Neighborhood Relations Ch. 02

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Lincoln Parker…a work of fiction, adult version

Friendly Neighbors, Three women Pay A Visit


It was early fall, pleasant out as the heat had finally broken when my door chimes rang. At the door to my surprise stood three older women I knew, three neighborhood wives, Urvashi, Sonji and Anne from next door and around the corner. The first two were sisters I had met whose families lived five big houses from one another. It started when I helped Urvashi in front of my house when I saw a redneck contractor who had bumped her car with his truck then yelled at her, yelling it was her fault when I was watching. . I interceded and stopped him, called the police and he got a ticket, gave his insurance info to Urvashi who is smart but a very quiet Indian woman . He had her in tears until I got there. Then she stopped crying and thanked me afterward with a hug and later introduced me to her family socially which included Sonji who lived two blocks away. By now her children must be out of college…..

As a 70+ widower with three dogs it was rather a pleasant but curious surprise to see them. I invited them in to see what they had to talk about with me. That answer did not take long to reveal itself after I offered coffee and we all were in the kitchen where I made three lattes for them to go with mine and chit chatted pleasantly. Once we all had lattes we went into the sitting area of the great room and Anne spoke up, saying they had all been at one of Urvashi’s Smoothie Shops she owns when they overheard a mature lady and her best friend discussing the merits of older versus younger lovers. They said the gal had disagreed with her friend admitting she had an older lover who was a photographer who had magic fingers and other parts and was the best lover she had ever had but which the pandemic had stopped. Both women were married but shared that they were in terribly loveless unions for years. When the two women left these three friends had sat together and dished over what they overheard. Each of the three revealed their husbands had lost complete interest in them spending all their time traveling, making money and being gone a lot, possibly even having girlfriends. I knew that Urvashi and Sonji were in arranged but outwardly successful marriages from the social interactions we had previously had and it was news to me that the blonde, Anne, had issues with her husband. He was a golfer and away quite a lot as well. There was more lacking than that I was soon to find out.

When there was a pause in this dialogue the normally shy and quiet Urvashi spoke up and said the three had pledged a secret pact and wanted to know if I would be in the pact as well as keep the secret. She then said beefore I could answer that the photographer lady had said her lover’s name was Lincoln and he lived in Rivers Bend on the James and we thought that was you!

In the stillness that followed I told them it had been and wondered where this was going.

I asked.

Shy, quiet Urvashi responded and told me the three women had come up with the idea of trying to have some of the satisfaction with sex that the photographer talked about and decided to form a secret sorority amongst themselves, see if I was interested then on a regular basis discreetly visit me for the kind of good sex that made a woman call me “Magic Man.”

I laughed and asked them if they meant all at once or separately. All at once I said was too much for my age but one at a time, now that was lovely and yes, I could keep a secret. After all, the photographer lady was also married.

There was more. The three had hatched a plot to see how it might go for sure.

All three looked a little bit embarrassed and said they had thought one at a time but thought we all ought to test it with a small sample each today if we agreed to proceed. They had already drawn straws for today’s samples of each of them with me one at a time. The first lady to spend more time with me hopefully today they said would go last as a sample and more Today’s last sample and session good straw was Urvashi’s. Their idea was that today each would go with me into my bedroom and we would do a short test embrace or more to see if both of us physically liked the idea, say, kiss for a few minutes then let me explore them everywhere and they would do the same to get familiar before meeting for a two or three hour session of sex every other week or so as our schedules permitted. They all were clearly a little nervous about sharing their older women’s bodies and this would make sure no one was disappointed later or had unrealistic expectations Sonjii said.

My answer was to smile and nod yes then give them each a card with my name, phone number and email on it and they each gave me printed notes with their very private info as well in return.

By then I was grinning like Escort Yeşilköy an idiot when things paused.

