Out of Control

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Brad stared out the kitchen window watching the sunset, his hands in dishwater, wondering where it all went wrong. He ran his tongue over the split in his lip and winced. No guy had ever hit him that hard, as hard as his own sister had just an hour before. Wendy was out of control. Fuck it, the whole world was out of control. Brad wiped off another plate and shivered once. It sure wasn’t supposed to be like this.

It was supposed to be perfect, Dad having that job down south, him and Mom to be gone from June to August. Hell, Wendy was twenty-one, he was eighteen, they were adults, they could take care of themselves and not destroy the house. There was work, money for college and all that shit. Brad was starting to State in the Fall, Wendy going to graduate at the end of the next year. They were good, never screwed up, never in trouble and it was all going to be fine. About the time that plane took off that Sunday afternoon taking the folks away, the dam broke and the Gibson kids were on the loose.

Grinning makes a split lip hurt but it was worth it to Brad, thinking back on that beautiful day. The plane takes off at 10 that morning and by 2 he’d been laid for the first time. By his boss, a sweet little Asian babe. God, she was good to him, turning him every way but loose and inside out. By the time he’d staggered home that evening, he had been a basket case and Wendy had known exactly what happened. She’d been about half pissed and half jealous. The next day she more than made up for it.

Brad grimaced at the memory as he finished up the silverware. Work had ended early that day, he was home long before he was expected. Obviously. He was going to kill an hour and then go see his lady, Toyo. He hadn’t planned on seeing his own sister, but there she was, sprawled out on her bed losing her virginity to her boss. God, she was big, bigger than he ever imagined but she was getting screwed. First time, squeal and all and Brad had seen it. He’d heard it. It embarrassed the hell out of him, no doubt. He dried the last fork and shivered at how it all turned out.

He got laid and Wendy had gotten pregnant. By a married man who had no interest in taking care of the situation. He’d just wanted pussy and he’d gotten it. Once she’d figured it out, Wendy had gotten mean. Real mean. Savage mean. She started drinking, hard and heavy but she wouldn’t tell the guy no either. Every time she’d go to him to have it out, she’d end up with him putting it in. It was totally dumb and then she got stupid.

The guy wasn’t going to marry her, everybody knew that. There was no way she’d have a escort bostancı baby by herself, the folks would kill her. An abortion was the only smart play but Wendy hadn’t been ready for that. There was one other way, at least in her mind. She’d let another guy screw her and was going to play he’d gotten her pregnant, the old entrapment ploy. That had backfired, the guy honestly couldn’t get anybody pregnant. He’d gotten laid without the obligation and she was screwed by more than a penis. Knowing that and Wendy had gone over the edge. She turned on Brad.

Cruel was one thing but this was beyond that. He should have been the happiest guy on earth, banging Toyo on a regular basis. It didn’t really matter, life at home was Hell. Wendy bad-mouthed him, she said anything just to be mean and was only getting meaner. Even when he gave her the money to take care of her situation she still sassed him. Knowing she was going Monday to have the abortion and she’d only gotten meaner. Then this, popping him in the mouth when he asked her if she was going out. Not a word, just a fist. Life was sucking big time and her car was back in the drive.

Brad put down his towel and frowned. He’d figured she was going to see him again. Even if they argued, it should have been a couple of hours she would have been out of the house. Hell, it was Friday, she could have hit the bar or something but she was home. Home, up the steps and through the back door.

“You OK?” he asked.

“Fuck you.”

“God, Wendy, knock it off. Enough.”

“Fuck you,” she shouted, lunging towards him. “You think it’s funny he told me to fuck off? To never come to him again?”

“No…” Brad said, sidestepping his sister’s charge. “Stop it. Cool down. Let it go.”

“Fuck you,” she screamed, swinging wildly at him. He blocked her first punch and then the second. Wendy tried to knee him in the balls, her rage driving her onwards.

“Wendy, stop,” Brad shouted. “Now.”

“Fuck you,” she repeated, again swinging wildly, her punch caught in mid-air this time. Brad looked deep into her eyes as he held his sister’s fist before he shoved her back against the stove.

“No, bitch, fuck you.”

For one brief instant there was venom in his sister’s eyes and then Brad swore he saw her challenge him. His own sister, for Christ’s sake, without a word, without a gesture, challenging him to do that obscenity to her. He saw it in her eyes and didn’t believe it. He didn’t want to believe it, even as he saw a certain lust fire glow. Wendy stepped away from him, staring as a woman wanting a lover ümraniye escort would stare, and then walked away to her room with a sneer over her shoulder.

