Porcelain – Ch. 01

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This story begins innocently enough with a chance meeting online. At first, Elle didn’t think much of it. She enjoyed chatting with a man she met. She found him charming and was intrigued by him, but he was older, and she ordinarily preferred younger men. Still, he was attractive – she could tell from his profile picture – and she was undeniably drawn to him. She decided there was no harm in learning more about him because they were separated by several time zones and would almost certainly never meet.

Getting to know him proceeded achingly slowly, however. Their interactions were left to chance and usually caused Elle to feel confused, flustered, and wet.

Before long, Elle realized that, when she thought about him, she would find her hand in her panties shocked at how turned on she was. Sometimes she played with her wet pussy until she came, sometimes she just teased herself to let the exquisite torture build, and sometimes she held a vibrator against her clit until she writhed in ecstasy.

Elle imagined what it would feel like to straddle the man, to wrap her legs around him, to feel him moving deep inside her. She had flashes of him on top of her, pinning her arms to the bed. She imagined herself in a dress, with him walking up behind her, slipping her panties down, and fucking her from behind.

She wondered if the man had any idea he had this effect on her, and she wondered how he would feel if he knew that thinking about him inevitably led her to caress her breasts and play with her pussy. Elle had no idea how he would react if he learned that a simple hello caused her to shiver with desire. How would he handle knowing he had that much power over her?

Elle resolved to find out. She had nothing to lose, after all. Late one night, she finally got her chance. The man made a flirty, and rather suggestive, comment and Elle was hit with what felt like a tidal wave of desire that caused her clit to throb and her cunt to ache with desire. She told him she was turned on and was imagining how it would be to fuck him. Elle was beyond thrilled when the man admitted he was having similar thoughts about her.

They continued to exchange messages, which became much racier, and they had occasional video calls. Then, after a few weeks, the unimaginable happened – they found an opportunity to meet in person.


The Meeting

“I can’t believe this is happening,” Elle thought to herself. For the last few months, she had lived with the belief that they would never meet, that their relationship would forever be limited to furtive video calls and short text exchanges. Now, here she was, in a hotel, alone, waiting for him to arrive.

She knew kaçak iddaa his plane had landed; he had texted her telling her that he would text again as he was leaving the airport to let her know when to expect him. It felt like forever since she’d heard from him, and her old insecurities were bubbling up inside her, along with some new ones: What if he didn’t want her once he saw her in person? Would she be able to please him? Did the fact that he was 20 years older than Elle matter? Was it a mistake booking only one hotel room? Was this really just another meaningless hook-up with someone she barely knew? What if he had changed his mind and wasn’t even going to show up?

Elle tried to push these thoughts aside. There was no reason to assume the worst, and she would deal with things as they unfolded. After all, that is what she had been doing for the past several months.

She realized she was stilled wrapped in a towel, even though she had gotten out of the shower almost an hour earlier, and decided it was time to get dressed. Meeting him naked at the door might be too much, she thought, even though dragging him into the room, removing his clothes, pushing him onto the bed, and riding him sounded extremely appealing. But they had never even met, and she didn’t yet know what he wanted. A shower? A drink? Awkward conversation? To be in charge and possess her? She sighed and put on a lace thong, still wondering what was taking him so long to contact her.

Elle was about to put her bra on when she got a text. “Finally,” she thought. She picked up the phone and read the text. “Open the door,” it said. She felt the familiar wave of desire rush through her, but now it was mixed with nervousness. She’d waited so long for this moment. She couldn’t believe it was here. In what felt almost like panic, she grabbed the hotel robe, threw it on, and walked to the door. “So much for my plan NOT to be naked when I answer the door,” she said, laughingly, to herself.

Holding the robe together – she hadn’t bothered to tie it in her haste – Elle opened the door. And there he was, grinning at her devilishly. “Come in,” she said with a smile, stepping aside to let him pass.

He stepped into the room and stopped to kiss her briefly before walking in far enough to set his bag down. After he set down the bag and took off his coat, he turned and looked at Elle. She hoped she looked beautiful, or at least sexy. He smiled at her and said: “It’s wonderful to meet you in person – to see you, touch you, smell you.” She nodded in agreement and stepped closer to him so that she could kiss the lips she had dreamed about so often.

“Are you sure you don’t want to sit down and chat for a while?” he asked as he pushed the robe off her shoulders. “No, kaçak bahis I want you for your body,” she said with a laugh that was almost a giggle. Although she had initially been attracted by his mind, which was all she knew of him from their initial exchanges, she meant it. He was masculine, and Elle found that very appealing. “Good,” he said, locking eyes with her.

