My Standard of Beauty: Black Girls

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Threesomes are simply the best. Trust me on that one. The name is Alexandra Jean-Pierre. A five-foot-eleven, chubby but sexy, gorgeously dark-skinned and big-bottomed young Black woman of Haitian descent living in the city of Nepean, Province of Ontario. I’m a business administration major at the University of Ottawa. The summer is here and like everyone else who isn’t fucked up in the head, I’m having fun. Recently, my boyfriend Trevor Charles confessed to me something I knew the moment we met. He is bisexual. That’s cool with me because it meant my fantasy of a male, male and female threesome could finally come true.

I met Trevor right after he moved to Ottawa from the city of Boston, Massachusetts. Lately, a lot of college and university students from the United States have been coming to Canada. Most of them go to Toronto or Vancouver but some do come to Ottawa. Canadian schools are cheaper than American ones, and although it’s deeply boring and covertly bigoted, Ottawa is a tranquil town most of the time. The Recession, the blatant racism of the Tea Party Movement and the general sense of unease in America has made quite a few Americans consider living elsewhere temporarily. Canada is right next door. Sucks that things are messy in the U.S. right now but I’m glad I met my future husband.

The first time I laid eyes upon Trevor, I definitely wanted him. This six-foot-one, lean and muscular Black stud had American written all over him. I find American guys sexier, edgier and more confident than the average Canadian male. Trevor is one sexy guy. Like me, he is of Haitian descent. I was pleasantly surprised to find out he spoke Haitian Creole and French rather than just English like so many Haitian-Americans. Trevor enrolled at Carleton University, because he found it more diverse and easygoing than the University of Ottawa. I can’t blame the guy for choosing Carleton over U of O. There are huge numbers of African, Asian and Arabic immigrants in Ottawa and most of the students from these communities prefer the University of Carleton over the University of Ottawa.

Anyhow, I wanted Trevor. Why? He’s tall, dark and handsome. And he’s from the United States. That alone made me want him more than any Canadian guy I had seen in a long time. Black guys in America love their Black women, for the most part. Black guys in Canada, especially the ones in Ottawa, can’t get enough of the chubby white chicks I see most of them dating. Must be something in the water. Whenever I see topkapı escort a white man with a Black woman, she’s a beautiful, intelligent sister. Whenever I see a Black man with a white woman, most of the times, she isn’t exactly pretty. See the difference? White guys who are into Black women seem to have good taste. Black men who are into white women go for the bottom of the barrel. It’s amazing.

I decided I wanted to get with Trevor. I love Black guys from America, in case you hadn’t noticed. And he seemed to like me. Well, I thought he was fine. So I asked him out. Guys are always tripping when I ask them out. I don’t know why. I’m a liberated woman, folks. I’m just as smart as any man, if not smarter. I don’t subscribe to outdated rules about gender roles and female behaviour. If I see a guy I like, I’ll ask him out. If he’s got any sense whatsoever, he’ll want to get some of my sweet loving. If he declines, he’s either gay or brain damaged. End of story. You dig? Cool.

Trevor was definitely an awesome guy. He always looked cool in his President Barack Obama T-shirt. He’s got like twenty of them or something. Trevor told me that the U.S. President is his hero and personal role model. I think Obama is fine and his wife Michelle is an amazing lady. We Black Canadians love the Obama family. They’re awesome. The Americans are so lucky. I see so many talented, successful and beautiful Black women and Black men living in America. In music, business, politics, Hollywood, sports and the media. Black Americans make their presence known. In Canada, Black folks are simply…there. Sadly.

Here, we’ve got an ugly white guy as our Prime Minister and very few famous Black politicians, unless you count the Mayor of Amos City in the Province of Quebec, the Lieutenant Governor of the Province of Nova Scotia or the Haitian-born former Governor General of Canada. Canada is not as diverse or open-minded as America. It’s harder for smart and talented Black folks to succeed in the Great White North. Just call it systemic discrimination. That’s why I want to move to America after graduation. I didn’t spend all those years at the University of Ottawa to end up getting paid less money than the White students whom I outperformed academically. The ink won’t even be dry on my degree before I move to America. Believe it.

Dating Trevor was fun. My sexy Haitian-American boyfriend drove a Harley Davidson motorcycle, and worked as overnight security ümraniye escort on weekends. He takes me for rides on his bike. One time, we rode from Ottawa to Toronto on his bike. Awesome, eh? Trevor is cool. He’s all macho and stuff but I knew his dirty little secret. He likes both males and females. Bisexual men always think they can hide their stuff from us women. I don’t know why they still try. You won’t believe how many women know of their husbands or boyfriends bisexual tendencies yet pretend not to know.

