Opportunistic Fellatio Ch. 02

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I had seen Lucas one more time before he left home for his freshman year in college. He stopped by to say goodbye just before heading off to his freshman orientation. It was about two months after that when, out of the blue, I got a Snapchat from Lucas: “Hey Dan, I’m going to be home this weekend. Can we go for a bike ride?”

“Sure!” I replied, “Saturday morning? Pick you and your bike up around 7:00 AM? Be ready for some fun!”

It was going to be great to see him and find out how his first year in college was going. I arrived at his house at 7:00 AM and he was ready—right on time. We loaded up his mountain bike, alongside my Trek Dual Sport, and we were off. We had about a 35 minute drive to my favorite trail head, so we filled the time catching up. “So tell me, college boy, how is it?”

“It’s going pretty well. You know, it’s just nice to be home for a long weekend.”

“Yeah, I remember my freshman year. Give it some time and the homesickness eventually goes away.” We continued to fill each other in on the events of our lives over the last two months. Truth be told, I was very curious about his sex life away from home, but I figured it might be better for that conversation to be broached by him.

We soon reached the parking lot at the trail head, having stopped only once to grab some coffee to go. It was one of those perfect autumn days—sunny, colorful, not quite frosty, but a hint of the season that was fast upon us. It was still pretty early in the day; and mine was the only car in the parking lot. I remarked to Lucas “Looks like we have this whole place to ourselves, at least until later in the morning!” Soon we were on our bikes and on the trail. It’s a fairly mountainous trail that offers some spectacular vistas, and also some opportunities for aggressive trail riding.

About forty minutes into the ride there was a spot just off the trail overlooking a pristine mountain lake, so we stopped for some water and a Kind bar. The sun was bright and the scenery was spectacular. I handed Lucas a bar, which he devoured in no time, and then followed it with a long pull on his water bottle. I had always preached the importance of staying hydrated.

Since there was no rush, we sat around relaxing and enjoying the view, the sunshine, and each other. It was also time for me to get rid of the coffee that I had consumed earlier in the morning. I just stood where I was and, still in conversation with Lucas, I pulled out my dick and started peeing. He ended up standing up and following my lead. I looked over at his dick and noticed he was intently watching mine…and not trying to hide it. Staring straight at his dick I asked “Are you getting any action on that, other than your right hand?”

“No,” he replied, “you know how it is.” With a nod of my head I replied. “Yeah, I guess.”

I had finished peeing, but I was just standing there holding my now-lengthening dick. I looked him right in the eye and asked “Have you ever touched another guy’s dick?” all the while slowly stroking mine. Lucas replied “Um, no, I haven’t,” his eyes flicking between my eyes and my dick.

By now I’ve started really chubbing up, and I’m not trying to hide it. “So tell, me…what do you think about this?”

“You mean that pencil you’re holding in your right hand?”

“Pencil? I’ll bet you can’t even get your fingers around it!”

Taking a step forward and responding “Seriously Dude?” he reached out with his right hand and grabbed my now elongated dick and began pumping it from the front.

Shocked that he was so bold and so ready to take up my challenge, I inquired “So Lucas, what do you think? That’s a man’s cock you’re holding!”

“Ummm, yeah…joking aside, actually it’s kind of awesome!”

“And it’s your first time?”


This was great. I didn’t ask, I just took out my phone and started recording his hand pumping my now very hard dick, which is about 6.5 inches, fairly fat, with a large, well-proportioned mushroom head. I was thinking…this was going way better than I had hoped.

He was obviously having a good time, and I almost didn’t want to interfere, so I let him go at it for a few minutes. Then I offered “Hey Lucas, why don’t you get right behind me and give me a reach-around.”

He released my cock and came around behind me. I took advantage of the moment to pull down my riding shorts and underwear. In a blink he had my cock in his right hand jerking me from a more comfortable position. I kept recording the action on my phone. For me, it was incredible seeing his hand jerking my hard and swollen cock.

I moved back a few inches and rubbed my ass right into his groin. Damn…he was certainly hard. Without asking I plunged my left hand into his shorts, still recording with my right hand. I grabbed his cock, which was very, very hard. Yes, I now knew he was enjoying this too. Just for fun, I rotated my phone to pan his face, then reached around behind me and got some video of his stiff cock and my hand down his pants çanakkale escort holding it.

