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I was standing at the window of my front room, looking out into the street and thoughtfully considering Karen. Let me tell you what I know about her.

She’s nearly nineteen and she is a pixie. Put her in Santa’s workshop and you will instantly believe that elves exist. She’s petite, about five foot two, slender, short curly hair, an infectious smile and a bubbling personality. You can call me a male chauvinist pig if you like, but in my opinion she has a lovely pair of knockers and a really cute bottom. Sex on a stick covers her description quite nicely.

She is also Neil’s putative girlfriend. Neil is my next door neighbour, and a grade-a arsehole in my humble opinion. Neil was bitching to me about Karen, yesterday. As far as he’s concerned, if she’s his girlfriend she should be putting out for him, and for some reason she has so far been able to withstand his manly charms and stay out of his bed.

This enforced celibacy was annoying Neil, and he was moaning that he thought she must be frigid. How else would she be able to withstand his manly charms? I thought his arrogantly obnoxious personality was probably a good reason, but you never can tell with women. He told me if she didn’t come across soon, he was going to dump her.

That potential for dumping may explain why I was at the window of my front room, looking out into the street and thoughtfully considering Karen as she very busily trashed my car. It appeared that to go with all the nice things I said about her, she also had a hot temper.

I wandered outside and approached Karen. When I say wandered, I probably should say I nipped out quite smartly, hoping to stave off some damage.

Karen looked over at me as I approached and glared. She was furious, and my poor car was suffering accordingly.

“Don’t you try to stop me,” she snapped. “I’m teaching this arsehole a lesson he won’t forget in a hurry.”

“So I see,” I said. “Do you think you could tell me, just as a matter of courtesy, what I, as the arsehole who owns that car, have done to offend you.”

“That bastard is sleeping with Patsy, when he’s supposed to be my boyfriend,” she yelled at me. “He said I was frigid and probably wouldn’t be any good in bed anyway. He said I….”

She stopped, as what I had said finally registered with her.

“Your car?” she said. Her face had gone from red with fury to white with shock, and for a moment I thought she was going to faint.

“My car,” I told her again. “I know it looks the same as Neil’s, but this particular car is mine.”

“Oh. Ah…” Karen gulped and looked at the car, now thoroughly adorned with large splotches of variously coloured paints saying things that, while quite true of Neil, I didn’t really want on my car.

“Oh, ah, indeed,” I murmured. “If you’ve quite finished your playing you might like to step inside and we’ll discuss this.”

It was plain that Karen did not at all like the idea of stepping inside to discuss this. She swallowed nervously, looked at me, looked at the car, swallowed again, and then reluctantly let me usher her inside.

Once inside Karen turned and started talking, and some of the sympathy I had felt for her promptly departed when she told me it was my fault.

“Why did you have to buy a car the same as Neil’s,” she demanded. “If you hadn’t done that it wouldn’t have happened.”

“Vice versa, actually,” I said, “I brought my car first. Neil liked it and got one the same. Now why don’t you explain what is going on, since I seem to be the target of all this hostility.”

Karen was marching back and forth across the room. She was obviously feeling hard done by, and didn’t think that my attitude was helping.

“It’s all Neil’s fault,” she stated now. “He’s the one you should be blaming.”

“I see. It’s odd. I didn’t notice him out there, vandalising my car. Was he on the phone directing you, perhaps?”

“Oh, very funny,” Karen snapped. “You’re quite the comedian aren’t you?”

“No,” I snapped back. “I’m the guy who’s car you were working over. Remember? Now why don’t you take a big breath, hold it for a moment and catch your temper. Then you can explain what the hell you thought you were doing.”

Karen stopped her pacing and gave me a killing look, but she was also starting to calm down a little. I could see the full realisation that she had screwed up was starting to sink in.

“Ever since I’ve been dating Neil he’s been pressuring me to sleep with him but I didn’t want to. Today he tried to make me and I thought for a few moments he was going to, but my parents came home and I was able to make him leave.

We then had a big argument and he called me a frigid little virgin who was too scared to have sex with a real man and that he was going to go and have a nice fuck with Patsy who didn’t mind being a real woman. Apparently he’s being sleeping with her for weeks and I never even suspected.

