced stare, Bryan approved, and for now, that was all that mattered!

Still in her heels, she decided to go for broke. Slowly walking back to the foot of the bed she said, in her most low and throaty sexy voice. “Show me your cock! You already know I want suck it. I have already told that. But I want to see it. Slowly! That’s it…. mmmmm” He had eagerly reached down and started to thrust his dark briefs to his ankles, but had slowed as she spoke. She wanted the moment to last as she strolled to the foot of the bed.

She leaned her hands onto the bed and reached up as he raised his hips. She grabbed the soft elastic band at the top of the cotton brief and pulled down, allowing her knuckles to press over his thickness. Together, they revealed him and she found herself licking her lips again. When it finally came into view there were so many thoughts that screamed in her mind.

He looked so… thick. She had had a boy or two that probably were longer in endowment.. but the base of the shaft looked as big as a can of beer and the mushroom head looked as if a golf ball had been shoved into it, so perfectly round and swollen….

And he was clean shaven. In the dim light it was hard to tell, but it seemed as if every hair below his belt line had been meticulously removed and his skin nearly glowed in the dim light. As she stared, it stirred and moved as if an alien life, apart from the source where it sprang up from. She pulled his underwear off of his ankles and dropped them to the ground as she crawled up onto the bed to examine her prey!

The feel of a cock was always a thrill to her. So stiff and hard and yet the skin so silky soft! Warm and dry, she caught her first scent of Bryan and smiled. He smelled like a man! No perfumes. Clean, musky and ready; that was what her mind recorded as she breathed him in. Then she saw the silver drop of dew forming in the slit of his helmeted cock. It gleamed in the twinkling light for moment and deepened. She reached out and held his shaft up, pointing it toward the ceiling. That was when she noticed the two small drops of white already pooled on his abdomen, just below his navel. A strand of that magical potion fell across the back of her fingers like a warm kiss.

Looking up into his eyes, with her other hand she gathered her long hair to one side of her face and allowed it to drape down onto his thigh. The touch of it sent a shiver of anticipation through him and made her smile. She moved her hair back and forth over his thigh and then the large testicles that still hung off of him a little.

With her eyes locked onto his she moved in more closely. His smell here was definitely that of sex and desire and she felt her own body react. Her nipples hardened within the bra and the insides of their cups suddenly felt rough and chafing as they longed to be free and to be appreciated. As she had when giving other guys a blow job, she stuck her tongue out and starting at the point where his wrinkled nut sack joined the thick base of his manhood, she gave it all one long, slow lollipop lick!! He tasted salty, maybe a little musty… and so musky that his virility seemed a foregone conclusion.

She watched his hands ball the festive bed covers into knots as she ran the tip of her tongue slowly around the rim of the ‘helmet’ of his little soldier. She felt it twitch and jump within her hand and thought she might lose control of the beast using only one hand! With that thought, she was the one that shuddered and she smiled as she saw the light, delicate hairs on her arm stand on end as if to return the salute to the soldier she now held captive!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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