“Why don’t you go fuck your Oriental slut? Go get it up for an old cunt, not a real woman.”

Brad shuddered once as rage ran through his soul. His own sister and the bitch had said that about Toyo. She had no right, Wendy was the one out of control. She was the slut, the tramp who had hit him. Who screamed obscenities at him and made her own life an obscenity in return. Rage, absolute rage, welled up inside him. In the blink of an eye he knew he had become someone else.

It was somebody else who walked through the house, up the stairs and to the hallway between their bedrooms. That’s the only way it made sense to an eighteen year old boy. He wasn’t the kind to have thoughts about his sister, that was for perverts. Kinky shits. It was somebody else standing there, looking to her room, seeing her laying on the bed as she stared out the window. Somebody else she turned to look at. Some other guy she nodded just once to come ahead.

He knew what he was doing, that the smart play was just go to his room and shut the door. The sane play, but she had humiliated him. Not once, time and time again. She was out of control, being the bitch. Toyo was no slut, she was the slut. The smart play. Brad walked into Wendy’s room and shut the door.

The streetlight outside was just coming on as he climbed onto her bed and straddled her. Wendy stared up at him, unmoving, even as his hands caught the lapels of her dress. They both heard the sound of the buttons flying off and the fabric tearing as he ripped it open and then off her body. Wendy closed her eyes and braced herself for his punishment. What she began to feel him doing was nothing she’d ever dreamed.

She’d thought he would pull her panties off and rape her. It was only as she felt Brad slowly unhooking her brassiere she opened her eyes. She watched undress her tenderly, as a lover, gently baring her breasts, kissing each one softly before rolling her panties off. She saw him strip naked over her and then begin to kiss her. Wendy fought the urge to respond to her own brother. She struggled to convince herself he was forcing her, he was raping her, and then his mouth was at her breasts.

Hungrily he fed, making love to her as Toyo had taught him a woman wanted. Kisses, licks and suckles covered her body. Wendy fought without moving, struggling against her own desire but knew it was hopeless. She felt her nipples harden, her pussy go wet and her own lust kartal escort bayan take over. With one soft moan, she opened her thighs and led him in.

She was so much bigger than Toyo. He was much bigger than the men she’d been with. They stared into each other’s eyes as Brad’s cock began to enter Wendy. She groaned again, his cock filling her. He moaned in joy, her pussy tighter than Toyo’s well used body. With all his lust he began to make love to her. With all her shame at humiliating him, she let him. As one they pleased each other, him coming in a massive explosion of orgasmic frenzy as her own body responded with waves of climax. He exploded and sanity returned.

Again he shuddered, groaning once at his stupidity. He had raped his own sister. Her shame on him was nothing compared to what he now had done to himself. Without a word he rolled off Wendy, grabbed his clothes and ran to his room. He knew, he knew now it would just be a few minutes and the police would come. His parents would be called back. He’d fucked her and he had fucked up. He’d wanted to make everything right and now he had totally fucked it all up with no hope of salvation.

In the hallway he heard Wendy, stopping as she passed on her way to the bath. It would only be a matter of a few minutes now. Brad buried his face in the pillow, praying God would strike him dead. That his sister would kill him. He hadn’t meant for it to be this way and suddenly she was there.

Wendy stood beside the bed, clad in her bathrobe, looking down at him. She waited until Brad finally turned and tried to look at her before she whispered, “I’m sorry.”

He snapped his head up and stared in stupidity for a moment before he gasped, “No. I did that. I….”

“No,” Wendy said as a tear fell. “I humiliated you. Forgive me.”

“Forgive me, please,” Brad begged. “I raped you.”

“No,” Wendy said with a shake of her head. “I let you. Now, remember what I am about to say. On Monday I must have an abortion. I have been out of control, I know it. I was wrong. It all has to change. I need you to forgive me, I’ll need you to be with me and you must promise me one thing. Promise me now.”

“Anything,” Brad nodded. “Please. Anything.”

“Never touch me again.”

“I won’t,” Brad whispered, his own tears about to flow.

“Never touch me again,” Wendy repeated as a smile began to form, “after Monday.”

With one pull on her robe, she dropped the fabric and revealed her bare body. She watched Brad’s eyes widen in realization and then saw him pull back the covers. Wendy slipped into bed and underneath him. If only for the weekend, she would have a love she would never find again. As Brad’s mouth began to find her breasts, his hands stroking her back as she cradled his head close to her nipples, she felt herself praying.

Praying that Monday never came.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32