We finished up dumping each other, but he’s a cheat and a liar and I’m not frigid. I just didn’t want to sleep with him escort sincan and the only thing I did wrong was not to see what a creep he really is.”

“And how does my car get into the act?” I queried.

Karen blushed. “I’m sorry. I was so mad at him and the things he said that I just grabbed the paint cans from the shed and came over and started writing what I thought of him on his car. I’m not frigid and he’s just a swine who needed a lesson.”

“But still a virgin,” I said, grinning as she blushed hotly. “And one with a hot temper it would seem. I’m surprised that it hasn’t got you into trouble before.”

“It nearly has,” Karen admitted, suddenly all winsome charm. “I’ve had to talk fast a couple of times. But I truly am sorry,” she added, laying her hand on my chest, and looking straight at me with a tear in her eye. “I don’t know how to apologise or how to make it right, but I will try. I really have to learn to control my temper, I know, and I am working on it.”

It was a masterful performance. I almost felt guilty about what I was going to do next. Unfortunately for Karen, this time she wasn’t going to get away with it.

I looked pointedly out at my car. “And how much do you think it’s going to cost to have the car resprayed I asked? Several thousand dollars?”

Karen paled at this. “Can’t it just be cleaned off,” she pleaded. “I’ll be glad to help.”

“I doubt it,” I told her. “It’d probably be best if I just tossed it to the insurance company and let them worry about it. Trouble is, they’ll expect me to inform the cops and they’ll want to press charges and pass the cost on to you. You just may find this expensive.”

Karen was really pale now. “I can’t afford thousands for repainting,” she gasped, “and you can’t call the police. You’d get me into so much trouble.”

“Not me, you,” I pointed out quietly. “You landed yourself in this mess when you lost your temper. Do you have any other suggestions?”

Karen just stared at me, not knowing what to say.

“I’ll make a deal with you,” I said. I held up my hand when she seemed about to protest. “Wait for it,” I told her.

“I will see if I can remove the paint myself. If you’re lucky, a cut and polish, after I’ve removed the bulk of the crap, may serve. However, you are not, and I mean NOT, going to get away scot free by flashing your lovely smile and turning on the charm. What you are going to do is go across my knee and get your pretty little tush soundly spanked until it’s glowing like a stop light.”

Karen went blank faced. I don’t know what she had expected me to propose (but I could take a good guess) but a spanking hadn’t been on her short list.

She sat down abruptly. “You not really going to spank me, are you?” she pleaded.

I nodded. “Maybe,” I pointed out, “it will help you control your temper the next time you’re tempted to do something rash. And before you say OK, assuming that I won’t be too hard on you, I should point out that I’ll be spanking you naked. Just to make sure you get the message that I’m really annoyed with you.

That is you naked, not me,” I added.

Karen shook her head. “I can’t,” she whispered.

“That’s OK,” I assured her. “It has to be your choice. I’ll just go and call the cops to come and check out the scene and get a report number for the insurance. Are you going to stick around until they get here or would you rather leave now and see them when they come round to speak to you?”

I stood up, indicating the way to the door.

Karen bounced to her feet. “Wait!” she said. “I didn’t mean I wouldn’t take the spanking. Just that I can’t do it naked.”

I shrugged, apparently indifferent to her answer. “Like I said, your choice. If you can’t agree, you can’t.”

She looked at me with puppy dog eyes, tears welling slowly. It was amazingly effective. It was designed to melt the hardest heart, guaranteed to earn instant forgiveness for the little girl who was so patently sorry for screwing up.

I laughed. “Nice try, but no dice,” I said. “What’s it going to be.”

The tears vanished instantly and the temper was again showing. Apparently I was a miserable, hard-hearted bastard, and it served me right that my car had been painted. If she’d know how mean I was she’d have started working on it with a hatchet.

“You are not helping your case, you know,” I observed. Although I spoke softly my words cut through her tirade like a knife and she just shut up and stood there breathing hard.

I shrugged and started moving to the door and her nerve snapped.

“All right,” she snapped. “I’ll take the spanking. I can’t get into trouble with the police. My parents would kill me.”

“And you can’t afford to pay for the damages, either. Am I right?”

Karen nodded sullenly. “What now?”

I sat comfortably on my couch and looked up at her. “I assume that you would prefer to take your own clothes off,” I murmured. “You can stack them on that chair and then come here.”