Trevor has a friend named Carlos Igreja whom he hangs out with constantly. Carlos is half Black and half Portuguese. He goes to Algonquin College and hangs out with a lot of Haitians. We’re the only ones who accept him apparently. He’s tall and good-looking, but I’m not really into light-skinned guys. I prefer my ruggedly handsome, dark-skinned Black men. Carlos has a girlfriend named Bianca Ahmed who is Somalian and they make a really cute couple. However, I knew that Carlos was sleeping with my Trevor behind Bianca’s back. I’m almost completely indifferent because I wanted both Trevor and Carlos in my bed. So one day I confronted them about their little down low stuff. They were both stunned, and tried to deny it. Well, I told them what I wanted. And they complied. I’m a naturally dominant Haitian chick, folks. The guys always do as I say.

And that’s how I ended up in my bedroom with Trevor and Carlos. The three of us got naked and got it on, folks. I watched with excitement as Carlos kissed Trevor, then began sucking on my boyfriend’s nine-inch, uncircumcised Black dick. Trevor sighed in pleasure as Carlos sucked him off. I fingered my pussy while watching the guys do their thing. I quickly got tired of watching and joined the action. I fingered Trevor’s ass while Carlos sucked him off. He seemed to really like it. Just like I knew he would. Trevor is a freak, folks. I’ve fucked him with my dildos numerous times. He loves having his ass played with.

I took out my strap-on dildo and lubricated it before sliding it into Trevor’s ass. He didn’t seem to mind at all. I love fucking guys in the ass with my strap-on dildo. Carlos watched me as he sucked Trevor’s dick. I could tell Carlos was turned on by the sight of a sexy Black woman fucking a Black man’s ass with a strap-on dildo. Maybe the mixed dude wanted to try that stuff too. The fun continued. Now, Carlos got on all fours and Trevor began fucking him. I put a condom yenibosna escort on my strap-on dildo after pulling out of Trevor’s ass. And I made Carlos suck on it. Obediently, the light-skinned dude sucked my strap-on dildo. Just like I knew he would.

I was having all kinds of fun fucking these sexy guys but my pussy and ass were feeling neglected. I wanted to get fucked. Watching Trevor slam his dick up Carlos ass made me feel almost jealous. I remembered all too well how much fun Trevor’s dick could be. I’ve had Trevor’s dick in my mouth, pussy and ass. Lord I missed it. So I told the guys I wanted to try something different, after Trevor had thoroughly fucked Carlos ass, of course. Upon hearing I was offering every hole in my body for penetration, Carlos and Trevor were thrilled.

Happily, we got our freak on. I knelt before Trevor and Carlos, sucking off both of their dicks at the same time. Carlos had a seven-inch dick which was also uncut. Considering he’s half Portuguese and half Somalian, I found that surprising. I actually really like uncircumcised dicks but they’re so damn rare. Trevor is the second uncut guy I’ve been with. Carlos is the third. I sucked off my boyfriend and his boyfriend while stroking their balls. In no time I had them both hard as hell. And they were aching to fuck me. I didn’t keep them waiting. See how much of a nice chick I am?

At last I got the fucking I deserved. I was sandwiched between Trevor and Carlos. The mixed dude lay on the bed while I climbed on top of him and impaled my pussy on his thick cock. Meanwhile, my boyfriend Trevor got behind me. He slid his dick into my well-lubricated asshole. I gritted my teeth as my fantasy came true. I finally experienced double penetration. Yeah, I had a dick in my pussy and another one in my ass. The sexual experience many women want to have but most dread trying. Oh, man. It was intense. I felt both pain and pleasure as Trevor and Carlos began ramming their dicks inside of me. I absolutely loved it. I screamed like a madwoman as I got the fucking of a lifetime. Carlos and Trevor slammed their dicks into my pussy and asshole like there was no tomorrow. Almost as if they were making me pay for using my strap-on dildo on them earlier. All I can is theirs was a sweet revenge. We all enjoyed it.

A little while later, the three of us hit the showers. Carlos left my apartment, and then Trevor and I went back to the bedroom to finish what we started. It seems that the revelation of his bisexuality brought us closer together. This Black Canadian woman loves her secretly bisexual Haitian-American boyfriend ( and possible future husband), folks. He’s taking me to Boston with him this summer. We’re going to meet his folks. He’s already met mine and they loved him. Life is cool. We’re so happy together.

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