Room Service

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NC-18 – No characters under the age of 18 are depicted in this story.

This is a copyrighted original work of erotic fiction. All rights reserved.

Our motel has a policy of having the desk clerk call the rooms of newly checked in guests to verify that everything is satisfactory with the room. I usually finish those calls with the phrase, “…if there’s anything you need, please don’t hesitate to call.”

At least I used to. I don’t anymore. ‘Cuz now I know what can happen when you ask that question.

And it gets answered.

“What happened” was one afternoon I was working when this older guy came in. Nothing special to look at. Not “buff”. Not really actually all that good looking either. But he looked me in the eyes when he talked to me, which impressed me a little. And he had some kind of presence that about him that I found attractive.

Our uniform is just a polo shirt with the motel logo embroidered in it. But I have to say that I fill it our really well. I have to get them in large to keep them from being too tight across my boobs, but then have to take them to a tailor to have the rest of them taken in so I’m not trying to tuck and extra six inches of fabric inside the waistband of my slacks.

Yeah, I’m one of those girls that a lot of women hate on sight or make assumptions about. I’m about five feet, seven inches tall and wear a size 34 bra and size “3” slacks and jeans. So why do I have to have to get my shirts altered? The band of my bras is a 34. But the cups are triple D’s.

So like I said, women hate me. They’re either jealous of the fact that they’re so big and obviously firm or they make the assumption that they’re fake. Both are pretty much full-on bullshit. They’re not fake and yes, they are that firm. So kiss my ass, bitches!

So anyway, a lot of times when guys come in to check in or ask questions I feel like I need to tell them “my eyes are up here” since their eyes seem to gravitate to my boobs. It’s especially embarrassing when their wives are standing right next to them. And even more embarrassing for the woman when she’s had four kids and, unfortunately, looks like she’s had four kids.

But what can I do? It’s not like I’m standing there in a bikini top (though I might as well be, sometimes) or braless in a thin t-shirt! It’s a black, pique fucking polo shirt, for gosh sake!

So when this guy came in and made a point of making and keeping eye contact with me, I was impressed. At least I was the first time I talked to him.

I called his room about fifteen minutes later and wound up having to leave a voicemail message. He came down later that evening to ask a question about restaurants and I mentioned a couple of our local joints since he said he was tired of eating in chain places.

I watched as he walked out and was impressed at how tight his ass was in the khakis he was wearing. Don’t get me wrong, they weren’t tight – the khakis I mean – his ass cheeks looked deliciously tight. Unfortunately I didn’t see him again on that particular visit.

A few weeks later I took a phone reservation and I thought I recognized the voice. When he told me his name it sounded familiar so I scribbled it down on a pad as I completed the reservation. Once I finished the reservation I went back into our system and compared his previous stays to when I worked and I was right. It was the same guy.

I switched shifts with one of the other girls and was keeping an eye out for him to come in. I scored when I saw his car pull into the check-in lane. I usually keep my shirts buttoned up to the top to make sure women don’t get any more pissed than they already do and I quickly turned around and unbuttoned all of the buttons and dragged the collar wide open to expose my cleavage.

When I turned back around, he was already standing there. And he made eye contact and held it the whole time we talked. But not in a creepy, stalkerish way, but in a really focused way. Like nothing else in the world was more important than I was. As I realized that, I started to get that warm feeling low in my abdomen that steadily drifted southward as we talked. He thanked me for my recommendations from his previous visit.

I got really bold and, when I gave him his key cards in the little envelope we use, I stretched my other hand out as well and used it to rub the back of his hand while I slid the first hand across the edges of his fingers as I placed the envelope in his palm. His eyes finally dropped from mine, but they snapped straight to our hands, then back up to my eyes. Not even a pause at my breasts. I thought when his eyes shot back up there was going to be either irritation or disgust in them, but they were just as warm as before. Maybe a little warmer.

I waited the requisite fifteen minutes and called his room. I put my best sultry voice on and asked if everything was satisfactory with his room. He said it was perfectly fine. Then I said, “If there’s anything you need, please don’t hesitate to call.” He said he would definitely keep that in mind.

That’s all Sakarya Escort he said. Really. But the way he said it made my nipples tingle.

