Opening Ch. 02

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After a minute, Hank’s hand drifted idly to Ava’s breast as he lay against her. He cupped it, running her still-erect nipple under his thumb.

Ava shivered. “Baby, you’re going to get me going again.”

“Isn’t that the idea?”

“Mmm. But what about you?”

“Don’t worry. It’s still your turn. See.” Hank opened his robe, revealing his hard cock. Ava reached down, taking him in her hand.

“Ooh, you got so hard. We can do something about this.”

“It gets that way from filling you up. You know I love doing that. And don’t worry, we’ll do something about it later.” Hank pushed up against Ava’s hip, rubbing his cock against her. Then he reached down, taking his cock in his own hand and squeezing it up its length to collect his pre-cum on his thumb. “For you.”

Ava sucked his thumb into her mouth. “Mmm, just like I like. And so much. Thank you.”

“Anytime.” Hank continued to rock his cock back and forth against Ava’s hip while giving her occasional small kisses. Ava reached down and played with him, stroking his cock and occasionally his balls as she kissed back. Hank moved down to Ava’s breasts, as he had earlier, and began to nibble and lick her erect nipples. Ava leaned her breasts into his open mouth and Hank sucked as much of her breast as he could into her mouth for a moment before releasing. Letting his head go, Ava reached for his cock again. But Hank pulled away, getting on his knees next to her.

“Uh-uh,” Hank said. “I’m not done with you.”

“You’re not?” Ava asked, looking up into Hank’s eyes.

Hanks gaze turned a bit harder. “I didn’t ask for sass back from you.”

Sensing Hank’s change of mood, Ava switched into character. “I’m sorry, baby, I didn’t mean to be smart. I was just glad you weren’t going to be done yet.”

“Too late Ava; you talked back. And that means it’s back to business.”

“But sir,” she said, “you already inspected me and made me cum. I’m sorry I talked back. Just lie down with me again.”

“Ava, it’s not your place to tell me what to do. And we didn’t finish your inspection.”

“We didn’t? Sir?”

“No, we didn’t. How quickly you forget everything we need to check.” Hank shook his head, then got up and stood by the side of the bed. “But first, I want you to come here. Now. On all fours.” He pointed at the bed in front of him. Ava rolled over onto her stomach and then got on her hands and knees. Her mouth was almost level with his cock.

“Open your mouth.” Ava did and Hank began to feed her his cock. He reached behind her head, grabbing her hair, and began forcing her head to move up and down. “Good girl, just like that.”

Hank let Ava continue, thrusting into her mouth as she moved. At one point she went to reach for him with her hand, and he stopped her. “No. Only your mouth.” She continued to bob up and down, taking Hank as deep into her throat as she could.

Then Hank stepped away. “Good. Now, something else.” Ava looked up at him. “Stay on all fours.” He walked around to the other side of the bed, behind her. “Scoot back towards me.” Ava did, moving until she was close to the edge, on his side. “Good. Now, head down on the bed.” Ava complied, letting her head fall down until her forehead touched the bed. She knew her ass was up in the air and that he was behind her. But she couldn’t see Hank and wondered what he was doing. She could sense him moving around behind her. Then she felt him rub his hand along her calf and then up her thigh.

“Now, open your cheeks for me.” Although she’d been anticipating that he might be looking at her, it was still a shock to hear Hank tell her to open. She flushed.

“Sir, no. I’m embarrassed. What if I’m not clean?”

“We talked about this. You need to be ready all of the time for me. If you aren’t, then you’ll be punished.” A shiver went through Ava. “Now, open your cheeks and show me your rosebud!”

Ava reluctantly reached back, her head and shoulders pressing against the bed, and slowly pulled apart the cheeks of her ass. She could sense Hank standing behind her and looking at her ass. “Oh God,” she moaned softly. She could feel herself getting wet as he looked at her, even as her face burned. She held her position for what felt like the longest minute of her life, staying still as she felt Hank’s eyes devour her. Then she felt his hand again, running up her thigh, over her buttock, and then stroking down the left side of her ass along the inner edge of her butt crack. He repeated this on the other side, running his finger down her ass, just skirting the edge of her anus. She could feel his finger touching so close to her ridged skin. He repeated this, getting closer to her center, and she shivered in anticipation. Then Hank paused.

“Ava, do you feel me looking at you?”

“Yes, sir.”

“What am I looking at?”

“My ass, sir.”

“Do you think I like what I see?”

“I hope so, sir.”

“Well, I do. You did a good job of keeping your ass ready for me.”

“Thank you, sir. I tried, sir. But I’m gaziantep escort bayan embarrassed.”