“It’ll be a cold day in hell before I let ankara escort you take my clothes off,” I heard her muttering under her breath, as she turned away from me to start undressing.

Karen took her own sweet time undressing. Understandable I suppose, but there was only so long that she could take. Eventually she turned to face me. Although I really wanted to thoroughly check out her lovely young body I kept my eyes firmly on her face, just letting the rest of her beauty seep into my conscious through my peripheral vision. Thank god I had such excellent peripheral vision. She was gorgeous and, surprisingly for a virgin, she had a shaved pussy. I had anticipated au natural, or lightly shaped to a bikini line.

I indicated that she should come over to me, and she oh so reluctantly approached. Still keeping my eyes on hers, I reached up and took her arm when she reached me, getting her to turn and then gently encouraging her to lie across my lap.

My not openly ogling her body had seemed to calm her a little, and she was resigned to her coming spanking, even while dreading it. She lay across my lap and I guided her into a slightly better position.

Her bottom was now directly above my lap, giving me an easy swat at it and a nice view of her pussy, peeping between her thighs. I noticed with interest that her lips were already slightly flushed and swollen, and I suspected that heat and dampness were starting to gather within her, even though I suspected that she didn’t fully realise the meaning of it. She would be putting it down to nerves about the spanking.

I could see the muscles of her bottom were tightly clenched, with her legs pressed firmly together. I laid my hand on her bottom for a moment.

“Relax,” I told her, patting her pretty little tush. “You will find it easier if you just relax a little. It is going to smart anyway, but tensing up like that will only make it smart more.”

I let my hand rest casually on her bottom, not moving it, just waiting for her to feel a bit more comfortable and easy. After a few moments I could feel the tenseness seeping out of her, and her bottom was warm and tender under my touch. I was intrigued to see that as she relaxed her legs drifted slightly further apart, exposing her pussy more fully to my view.

I raised my hand and brought it smartly down upon her cheek. Karen gasped, and then gasped again as another spank landed firmly on her other cheek. I quickly settled into a rhythm, giving her a proper spanking. She was starting to yowl now, telling me it hurt and that that was enough. She was also staring to wriggle but couldn’t do much with my other hand holding her firmly in place.

Karen’s legs were kicking and flailing, spread wide apart as she presented herself, unconsciously trying to shift my attention from the beating to more pleasurable activities.

By this time her bottom was showing a nice red flush and I had no intention of stopping yet. Reaching a point when her bottom no longer just smarted but was actively painful and calling attention to itself, Karen started to squeal in earnest.

I paused for a moment. “Stop your squealing,” I told her. “You’ve earned this and you know it. Besides, you’ll probably need your breath when I attend to your other little problem.”

Karen shut up at this comment, though little squeaks of protest still jerked out of her in time to the spanking.

She suddenly spoke. “What do you mean, my other little problem?” she demanded.

“We’ll discuss it shortly. Right now…”

I smacked harder, asking her some pointed questions.

“You will try to control your temper in future won’t you?”

A squeal and a nod.

“You will also come around and help me clean up the car!”

A squeal and another nod.

“And you will co-operate when I address your other little problem.”

A squeal and a frantic plea of “What other problem?”

“We’ll discuss it shortly,” I repeated to what was probably her total frustration. She was crying now, so I thought the punishment part of the spanking had gone long enough.

The next time my hand came down it was further down, landing lightly but firmly along her pussy. There was a stunned silence from Karen, and a large intake of breath which she promptly lost as my hand again landed firmly on her pussy, my middle finger landing neatly along her slit, which opened slightly in encouragement.

This time I left my hand on her pussy, softly kneading the tender flesh.

Karen squawked and heaved her bottom up, which suited me nicely.

“What do you think you’re doing?” she wailed.

“Well, the spanking is over and now I’m moving on to your second problem,” I told her. The hand that had been holding her in place drifted down and around and neatly cupped her breast.

Feeling the restraining hand removed Karen tried to rise up and off my lap, only to find that all she was doing was grinding her pussy harder into my eager grasp.

“This will be rape,” she wailed. “I don’t want to have sex with etimesgut escort bayan you.”

“Stop panicking,” I told her. “When you have sex with me it will be consensual but, unfortunately, it won’t be right now. You’re second problem is that you’re afraid that you might be frigid. I’m just going to show you that you’re not.”

