Night Out With Stacey

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A friend Stacey called me up asking if I wanted to go out clubbing on Friday night. She told me that she was getting cabin fever since she stayed at home with her 7 week old baby girl and needed some adult conversation. I instantly looked forward to going out as I had slipped into a rut where I was working constantly and not letting myself indulge in fun. I laughed and told her I would love to go out.

We have a long history of having a great time when out on the town. Being ultra competitive we would compete against each other to see who got the most phone numbers and offers each night. We would also compete to see who dressed the hottest and such silly little games. It had been almost a month since I last saw her and was confident that this evening I would win easily.

Friday night finally arrived and I rushed home at 5:30 to change and prep for the night on the town. I quickly undressed, showered and put on the clothes I had selected for the night. As I looked in the mirror I thought how sexy I looked in the black mini and white blouse. Underneath I added a matching bra and panty set and thigh high’s that I picked up from Victoria Secrets the day before. I grabbed my purse and keys and headed to the car, glancing once more at my image in the mirror thinking to myself that I was going to be breaking hearts tonight. I let out a little laugh as the thought entered my head.

I arrived at the club at the agreed upon time and met up with Stacey. I was shocked at how good she looked and started to think this would be a lot harder than I thought. She looked absolutely stunning. I ordered us a couple of drinks and she told me all the stories about Stephanie, her 7 week old daughter, like a typical mother will and about her husband, Keith. I found it really relaxing listening to her go on and on about the baby and the plans she had. Throughout the course of our conversation we received many offers to dance or join some men but we brushed them off and continued to catch up.

After a while some cute guys approached us and asked us to join them, being my normal self I accepted for us both and we joined them in a booth where we struck up conversation. Eventually Steven asked me to dance which I accepted and we headed to the dance floor. As we were dancing Steven kept trying to grope me and I quickly grew bored with his antics. When I glanced over at Stacey she just looked so bored. I excused myself from Mr. Touchy and headed back. I came up with some lame excuse and Stacey and I left to try and find some fun. After a while we got bored and tired of looking and decided to just grab a seat and talk. The night was turning into a bust as all the offers we were receiving did not appeal to either of us. Oh well.

After a bit two women came over and asked to join us saying they were tired of the men hitting on them and laughed saying it may be safer in a larger group. I laughed and introduced myself. After some conversation, Lynn asked if we cared to join them at another club. I asked where and they told me about a lesbian club in town. Lynn quickly explained that there are no guys interrupting and we could relax more there. I was about to decline when Stacey chimed and said “let’s go.”

This surprised me as Stacey is super straight laced and I would think she wouldn’t be seen in a place like that. As we were getting ready to go, she told me it would be nice just to relax and not worry about impressing the guys. Then she went on to explain that she was feeling guilty talking with the guys without Keith around. I told her I understood and off we went. I drove Lynn and Stacey rode with her friend Keri.

When we got to the club I was surprised. I imagined a butch type bar with motorcycle gear and such, but it was really nice. We settled into a booth and picked up our conversation. The girls where nice though I was a little self conscious with how close Lynn was sitting next to me. I noticed how Stacey seemed to have loosened up and wrote it off as a reduction in guilt. After a bit Lynn excused herself to go to the ladies room and Keri joined her. This gave me my first opportunity in an hour or so to talk to Stacey alone.

I asked if she was having fun and she mentioned she was. The next thing I know these two black girls slide into the seats next to us and ask how we are doing. I immediately notice Stacey tense up and look uncomfortable. I answered that we are fine and were waiting for our “dates” to get back. I then notice Lynn and Keri stop in their tracks looking at us. A look of disappointment crossed Lynn’s face before she turned around and walked away. The girl next to Stacey giggled a little stating that it looked like we just got stood up.

