Walt’s Pregnant Neighbor

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Alexis Fawx

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. All characters depicted within are over 18 years of age, but since they’re fictional I don’t understand why I need to say this in the first place, but there it is. Enjoy!


Walter — or Walt, as he preferred to be called — was pulling his car into his driveway when he saw his next door neighbor, Jan, opening the trunk of her own car as it was parked in the driveway. Walt could see the grocery bags in the trunk, and he wasn’t going to let his visibly-pregnant neighbor unload those bags by herself. He quickly pulled his car into the driveway, slipped it into “park,” then got out and hailed Jan just as she was bending over to pick up the first bag. The loose sun dress she was wearing hid her pregnancy well, but he still knew she was pregnant and that was that.

He and Jan — and her useless “fiance” — had been neighbors for a little more than a year. She had moved into the house next door when she had gotten engaged, and they became fast friends despite the fact that he abhorred the guy living with her, and she knew it. Walt and Jan were about the same age, both being in their late ’20s, and they had a lot in common. One of the things that helped their friendship develop so fast was when they discovered that Walt had been stationed close to her hometown in England when he was in the Air Force, and the more they talked the more they both thought that it was entirely possible that they had seen each other before she moved in next door but just never knew it Walt, on the other hand, was fascinated with her English accent; he had always thought women with an English accent were sexy as hell, and Jan was no different.

But it wasn’t only her accent that made her sexy to Walt. Jan was tall, about 5’9″, with blue eyes and brown hair that she kept bleached blond and worn in a “pageboy” style, a lean face with an angled nose and lips that were just perfect for her face — not too fat and not too skinny. She was lithe and lean, with a firm, flat stomach — at least before she got pregnant – and the longest set of legs that tapered up into the sexiest, roundest, and firmest butt Walt had ever seen. He was basically a “boob” man, his tastes in women tending to run towards those who couldn’t see their feet because of the size of their boobs. If he’d had to guess Walt would have guessed that Jan was a large “C” cup before she got pregnant, but once her hormones kicked in the size of her breasts increased dramatically. To Walt she now appeared to be a full “D” cup, maybe a bit larger, but what impressed him the most was while the size of her breasts had greatly increased the shape of them didn’t. They were round and firm to begin with, and they still were — just bigger, much bigger, with no signs of the sagging that usually comes with the increased size due to pregnancy. But there was just something about the sight of the firm, rounded globes of her ass flexing when she walked that just pushed his button, and he was okay with that.

“Hang on, Jan!” he called as he jogged around the back of his car and over to where she stood in her driveway. She straightened up and smiled as he approached, obviously relieved at what was about to happen.

“Hi, Walt!” she said as he stopped in front of her. “You don’t have to bother with this, you know, I’m not so far along that I can’t do this myself,” she said, the English lilt in her voice immediately striking him as it always did — right in the groin. He smiled back at her as he replied.

“Yes, I do, and how far along you are doesn’t matter. There’s no way I’m going to let a pregnant lady do anything like this as long as I’m around to help,” he said. He turned and gathered the plastic shopping bags out of the trunk. There were only 4 of them, but that didn’t matter. Jan had been shopping for just herself ever since her useless “fiance” had skipped out on her after learning she was pregnant. Walt had always thought that the only reason the punk was with her was because her family was wealthy and he smelled money. This was proven when he skipped out on her when she told him she was pregnant

with his child. That was a little more than seven months ago, so by now her “baby belly” was easily visible.

“Thank you so much, Walt, you are a real gentleman!” she said, smiling at him and closing the trunk of her car. She walked up towards the house with Walt following her, grocery bags in hand. She unlocked the door of the house and went inside, Walt following her and heading to the kitchen to drop the bags on the counter. He’d been in her house many times since her fiance had left her, so he knew his way around. He’d been the attentive ear that Jan had needed on more than one occasion, Jan opening up to him more and more each time they talked, until after nearly 7 months they had become quite close.

“Glad to be able to help,” he replied, turning to face her and returning her smile. “Is there anything else you need me to do for you while I’m istanbul escort here? Anything else you need help with? You know I’d do anything for you, all you have to do is ask,” he said, immediately realizing that his next-to-last sentence had a double meaning which was totally unintended but completely accurate.