After a minute or two of quiet reflection, finished lattes, not so shy after all spokeswoman Urvashi spoke up and said that they wanted to start and if I did then I should take Anne to the bedroom and start our test sampling experiences to be followed by Sonji and then if I liked her own sample she would stay for two hours or so if I wanted. She told me that the other issues were that Indian men simply did not have big penis’s..thin and not particularly long. Anne chimed in and said her current and second husband was blessed with a 3″ penis which grew very little when stiff and she had had the normal 5″ and much preferred it especially if it was thick. That made them all shy again for a second.

A lot of intimate info in a short time was being shared.

I wanted. Told them they would see more like 7.5″ and thicker.

This was as close as a fantasy come true as I was ever likely to experience and willingly embraced this new neighborhood secret outreach!

Chapter one,

Test samples, Anne

Anne at 52 is maybe 5’5″ and trim with probably B+ cup tits but a nice, round, full ass. She got up, reached for my hand and we went into the bedroom where she immediately tilted her head up and gave me a very deep French kiss with her extremely long tongue while pushing her chest into me and holding my hips against her tummy and moving. I kissed her back and held her back then when we broke turned her around so her butt was against my stiff dick and felt her tits through her blouse which she unbuttoned to reveal no bra and put my hands on her tits which immediately flicked her nipples. She moaned and her knees buckled saying she had not had another man in 10 years and no sex for the last two with her husband even with his tiny dick and reached around feeling my cock which in my shorts was very full. Before I could even kiss her again she was on her knees with my zipper down and my cock out where she sucked it greedily slurping with hunger. After a few minutes I pulled her up, slid her slacks zipper down and ran a hand down her tummy, over her surprisingly thick thatch of blonde pussy hair and felt her clit and very wet pussy lips, inserting two fingers in her and moving them until she was barely able to stand. “Lincoln, you may be a senior and it may not be as big as it once was but a thick 7″ dick is more than I have ever seen or sucked in my life. I want it inside me right now, please? Let’s fuck before the door knocks and it isn’t a sample.”

Just then the door knock sounded and it was Sonji announcing it was “her turn!” Anne in frustration got dressed and told me she loved it and wanted to fuck me right then but would have to wait her turn till next Tuesday and gave me a peck on the cheek after tucking my cock back in my pants, zipping me up and opening the door for Sonji who gave her a questioning look. Anne said something like: “Oh, honey. You are going to love the Magic Man. Your turn dear. Don’t wear him out for your sister who gets the long turn today!”

Chapter 2

Test Sample Sonjii

She stepped inside, maybe 55 years old and all of 5’9, darker skinned, lush, full grown woman from India. Sonji had legs long enough to reach her eyebrows and a healthy chest. As we heard the door shut from Anne on her way home, she stepped forward and greeted me with a reserved sort of hand shake then without waiting longer for her test and sample pulled herself to me and we began kissing.

This was the first time I had ever kissed a woman from India. She was fantastic with soft lips, great smells and a hunger that was palpable as it turned into kisses then French kisses and rubbing her tits against my chest, grinding her hips forward into me. I could tell the hunger of no sex in a long time as she devoured me. Soon I had touched her tits and then unbuttoned her blouse and undid her bra in the front and sucked those brown beauties with really dark aureoles topped by chocolate raspberry nubbin nipples. They were amazing and must have been a half inch long, hard and erect. I sucked and flipped them as she moaned and said things like, “Oh, my Gawd. Oh my Gawd.” Then she touched my cock after unzipping my pants and sucked it until I pulled her up and told her I was going to love making love with her and felt inside the waist band of her slacks, down her raised tummy and through her small, dark forest feeling a massive set of wet, fleshy lips on her vulva which were wet and slick with want. When I fingered her she lost the strength in her knees and I had to hold her up as she came instantly, saying it was the first time in a long time for her. I laughed when she whispered a sentence in what had to be Hindi and asked her what she had said. Her answer was: “I am Yeşilyurt escort going to love having you fuck (laanat hai) my pussy (yoni) with that magnificent tool and hope you will consider fucking my ass with it with some lube as well.”

My answer was simple: Count on it!