I explained to them that we are not gay, and that we were just out with some friends. The girl across from me looked unimpressed. The girl next to me was nicer and easier to talk to, the other to put it plainly scared me. After a short while the girl next to me took my hand and asked me to dance. I declined but escort bayan she was having none of it as she pulled my arm until I got up. I reluctantly followed her to the dance floor, hand in hand. As we started to dance I started to relax more and decided to just enjoy myself. I glanced back at Stacey and she was sitting there talking with the other girl.

I turned my attention back on my dance partner, realizing for the first time how pretty she was. A light caramel color, with flawless skin. She wore a red blouse and white skirt that really contrasted with her legs. As I looked back up to her face I saw her smiling at me. She inquired if I like what I saw. I probably blushed a deep red as I attempted at an apology and excuse all rolled into one. She just laughed and danced a little closer to me and introduced herself to me. The song ended and I started to turn to go back to the table and Danette took my hand and said one more dance. The song that came on was by Enigma. It was a relatively slow song and she stepped in and placed her arm around me and pulled me into her, her nose almost touching my, her breath caressing my face. I stared into her brown eyes and matched her body’s movements.

After a little, she turned me around and pressed her pelvis against my rear and we continued to dance with her hands wrapped around my waist. I leaned back into her and felt her lips graze against my neck. I felt her push harder against my rear and her lips made more contact against my skin. Her hands then came apart and started to move over my body, one going up the other down. The right hand went up my midriff to the bottom of my breasts, then finally on them applying pressure on my nipple. The left hand slide down to below the hem in my skirt and slide up into it from the side, fingers tracing the outline of my panties. I let out an involuntary moan as it felt so good. Then realizing what was happening I went to step away from her. Her right hand grabbed my breast and her left hand grabbed my panties to hold me in place. I turned my head and told her that this is all wrong and that I needed to get my friend and leave.

She pulled me back against her and told me to look at my friend, which I did. I stopped moving to the song as if frozen in place. Stacey was engaged in a deep passionate kiss with the girl at the table. The girls hand was visible on Stacey’s crotch and Stacey was moving her hips to basically masturbate against the hand.

The girl moved her face next to mine and stated that it looks like my friend is in no rush to go anywhere. I stood there mesmerized by what I was seeing. This loyal wife and mother of a 7 week old baby girl were basically having sex in a crowded club where anyone could watch. As I scanned the room I saw plenty of people watching the show. I then felt the girl behind my apply pressure on my nipple and whisper why let my friend have all the fun. Her left hand slipped down and between my legs from behind. When her fingers touched me and started to rub my knees almost buckled.

She giggled behind me and recommended that it may be a good idea to go sit down. I was not sue I could return to the table with Stacey so engaged in such foreplay with a woman. I then realized that her I stood with a woman rubbing my crotch and playing with my right nipple in plan view of every one. Danette removed her hands and took my hand and led me to the ladies room. As we entered I was surprised at the number of women engaged in various forms of sex. Some on their knees licking other women who were standing, many locked in passionate kisses, one even having intercourse with another woman wearing a strap-on.

Danette took me to the far side of the room and pushed me up against the wall and started to kiss me. I resisted at first but then let her tongue enter my mouth. Once I allowed this she slipped her hands down my side and pulled my skirt up over my waist. A girl off to the side commented about how pretty my panties where. The girl I was with did not care and she took hold of the sides and pulled them up to apply pressure on me. I moaned part in pain and part in pleasure. She then broke the kiss and pulled my panties down to my feet and stood back up leaving me exposed to the room except for where her body offered a shield.

She then placed her hand against my crotch and told me to masturbate on her hand. I started to move my hips and grind myself against her hand. She leaned in next to me and asked if I liked being her bitch. I was offended at first, at least until she moved her hand away so that I could not feel it. I whined a little and she asked again if I enjoyed being her bitch. I said yes. She rewarded me by placing her hand back against me. I continued to move my hips and push against her hand. The position of her hand made it difficult for me to rub myself against her in all the right spots. My legs grew tired and started to hurt. I went to position her hand in a better position for me and she just removed it and told me I had istanbul escort to work for this orgasm.