“I know, Walt, you’re such a dear man!” she replied, her eyes sparkling as she smiled at him. “And you’ve become quite the good friend, also, and I am very appreciative and grateful for that.”

“The same goes for me, Jan,” Walt replied, smiling back at her.

“So you can’t leave without at least letting me get you a drink, can you?” she said.

“I suppose not,” Walt replied.

“Good! Now what would you like?” Jan asked, turning to the refrigerator and opening it, then turning to look at him over her shoulder. “Would a nice cold pint be okay?” Even after all this time in America, she still called a beer a “pint” as they did in England, and Walt found it both amusing and sexy as hell.

“That would be fine, thanks,” he replied. Jan reached into the refrigerator and retrieved a beer, then closed the refrigerator door and turned to hand him his beer.

“There you are, sir,” she said, still smiling at him. “Now you go have a seat on the couch and relax whilst I put these groceries away, and I’ll join you shortly!”

“Do you need my help?” he asked, and Jan shook her head.

“No, I’m fine. Nothing here is very heavy so I think I can manage it,” she replied. “If not, I’ll let you know!”

“Fair enough,” he said, then turned and walked into the living room to the couch. He sat down and cracked open the can of beer in his hand, took a long swallow and then sat back. The floor plan of the house was fairly open, so he had a clear view into the kitchen from where he sat. He watched Jan putting the groceries away, and while the loose skirt of the sundress hid her butt from his view the top did nothing to hide the mounds of her heavy breasts. He could tell by the way they moved that she wasn’t wearing a bra, and he didn’t recall seeing any bra straps when they were outside. Not for the first time Walt realized just how beautiful and sexy his neighbor was, and he felt a stirring inside his shorts. The fact that she was visibly-pregnant only added to the attraction, and Walt found this both puzzling and interesting at the same time.

It only took Jan a few minutes to put the groceries away, and when she was done she got a beer for herself out of the refrigerator, then came over to sit on the couch with him.

“There, all done!” she said, opening the beer and taking a drink before speaking again. “I must say I never could understand how you Americans could drink your beer cold, but I must admit that once you get used to it the beer actually tastes better when its cold!”

“And I could never understand how you Brits could tolerate room-temperature beer,” Walt replied, thinking back to his years in England. “I actually tried it shortly after I arrived ‘in country,’ and I just couldn’t handle it.”

“I guess it’s an acquired taste if you’re not raised with it” she said in reply, “much like cold beer is an acquired taste if you’re not raised with that as well.”

“I guess so,” Walt said, taking another drink as Jan did the same. She held the beer in both hands in her lap and looked down at it for a moment before lifting her head up to speak. Walt could feel the mood in the room change, and the look on her face when she looked up at him verified his feeling.

“Walt, you’ve been such a good friend to me over the past seven months or so, and I simply don’t know what I would ever have done without you,” she said, the look in her eyes serious and somber. “When my fiance ran out on me I was lost and felt so all alone, and suddenly there you were like a knight in shining armor come to rescue me,” she said, smiling at him. “And you did just that, you know. You rescued me. You are quite possibly the best friend I’ve ever had, and I don’t know how I’ll ever be able to repay you.”

“Don’t worry about that, because you don’t have to repay me,” Walt replied, sitting forward and leaning his forearms on his knees, holding his can of beer in both hands. “I didn’t do anything to be rewarded for it; I did it because it was the right thing to do, and because I like you.” Jan smile broadened as Walt continued.

“You know, I never liked him from the start,” Walt said, intentionally not mentioning her fiance’s name; they had both agreed a long time ago never to speak his name in her house again, and Walt intended on keeping that agreement. “What he did, running out on you like that, was inexcusable no matter where you were raised, and if I ever see the little shit again I’m gonna totally ruin his day for him!” Jan giggled at this, putting her hand on his knee as she spoke.

“Thank you, my dear man, I truly appreciate that!” she said, reaching over and giving his knee a brief istanbul escort bayan squeeze. She sat back in her chair and sighed, her pregnant belly pushing up in front of her. Her legs involuntarily spread apart a bit, and Walt got a glimpse of smooth, silky inner thigh before the folds of her sundress fell down and obscured his view. Jan rubbed her free hand over the mound of her belly and smiled, looking down at her belly as she continued to speak.

