Office Humiliation

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I will start with giving you the background on my girl friend. She is about 5’6″ with shoulder length hair and beautiful long smooth legs. She is fiercely independent and believes that all men were meant to serve women.

I had been seeing her for quite a while and we both worked at the same place as software engineers. She had to go overseas on an assignment for about a month and I was left to my own devices. One day, while driving around I picked up a beautiful girl and we ended up seeing each other and sleeping together. This continued till it was time for my girl friend to come back, when I had to end my escapade.

Well, when she did come back, she somehow found out what I had been up to (I have no clue how!!). That was the end of all peace between us. She finally decided to end the relationship, but I could not live without her. So I begged her to forgive me and give me another chance. But she threw me out of her house and refused to speak to me or see me. I continued my begging for lack of any other bargaining point. Finally she showed some mercy and said that I could continue to beg but she would completely ignore me unless she wanted me to do something for her, when she would speak to me directly. But at all other times, I was supposed to be there but she would pretend I wasn’t. I was happy with that, not knowing exactly what I was erzurum escort getting into. But this was the only way I had any chance of getting back with her.

I was supposed to pick her up every morning from her place and drive her to work. But I didn’t know what time I should be there as she didn’t tell me and I was not supposed to ask any questions. So I got ready by 6:30 and parked myself at her door just waiting, not knowing how long I had to wait. It was raining, and it was cold which made me feel like a wet miserable homeless dog (though I was not wet). I had to wait for more than two hours and she finally showed up at 8:45 and got into the car without a word in response to my ‘Good Morning’. I drove to work and dropped her off at the entrance and went on to park the car. After which I rushed up to her cubicle and stood around, not knowing what to do.

Well, let me tell you about the office, her cubicle is in an area, which has three other cubicles, two behind her and one on the side. And I know all the people who share that area. And it is a very professional place, just like you expect a software firm to be.

She was sitting at her computer, when I arrived and she said ‘Coffee’ without even looking in my direction. I rushed off to get her some coffee. As soon as I placed it on her table, she passed me a note bodrum escort (which was considerate in a way), which read, “I want my shoes cleaned right now, specially the mud sticking to the bottom”. And I realised that the rain had made it worse for me, as the sidewalk outside had been muddy. I was shit scared, because this was the place I worked in, everyone knew me, but I had to do it for HER!! So I got down on all fours without a word and crawled under the table, trying to blank out the expressions on the other people’s faces from my mind. She was wearing Nine West, calf length black leather boots and was sitting with her right leg crossed over her left knee. I extended my tongue, and got down to it. Slowly lapping at the leather of her boots. I could hear her working at her computer almost as if I was not there. I was taking long sweeps with my tongue, but had not yet mustered enough courage to venture under her feet. I cleaned all the small brown marks left on the boot by the splattering rain on the street. The leather was gleaming clean in a couple of minutes.

I finished her right boot, as it was more accessible and then had to bend right down to the floor to get to her left boot. I was busy cleaning the boot when I felt something on the back of my head, and realised that she had placed her right foot on my head and was rubbing eskişehir escort it onto it. I was not in a position to complain and continued to clean her left boot, and was forced to continue as long as she chose to keep her foot firmly on top of my head. This went on for about 7-8 minutes and my tongue was really getting dry now, when she released me finally.

Now came the difficult part. I had to lie down on the floor and crawl under her dangling foot to get to her sole. It was a tight fit, and in this position I could see the gawking faces in the background. I realised that a small crowd had gathered for the show. But I had a job to do and went for it. With a freshly wetted tongue I began eating the dirt from the sole of her boots while she worked. I was swallowing what ever I could scrape off from her sole and it actually tasted like a gourmet meal to me. I had a hard-on, which must surely pretty evident to everyone, but I did not care at that moment. When I was done with that sole, I had to wait for her to change her legs so that the left one was dangling. During this time I kept polishing off the sole even though I didn’t have to as I was beginning to enjoy it a lot after the initial embarrassment had worn off. She finally switched legs and I repeated the procedure painstakingly with her left sole, leaving it glistening from my saliva.

I finally crawled out, not daring to look into the eyes of my co-workers and trying to ignore the giggles and comments as well as I could. I took my place next to her cubicle waiting for my next set of instructions, while the small crowed slowly disappeared.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32