While I was talking my hands were busy, playing with her delightful breast and manipulating her pussy, encouraging it to flower and open. My fingers were now blatantly darting inside her, stroking and probing. I could feel her tense when I gently prodded her hymen.

“I look forward to attending to this very soon,” I told her, while my hand moved away, slowly tracking towards her clitoris.

“Not going to happen,” she gasped. She was writhing slowly, wanting to twist away from my intrusive fingers but also finding her body was delighting in the touch and actively encouraging it.

She shrieked, when my fingers eventually found her clitoris and started teasing it. Now she was softly screaming and twisting in earnest as I sent waves of delicious torment pulsating through her.

“Oh, god, stop. Please.” She twisted around, trying to wriggle off my lap, and then stopped and screamed as, with one last flick on her clit, I caused a climax to come rushing through her.

Karen lay across my lap, gasping and shuddering, dazed and confused by what had happened. I held her lightly, one hand gently cupping her mound, the other her breast.

After a while I felt her start to move, and I reached quickly to help her up. Karen suddenly found herself sitting on my lap, staring at me with a slightly stunned expression.

“I could tell you were concerned about that idiot’s accusation of frigidity,” I told her innocently, “so I thought that I should demonstrate that you’re not.”

Karen tried to glare at me, but her heart wasn’t in it. “You had no right to do that. I was terrified. I thought you were going to rape me.”

I shook my head sadly. “I’m always being misunderstood,” I sighed. “I told you that sex between us would be consensual.”

“It’s not going to happen,” she snapped. It appeared that her temper was recovering nicely. The spanking hadn’t broken her spirit. I didn’t think it would.

“Am I free to go now?” she demanded.

“If you like,” I said with a smile, “but you might like to get dressed first.”

It was lovely to watch the sudden flush on her face as it dawned on her that she was sitting there talking to me in the nude.

I laughed at her. “Just a suggestion,” I said, “but would you like me to rub some liniment onto your bottom? It will help take the sting out. It will be easier for me to do than you, and I suspect that you won’t want to ask your mother to do it.”

“No, thank you,” she said, icily polite. “I’ll manage.”

“You should,” I said earnestly. “We can discuss a solution to your remaining problems now that the first two are resolved.”

“I did now have a frigidity problem.” Karen almost bit me she snapped that out so fast.

“I know,” I said. “That’s why I demonstrated that to you.”

“And what other problems do you think I have anyway?” she demanded.

“Lie face down there and wait while I get the liniment,” I said. “I’ll answer you in a second.”

I slipped Karen off my knee and onto the couch. She lay there, plainly undecided and not sure what I was up to. I was out of the room and into the bathroom, fast, returning with a tube of liniment and a pair of plastic gloves before she could make up her mind.

She was just starting to get up off the couch when I was back and pressing her gently back down. I squeezed liniment onto both cheeks, watching as her bottom arched up at the cold feel of the cream. I slipped on the gloves and started gently massaging the cream into her cheeks.

“What problems do you think I still have?” Karen gasped, squirming slightly at the feel of hands massaging her bottom.

“Well, the next obvious one is, now you know you’re not frigid do you try to get back with Neil and give him your all?” I was honestly curious. The size of her temper tantrum might have been because she genuinely cared for him.

“Not in this life,” Karen stated, coldly and decisively. “He showed me just what he’s really like and how little I mean to him. As far as I’m concerned he’s history.”

I continued kneading her cheeks, making sure the cream was well rubbed in. The soothing motion of my hands on her bottom had soothed her, and she was lying prone, relaxed and, while she wouldn’t admit, slightly turned on.

“The only other problem is do I take care of your virginity now, or leave it until tomorrow?”

The idle question seemed to sink into a dead silence. Karen just seemed to freeze slightly. I continued.

“If I take it now, then when you come around tomorrow you won’t have to worry if I’m just chasing your virginity and you’ll be able to relax and make love a second time. If we leave it until tomorrow, you’re going to fret all night about it, and you’ll be a bag of nerves by the time you finally get here. Far better if I take you now.”

With the cream now gone, I stripped off the rubber gloves. It could have proved awkward stroking her pussy with liniment on my hands.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32