My Summer Cougar Pt. 04

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Saturday afternoon soon came around. On my way to Annie’s to pick up my earnings I wondered what was in store for me today but tried not to get my hopes up. Then I thought about how much I would be getting for the work I had done and realised that my agreement with Annie had been an hourly rate. The way things had gone the last three days meant I really hadn’t actually worked many hours. I needn’t have worried.

I knocked on Annie’s front door. “Oh hello John, thanks for coming, come on in,” she said with a smile.

“Hello Annie, you feeling better today?” I asked as I stepped inside.

“Yes thank you John, much better, I get these headaches every now and then. Come through to the lounge dear, I’ve got your money ready,” she said as she closed the door and walked through.

“Sit down John, now where did I put that envelope,” she said as she turned her back to me.

As I watched she seemed to be adjusting her dress. She wore a white dress today and being the summer still, it was a fairly thin material and I realised I could just see through it enough to make out her underwear. Not that it gave much away but what I could catch a glimpse of was very pleasing on the eye.

Finding the envelope she’d been looking for she turned around. My mouth fell open. Annie stood there not four feet from me with her tits hanging out of her dress.

“Here you are dear,” she said taking a step forward handing me the envelope, as though it was all quite normal.

That merter escort authoritative tone suddenly back she said, “Now John, put your head between these.”

Taking the envelope from her, dropping it down on the small table beside me, as usual I followed her command. She now stood directly in front of me and all I had to do was lean forward and my head was between her ample breasts.

I was soon aroused. The feel of her warm soft skin against my face and the scent of her clean fresh body invaded my senses.

She gently pressed her large soft mounds against me and moved them slightly up and down either side of my cheeks. Her bra still fastened, her tits hanging free over it she reached behind to unclasp it to free herself completely.

Her tits dropped a little lower under their weight and she cupped them in her hands. Lifting her left nipple to my mouth, “Lick it, there’s a good boy,” she instructed.

I didn’t need any encouragement and started licking softly. “You can have a suck if you like,” she said pressing it harder against my mouth.

After a few licks and sucks she would move me on to her other tit backwards and forwards, every time her nipples would seem a little harder. Still with my mouth clasped around a nipple I looked up to see Annie’s face, her eyes closed, obviously enjoying the moment.

“Now lets be seeing that cock of yours, get it out for me,” she demanded, backing away mutlukent escort from me slightly to give me room.

I stood up and dropped my jeans and pants, my cock sprang out.

“That’s better, now sit yourself on the arm of the chair,” she said as she dropped herself down on her knees.

Perching myself on the end of the arm, Annie pushed on my knees to indicate to me to open my legs for her. She bent her head down and placed a long firm kiss directly on my wet knob giving it a slow lick right across the tip before pulling her head away.

Shuffling forward, she lowered herself until my cock nestled between her fleshy mounds. Holding them firmly against my rock hard shaft she rocked slowly up and down.

Dropping one tit and gabbing my cock near the base she offered her other nipple up to the tip and lightly ran her stiff bud slowly along the slit, wiping away the pre-cum. She then lifted it to her lips and licked it off.

Slowly wanking my cock at the base with small firm movements producing more juice for her, she would repeat the process over and over occasionally swapping tits and hands.

Releasing her hold she again held her tits together, “Fuck my tits John there’s a good lad.” she instructed.

Lowering myself slightly I positioned the knob under her tits and found the crease between them. With my pre-cum flowing generously to lubricate my shaft I pushed firmly up between her warm otele gelen escort soft tits.

As I slowly fucked her tits up and down Annie tilted her head down to lick the tip on the upward stroke sending delightful shivers of pleasure through my entire body.

“Faster now John,” again Annie instructed.

Fucking her tits faster now Annie would still try to lick when my cock was in range but sometimes missing the rhythm.

“I want to see that cum shoot John, give me that hot spunk!” she said as she pushed her tits harder together.

“That big hard cock sliding between my tits… shoot that big load all over them… let me feel it splatter on my neck,” Annie cried.

My cock throbbing, Annie managed one more lick before the first stream of cum hit her under the chin, before it could drip far another hit her neck to race the first down her body. More followed with diminishing force until the last one dribbled on to her tits.

“All that lovely cum all over my neck and tits,” said Annie with great delight.

As my withering erection slid from her wet tits, Annie let them fall and pushed herself up to stand, moving to the sofa, she sat down.

With the matter-of-fact tone back she said, “Thank you John. Now you’ll find a generous bonus added to your fee, thank you for all your hard work this week, I’m very pleased with your efforts, so I’ll see you Monday.”

By the time she had finished speaking I had managed to pull my pants and jeans back up and was making my way to the lounge doorway.

“Thank you very much Annie, Yes I will see you Monday. Bye for now,” I said as I looked back to see Annie sitting on the sofa studying my cum all over her big tits, and again she wiped some up with her finger and sucked it in between her lips.

Roll on Monday…

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