Paying off a loan

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Sally had left school and was looking for a job. The town she lived in was quite small and employment opportunities were very hard to find. Both her parents worked full time but they insisted Sally find work. She applied for a job in the next town and got it but she needed a car to get there. She found a car. It was $2,500. She had $1,500 in the bank. Her parents said they couldn’t help her as the money they earned barely covered day to day expenses. She had heard that Mr Collins, the local Estate Agent, gave loans so she decided to talk to him.

Sally went to Mr Collin’s office. He was a guy in his 40s and it seemed he was wealthy but no-one knew how as there wasn’t many houses changing hands. “Good morning” he said, looking at Sally lustfully “what can I do for you?” I need a loan Mr Collins” she said. “Oh yes, and how much do you need?” he replied. “I need $1,000 to buy a car” said Sally. “$1,000 eh” he said “how old are you?” “I am 18” Sally said “and I need a car for my job”. Mr Collins opened a drawer and took out a form. “Well I can loan you the $1,000 young lady” he said “just sign here and I will give you cash right now”. Sally signed the form without even reading it. She was so happy. Mr Collins went to his safe and handed Sally $1,000. “There you are” he said, still leering at her “you can reply in instalments”.

Sally rushed home overjoyed. “I got a loan from Mr Collins” she said. Her mother was less than pleased. She had heard about Mr Collins and his shady dealings. But Sally had her car and a job. That would help the family. But problems were on the horizon. Two weeks later Sally’s mother, Doris, lost her job. The company was scaling back and she was retrenched. Then the refrigerator packed it in and they had to buy a new one. Sally’s salary was quickly being eaten up. When it became time for the first instalment on Sally’s loan there was no money. She went to see Mr Collins and explained the situation. He seemed quite calm and said he would give Sally another week to pay but she said it wouldn’t help. She needed at least a month before she could pay. “Well maybe we can arrange something” he said, smirking “come back tonight and we will talk about an alternative”.

Sally didn’t say anything to her parents. She didn’t want to worry them. She went back to Mr Collins’ office at 6pm. He welcomed her with a grin. “Come in my dear” he said “let’s talk about your little problem”. Sally sat down in the back office. Mr Collins came into the room with a large dog. escort gaziantep kızıl bayan “This is Hector” he said “he is a Labrador and he loves to assist ladies who can’t not pay their loans”. Sally stared at the dog, with no idea of what he meant. “I see you are confused” he said “let me explain. You will give yourself to my dog and it will mean I will deduct $100 from your loan”. Sally suddenly realised what he was saying. “My God” she exclaimed “you want your dog to have sex with me?” “Exactly my dear” said Mr Collins, his lustful look growing even more lustful.

Sally screamed “no way, you pervert. No way ever” and she rushed out of the office. Collins didn’t stop her because he knew he had her in his trap. A trap several women in the town were already caught up in. “Yes run my lovely” he said out loud “but I will have me way with you for sure”.

Sally sat on her bed sobbing. Her mother walked past her room and heard her. She walked into the room. “What is wrong?” she asked. Sally was reluctant to tell her mother but then blurted out what Mr Collins had said and what he wanted her to do. “The bastard” her mother said “the sleazy bastard. Don’t worry sweetheart, I will go and sort him out. It will be fine”. Sally tried smile but with tears rolling down her cheeks the smile was a struggle. “How can you help” wailing Sally “how can anyone help?” Her mother sat beside her and they hugged. “It will be fine darling. Don’t you worry”. It was quite late when Mr Collins heard a bang on his front door. He opened it “well hello Marg” he said cheerfully “what brings you here?” “You do Arthur, you bastard” shouted Marg, Sally’s mother and she stormed into the house.

Arthur followed her into the lounge room. “I didn’t expect you Marg” he said “how have you been. It has been a while honey”. “Don’t honey me you lowlife” snapped Marjorie “I know your little games”. Arthur laughed “yes Marg” he replied “I know your little games too. Does your husband know about us? How we were an item before you married. Do you still like sucking cock?” Marjorie’s face went red with both rage and embarrassment. “I want you to give my daughter extra time to pay you” Marjorie said “and forget that disgusting thing you told her”. Arthur smiled “I am sorry Marg” he responded “no can do. Maybe you would like to help her out. I am quite sure Hector won’t mind”.