The look in his eyes sent an electric shock through her. She suddenly found herself kissing and being kissed by this man about whom she had been fantasizing for months. Somehow, even though they had never met before, he seemed to know exactly how she wanted to be kissed. Elle wasn’t entirely surprised. She had been drawn to him because his sensuality had been evident in their interactions. Her lips and tongue explored his mouth while her hands moved from his shoulders to his chest. “Not yet,” he said recognizing that she was trying to undress him. “Okay,” she whispered, secretly enjoying the vulnerability of standing nearly naked before him.

They kissed again, this time gently but with increasing intensity. He sucked her lips gently, and she responded by grabbing his tongue playfully with her teeth. They fell onto the bed and she found herself underneath him. She loved the way he felt on top of her. He kissed her mouth, then started to work his way slowly down her neck with kisses until he had reached her breasts. He looked at her, smiled, and then began caressing them with his hand while gently flicking her hard nipples with his tongue. He teased her this way, moving between her breasts, until he started to suck one nipple while gently squeezing the other with his fingers. She moaned and felt her pussy become unbelievably wet. His touch felt exactly as she had imagined it.

Almost as if he could read her mind, he ran his hands down from her breasts until he reached her thong. He expertly removed it and then, spreading her legs, he gently inserted a finger into her pussy. She already felt like she was going to explode, but then he inserted a second finger, and she almost lost all control. She felt his lips and tongue on her pussy above his fingers. His tongue lightly and expertly massaged her clit while he gently sucked on it. She had been right – he knew exactly what she liked and how to please her. Elle came instantly. When he didn’t stop, she came again. And again.

After making Elle come, he slid up her breathless body and kissed her. She could taste herself on his lips, which she found incredibly arousing, and her desire for him rose to a nearly unimaginable level.

He pulled his lips away from hers and undressed. Elle felt his chest and then grabbed him and pulled him down so that he was on top of her again. She could feel the warmth of his body illegal bahis and breath. She was intoxicated and breathed him in while she ran her hands down his arms, and across his shoulders and back. He grabbed her wrists with one hand and held her arms down. He entered her while looking in her eyes. Shockwaves radiated out from her cunt to her whole body. He released her arms, and she grabbed him by the hips as he started to move rhythmically inside her. She pulled him deep into her, her pussy squeezed him in excitation, and she reveled in the bliss of fucking him.

Just as she felt she could no longer resist coming, just as she started to give herself over completely, he stopped. She gasped and moaned as he withdrew his cock from her pussy. “No, please,” she begged. “You want my cock?” he asked. “Uh-huh,” she responded, barely able to speak. “Tell me. Tell me you want it.” She obeyed: “I want your cock inside me,” she whispered. Then, catching a dominant look in his eyes, she added “please.”

Instead of fucking her, though, he granted her request by positioning her face in front of his glistening, throbbing cock. She looked up sheepishly at him before wrapping her mouth around it. This was a moment she had fantasized about repeatedly; she wanted to learn how to please him with her mouth, and she finally had the opportunity. She was tremendously turned on by his erection, which, like his lips, tasted like her. She ran her tongue up and down the shaft of his cock, licking her juices and, when she got to the bottom, she began licking and very gently nibbling his balls, all while holding and gently stroking his throbbing cock.

She had imagined every move, every touch, every caress she could possibly make in exploring the entirety of his cock. Elle slowly moved the head around in her mouth while cradling his balls in her hand, squeezing very gently. She slid her mouth up the shaft so that her mouth and tongue could focus once again on the head of his cock, ready for him to fill her mouth with his cum.

Before coming, however, he gently grabbed her hair and pulled her up so they were again face-to-face. Once again, while looking her in the eyes, he entered her and began fucking her more forcefully than he had before. The pleasure was unbearable, and she felt her body start to quake in ecstasy. She looked at his face and silently implored him to come. She realized she was moaning loudly. But she got even louder when she started to orgasm. Her movement triggered his orgasm, and she nearly screamed with pleasure when she felt him exploding into her greedy pussy.

Afterwards, their bodies remained entangled for some time and, when they finally separated, they lay in bed. Her earlier nervousness had passed. Elle couldn’t believe that one of her seemingly impossible fantasies had actually come true. And although she was satisfied, Elle knew she would want more soon and began to wonder what other experiences they would share.

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