Naughty Teachers in High School

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My Senior year in High School turned out to be much better than I had ever hoped. I was one of the older kids in my grade as I turned 18 during the summer before my Senior year. I have always had an attraction to older woman and this was before the term MILF was ever coined. I guess I was a MILF admirer. This is my story of two teachers I had my final year in school.

I had Miss Johnson for typing class. Miss Johnson was a petite lady who was 38 years old. She always wore a dress that showed off her slender legs. Two things I remember most about her. First was her pretty face. She had a cute narrow face with a small nose that turned up slightly. She had bright blue eyes that shined when she would smile. Her smile was that of a dental commercial as she had straight white teeth. Her lips were not thin or large. Right in the middle. I would look at her face and wonder how wonderful it would be to kiss her.

The second thing was her breasts. She had a very large chest for such a petite lady. But she dressed conservatively so she tried to hide this asset of her. She wore her hair shoulder length and seemed to never move as I could tell she used a lot of hair spray.

Since day one I stepped into her class I had a crush on her. Yet she came across as a bit of a prude and I figured this is why she never married. Yet many nights I lay in bed thinking of her while I stroked my hard cock.

Besides being distracted by Miss Johnson’s looks I did seem to catch on quickly on typing. As we typed she would walk around the room checking on us. Occasionally she would put her slim hand on my shoulder and tell me how good I was doing. Her hand would linger just long enough for an 18 year old man to start to get hard. After she would move on I would look down and there was no doubt she had so how her touch had an effect on my cock.

Locker room talk the guys talked about the hot teachers. There was Ms. Clark the gym teacher, Mrs. Vaugn the business teacher and Ms. Green the other gym teacher. When I brought up Ms. Johnson the guys looked at me like I was from another planet.

I said, “Check her out. She looks like a got business woman.”

The guys thought about it and said, “You’re right. Plus she has a nice rack.”

I kind of regretted bringing up her name as she was my secret crush. Then to hear the guys talk about her made me a bit jealous. I finished her class with an A as I got up to 45 words a minute with 3 or less mistakes. The last day of class Ms. Johnson asked for me to stay for a minute after class.

My hormones were racing. I couldn’t imagine why she wanted me to stay. Of course I fantasized she was going to tell me how she always liked watch my big cock get hard, then attack me.

As it was she said, “Brian, you did very well in the class. I think you should take typing II. ” “We use electric typewriters and you will be even faster.”

I told her, “Thank you Ms. Johnson. I enjoyed your class. I will think about it.”

That afternoon I went and talked to my counselor and had him take me out of Speech and put me in Typing II.

The next week I showed up at class a bit late and was met by a warm smile of Ms. Johnson. I was surprised when she gave me a hug and welcomed me to the class. I hugged her back and I could feel her firm breasts press against my chest. I could feel her back with my hands and I was surprised as she didn’t feel skinny. More like she was a fit woman. Instantly I could feel myself getting hard.

I broke the hug before my bulge became obvious. As I turned to find my desk, I noticed I was the only male in the class.

I took my desk and did a few practice pages. This electric typewriters was new to me and I was making a lot of mistakes. At the end of the day we did one timed practice. I did 65 words a minute with 18 mistakes. The rest of the girls in my class were doing 90 words a minute. It seemed like smoke was coming out of their machines.

It was a Friday and my 4th day of class. I got up to 95 words a minute with 47 mistakes. I knew I was not cutting it. As much as I hated to, and no longer be able to see Ms. Johnson, I needed to drop the class. Maybe the speech teacher would be hot!

I went to my final class and kept weighing my options but I knew it was the right thing to do and to switch classes.

I went to Ms. Johnson’s room and she was sitting at her desk going over the typing lessons. I poked my head in the door and said, “Ms. Johnson can I talk to you for a minute?”

She looked up and said, “Sure Brian, come on in. Close the door so we won’t be disturbed.” She got up and sat on the edge of her desk. She crossed her legs and again I noticed her nice slender legs that I was going to miss seeing.

I walked up to her and said, “Ms. Johnson, thank you for your encouragement, but I have to drop out of your class.”

She said, “I am sorry to hear this Brian. I enjoy having you in my class. bostancı sarışın escort Is it because you are the only guy in the class? If so can move you to the other class where Tom is the only guy.”