“Because you’re looking at my ass. Because I made it ready for you.”

“Don’t be embarrassed. You’ve been a good girl.”

“Thank you, sir.”

Hank resumed stroking Ava’s ass, but this time stroked his finger over her anus with a light touch. She let out a small sound as he touched it.

“Do you feel me touching your asshole, Ava?” he hissed.

“Yes, sir.”

“Does it feel good?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Is it dirty, Ava? For me to be looking at your ass? Touching your asshole?” Hank played with her asshole just a little as he said this, focusing his attention on rubbing over it, and up and down, but this time touching her with a little more pressure right on her rosebud.

“Yes, sir.”

“And you like it, don’t you?

“Yes, sir.”

“Are you a dirty girl, Ava? Do you like showing me your ass?”

“Yes, sir.”

“I need to find out just how dirty you are Ava, you know that.”

“Yes, sir.”

“You may let go now.”

“Thank you, sir.” Ava shifted her hands back to get on all fours again.

Hank continued to stroke Ava’s asshole, but shifted further down this time, stroking over her pussy lips as well. They were swollen in anticipation. Ava’s scent hit him again as he took his fingers and separated her lips. His fingers dipped inside her as he spread her lips open to see her pussy, and then rubbed over her clit further down.

“I’m opening your pussy now, Ava.”

“I know, sir.”

“And you look wet.” Holding Ava’s lips fully open, Hank he took a finger and ran it between her lips. He worked to the edge of her pussy and slid in. She wasn’t just wet; she was soaking.

“Ava…your pussy is very wet. Did you know that?”

“Yes, sir.”

“And so fast. Why are you so wet, Ava?”

“Sir, I’m embarrassed to say.”

“I’ve already told you not to be embarrassed! Now, why are you so wet?”

“Sir, don’t make me say it.”

“Ava! Tell me.”

“Because…because I like it when you look at me.”

“You do, do you? Ava, that’s so dirty. You want me to look at your pussy and ass.”

“Yes, sir. I know. I know it’s dirty, sir. Please, sir, please don’t punish me.”

“Hmm. We’ll see.” Hank had continued to play with Ava’s pussy, and had slid two fingers inside her as he talked. He withdrew his hand and, leaning over, brought it around to Ava’s mouth. “See how wet you are? This is for you.” He fed his fingers into her mouth, and she obliged by sucking them. Hank could feel her tongue running all around his fingers.

“That’s very good, tasting your pussy for me. You like the way you taste, too, don’t you.” It was more a statement than question.

Hank withdrew his fingers so she could answer. “Yes, sir, I do.”

“Good girl.” Hank returned his attention to Ava’s ass, shifting back down the bed. “Push your ass up for me.” Ava arched her back, pushing her butt upwards towards Hank. “Good.” He took his hands and separated her cheeks, staring down at her rosebud, which was darker and pinker than the pale skin of her ass. He studied her lines and folds, pointing toward her center. Now holding her open with just one hand, Hank stroked over her asshole with just one finger briefly, and then leaned down and began planting small kisses on Ava’s ass.

He started at the top of her crack, but quickly moved down towards her anus. Ava pushed up even higher in anticipation of his lips. When his first kiss came, she shivered, and then let out a small moan as she felt his tongue touch her. “Oh, sir…” Hank began to lick Ava’s anus, first circling it, and then reaching her center. He licked over her with his tongue flat, and then made his tongue hard to try to push in. He alternated circling her and licking right on her center.

Hank took his right hand and began playing with Ava’s pussy again, dipping his fingers into her and sliding down to rub her clit. As he did this, he pointed his tongue and began pushing into her ass harder. He knew Ava’s asshole was tight but he persisted. After a minute, he was rewarded by the feeling of her tight ring loosening, and he felt his tongue actually penetrate slightly into her. God, so hot, he thought.

Hank continued alternately rimming her asshole and pushing in with his tongue. As he pushed in, he could feel Ava forcing herself backwards too, trying to get more of his tongue in her. “Oh, so good. So good,” Hank heard her murmuring. She loves this as much as I do.

Hank let his tongue wander down to Ava’s pussy, parting her lips with this tongue and pushing his tongue into her. Her pussy opened easily for his tongue, unlike her ass, and he swirled his tongue around as he tasted her. Ava’s walls felt silky smooth as he pushed his tongue as deep as it would go. After a moment, he returned his tongue to her ass, beginning to alternate between licking there and sliding his tongue down through the folds of her pussy.