I said “Lucas, you’re doing a great job with my cock…practice makes perfect, right?”

He chuckled and replied “Yeah, I guess. Are you close?”

“I am…”

“Do you want to finish?”

“Fuck no, just keep doing what you’re doing!”

It didn’t take long for me to feel my orgasm approaching, so I warned him “I’m going to cum. Unh, I’m going to cum…”

He seemed to be encouraged by my announcement, his strokes becoming more rapid and vigorous…leading quickly to the inevitable result. With his rapid hand strokes, my short, yet strong bursts of cum were scattered to the wind. Then he giggled “I think we got some on your shorts.”

Turning off my phone, “No problem” I replied. “It’s not the first time.” As I stepped away and looked into his eyes I complemented him “And Lucas, you did that like you were really enjoying it.”

Grinning from ear to ear he replied “Yeah, I guess.”

“So is your cock ready for some fun? It’s the least I can do.”

“It is,” he replied confidently, “What do you have in mind?”

“Well, first of all, not here. Let’s ride on for a bit. You remember this trail, right?”


“Do you remember the lean-to down by the lake? We camped there once about four years ago.”

“Of course I remember. We went skinny-dipping, right?”

Chuckling, I replied “Yes, we did. Funny you should remember that. Let’s head there. It’s off the trail and a bit more isolated.”

So off we went. About ten minutes later we came to the cut-off to the lean-to. We headed down that trail and found the camping site completely deserted. We parked our bikes and I walked over to the lean-to and sat with my legs hanging off the front edge. The lean-to was perfectly situated, open to the south with an amazing view of the lake. Which also meant the structure was filled with the morning sun. It was warm and comfortable.

Lucas came and sat right beside me. I looked him in the eyes and asked “Are you OK with this?”

“Sure,” he replied, “it’s kind of why I wanted to ride with you anyway.”

“Okay, I guess I’m not surprised considering how things went in August at my house. You know, I’ve watched you grow up. In fact, I’ve known you since you were born. I even changed your diapers when you were a baby.”

“Yeah, I know that.”

“So, we’re about to put all of that behind us.”

“Yup, we are.”

“And you’re OK with that?”

“I am.”

I reached out and gently took the back of his head in my right hand. “Has anyone ever told you that you have incredibly sensuous lips?”

“Nope.” he replied.

Without saying another word, I reached over with my left hand and brushed his lips with my index finger. Within moments he opened his mouth a bit, and I began to moisten his lips with his own saliva. Almost immediately, he grabbed my arm and impulsively began sucking on my finger. I couldn’t believe how sensuous and stimulating that was. The sensation went immediately to my groin. I was hoping that it was a hint of something much more enjoyable to come.

I pulled back my left hand and leaned forward. With the back of his head still in my right hand, I pulled him slightly to me as I brushed his lips with mine. He leaned into me, pressing his lips into mine. We held each other in a passionate embrace. Suddenly his tongue was in my mouth, and I was sucking it for all I was worth. My left hand dropped to his crotch, where I stimulated his hardening cock through the fabric of his riding shorts. This went on for a few glorious moments. Then I knew, without the thought ever completely forming in my head, that it was time to throw caution to the wind.

“Stand up.” I ordered, as I also stood. “Don’t move…just let this happen.”

I lifted his arms and pulled his tee shirt over his head. Bending down I untied his sneakers and, one foot at a time, I removed them with his socks. Standing again, I slowly pulled down his riding shorts, which he kicked to the side. Now, with him dressed only in his aqua-colored Adidas sports briefs, I stepped back to gaze at this incredibly sexy boy.

I took hold of his hand and led him up onto the floor of the lean-to, still standing. Bathed in the rich morning sunlight, his unkempt auburn hair was perfectly illuminated. His skin was radiant in the early light. His whole body was shaking with sexual desire. I just stood there thinking “Fuck, this compliant kid is all mine. Where will I go with this?”

I have to admit, over the years I had had more than one fantasy about Lucas. There had been something electric between us for many years. Even when he was younger, whenever our families got together (his mom and my wife are good friends), he would come running to me and jump into my arms. One of his delights was having me carry him piggyback. I would carry him until I tired, but for him it was never enough. Often during such times I would feel the çeşme escort poke of his little boner into my back. I always attributed that to his emerging hormones, and my understanding that there’s a point in every boy’s development where there’s just no controlling that little monster. This, however, was clearly different. This was no innocent stiffy rubbed against a convenient back. This was very much more.