“You know, being pregnant has been a wonderful and thrilling experience, although I will admit that it has its drawbacks. Moving around is getting more difficult the further along I get, and I truly miss being able to sleep on my stomach! But I think the thing I miss the most is feeling sexy, or at least knowing that the men around me think I’m sexy. That sounds terribly self-centered and selfish, I know, but I can’t help it. That’s how I feel, and I’ll be glad when I’m not pregnant anymore and can feel that way again.”

“What makes you think you’re not sexy now, Jan?” Walt asked. Jan giggled a bit before she replied.

“With this big belly?” she said, pointing at her stomach. “Are you serious, luv? What man in his right mind would find me the least bit attractive, much less sexy?” she asked.

“I would,” Walt replied, and as soon as he said it he realized he had responded a bit too quickly. Jan’s eyebrows went up in surprise, and her smile softened as she replied.

“You would? What a sweet thing to say!” she said, looking him in the eyes as she spoke. She rubbed her belly slowly as she continued. “Do you really think I’m sexy like this? All pregnant and belly sticking out, I mean?” she asked, her voice softening just a bit. Walt glanced down at the now-empty can in his hand before he looked up at her and replied.

“Yes, Jan, I do,” he said, figuring now was the time to be honest with her. “I’ve always thought you were attractive and sexy as hell, and I think you’re even sexier now. I don’t know why, but I just do.”

“Thank you so much, Walt, you have no idea just how much that means to me,” Jan said, the look in her eyes changing to something else, something more sultry and — well, seductive. “For the record, I’ve always thought you were extremely sexy yourself. I was always afraid that my ex would catch me sneaking looks at you; that would have really set him off!”

Walt didn’t know what else to say, so he just looked at her for a moment before taking a drink out of the beer can he still held in his hands. He could feel his heart rate going up, and he hoped he was right with where this conversation seemed to be headed. Jan’s next words removed all doubt about that.

“You know what else I really miss, being pregnant and all?” she asked, sitting up and placing her beer can on the side table next to the chair, then leaning forward as much as she could, spreading her legs out to let her belly hang free as she rested her elbows on her knees to brace herself. “I haven’t had a good shagging in seven months,” she said, looking at Walt with hooded eyes. The look of lust in her eyes was clearly visible, and Walt felt a stirring in his crotch as he realized his dreams were about to come true. “And if that doesn’t change very quickly I’m afraid I’ll just go mad! So let me get right to the point, Walter my dear — would you please fuck me?”

Walt knew that Jan could be blunt to the extreme at times, but even he had to admit to himself that he was a little surprised at the candor with which Jan spoke. Surprised, but pleased to be sure. He felt the stirring in his crotch intensify as his shaft quickly started to enlarge.

“Are you sure, Jan? Is this what you really want?” he asked, more out of respect for their friendship than anything else. He knew this was going to change their relationship, and he wanted to make sure she was ready for it as well.

Jan removed all doubt from his mind when without a word she stood up, slipped the straps of her sun dress from her shoulders, then pulled it down first over her full, heavy breasts and then over her stomach to let it fall in a circle at her feet. She was wearing a pink thong under the sun dress and that was all, and Walt thought she was absolutely stunning and sexy as hell. The only parts of her body that changed and got bigger when she got pregnant was her stomach and her breasts; nothing else about her body had changed. Her face stayed slim, her arms and thighs were still slim and firm, and Walt was quite sure her butt was unchanged as well. But what made her sexy as hell to him was without a doubt her pregnant belly. Walt didn’t know why, but he found the protruding mound of her stomach to be the sexiest thing about her right now, especially when compared to how slim the rest of her body had remained. Walt’s cock continued to grow inside his shorts, urged on by the sight of a nearly-naked and pregnant Jan. She took a few steps forward toward him and stopped when she was standing escort istanbul directly in front of him, and Walt couldn’t help but notice the sway of her milk-laden breasts as she walked. He sat straight up as he looked up at her, past her pregnant belly and breasts to look in her eyes. She smiled a seductive half-smile at him as she spoke, her voice low and filled with desire.