Hank moved back up the bed to place his face by Ava’s, turning her head to him so that he could kiss her. And kiss him she did, with gusto, tasting her juices on his lips and tongue. He broke the kiss after a second and said to her, “I think your ass passes inspection today, Ava. Which means I have something for it.” Hank bumped his hard cock into her at this, letting her know his intentions.

“Oh, sir, you can’t, it’s too big.”

“Did you just say I can’t?” Hank sat up, raising one eyebrow. “I didn’t ask you, Ava. Again. You are not here to argue!”

Ava pulled back, looking fearful. “I’m sorry sir, I won’t do it again. I’m just afraid.”

“Ava! You persist in not listening. I’m afraid you’ve earned a punishment.”

“Sir, no, please, don…OW!” Hank’s hand cracked across Ava’s left butt cheek. Then he shifted on the bed, moving down towards her legs, and his hand cracked across her right. He smacked her again on the left, then on the right, and a third time. Hank could see her skin reddening. He got up. Ava felt rather than saw him move some distance away and then he was back around in front of her.

“Ava, I’m not sure a simple spanking is going to be enough punishment.”

“Sir? I’m afraid, sir. You don’t need to punish me.”

“We’ll see about that. Now. What am I going to do to that beautiful ass of yours?”

“Fuck it. Sir.”

“Good, you were paying attention. Maybe I will only have to punish you a little more. But before I do that, I’ll get you ready for me.” Always prepared, Hank reached into his bathrobe pocket, and took out a long, slim butt plug.

Ava’s eyes widened at seeing the plug. “So you know what this is?” Hank asked.

“Yes, sir. It’s a butt plug.”

“And who do you think this is for?”

“Is it for me, sir?”

“Yes it is. You liked having your asshole licked. Now you need it plugged.”

Ava’s eyes closed for a second at Hank’s words. “Yes, sir,” was all she whispered.

Hank moved to stand behind her. After a few seconds, she felt him open her butt cheeks again, and then felt something drip onto her ass. “Sir, that’s cold!”

“Too bad.” Hank took his hand off her ass, rubbing lube on the plug as well. “Now just relax.” He placed the plug at the puckered entrance to Ava’s asshole and slowly began to push it in, turning it as he pushed. Ava gasped, feeling the intrusion, initially with barely any resistance. The first inch went in easily. Hank continued pushing until he felt her muscles start to resist. Ava gasped and tensed.

“Relax, again. Relax.” Hank waited until he felt Ava relax again. “That’s it.” Pulling the plug back out a little, he began to slide it into her again. Stroking in and out, Hank worked the plug into Ava, pausing each time he stretched her a little wider.

Reaching under her, Hank rubbed Ava’s clit as he continued to push. As the widest part of the plug began to push against her, Ava pulled forward. “Sir, no, it’s too big.”

Hank paused again. “It’s OK. Relax, just a little more. Such a good girl. I know you can take it.” He pulled the plug out a little, and then pushed it in again. He twisted it slightly as he did this, making sure the plug was coated with lube on all sides. But then he pushed again, a little harder this time, eliciting a moan from Ava. “We’re almost there. Just relax. Now, push out for me a little. Just a little.”

Hank felt Ava take a deep breath and then relax her body. Watching her ass, he saw and felt her ass push back. He gave the plug one final push as he rubbed hard on her clit. “Ohhhh…” Ava muttered. Then the plug made it past the point of constriction and popped into her the whole way. “AHHH! Oh, shit. Oh. Oh, sir. It’s in. It’s in.” She shuddered, then shuddered again.

“I know, Ava.” Hank leaned over her, putting his face close to hers. “Oh, you good girl. You took the plug. How do you feel?”

“Oh, I feel full sir. It hurt a little.”

“I’m sorry it hurt baby, but you’re a good girl. You took it in. And now you should feel full.” Hank rubbed her pussy with one hand, letting her adjust to the plug. The plug was big enough and with enough shape that it stayed in with ease even without him holding it. It was so hot to look at Ava’s bottom with the base of the plug nestled between her cheeks. Hank stroked her ass around the base of the plug, and played with the base a little, giving it a little tug, and then pushing on it again. She gasped again as he pushed it harder. “Very good girl.” He leaned over and gently kissed each of her cheeks in turn, and then kissed right up to where the plug entered her ass.

Hank got on his knees next to Ava. ” Sit up.” He reached down and grabbed Ava’s hair, pulling her up so that she was on her knees with her upper body upright. Her eyes widened as the plug adjusted inside her. Hank pulled her face to his and kissed her, their bodies pressing together. She could feel his cock, hard again under his bathrobe, and she reached between them to stroke it. For his part, Hank reached around under Ava’s ass to feel the plug under his fingers. He began whispering to her again. “Do you feel that plug in you? Filling you up?”