I told her, “No, it’s because I suck at it. Did you see I had 47 mistakes!” “Plus, I talked to Tom. He is dropping out too.”

She replied, “I understand. Thanks for trying.”

She walked me to the door then stopped. She started to reach for the door handle then stopped and turned towards me. She said, “Brian, I always thought you were a kind young man. I am going to miss your sense of humor in my class.”

She reached to give me a hug. I was almost shaking being nervous to hug her again as I knew what my reaction would be as my cock had a mind of its own.

She hugged me and I hugged her back. Again I felt her breasts press against my chest. I instantly could feel the blood pumping to my cock with each heartbeat. Her body felt warm and comfortable against me. I no longer cared if she caught me with an erection.

She put her head on my chest as we held each other in our arms. I started to think, this is weird, but I like it.

She looked up at me and said, “Okay, I should let you go.” She stood on her tippy toes and gave me a light kiss on the cheek. Those lips, they felt soft as silk. By now my cock was fully hard and straining against my pants. I wanted to kiss her lips so badly. I went to return her kiss on her cheek. I whispered, “I will miss you too.” But she moved slightly and I wound up kissing her on the neck.

She said, “Mmmm Brian that was a bit risky. But it felt good.”

I pulled back and looked into those bright blue eyes and leaned in and kissed her lightly on her lips. She didn’t pull back. She kissed me back. We gently kissed a few times. I could feel the room start to spin as I was intoxicated by her.

Our lips parted and our tongues found each other. I could hardly believe I was French kissing Ms. Johnson.

Ms. Johnson slid her hand down and started to squeeze my cock. I thought I was going to cum right there. I could feel my pants were already wet from precum. Her fingertips teased the tip of my cock as she felt my wet spot on my jeans.

This is all I need as a signal and I cupped her right breast. Fully clothed it felt awesome. She pulled me back so she was against the wall next to the door. She reached over and threw the deadbolt to lock the door.

She reached down and started to undo my belt, button and zipper on my jeans. She pulls my cock out and says, “God Brian you have a nice cock. It’s been to long since I have been fucked.”

I reach behind her and unzip her dress. Pulling it slowly down I take in her body. This is better than what I had fantasized about during my masturbation sessions at night. Her skin is pale and she has on a sexy lacy bra to which I can see her 50 cent nipples dark nipples. Her nipples are hard and begging to get out of her bra.

I let the dress drop to the floor. To my surprise the little Miss Prude I figured her to be wasn’t wearing under pants. She has a neatly trimmed black haired pussy that glistens from her already wet pussy.

I remove her bra to see her perfect perky D cup breast. They might have even been DD. They looked amazing on her tiny frame.

We kissed passionately as I cupped her breasts and gently tweaked her nipples. During this time she had managed to get all my clothes off.

I pick her up and she can’t weigh more than 105 lbs. She wraps her legs around me and I carry her over to her desk and sit her on the edge.

I worked my kisses down her neck to her breasts. She moans as I suck her nipple into my mouth. I feel her fingernails clawing at my back. I move down and gently lick her wet pussy. It taste good and the smell is intoxicating as this puts my hormones in high gear.

My tongue slid inside her pussy and I nibble gently on her clit. Her fingers go through my hair and pull my head tight against her pussy. She tell me, “Fuck Brian that feels good. Suck my clit.”

I did as I was told and I slide two fingers inside her pussy. She bucks 2, 3, times and she cums hard.

I stand up and I can see a long strand of pre cum dripping from my cock. She takes her hand and rubs the cum into my cock. We kiss and she can taste her lovely juices.

She took my cock and guides me into her warm wet pussy. Her inner walls felt so good. It was like my cock was wrapped in a warm wet silk scarf. It felt too good. I came as I entered her.

Fortunately I was 18 and didn’t need any recovery time. She leaned back on her arms as I began to slowly fuck her. Her eyes were closed and she was biting her lower lip. Her breasts bounced to the rhythm of each thrust. I couldn’t hold back much longer as I felt the tension building up inside my balls. I fucked her hard and fast and we both grunted every time I hit bostancı yabancı escort bottom.