The door knocked and Urvashi’s soft voice on the other side of the door whispered that their friend Anne had gone home and it was her turn. Sonji grinned and thanked me, also saying her day was the next Thursday at ten a.m. the week after Anne’s Tuesday. She got herself together with one last peck on the cheek and a grab of my dick back inside my pants and a huge Indian grind. I was going to have to learn a little Hindi. My hormones were beyond wild at this point and my stiff cock would not go down.

Chapter 3

Test Sample, Urvashi

When she left a now shy Urvashi waited until the front door closed and then closed the bedroom door and told me she had wanted to do this for a long time but was too shy. I told her the thought had crossed my mind but she was married. Her answer was in Hindi but I could tell it meant she had not had sex at home in ages and ages and was clearly ready.

I reached out for her small hand admiring her serious but beautiful face, skin color and the rather nice set of tits pushing into her blouse which clearly had no bra on or need despite being 59 years old. While holding both my hands and waiting, she said then that all three of them were past menopause, clean and there was no fear of pregnancy nor need of condoms.

I had thought she would be shy, reserved and maybe even passionless.

Boy, was I wrong about Urvashi as I soon discovered after the front door closed behind Anne and Sonjii who must have compared notes with big grins before leaving together!

She is about 5’3″ tall and very trim, dressed very conservatively but when she kissed me it was like two decades of want came out. She waited for nothing, unzipped my pants and found my cock which she stroked moaning with pleasure until she reached below and found and fondled my balls as I was fondling her released beautiful dark colored and smooth, soft tits. She stopped kissing and said something to me like “my God these are the biggest balls I ever saw. They are fantastic. When you cum in me will there be a flood?”

Grinning, my answer was: “the photographer lady loved sucking and said it was the most cum she had ever swallowed or had in her vagina so I guess the answer might be a yes.”

In short order we were both naked as I sat on the bed looking and touching her brown body and its dark aureoles, nipples and a wonderfully dark pair of outer, clam like pussy lips which were soaked already with the juices of her sexual excitement. When I fingered her clit after eating her pussy a little the clit arose just like a tiny mountain. It had to be at least 1.5″ tall…clearly lovely and very sensitive. I flicked it and she fell forward onto me and whispered, “Fuck me with your thick dick, fuck me now, right now. I can’t wait to have it in me.”

I pulled her to the bed, spread her legs wide and opened her fully to me, wet, wiggly and hairy as she had a hand on each of her own boobs massaging them rhythmically. Then, as I pushed towards her with the mushroom head of my cock, I watched the head split those long, protruding, floppy and engorged vulva lips revealing the pinkest flesh ever and feeling like I was being drawn into a velvet lined glove with her invitation. She lay below me with my cock all the way inside her, whimpering with joy, and whispered, “feel my ass with your hand then fuck me hard. I can’t stand it and I want you in my ass before the day is over as well.

Not exactly shy and quiet with the door closed and clothes off.

I did and her titties wobbled and bounced under my chest as we kissed and thrust back and forth, up and down until she had cum twice and I finally shot an enormous load of white jizz inside her. She was like a lioness that had not eaten in a month with hunger for fucking. The three of them all were. She just quivered and lay still, face against my neck saying she loved feeling the cum slide out of her pussy and down my balls and her crack. She reached down between us, fingered some then put it in her mouth, swallowed then French kissed me saying that our fluids were now joined and she was going to love fucking me……her body was warm and sweaty against mine as we unwound then rolled off and lay next to one another where she bent down and started holding then sucking my cock and fondling and sucking my balls with her finger touching my ass lightly until I was hard again. I had been feeling her titties and admiring the great shades of brown colors new to me and complimenting her until I flipped her on her back and her legs opened and she revealed the big pussy that was there Zeytinburnu escort bayan on this small woman, inviting me to do the more traditional missionary fuck before she flipped and had me enter her ass. When I slid the head in she whispered again, not shy at all, that she knew many of the Kama Sutra positions or those she preferred, the Japanese Shunga positions, and over time we could try them all. She did not know about Anne but both she and her younger sister, Sonji had before marriage been taught by their mother. An hour later when I had gotten hard again I lubed her little back rosette and slowly pushed my cock in past the resistance point as she grunted and groaned until it was in then started fucking me. Clearly, Urvashi liked taking it in the ass.