I watched and waited and hoped for him to come back through the lobby, but I didn’t see him again. At least not that trip.

I didn’t make his next reservation, but I saw it pop up on the reservation system. OK, so maybe it popped up because I had set a flag to have it notify me he had made a new reservation the next time I logged in. I was almost giddy when I realized he was going to be here for almost a full week this time. I was going to see what it would take to get him to notice my tits – and maybe the rest of me, too.

I told the manager I had some things come up and arranged to work every afternoon/evening shift for the whole week.

I had also talked my manager into letting me try out a thinner version of our shirts. It was still a polo shirt, but it was made from a wick-away type material and was quite a bit thinner than the regular polos.

I made mine even better by wearing a really sheer bra that first afternoon. It was black, too, so it didn’t show except the seams and, of course, my nipples. I had to keep a thin shawl around my shoulders like I was cold to keep people from seeing my perky nipples. Perky? Oh, yeah. Turned the temp in the lobby down to make sure they were.

I saw him pull in and quickly tossed the wrap to the side and ducked down behind the counter like I was working on something, which I most definitely was! I quickly unbuttoned all the buttons on the shirt, then started working my fingers and thumbs on my nipples to get them even more erect as I possibly could before I stood up.

I have to confess I stayed there a while longer than I had planned after I heard him walk up to the desk. The problem there was that I had made the mistake of closing my eyes and imagining it was him playing with them and got lost for a minute or so.

When I stood up, I made it a point to arch my back like it hurt and watched his eyes. He HAD to have seen my nipples, but his eyes locked on mine and stayed there all the through the check-in process. I made it a point to lick my lips a few times. I asked him to step to the end of the counter, then made it a point to bend over quite a ways. When I had to take my eyes from his, his were still locked on mine, and when I glanced back up, they were still locked there.

I let my eyes close a little in a sultry way and did the fingers thing on his hand again. He didn’t even twitch.


Well, I still had another card up MY sleeve!

I waited about twenty minutes and called his room. “Good evening, sir. This is the front desk calling. I just wanted to verify everything about your room is acceptable?”

“Everything in the room is fine.”

“You’re telling me.”

“Excuse me?”

Shit! Did I say that out loud?

“That’s very good, sir. If there’s anything you need, I’ll be here all evening, please give me a call.”

“I will definitely keep that in mind. Thanks.” There was that nipple tingle again!

Well, that didn’t go as well as I had hoped, but still better than it could have.

I didn’t see him that evening, at least not in person. I did see him in my fantasies, though.

The next afternoon I watched for him to come in and waited a short while, then called his room.

“Good evening, sir. This is the front desk calling. I just wanted to verify everything about your room is acceptable?”

“Don’t you make this call only the first day when someone checks in?”

“Usually, sir. But I like to make sure our favorite customers are well taken care of.”

“‘Our favorite customers’?” he asked. “I’ve not been here very often so I really don’t think I qualify as ‘our’ favorite customer. Would you like to try that again?”


“So is it ‘our’ favorite customer or just ‘your’ favorite customer?”

“OK. You got me. Mine.”

“Well thank you, young lady, for trying to cheer up an old man. You have a good night.”

“Oh, OK. If there’s anything you need, I’ll be here all evening, please give me a call.” I let my voice drop into “sultry” again. “Good night.”

FUCK!! What do I need to do?

The next night I called again. “Good evening, sir. This is the front desk calling. I just wanted to verify everything about your room is acceptable?”

“Again? The room is fine, thanks.”

“Very good, sir. If there’s anything you need… Anything at all… I’ll be here all evening. Please give me a call. Good night.”

“You do know, yesterday it seemed like you were trying to cheer me up. Now it sounds like you’re making fun of me. Don’t you know it’s considered impolite to tease your elders?”

“Oh, I’d like to tease you, alright.”

“Excuse me?”

SHIT!! Talking out loud again!

“I meant no disrespect, sir.”

“Have a good night, young lady.” Click.

DAMN! I’ll try again tomorrow night.

“Good evening, sir. This is the front desk calling. I just wanted to verify everything about your Sakarya Escort Bayan room is acceptable?”