Marjory stared at Arthur. He was right. They had been an item back in the escort köle bayan gaziantep day. Now he was proposing she act as a stand in for her daughter. Arthur noted Marjorie change and quickly set her straight. “The loan was $1,000” he began “and of course there is interest of 20% per month. That is what she signed. A session with Hector is $100”. Marjorie did a quick calculation. “$100 a session does not even cover the interest each month” she said “you bloody crook. That loan will just keep growing”. Arthur laughed “yes Marg” he said “that is true. But we can take another $100 off if you agree to give me oral sex. You were always so good at that my love”. Marjorie realised he held all the aces. Sally had been so keen to get a car she had not even read what she signed.

Marjorie sat on the couch, her shoulders slumped as she realised what she had to do. To save her daughter from the clutched of Arthur Collins she would have to submit to his every command. The first command, of course, was to give herself to Arthur’s dog Hector. “You really are an evil bastard” she said “let’s get this over with. Where is your bloody dog?” Arthur walked to the double door in the lounge and called Hector. He came into the room, tail wagging and looked at Marjorie. Padding up to her he immediately stuck his head under her dress and zoned in on her crotch. Marjorie shook with rage and disgust. It was obvious that he did this often. “How many other women were used by Arthur and his mute” she wondered. “What now” she said through clenched teeth.

“It is very simple Marg” said Arthur. Licking his lips “slip your knickers off, get on your hands and knees and Hector will do the rest”. With no chance of escape Marjorie followed instructions. Slipped off her panties she glared at Arthur and then got down on the floor. “Take her Hector” Arthur said and Hector, acting on Arthur’s instruction, mounted this new bitch. He wrapped his front legs around her waist and moved forward. His cock already beginning to show. Squirting pre-cum as a lubricant he found Marjorie’s opening and he thrust forward. Marjorie screamed as she felt him penetrate her. “Oh God” she yelled as Hector began humping her furiously. She squealed as his cock grew larger. Penetrating further than any man had. “Stop” she cried, but with Hector now fully extended there was no way he could be stopped.

Marjorie, realising she had no escape, submitted totally to what was happening. gaziantep kumral escort bayan Then she felt something rubbing against her clit. It was Hector’s knot. “Fuck, what is that?” she yelled and then screamed again as Hector forced the knot into her. Despite her disgust at what was happening, she orgasmed. Arthur chuckled. He had seen it all before. A woman forced to take Hector but still climaxing. Hector, having knotted with Marjorie, stopped moving. Marjorie lifted her head. Arthur was sitting opposite, his pants around his ankles and slowly stroking his cock. “You bastard” Marjorie moaned as she felt Hector filling up her virginal canal with his doggy juice. She lowered her head again and moaned. But her humiliation was not over.

It was several minutes before Hector was able to withdraw. Marjorie gave a yelp as he pulled his shrinking knot and cock from her. “Over here now” said Arthur “my cock needs some attention”. Marjorie’s humiliation was complete as she crawled across the floor and began to suck on Arthur’s rock hard erection. His head tilted back and he groaned. “Oh Marg” he gasped “that is just like old times sweetheart. You haven’t lost the knack. Suck it baby and make me cum”. It was only a couple of minutes later when he groaned and shot his sperm into Marjorie’s mouth. “Oh fuck yes” he cried “every drop honey. Suck me dry”. Marjorie swallowed several times and then pulled away. Arthur sat there, his cock going limp but the smile on his face stretched from ear to ear.

Arthur looked down at a bedraggled Marjorie. “That wasn’t too bad now was it honey” he said. Marjorie glared at him. “Well I know you came my dear” he said, a satisfied smile told the story “Hector is quite a pussy full isn’t he”. Marjorie shook her head. More in muted compliance rather than agreement. “So that is this month’s interest paid” he said “of course it hasn’t reduced the $1,000 but I have a suggestion. If you get naked, take Hector and then me we will call it $300 which, monthly, wipes off $100 from the balance”. Marjorie did a quick calculation. “That will take months to pay it off” she said. “Exactly” replied Arthur “but if you just do what you did today you will never pay it off. Take your pick my love”. Marjorie had no option.

Marjorie returned home and spoke to Sally out of earshot of her husband. “I have made an arrangement with Mr Collins” she said, not giving details. “How mum?” asked Sally. “Never mind darling” Marjorie replied “I am taking care of everything”. So it was that each month Marjorie would go to Arthur Collins’ house, strip naked and to be a bitch to Hector, his dog, and then give herself to Arthur. As the months past she grew to enjoy her monthly tryst. In fact, when the $1,000 was finally paid, she continued to submit to Arthur’s weird obsession. It had become her obsession as well.

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