She asked me questions and if I answered incorrectly or too slow she would remove her hand and ask until I got the answer right. After a bit it was incredibly hard to concentrate on what she was asking me as I focused all my energy on finishing myself off. When she sensed I was almost there she asked if I was her white slave who would do as she pleases. I hesitated and she removed her hand, I almost started to cry as I was so close to cumming. She asked again and I almost shouted YES! She laughed and stepped back away from me. She then told me to get on my knees, lift up her skirt and in front of everyone in the room, kiss her ass and declare myself hers.

Without really thinking I felt myself slip down to the floor as I saw her turn around away from me, presenting me with her ass. I reached up and lifted the back of her skirt and leaned in and planted a kiss on each check and then meekly announced that I was hers. She laughed and another girl in the room said I did not sound very sincere in my proclamation. Danette said she agreed and told me to do it again, with more passion and sincerity. I leaned back in and kissed her multiple times on each check and then clearly announced that I was hers. The other girl said that sounded better, Danette agreed. She then directed me to get up and collect my panties.

I picked them up and went to put them back on. Danette stopped me and started to undo my blouse. Once it was open she pulled it off of me and told me to remove my bra. Once it was off she gave me back my shirt and told me to put it on, which I quickly did. She then told me to go to the girl who said I didn’t sound sincere and give her the bra and panty set as she seemed to like them. I walked over and presented my under-garments to her. She took them and told me thank you, then told me to return to my Mistress. The word itself floored me; I started to think about what I was doing. I had masturbated on another woman, kissed her ass and gave away an $80 underwear set.

I turned to face Danette and she just smiled and told me to come along and turned and walked to the door. As I followed a few stray hands grabbed my breasts and touched my legs and ass. I was determined to get Stacey and get the hell out of there as quickly as possible. When we got back out into the club I noticed new people sitting in the booth we occupied. A waitress came up to me and handed me a note from Stacey saying that they had gone to the other girl’s house and would be waiting for us.

Danette led me towards the door with her hand up the back of my skirt holding my ass. As we approached the door I saw the two girls we arrived with and they gave me a disapproving look as I went by. I felt completely embarrassed as we exited the club and walked to my car.

When we got to the car, she instructed me to remove my skirt and to get in. I did as she said and got into the car. I told her I had no idea where I was going and she laughed and said she did. She then placed her left hand between my legs telling me to spread them wider. She continued to rub me as I followed her directions to the house. I told her that I found this embarrassing. She told me that it was going to be ok. She was not sadistic or cruel. She left off this train of discussion with I should be happy that she chose me. I was puzzled and she rebuffed any clarification attempts.

Finally we go to the house and she led me to the door holding my hand, my butt showing to the world as my skirt was laying in the backseat of the car. When we got to the door she turned me to face her and started to undo the buttons on my blouse. She told me not to protest and started to kiss me as I felt the blouse fall away from my body. There I stood wearing thigh highs and shoes at the door of a house. After what seemed like a while, she broke the kiss and opened the door and led me in. I walked with her hand in hand into the living room where I stopped dead in my tracks. Stacey was lying on her back on the coffee table as this women I had not seen before was fucking her with a strap-on. Standing over her head getting licked was the girl from the club. She was kissing the girl who was pounding Stacy. After a few seconds she broke the kiss and looked over at Danette and me. She smiled and asked if I liked watching my friend service her. Stacey immediately stopped licking and was rewarded with a slap to her pussy. I heard her cry out a little, and then continue to lick the woman. The other woman laughed and told me not to worry I would get my chance.

Danette led me to the couch and sat down. She told me to lie down on the couch, my head in her lap to watch. From that vantage I could see Stacey’s tongue disappear into the girl’s pussy as she licked. Every once in a while I would see her move her head so she could look at me. I found myself getting incredible turned on by the scene. At the same time I hated myself for escort enjoying what was happening to Stacey. I could also see the other woman’s face as she intently stared at me while she fucked Stacey.