“Quite sure, luv,” she said. Then she leaned forward and took his head in her hands, treating Walt to a quick view of her breasts hanging down from her chest before she lifted his head up and kissed him. The kiss was long and deep, very intense, and Walt felt his pulse race as their lips touched. Almost immediately Jan slipped her lithe tongue into his mouth to dance with his own, and he heard her sigh with desire as the kiss deepened. Walt felt his shaft quickly grow to almost its full length as he reached out to put his beer can down on the coffee table, then reached up with both hands to cup and gently squeeze Jan’s breasts. He heard her sigh again at his touch, and he could feel the hard pebbles of her nipples pressing into his palms as he gently kneaded the heavy globes in his hands. Her breasts were heavy and full in his hands, and he was careful not to squeeze them too hard as he knew they were sensitive due to her pregnant state.

“Mmm, that feels wonderful!” Jan whispered, breaking the kiss and rubbing her cheek against Walt’s as he gently squeezed her breasts. She ran her lithe tongue around his ear before plunging it inside, and Walt shivered in response. This was one of his most sensitive erogenous zones, and he was very glad Jan had stumbled across it.

“So you like that, do you?” she whispered in his ear, sucking briefly on his ear lobe. “Then you’re going to absolutely love what’s coming next!”

Jan dropped to her knees between Walt’s outspread thighs, the look of lust clearly evident in her eyes. She smiled a slightly wicked half-smile as she worked at Walt’s belt, unfastening it quickly and then starting to work on his shorts as Walt sat back on the couch, sliding his hips towards the edge of the couch without realizing he was doing it.

“Let’s see what’s hiding in here, shall we?” she said as she pulled his shorts open. Walt wasn’t wearing any underwear — he usually didn’t in the summertime — and his fully erect cock popped into view. Walt also shaved his cock and balls clean, and she seemed to appreciate that. Jan smiled as she gazed at his cock for the first time, reaching out and grasping it with her hand. His cock was warm and hard in her hand, and she could feel the blood pumping through it. She gave it a firm squeeze as she began to slowly pump her hand up and down the thick shaft. She looked back up at Walt as she spoke again.

“You have a simply beautiful cock, luv! So big and hard, and it’s all for me!” she said, her smile growing bigger as she continued to pump his shaft in her hand. A drop of clear pre-cum appeared at the tip, and Jan rubbed her thumb over the head of his cock to spread it around. Walt jumped at the sensation, and Jan giggled at his response.

“A bit sensitive, are we? Sorry, luv, let me make it up to you!” she said, lowering her head down to his cock. She placed her lips against the tip, then slid them down and over the head of his cock, sucking it into her mouth. She stopped when the head was in her mouth, sucking on it as she swirled her tongue over and around the sensitive glans, making Walt shiver. She grasped his smooth, heavy balls in one hand while she kept the other firmly wrapped around his cock, giving his balls a gentle squeeze before kneading them in her hand.

‘Damn, she’s good!’ Walt thought to himself as Jan tugged and pulled on his balls, her tongue sliding over and around the head of his now fully erect cock.

Jan wasn’t in the mood to waste any time, her pussy getting wetter and the throbbing in her clit more intense with each passing moment. She slid her mouth down the length of Walt’s shaft, slipping her tongue along the sensitive underside as she engulfed his entire length in her mouth and down her throat. She paused when her nose bumped against Walt’s abdomen, holding his cock deep in her mouth as she swallowed around it a few times before slowly sliding her mouth back up his length. She sucked hard on him as she did this, and the suction was simply incredible. Walt had enjoyed his share of blowjobs in his life, but he’d never encountered a woman who could apply as much suction as Jan apparently could. He watched in amazement as Jan slowly slid her mouth down on his cock again to repeat the process. She did this several times, squeezing and massaging his balls as she did so, and Walt felt the first faint twinges of an orgasm building in his balls and at the base of his cock. Jan must have sensed it, because she slid her wet, sucking mouth slowly up his shaft and then paused at the head, sliding her tongue around it once before releasing it from her mouth with a soft ‘pop.’ She smiled up at him as she spoke, her other hand still working his balls.

“Not yet, luv, not yet!” she said, her eyes twinkling with both happiness and lust. “I’ll let you cum in my mouth later, but right now I want this simply gorgeous cock of yours inside me!”

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