It was going to be a great neighborhood if everyone kept the secret. When Urvashi left that afternoon neither she nor I could walk right as I had fucked her twice myself then used a crystal dildo on her pussy and in her ass twice more. She could barely walk but had a grin a mile wide and left with a kiss saying, “Now that is a smoothie to remember, my Magic Man! In three weeks I will be back, Lover. I cannot wait to see that dick in me again. I know the other two are going to call me and get a report. It will be sterling silver, dear man. Save yourself, your sexual needs are now met for the future!”

Chapter 4

It is Tuesday and It’s Anne

I knew it was the day my next door blonde neighbor, Anne, was due here. I just did not know when but was ready sitting there thinking about the million possibilities and remembering. Not hard to think about how nice her ass was and how incredibly horny she had been at last week’s sample test with her when my phone rang. I wondered if she had gotten nervous or even decided to not proceed when just then the phone had run. I recognized who it was when I answered.

“Hi, Lincoln. It’s Anne. How are you this morning, as happy and a little nervous as I am?”

“Oh, yes to both. I was wondering if you had changed your mind just now. What do you think? Are you still okay with your pact and the process?”

“Yes. I had to wait until my husband left for a three day golf trip just now. By the way, I talked with Urvashi and Sonjii and am more interested than ever but I have one request.”

“What’s that, Anne?”

“With all the neighbors I was wondering if in a few minutes instead of me marching up to the front door you could leave your side people door by the garage unlocked? I could walk quietly between our houses and come in, say hello to the dogs, have a cup of coffee and talk a little and then we could have a long morning to explore one another?”

“Great! Too many nosy neighbors is right. I will do it the minute we hang up and I am looking forward to it.”

“Hang up, honey. You are about to get all morning today and more in the future to play with this woman’s ass and titties. I have been so under-loved for years and want to catch up with you.” she giggled and hung up.

It was ten minutes after she hung up and I was in the garage making sure the path was clear to the steps up when the door opened and Anne in a soft simple dress opened the door, slipped in and wordlessly came to me. With a nice smile she wrapped herself around me with our first kiss, a long and deep kiss filled with the hunger of lust long not satisfied.

Even I knew what that felt like.

“Hi, sweetheart! You feel great and smell delightful. What a nice outfit on such a great looking woman, Anne.”

We walked up the stairs into the house, me following her and watching that great ass sway up the few steps from garage to house.

The morning started with her greeting my dogs, us having a cup of pour-over good coffee in my kitchen talking about why she wanted this and me listening for a good long while as she poured her needs out, clearing her mind for what I hoped was ahead. After she had worked it out of her system we slipped into the bedroom and closed the door to keep the dogs out.

With no shyness at all she stood before me and I told her I wanted to take my time, touch all of her and make her feel as good as it was possible to feel, every inch of her. She shivered a little, nodded yes and slipped her dress off to show herself in a thin, lovely yellow bra, lacy yellow panties and nothing else. I stripped admiring her as she felt my cock and balls exploring and felling one another, in no rush at all. For 20 minutes I touched her all over softly, dragging my fingers lightly down her neck, over her shoulders and arms, kissing her arms, sucking her fingers, feeling the curve of her tummy above her blonde bush and feeling the crack of her butt, then the length of her legs. I sucked her fingers and took my cock out and rubbed it in the crack of her butt, down her thighs, across her nipples and teased her mouth with it until she was almost mad at me for not fucking her right away tho her pussy was soaked. She was so hot she could hardly stand it from the attention. Finally, I sat on the bed and sucked her tits, felt her butt until she stepped forward with legs astride mine and stood there chest against me and started talking again.

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