I felt a fire building in my groin and started to rotate my hips. Danette leaned down and kissed me on the forehead and asked if I was enjoying the show. I told her that I was but felt guilty about it. She laughed and nudged me off so she could get up then she took me by the hand and led me into the hall where a phone was. She told me I had better let Stacey’s husband know that she would not be home tonight so he wouldn’t worry. I called Keith and told him that Stacey was a little too drunk to head home and that she would crash at my place. Keith offered to come and get her but I told him it would not be a good idea to take the baby out this time of night. He reluctantly agreed and asked me to have Stacey give him a call in the morning. I promised I would and we hung up. Danette leaned in and kissed me and told me thanks and then took my hand and led me upstairs to her room.

Once there I fell into her arms and kissed her passionately as I started to undress her. She laughed and told me what a vixen I was. After removing her blouse and bra I placed a kiss on each nipple then kissed my way down her stomach as I undid her skirt. I then placed my hands on both sides of her panties and slowly pulled them down exposing her completely shaven pussy. I paused and just stared at it for a few seconds. She laughed and told me to greet it properly. I leaned in and placed my lips on it and gave it a kiss, then slowly extended my tongue and got my first taste of another woman. At first I was tentative, but after tasting it and realizing that it was actually pretty good, I increased my licks and applied more pressure. Finally, my tongue penetrated her folds and entered her warm and moist pussy. I heard her inhale a deep breath as I continued to explore her.

She lay down on the bed and pulled head back to her crotch saying that I was a natural cunt licker and she was glad she found me. I licked her until she orgasmed and then continued. When she had enough she pulled my up into an embrace and we drifted off to sleep. The next morning I awoke still in her arms, feeling the rising and falling of her chest. I lay there still watching her breasts and nipples. After a few minutes of this I slowly moved so as not to wake her and leaned down and took a nipple in my mouth and suckled on it then moved down further kissing and licking as I went. I gently parted her legs and went back to licking her hairless crotch. I am not sure when she woke up but she started stroking my hair and telling me what a good girl I was. I felt instant pride in her praises and that provided me with more incentive to make her have another orgasm.

After a while and she had cum, she threw on a robe and took my hand and led me naked back downstairs into the kitchen. I found Stacey fixing breakfast in the nude with the other two women talking at the table. The looked up at Danette and commented that it appears she had a good night as it was late. She told them she had a wonderful night and walked over and gave me a kiss. She asked if I would help Stacey finish up breakfast and then join her. I went over and offered my help to Stacey and we prepared breakfast. The girls who Stacey was with told her that she should thank me for my assistance and kiss my ass in appreciation. I said that it was not necessary but Stacey dropped down and kissed my ass as directed. She then got up and sat between the two women from last night and I was their hands fondle her.

After breakfast while cleaning up the dishes I told Stacey she needed to call Keith. She immediately fell silent and then started to cry saying what a bad mother and wife she was. That she had sex with these women on her first night away from her family. Through her tears she told me the worst part is that she absolutely loved every second of it and was worried how she would respond to Keith, who she loved dearly. Danette came in and talked to Stacey telling her everything would be ok. Keith never needs to know what occurred here tonight and that Stacey was welcome to come back any time she wanted to. Stacey said she wasn’t sure she could live the lie, but Danette told her that she swore to do as her Mistress desires and will not talk to anyone about this. She asked if Stacey understood and Stacey nodded.

Stacey went to the phone and called Keith, explaining she had a rough night but would be home soon. While talking the other lady who fucked her with the strap-on came up behind her and started to play with Stacy’s breasts and pussy. After a few seconds of this Stacey had a hard time concentrating on the conversation and I took the phone away and told Keith that I think Stacey had to go to the bathroom. 3 feet away from me was Stacey pressed up against the wall sucking on the woman’s finger; legs spread getting fingered from behind. When Stacey came she removed her hands and Stacey slid down to the follow about wiped out. I hung up with Keith and took her by the hand and led her to the bathroom to clean her up. We got dressed in last night’s clothes, minus under garments, and headed back down stairs.

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