My Regular Bud Joe Ch. 02

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This is a true story and part of a journey exploring my Bi side. This is one of many. I hope you enjoy or can relate.

A couple weeks went by before Joe and I had the opportunity to meet again at a local hotel. With us both being married it is sometimes difficult to get that away time. In the future I would come up with an ingenious idea that helped alleviate that.

We met at the Hilton and I got there before him. I did not fell apprehensive like last time but rather excited. I had just had a fresh shower before I got there so when I got in the room I stripped down and pulled the covers back. I did not have to wait long and within 10 minutes Joe was at the door. I looked out the peephole just in case it was someone else as I was wearing my birthday suit. Sure enough, it was him.

I stood behind the door as I opened it since I was bare ass naked. He smiled and walked in and after I closed the door, we hugged each other. He asked if he could use the shower as he just came from work and I said you did not have to ask. He disappeared into the bathroom and I heard the shower water start.

I laid down on the bed and was really horny thinking about what we will be doing in the next 5 minutes. I was so hard imagining his cock in my mouth I started stroking my cock. I had been anticipating our next meeting, often jerking off once or twice a day fantasizing on sucking each other’s cocks once again. I was stroking myself pretty good and my cock was leaking pre-cum which I rubbed over the head and stroked it some more.

I was leisurely stroking when I heard the bathroom door open and Joe cam out without a towel this time. He must have been thinking of this Escort bursa meeting as he was pretty hard already. He saw what I was doing and the pre-cum leaking from the tip of my cock and said he would take care of that. I was not going to argue, and he crawled next to me and dove right in covering my cock with his mouth.

He sucked me up the shaft getting any pre-cum I may have spilled and licked the head in lazy circles before swallowing me whole again. He was sucking up and down my cock hungrily almost like it was his last meal making slurping and wet sounds which was such a turn on. When he started stroking my balls it sent me over the edge since I was stroking before and I told him I was cumming. He bobbed his head faster and when he felt me grunt and tighten up he just held me in his mouth as wave after wave of cum shot from my cock into his hungry mouth. He didn’t swallow but waited for me to stop shooting and ran his lips up my cock and over the head when he pursed his lips and swallowed hard. You could see he was happy with the reward of his efforts and needless to say I was content. He went down on me once more to get any remaining cum left in my balls and pulled my cock up to get the last drop.

Having spent myself I took a couple minutes to recover and reached over for his cock. It was hard as a rock and dripping pre-cum probably from all the excitement we both just experienced. Seeing he needed immediate attention I wasted no time in moving down and covered his cock head with my mouth and licking the head all over drinking in the sweet pre-cum that had come from his excitement giving me head.

I wanted this to last a little while, Antalya escort so I circled my tongue around and around the head and licked up and down his cock like an ice cream cone. He was throbbing against my tongue every time I came back up around the head in anticipation of me taking him fully in my mouth. There was some pre-cum ever so often when I came up and I would lick it off and his cock would jump. It was not my intention to tease him, but I wanted him to get him so excited until he couldn’t take it anymore. I wanted to give him an incredible orgasm that would leave him shaking and so satisfied.

I moved down to his balls and I could tell they were aching for my tongue as I licked them, they contracted and relaxed after each lick. I bathed each one with my tongue and took each one in my mouth while running my tongue in circles over his balls. I released them from my mouth and licked up the shaft again using my tongue like a paint brush licking up and down the length of his cock. Slowly moving up to his engorged cock head that was an angry red.

I opened my mouth and breathed on his cock for a second and lowered my mouth wide over his cock moving down the shaft not wanting to bring my lips firmly against him yet till I had him completely in. I got near the bottom of his shaft when I clamped my lips around him and heard him moan loudly and felt the pulse of his cock on my lips. I held him tight and used my tongue just swirling around with my mouth firmly on his cock. He was breathing hard and his cock was twitching like mad in my mouth.

I loosened my lips a little and started up his shaft halfway and pushing my head down hard, so Manavgat escort bayan I felt his cock head hit the back of my throat. I kept up that motion up and down and gradually picked up the pace. I knew he would not last long, so I started tickling his balls and started bobbing my head up and down his raging hard cock. He begged me not to stop and told me he was close, so I picked up the tempo alternately sucking his cock up and down faster while rubbing his balls a little harder.

It only took thirty more seconds before he said he was cumming and I slammed my head down till his cock was deep in me and held him there while massaging his balls when he let loose with a jet of cum straight down my throat. I held him there while shot four or five more streams of cum straight down my throat as I did not have to swallow. I know I could have never taken that in my mouth and swallowed there was so much. When his cum subsided, I moved back up his cock and licked the head while pulling the shaft to get the last of his cum and taste him. Every time my mouth came over the head, he twitched because he was so sensitive. I couldn’t even touch the poor guy and had to let him come down from his tremendous orgasm.

We laid there resting and recounted each of the best moments of giving/getting head. He said that was the most intense orgasm he ever had. I was happy I could do it so well but knew the challenge was there to do one better.

This became our routine when I was usually satisfied after cumming once, he was 15 years younger so I took advantage and would always make him cum three times in the two hours we spent together. Sometimes when I sucked him off I would also jerk off and when I came I would stop sucking him, shoot my cum over the top of his cock, and go back down eating my cum off his cock on the way to his next orgasm. This routine continued on for four years. It couldn’t get better, could it?

To be continued…

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