“Oh, yes, I feel it.”

“Your ass opened up so nicely for me, baby.”

“Yes, sir, it did. It always opens up for you.”

“Good. Do you like to be full for me?”

“Yes, I do, you know I do.”

“Yes, I know it too.” Hank stopped Ava’s hands on his cock and got off the bed. Standing, he stretched, his cock standing straight out from his body. ” Get up.”

“Sir? With the plug in?”

“Yes, with the plug in. Stand up.” Gingerly, Ava stood up on the opposite side of the bed from Hank. “It won’t fall out. Now, walk around the room for me.” Ava began walking, awkwardly at first as she adjusted to the feeling of the plug in her ass. She walked over to Hank. “Good, now turn and walk over there,” he pointed across the room, “and then back to me. Twice.”

Hank sat down in a chair and watched Ava as she walked away from him. She gained more confidence with each step as she got used to the sensations. He could see the plug base nestled between her cheeks, and could feel the precum flowing from his cock, knowing that the rest of the plug was inside her and knowing that he had put it in her ass. As Ava came back toward him, Hank took off his robe completely. ” Come here baby. Did that feel good?”

“Yes, sir. Sir, you’re so hard!”

“Yes I am. From playing with your ass.” Hank sat forward and reached out for Ava’s pussy as she stood in front of him. Stroking inside her lips, he discovered that she was again soaked. “And you’re so wet.” He played with her for a moment and her eyes closed as he slid a finger into her.

“Now, Ava, this is for you.” Hank took Ava’s hand and pulled her down towards his cock. She dropped to her knees, taking him in her mouth and putting both hands on him.

She looked up at him. “Oh, so much pre-cum. Is that for me?”

“I think it is.” Hank leaned back in the chair as Ava returned her mouth to his cock and began to suck him. As she sucked, one hand began to work his shaft. She reached up with the other to rub her hand over his chest, rubbing his nipples and gliding over his belly, eventually down over his thigh, and underneath him to his balls. She played with them gently, holding them in her hand. She kissed down the underside of his shaft, applying her tongue to his balls, and taking one of them into her mouth briefly before releasing it and returning her mouth to his cock. She continued to rub his balls as she sucked him, moving up and down with both her mouth and hand.

Hank reached and grabbed Ava’s hair again, pulling her off his cock. He pulled her up to him and kissed her, then stood. “You’re doing a good job. But I don’t want to come in your mouth.”

“But I want to make you come, sir.”

“I’ll come when and where I choose! It’s not your choice today. Is it?”

“No, sir. You may come whenever you want, sir.”

“Good. Now, since you forgot, it’s time to resume your punishment.”

Ava wasn’t expecting that. “Sir, you already spanked me. Sir, I haven’t been that bad. Please, no, sir.”

“Get back on the bed! All fours! Now!”

Ava complied, but looked nervous. Hank walked over the dresser and picked up her hair brush. Ava’s eyes tracked him and widened when she saw what he had. “Do you remember this brush, Ava?”

“Yes, sir.”

“What do I do when I have this brush?”

“You paddle me with it, sir.”

“You’re right. I do.” He brought the brush over to her, showing it to her. Without warning, he smacked the pillow with it. She gasped in surprise, a surge of adrenaline shooting through her. Smirking at her, Hank moved back down towards her ass. He caressed her cheeks and tugged on the plug before pushing on it again to be sure it was fully in her. She gasped again. And then he pulled his arm back, and smacked her with the brush.


“This is for being so wet from being plugged. Only dirty girls get so wet from having all this attention paid to their ass.” He smacked her again.

“Yes, sir, I’m a dirty girl. I’ll be better. Please don’t – ” Smack. Smack. One cheek, then the other. And again. Her skin was starting to redden again. “Oh, sir, it hurts.”

Hank leaned down to her to whisper very softly, “You OK?” She nodded, and whispered back, “God, yes. More.”

Hank obliged, smacking her with the brush three times more on each side, harder each time. He paused, sliding his fingers between her lips to feel that she was still wet. He caressed her wet flesh, and rubbed over her clit.

Then, withdrawing his fingers, he paddled her again, twice on each side. Ava moaned into her pillow. He leaned down again, bringing the brush in front of her. “The brush hurts, doesn’t it?” She nodded jerkily. “You know what else it can do?” She shook her head. He turned it around, showing her the handle. “Girls who are wet can also be fucked with it.” Ava shook her head, eyes wide, but didn’t say anything. Hank returned to her ass, taking the brush and rubbing the handle up and down her slit. Then he turned it and began working it into her pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32