I grabbed her ass and with a final thrust I started to explode inside her. I felt her walls squeeze my cock as she drained every drop out of me.

I started to pull out when she said, “Not yet. Stay inside me.”

I stayed inside her as my cock started to go soft. I started to come to my senses and I could some pain on my back. In the heat of the moment she had dug her nails into me.

She started to kiss me again. Licking and sucking my ear. I was getting turned on again and my cock began to grow inside her. When I was fully hard she said, “Brian, fuck me from behind.”

She got off the desk and leaned against offering up her little ass to me. It took a couple of attempts as I had never fucked a girl from behind before, but I finally found her wet waiting pussy.

The view from behind was amazing seeing this little body with large breasts hanging down I will never forget. I didn’t want it to end. I fucked her in that position for a good half hour giving her several orgasms before I was finally able to cum. That 3rd time for me was the biggest one of them all. My seed was dripping out of her as I pulled my cock out.

I looked at the clock and it was 5:30. I said, “Holy shit. Dinner is in half an hour.”

We got dressed and she made me promise to never tell anyone about this. If I could keep it our secret we could do this again. That was a promise I was willing to make.

I had to ask her, “So, Ms. Johnson I hope you are on birth control.”

She answered, “Brian, I am not able to have children. This is another reason I am not married. Most men want children.”

I made it home just in time for dinner. I was exhausted and went to bed early. No need to jerk off thinking of Ms. Johnson as fantasy became a reality.

I snuck into Ms. Johnson’s room after class about 10 more times. One evening I told my parents I was staying at a friend’s house for the weekend but instead spent it with her at her house.

After I graduated I didn’t return back to my school until my 5 year class reunion. I stopped in at the school at the end of the day. I went to her room just to reminisce. There sat Ms. Johnson going over papers. The smile she gave me when she looked up saw me melted me. She was every bit as good looking as she was 5 years ago. The sex was just as good too!

Part 2

Ms. Clark taught Phy Ed. She had long blonde hair and an athletic build. She has small breast of barley a B cup. She was pretty in her own rights, but not as pretty as Ms. Johnson.

A bit about me. I was a jock and girls liked jocks. Girls referred to me as being cute. I would hear them say some guys were handsome. I guess cute is better than ugly! I was a wrestler so my body was lean and muscular.

I only had her for one class and that was the last semester of my senior year. I thought it would be a good idea to work as a life guard at the beach this coming summer so I took Sr. Life Saving. Part of the class was in class room training and part was in pool training.

I enjoyed the pool part as did most of the guys as Ms. Clark wore a 1 piece red Bay Watch style swimsuit. The swimsuit was a bit loose on her so when she bent over for demonstrations we could get a nice cleavage view. The water was a bit chilly and we could get a nice look at her hard nipples poking through her swimsuit.

I didn’t fantasize about Ms. Clark as I was content with my girlfriend and Ms. Johnson. But she was fun to look at.

Class was coming to an end. Our final assignment was to save a drowning victim. Bad news is she had a former student as the victim. This guy who’s name was Tim was 6′ 6″ tall lanky National Champion for a local college.

My name is at the end of the alphabet so I was last. I watch each student go out and get thrashed by this guy. Then he would give up and let them save him. I was dreading my turn. With 3 of us left to go time ran out. Ms. Clark said we would finish up tomorrow.

Next day I was dreading the final hour when I had to enter the water and save the life of a monster. It was just the 3 remaining students to show up for the final test. Ms. Clark said, “I am sorry to inform you but Tim couldn’t make it. You will have to save me.”

What a relief. First guy goes. Ms. Clark if splashing around like a panicked drowning victim. The guy struggles but manages to save her.

Second person goes who is a girl. Ms. Clark is doing the dead man’s float. Easy save for her.

Now it’s my turn. Ms. Clark again is doing the dead man’s float. I think lucky me an easy save. I swim out to her. Grab her wrist and turn her body and pull her into me doing the cross chest carry.

After a couple of strokes she starts thrashing about. I lose my grip on her. Her body had turned a bit and I reach for her. My hand göztepe escort bayan slides down the front of her swimsuit and I accidently grab her breast. She struggles more but I tighten my grip on her and gently squeeze her breast.