“Yes, the room is fine. Now obviously you have some reason to keep bothering me in my evenings. What do you want?”

“Just what I said, sir. Just want to make sure there’s nothing you need in your room to make you more comfortable? Anything at all?”

“Are you offering what I think you’re offering?”

“If you’re thinking I’m offering to come to your room after I get off and get you off, then you’d be right.”

He’s laughing? He’s fucking laughing? What the fuck is so funny?

“What the fuck is so funny?”

“Girl, that would be a very bad idea.”


“I would ruin you for normal men. That’s why.”

“Oh, please!”

“No, seriously.”

“I was being serious. Please. Ruin me.”

“I’m sorry. I can’t do that. You’re a young lady with a lot of life before you and it would be unfair for me to wreck your life.”

“I’m willing to take that risk.”

“Sorry, I’m not. Have a good night.”

The next night I didn’t call his room at all.

What I did was wait until about 10 o’clock, then turned on the “No Vacancy” light and locked the front lobby door and went to his room.

I knocked and he eventually opened his door a crack, squinting into the light of the hallway.

“Good evening, sir. I just wanted to verify everything about your room is acceptable…”

“You’re not going to give this a rest, are you?

“I was hoping to hook up with you the first time I saw you come in a few months ago. I decided then that I was going to make something happen when I got the chance. And after what you said last night, I knew I HAD to get with you. Tonight’s my lucky night, I can just tell.”

“Or your unlucky night. I KNEW I shouldn’t have said anything. I can’t talk you out of this?

“I’m a big girl and can make decisions on my own.”

He said, “Hang on,” and then closed the door to unhook the chain before re-opening the door and letting me in.

He didn’t turn any lights on, so it was good that there was a small amount of light coming around the curtains. I started to make my way to the bed.

“Where are you going?”

“Um, to the bed?”

“Nope. You need to come over here.” He sat on a chair by the small table in the room and patted his legs.

I walked over and went to sit sideways on his lap, but he grabbed my hips and spun me to face him then pulled me forward to straddle his legs.

He reached up and gently grasped my head in both hands and pulled my face forward. I started to lean toward him to kiss him, but he held me back.

He held my head in place and leaned in like he was going to kiss me, but he didn’t. He got really, really close but didn’t quite make contact. I strained forward, but he held me in place and moved his lips close to mine, then away, tilting his head back and forth.

It was making my lips tingle as I anticipated the contact. When it finally came, it was soft and gentle. I tried to lean in to deepen the kiss, but he held me in place. “Relax. Just relax,” he said.

I did and he began to softly kiss my face. The tip of my nose. My eyelids. My cheeks. All soft kisses.

Then he turned my head to one side and breathed gently in my ear before licking the edge of my ear. Not licked like a dog, but just barely making contact between his tongue and the now very sensitive skin. He gently teased the opening of my ear with just the tip then he began to nibble on my earlobe. And when I say nibble, I mean he took the lobe gently between his teeth and began to flick the lobe with his tongue. I was astonished to find that it was almost exciting as if he had been flicking his tongue over one of my nipples or my clit.

He turned my head to the other side and did the same thing there before slowly leaving a trail of kisses down my neck. With the way he was holding my head, his forearms would have been in the way, but he shifted his grip and tilted my head to the side as well as turning it to expose my throat. He kissed softly and gently and when he hit one particular spot I couldn’t help myself and a moan escaped. He circled that area with kisses and the tip of his tongue. And of course he repeated it on the other side too.

His kisses slowly drifted down the line of skin exposed by the open collar of my shirt and he used his lips to trace the inner ends of my collarbones, then explored the skin he could reach.

I had already un-tucked my shirt from my slacks and began pulling it up to get it off over my head. He released my head long enough for me to pull the shirt off, then grasped my shoulders and moved me easily from side to side as his lips and tongue explored my shoulders and collarbones.

He slid his hands off my shoulders, down my arms and around my back to deftly release my bra, then slid his hands up my back and up to the bra straps, which he slid off my shoulders. His hands didn’t stop as they slid the straps down my arms to my elbows and then pulled the Escort Sakarya straps forward over my forearms as the cups pulled free of my breasts.

He tossed my bra to the side and leaned back a little in the chair as he finally stared at my breasts.