Leaving his briefs untouched, I stepped closer and began exploring every inch of his youthful and marvelously fit body. In fact, I complemented him on his amazingly tight and well-defined abs. He said he’d been working out and swimming every day at school. It showed. He was no longer the scrawny High School boy that I knew a couple of months ago. At over 6 feet, he was an inch or so taller than me. For a moment I just stood there admiring a body that seemed to be chiseled from some exotic stone by the hands of a true craftsman.

Shedding my own sneakers, tee shirt and riding shorts, I stood behind him with my arms around him and resting on his chest. I held him closely from behind and enjoyed the feeling of his chest expanding and contracting with his every breath. His body was so spare and his muscles so firm, I could easily feel his heart beat. My own hardened cock was perfectly located against his soft and sumptuous ass.

Using my lips, I started working the back of his neck. Lifting my hands to his head, I gently ran my fingers through his hair. Nibbling and caressing his neck, I turned his head slightly and focused my attention on his left ear. My tongue followed the curve of his outer ear and then my lips gently pulled on his ear lobe. First I softly blew into his ear canal. Then, as I inserted my tongue, I felt his whole body shudder with erotic pleasure. I knew from experience how incredibly sensual such an action could be.

My lips mapped every inch of his shoulders and shoulder blades. At one point, with our fingers intertwined, I raised his arm and massaged his taut muscles. I kissed his underarm and enjoyed its musky smell. Freeing his arm, my fingers firmly and confidently massaged their way down his spine. When I reached the waistband of his briefs I dropped straight to his ankles. Suggestive pressure against the inside of his ankles caused him to open up his stance. Back and forth, from leg to leg, I rubbed and massaged his calves and inner thighs. As I moved upward and approached his briefs, I could hear his breathing deepen. I was confident that my manipulation was achieving its desired effect.

I spent a good deal of time rubbing and caressing his inner thighs, first one side then the other. Each time my fingers got close, I would make sure they grazed his balls through the fabric of his briefs. My own eyes were transfixed by the glorious mounds of his glutes, inches away from my face. After a few minutes of this I began probing beneath the edge of his briefs. My fingers would slip in just far enough to make contact with his nearly hairless scrotum. I did this for some time, and then, at last, I began massaging his glutes. This was highly erotic behavior. I marveled at their soft firmness. It had been some time since my hands had held treasures such as these. Experimentally, I pressed the fabric of his briefs deeply into the cleft of his ass. I could tell from his response that it was well-received.

As I massaged his outer thighs I drew ever larger circles. Eventually my fingers made their way around to his front, running up and down his quads. I had one ultimate target in mind. My further efforts eventually led me to his boy treasure. Once there I found his cock bent downward and very much constrained by the fabric of his underwear. Nevertheless, through the very tight fabric, I ran my hands along the length of his engorged cock. I could feel every detail in high relief. As my fingers cupped his cock and balls from behind, I felt a large wet spot on the fabric. He was clearly producing a copious measure of precum. It soon became obvious that I needed to set his cock free. With Lucas standing and me on my knees behind him, I reached around and slowly pulled down his briefs, being careful not to snag them on his engorged cock as it sprung free. I could hear him gasp in relief as his cock was finally unconstrained. Even though I couldn’t see it, I knew it was standing upright in the sunshine, open to the natural breeze.

Still behind him, I grabbed and held his cock in my left hand, while running my right hand gently but firmly up and down the exposed and moist crack of his ass. His cock was pulsing in my left hand. He opened his stance a bit wider and bent slightly forward. I grabbed each side of his pelvis and buried my face in his ass, an act that I found to be highly erotic and stimulating. I inhaled deeply, and was rewarded by a very strong and exotic boy aroma. Then using both of my hands, I spread his glutes and caressed his boy hole, first with a finger, and then with my tongue. His short intake of breath told me all I needed to diyarbakır escort know. I spent a fair amount of time experimenting with how deeply I could insert my tongue. Lucas squirmed in ecstasy.