She settles down and I can feel her nipple getting hard. Even with the cool water my cock begins to twitch and I am hard in a few seconds. I begin to roll her nipple between my finger tips. Her arms a dragging along the side of our body and I feel her hand graze across my hard cock. I think it’s just an accident. But then it happens several more times. As we approach the side of the pool her hand touches my cock again but this time she gives it a gentle squeeze.

We get to the edge of the pool and she tells me, “You can let go of me now.”

I slide my hand out of her suit and I look up and the other two students could see where my hand had been. But now was the hard part. How do I get out of the pool sporting a big erection?

Ms. Clark comes to my rescue by saying, “Brian, can you stay in the water and help me put the lane dividers up?”

I told her, “Sure no problem.”

With that she dismissed the other two students. We put up two dividers and then she asked me to help put the kick boards back into the storage room.

We carried the kick boards into the storage room. After I stacked mine I turned around and she was standing right behind me.

She looked me in the eye and said, “I want to talk about how you saved me and your hand placement.”

I stammered and said, “I am so sorry, it was an accident.”

She replied, “Fondling my nipple was an accident too?”

I blushed and said, “No. I got caught up in the moment.”

I was shocked when she took down her straps to her swimsuit and pulled her top down then said, “Brian, it felt good. I want you to do it again.”

I was in shock. There standing in front of me was Ms. Clark topless. Her pink nipples were already hard like large eraser tips. I took both of her breasts into my hands and started to massage them and play with her nipples. I moved in and sucked a nipple into my mouth and gently nibbled on it. She melted into my body and said, “Oh fuck that feels good. “

As I played with her little boobs her hand slid up my swimsuit and she started to stroke my hard cock. She said, “Fuck you are big.”

With that she broke away from me and got down on her knees and pulled my shorts to the floor. She took my cock in her hand and circled her tongue around the head and occasionally took it into her mouth. She licked the entire underside of my shaft and flicked her tongue around the opening. I thought I was about to cum right then.

As pre cum started to ooze out she squeezed the end of my cock keeping me from cuming. She started to worship my cock as she sucked and licked my balls and shaft. I was at the edge and I could feel I was ready to cum.

But she would back off and not let me cum. She finally started to take my cock into her mouth. I watched in amazement as all 9 inches disappeared down her throat. I started to cum. It felt amazing. I had never had a blow job like this before. Ms. Johnson never gave me oral.

I shot my hot load in her mouth. Some ran out and dripped onto her breast. She took my cock out of her mouth and jerked me off so more shot on her chest.

I barley started to go limp when she began to suck me some more and she kept me hard. Ms. Johnson stood up and took off her suit and turned around and bent over the kick boards and said, “Fuck me from behind, but don’t cum in me.”

I slid my fingers in her pussy and she was already soaking wet. My cock slid easily into her. Ms. Clark was very vocal as I fucked her from behind. She worked her clit while I fucked her. I heard a splash on the floor as she had a squirting orgasm.

Ms. Clark looked back at me with a naughty grin and said, “Fuck me in the ass. Go slow as you are big.”

This was a first for me. I put the tip of my cock against her star and slowly pushed. It didn’t seem like it was going to work. Then suddenly I felt my head slide inside her. I slowly entered her deeper and deeper. I would pull out a bit then go deeper. This was a new feeling for me as it felt much tighter.

“Oh my fucking god Brian that feels so good. Fuck my ass baby.”

I fucked her ass hard like I did her pussy. She played with her pussy. I reached up and pulled her up and squeezed her tits and pinched her nipples. She squealed in pleasure. My balls were slapping her pussy and again I felt the urge to cum. We both came pretty much at the same time as I heard the splash of her juices hitting the floor as she squirted again.

I pulled out and she turned her head and we shared our first passionate kiss. She turned and we kissed some more. Then we heard the locker room door open. We quickly got dressed and walked out of the storage room.

George the janitor was coming in to clean up the pool area. Ms. Clark walked me to the men’s locker room door and snuck me a quick kiss before I went in and said, “Thank you Brian”

I replied, “Thank you Ms. Clark. I hope I passed your class.”

She smiled and said, “With flying colors!”

That was the last day of school and I never saw her again.

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