He broke his stare to look me in the eyes and then said, “Put your hands behind your back, little girl.”

I didn’t even think about it, just slid them back. He put his hands on my shoulders then slid them down my arms until he felt my wrists crossed over each other. When he did, he smiled a little and that made my pussy spasm for some reason.

He slowly slid his hands back up my arms to my shoulders, then across and down my upper chest until they began to glide down over my breasts.

His hands slid down the tops of my breasts then down and around to the sides before slowly halting beneath them. I thought maybe he was going to reach up with his thumbs to rub my nipples, but he didn’t.

Instead, his hands continued to glide over my breasts. And I mean ALL over. The tops, the bottoms, the inside, the outside.

Well, actually, I DON’T mean ALL over. As his hands slid across the light sheen of sweat that had built up on my tits, they never touched my nipples and barely grazed my areolas. I knew what he was doing. No, I mean I KNEW what he was doing – the same thing he had done with my lips, making the skin more sensitive and making my desire grow. And I couldn’t help but respond.

I’d spent some time playing with my boobs and had had a couple of guys spend some time playing with them. And yeah, OK, one girl. Once. But no one had ever spent this much time giving my breasts pleasure – including me.

After what seemed like a year of him just caressing my breasts he finally leaned in and I thought he was finally going to lick my nipple or suck it into his mouth. I sucked in a huge breath and arched my back to present that nipple to him and closed my eyes, waiting for the wash of sensation. I could feel his hot breath on my nipple. And just felt hot breath.

I opened my eyes to see that he was staring at mine. As I opened my eyes he slowly leaned in that last little bit and reached out with his tongue and…

He turned his head to the side and slowly licked up the outside of my areola. I tried to twist my torso to get my nipple onto his tongue, but I hadn’t realized he had grabbed my elbows and I couldn’t move.

He stopped as his tongue lingered on my skin for a few seconds, like he was trying to absorb some of me into his mouth.

He pulled back, still making eye contact, then licked his lips and swallowed. He leaned in again and this time his head slid just to the inside of my areola. He stopped at the top of that lick and paused, with his tongue just resting on my skin.

He turned his head to the side so he maintained eye contact with just one eye, then slid that tongue of his sideways just past the top of my areola. He pulled back again and I thought he was going to repeat the same thing below my nipple, but instead he licked his lips, worked his mouth then allowed a small amount of saliva to bubble out from between his lips.

He leaned in again and lightly allowed just a drop to land just above my nipple. It felt like hot honey as it slowly crept across my areola and onto my erect nub. Just as it reached the tip and I expected it to drip off, he leaned in slightly, pursed his lips and blew cool air across my now-wet nipple. A shiver ran through my entire body as he leaned back.

Wait, his eyes never left mine, how did he know just when to do that?

He leaned in toward that nipple yet again, but then switched slid his head to the other side and did the same thing to that breast.

My nipples had gone beyond “hard” and were almost becoming painful they were so engorged.

It’s probably because my skin was so sensitized that when he finally did gently graze the tip of one nipple with just the tip of his tongue that I felt a long, slow simmer begin in my belly.

He circled my areola with just the tip of his tongue, around, then around again. Always maintaining eye contact.

He switched to the other side and the simmer picked up a notch.

Eventually, his slid the flat of his tongue all the way from the bottom of my areola to rest on my nipple and then just stopped again for a second or five minutes before continuing that slow slide upward.

He pulled back, licked his lips, swallowed, then leaned over and did the same on the other side.

He leaned in again and stuck his tongue out, getting closer and closer. I could see the tip rolling from side to side like he was trying to find my nipple but couldn’t because his eyes were still locked on mine. I arched my back farther and tried to help him by guiding my nipple onto his tongue. But just as I was about to make contact, he would roll it the other way and not make any contact.

It was driving me crazy and I finally closed my eyes and tilted my head back as I groaned out loud.

That groan intensified as his mouth finally settled on my nipple. At first, it was just his lips encircling the nipple as he slowly sucked and released. I could only imagine that that was what it felt like as a man slowly inserted and withdrew just the tip of his cock in and out of a warm wet pussy and the roll picked up again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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