All of this sensual manipulation brought Lucas to a state of high arousal. I then stood up and gently turned him around to face me. I took a step back far enough to view his hard and pulsing seven-inch cock. Cradling it in my left hand, and using the index finger of my right hand, I gathered a large dollop of his precum and used it to glaze those powerfully sexy lips. Then I bent forward and again gently brushed his lips with mine, to which he responded in a most passionate way. He leaned into me, pressing his lips firmly against mine. And there we stood in another deep embrace. He suddenly reached down and began to rub my cock through the fabric of my boxer briefs. I had been immensely hard right from the beginning, so his fingers on my cock felt amazing.

I broke away from his embrace and removed my briefs, tossing them to the side. Lucas took this opportunity to get on his knees and, taking my cock in both hands, placed a kiss right on the glans. For me, at that moment, time stopped. I could only hope he wasn’t going to stop there…and he didn’t. He opened those luscious lips and licked the length of my cock. He rubbed my precum all over the surface of my glans. He kissed, and stroked, and licked his way around my cock and balls. He raised his eyes to mine looking directly into my eyes as he slowly took my cock into his eager and apparently hungry mouth. He was new at this, but his effort was admirable. Slowly, inch by inch, he tried to take it all. He couldn’t do that, but he took enough. All the while I couldn’t believe how amazing it was to watch it happen. My cock was as hard as it has ever been. I held his head with both of my hands, and I slowly and gently fucked his mouth while his hands cupped and caressed my balls. But that wasn’t all. He reached underneath my body to caress and fondle my own virgin hole. This boy was learning fast.

I knew it was the only cock he had ever had in his mouth and, as far as I was concerned, he could have it there all day. Nevertheless, I didn’t want to let his first act of fellatio go too far. As amazing as this was, in short order, I leaned over and, taking him by the shoulders, I lifted him again to a standing position. I reached out and gently pinched his nipples. I bent forward and began sucking on them as they became very hard and erect. I used all of the knowledge gained through years of sex with women to work my magic on his compliant body. I knew nipples were important erogenous zones for both males and females. And it worked perfectly.

Eventually moving downward from his nipples, I licked and caressed his navel and proceeded even lower along his hairless love trail. Now back on my knees, his boy prize was right before me. Lifting and slowly stroking his cock, I licked, caressed, sucked on, hummed, and otherwise stimulated his balls. I had already cum earlier in the morning; and I could tell he was so ready to do the same.

I held his cock in my hands. The head was purple and shiny. I knew he wouldn’t last much longer. As I looked up at his face I could see his eyes were fluttering in ecstasy. I reached under him and with my fingers I gently caressed his boy hole. Having previously lubed it with my own spit, I was able to gently but firmly insert my middle finger far enough to encounter his almond-sized prostate.

Meanwhile, I had his cock firmly in my mouth. I didn’t think I could get it all in, like I had seen in some porno vids. In fact, I had searched for “deep throat cumming” and found enough videos to give me a good idea of how difficult that would be for me. I figured the young guys I had seen doing that in the porn vids must have been taking cocks for quite a while. Nevertheless, Lucas’ cock reached the back of my throat, and, truth be told, I had been practicing with my fingers to open my throat and reduce my gag reflex.

So with his cock in my mouth, one finger up his ass stimulating his prostate, and my other hand rubbing up and down the front of his body, including rubbing and pinching his hard and sensitive nipples, I could feel Lucas’ orgasm building. His breathing accelerated, as did my bobbing on his cock. As for me, god how I wanted his cum. In fact, I wanted all of him. My head was full of his youth, his physique, his scent. Then suddenly he was there. Just like the first time, with a hand firmly gripping the base of his cock I could feel every spasm as it moved his cum along the urethra inside his amazingly hard cock. Grabbing my head, he was thrusting uncontrollably and making a whole orchestra of grunting sounds. Powerful ropes of his cum erupted into my mouth with every spasm. I could feel his anus tightening on my finger with every cum blast. And so he filled my mouth with cum, one blast after the next. I could feel it. I could taste it. And as I exhaled through my nostrils, I could certainly smell it. I managed to swallow most of it. What I didn’t swallow leaked out the sides of my mouth and dripped off the bottom of my chin. It was…well…exquisite. It was the sound, and smell, and taste of a boy’s fury. I wanted it to happen…and I wanted it not to end.

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