New Direction

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What prompted the drastic changes Scarlett couldn’t say. She simply woke up one morning, stepped from shower and set about altering her life. I’m tired of this dull daily routine, thought Scarlett. I want to behave differently, have new experiences.

How do you intend to go about that enquired her subconscious?

Hadn’t got that far, admitted Scarlett.

Tell you what, just follow your instincts do what feels right at the time, take each situation as it comes and don’t over analyse, suggested the inner voice. Sounds like a plan.

“Wow!” mutter at least three co-workers appreciatively, when she enters the office; sotto voce obviously, overt objectification being rightly frowned upon. Not that Scarlett was previously dowdy or unkempt, rather her customary scraped-back ponytail hair, trouser suit and flatties ‘style’ served its intended purpose of supressing all hints of femininity in favour of a strictly business-like and slightly intimidating outward appearance.

Scarlett has worn this outfit like armour since starting with the firm and, as her professionalism is unimpeachable and long gone the days when bosses dictate sartorial choices, it’s endured.

Until now. Scarlett’s glossy hair swings silkily as she strides across the floor in heels which emphasise her legs, altering her posture to subtly showcase a hitherto hidden shapely figure. Red nails match red lips, mascara accentuates big blue eyes. Other changes, less tangible, radical transformations nonetheless, become evident as the day proceeds.

During her first meeting Aaron, an important client who has encountered Scarlett before, is taken aback by her outward transformation. Although momentarily distracted by tantalising glimpses of female thigh he correctly guesses it’s nothing so crude as a seduction. Scarlett genuinely doesn’t know where this is going, simply testing out a new look, finding her limits.

Covertly she assesses Aaron, not her usual physical type, which tends to Southern Mediterranean – hello Greek and Italian guys. In contrast he’s closer to Scandinavian looks, Pursaklar Escort fair of complexion, the physique of a runner, not a gym bunny. Most of all, Scarlett is disconcertingly aware, fanciable, catalyst to a familiar twinge between her thighs. Where previously she’s have repressed such a response Scarlett’s open to persuasion, perhaps even coercion.

Fortunately, the attraction is shared, despite expecting a rebuff her altered appearance encourages Aaron to suggest dinner later. To his amazement she readily accepts. Why not? – thinks Scarlett. This is an attractive guy. Enough sublimation, time to follow my instincts and desires.

The date goes well. Is it a date.? What does the quaint term mean these days? Amid the confusion Scarlett is suddenly sure of one thing. She wants sex. Really wants it, urgently and ardently. Anything else, a personal connection, is a bonus. Goodness, out of character or what? Fortunately, Aaron proves an engaging and entertaining companion. Honest too.

“Until this moment,” he confesses, “I’m not the only one who found you…. well, to be frank, a little intimidating.”

“That was partly the intention,” admits Scarlett, two glasses of wine down – in vino veritas. “Keep everyone at arm’s length. Professional contact only.”

“So, what changed?” Truthfully having no idea Scarlett deflects the question and Aaron is wise enough not to push too far, too soon. There’s clearly a spark though and another assignation is arranged for the weekend.

Back home and indulging a session with her favourite vibrator Scarlett’s mind inexplicably switches from the usual accompanying fantasies of straight intercourse to, confusing and embarrassing – but no denying its lubricious effect, submission. The subsequent climax is her best in ages. Maybe her subconscious is on to something?

What to expect when Saturday comes? Aaron, up for anything, is certainly not disappointed when the two meet at a bar. Scarlett’s dress leaves little to the imagination.

“What do you fancy doing Rus Escort tonight?” enquires her handsome beau.

You, thinks Scarlett silently, lowering her lashes coquettishly.

“I’m happy to let you choose,” she whispers eventually, voice redolent with promise. Aaron correctly interprets the unspoken invitation. Tonight, he’ll be in charge.

“You want me to decide? Are we talking minor choices, like where to eat, or big decisions?”

“Everything, including sex.”

“We’re having sex – on a first date?”

“If you say so, yes.”

“I most definitely do.” Wow! Her surrender, his responsibility.

At his house they kiss ardently, urgently exploring each other’s bodies, arms and legs intertwined. Aaron takes the initiative, grasps her wrists, guides Scarlett’s hands to the top of her head.

“Keep them there until I say otherwise.” Scarlett gives him an erotically charged look, runs her tongue slowly across red lips and complies. She’s never acquiesced so readily before, Aaron never so overtly dominant.

“Would you like to put your cock in my mouth?” Scarlett enquires.

“Quite possibly, when I wish,” he replies brusquely, lifting Scarlett’s skirt to her waist, exposing flawless thighs and tiny panties, already desire-damp at the crotch. Pulls them down, taking his time to reveal intimate treasures. “Right off,” he instructs, she daintily lifts each high heel in turn to comply.

Aaron’s head is now at pussy height, he grabs her bum cheeks, pulls Scarlett forward and sets his lips and tongue to work. Oh yes, this is good, so good, thinks Scarlett, wriggling her hips and clutching at her hair, slave to the glorious sexual electricity surging through her lower body. Aaron easily infiltrates a finger into her moist slot, heightening her pleasure. It’s almost impossible for Scarlett to remain passive, yet following his instructions proves strangely liberating. And mightily arousing.

“Oh, Christ, I’m close to coming,” she gasps.

“Not yet, I haven’t granted permission. Kneel on the Sincan Escort bed”. At once frustrated and thrilled Scarlett obeys. Anything to speed the path to gratification. As he intended, the position accentuates the alluring vulnerability of her bare bottom.

Without warning Aaron hand spanks Scarlett’s peachy cheeks, quickly turning her beautiful buttocks a hot, rosy red. No slow, sensual build-up; driven by desire, both are in a hurry. He reinserts a digit into her softly gasping sex and elicits a primal moan.

“I’ll allow you one decision.”

“Please fuck me.” Scarlett is reduced to pleading.

“Fuck you? I did, with my fingers.”

“Not enough, I want your cock.”

“Where? Pussy, arse?”

“Not up my bum, too scared. Pussy please, so horny, put it all inside me, I need to come.”

“I’m considering taking my belt to you…”

“No!” Scarlett is horrified, “too sore.” But the thought alone sets her libido into overdrive. Maybe, in future…

“Then I’m going to fuck your pussy until you orgasm, until you scream, until you can scarcely walk.” Scarlett reaches back, parts her labia wantonly, pushes her wet pussy onto his questing cock.

“Do me from behind,” she urges, wondering what from part of her brain this dirty talk is emanating? This was supposed to be a change of life, not personality. Has submission uncovered a slutty alter ego?

Scarlett feels his toned abdomen against her still hotly stinging cheeks, thrills at the power behind Aaron’s thrusts. Abruptly he flips Scarlett onto her back, lifts her legs high and wide. Moves purposefully between her thighs, forcing his cock back into her honeypot. Scarlett squirms in delight, squeezing her sensitive boobs until sharply rebuked.

“Hands above your head.” Of course, her place is to comply; be ravished as this gorgeous man sees fit. Bliss. The force of their lustfully abandoned coupling is almost scary. Inevitably they come together in an exultant climax.

“I still don’t know why?” muses Scarlett, sometime later.

“Why what?”

“I suddenly wanted to change my life. Unplanned, unforeseen.”

“Not unwelcome though.” Aaron smiles conspiratorially.

“Quite the opposite.” Scarlett gives a contented sigh.

“Then does it matter? Body, mind, a happy conjunction of both, who cares? Go with the flow.”

“So,” Scarlett’s voice is husky, “about that belt…”

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