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Natasha gazed in the full-length mirror, peering into her own eyes. Slowly she gazed over her whole body. She drank in every inch of herself. Starting with her long, flowing strawberry blonde hair that reached her curvaceous ass. Her eyes were almond shaped, bursting with color in the iris. They were an interesting mixture of hazel, green and amber. Her nose was just right for her face, nice and thin. Her pink lips were full and pouty. Her skin, the color of ivory with a touch of blush. As she gazed at her lips, she traced them with her fingers, thinking of all the naughty things she has done with them. Girls and boys alike, she kissed them all. Her favorite was her best friend Candy. She remembered the time when they were 19, 3 years ago, and had gotten drunk. They stayed up all night that night, fucking each other. Her pussy was getting damp over the mere thought of that evening. It had been the first time that either one of them made it with a woman, and it was awesome.

Her eyes wander down the slender slope of her shoulders and arms, noting the freckles splashed in a random pattern. Down to her full breasts. Her pink nipples were slightly erect as she grazed them with her slender Escort Bahçelievler fingers. Natasha’s hands cupped her perfect C cup breasts; she was in awe over the weight of them. She thought of all of the times she’d had her tits fucked, and grinned. Natasha loved the feeling of hot cum, spraying across her neck, giving her a pearl necklace. She recalled the look on her college professor’s face as he exploded on her neck. Originally she had gone into his office to talk about her grade, she felt she deserved better than a C- on her term paper. Natasha got the idea to do him a favor once she rose to leave and noticed the bulge in his pants.

“Ooh, what’s this?” she cooed as she sauntered over to him. He was speechless as she unzipped his pants and took his member into her mouth. Somehow, she still doesn’t recall how, her shirt ended up on the floor. She sucked his cock for what seemed like hours, when he exploded on her chest while he screamed:

“You’re getting an A!” She was very pleased with that.

Her eyes and hands moved further down her body, to her firm torso, tracing her navel. She toyed with the navel ring she had done a week Bahçeşehir escort before. Her hands went further down her ivory skin and caressed her full hips. Natasha thought of her boyfriend, Tim, grabbing her hips whilst he fucked her from behind. His 9-inch long cock penetrating her tight pussy. His hands pulling her long hair while calling her his bitch. She groaned as she remembered the sting of his hand, smacking her ass, the feeling of total submission as he rammed into her body. Natasha loved the feeling of being controlled. The last time they made love, Tim chocked her as he fucked her, she came so hard she thought she was in heaven. Her fingers wandered over to her blonde bush, brushing through her hair, feeling the river of juices flowing out of her pussy.

Then, Natasha decided to lie down on the bed. All the thoughts of her past deeds had gotten her hot. She reached into the bureau drawer and pulled out her favorite toy, a Pyrex juicer. It glistened in the dim light, and she caressed the blue nubs and red stripes. She positioned herself in the perfect manner on her bed so she was able to watch herself in the mirror.

Natasha wet Bakırköy escort bayan her toy with her pink pierced tongue. She laid back on her bed and spread her legs. Her fingers spread her delicate velvet lips. With her right hand, she began rubbing her clit in a circular motion. With her left hand she inserted her dildo into her eager pussy. The first thrust, she sank it halfway in and let out a loud moan. She felt her pussy tightening down on it as she hit her g-spot. She thrust the toy in and out of her tight pussy, cumming for the first time after the third stroke. That orgasm only made her hotter, so she fucked herself harder with the glass beast. She watched herself in the mirror as she came again and again. Thoughts of her and her Tim ran through her mind. She began fantasizing of having a three-some with him and her friend, Candy. Natasha hadn’t tried a threesome before, but Tim had been begging her to try it. She fucked herself hard thinking of eating Candy’s pussy while Tim pounded her pussy. The dildo felt so good, sliding in and out of her velvet tunnel, the nubs exciting her the most. She wanted to see Candy riding Tim’s cock, while she fingered herself in the chair next to the bed. After 25 minutes, she came harder than she ever had before. With a sigh, Natasha withdrew her toy from her pussy and licked it clean with her hot pink tongue.

Satisfied, Natasha laid down on her bed with a sigh. She began planning how to make his fantasy come true, as she picked up the phone, to call Candy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32