My Lab Partner

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We all stood at the front of the lab, passing along a stack of papers to one another.

“You will be assigned a partner for the semester, there will be no requests for changes, please do not beg that you be paired with your fraternity or sorority buddies. That’s all I will say about this. Now head to your assigned tables and open you course syllabus to page 3.” The bespectacled 60 year old professor flipped the pages of the print out along with the rest of the class.

I began to open mine to read a table of class participants, my name was next to another’s “Lauren Shellstein – Table 6”.

‘Oh I hope she’s hot…but also a good partner…but also hot!’

I started scanning the room, there was a group of blond haired women at the opposite end of the classroom. Maybe she was one of them? They all looked attractive but weirdly similar. The people around me started gravitating towards their assigned tables and I followed along.

As I walked towards my table the blonds went further away from me, ‘Damn’ I thought. I reached “Table 6” and dropped my bag on top and turned to face the front of the classroom. A body walked behind me and a green Jansport landed next to my bag along with an outstretched hand.

I turned and saw a dark curly haired woman in front of me. My hand reached out to hers, “Eli.”

Her hand was small but firm. She wore a rainbow striped long sleeve shirt with denim overalls that hid her figure. But her olive skin and green eyes caught me by surprise. She wore a bright red lipstick that drew my eyes to her lips.

My focus was disrupted by the authoritative tone of the professor.

“Today you will be working with titrations, now one partner come up and get your chemicals while the other one readies the beakers.”

“Umm…” I wasn’t of the mind to bark out any orders to this stranger in front of me.

“I will go get the chemicals, think you can get the apparatus together?” Lauren’s confidence was hard to miss, but her faint smile was just noticeable.

“Yeah…yeah that works for me?” I was taken aback and she turned around to go to the front. My eyes drifted down and caught some outline of her ass in those overalls. I didn’t have much to work off of but the way she carried herself was more than enough for me.

‘God I am a pig’ I thought as I prepared the work table for something not even remotely sexy…chemical reactions, ‘Maybe Lauren and I will have our own reaction later…’

I felt my consciousness wack me over the head with a rolled up newspaper, ‘No shitty puns!’

By the time Lauren got back I had everything assembled and the lab instructions laid out.

“Oh, always good to see a man who knows what he’s doing.” Lauren said to me.

I swallowed the pulse of sexual desire, “I was a test tube baby, so I was born and raised in the Pyrex”

Lauren laughed, “This is going to be a fun semester Eli…”

Over the next two months Lauren and I became friends in lab and towards the end of the semester she invited me over one night to finish up a lab report. We had fun in lab and even got lunch together a few times after lab but nothing serious. Lauren was just a friend.

I came to her apartment that night with that same opinion in mind as I knocked on here door. Lauren opened the door to her apartment, “Want to drink and draw conclusions?”

She was wearing a tight fitting black turtleneck that accentuated her breasts. Over the semester she had worn a variety of bohemian or alternative clothes. She wasn’t stacked with 34F boobs or anything big but I had grown to appreciate how pretty she was.

“What’s the methodology?”

“Rum and coke.” She smirked, I returned the same smile.

We settled down with our laptops and cranked through the report, making good headway until we came to formatting the file.

“Each time I put the picture in the document it keeps messing up the rest of the report!” I exclaimed, running my hands through my hair I gave up and took a healthy swig of the sweet booze concoction.

“Here let me see it dum dum.” Lauren grabbed my laptop with focused precision but her confidence laden face fell away to confusion, “Ok there must be something screwed up in the formatting section, let just google this..”

“This is why we should just use latex.” I bemoaned.

“No, takes away from the fun of it.” Lauren shot me a glance.

“Is that a sex joke Lauren??” I jabbed her.

“It is Eli, can’t you take a clue?” She laughed at me, but I sensed just a bit of annoyance. I let it slide though, I wasn’t sure how to interpret what she had just said to me…I was a bit attracted to her but she wasn’t my normal type.

Lauren continued her typing but her face changed dramatically to one of shock, followed by hysterical laughing.

“What’s so funny Lauren?”

She didn’t stop laughing for at least a minute leaving me to just look at her in total confusion before istanbul escort she swiveled my laptop back towards me with a porn video playing.

“Wha.what what oh shit!” My face turned beet red. I grabbed at my laptop but Lauren pulled it from me, “Why did you pull up porn??!!”

“I started to search for page break solutions but as SOON as I typed the letter “P” all of these recent history pornhub videos popped up!!”

“That’s private!” I tried to reach for my laptop and my hands were slapped away.

“You have exquisite taste Eli! From “hot teen gets railed by three guys” to what the shit is this? College book bang? Is that a library sex thing or a reading club for skanks?” Lauren was relishing in her critical questions of me.

“I…I…” I struggled to gather any sort of defense to Lauren’s onslaught, there was nothing I could do but see my self respect get taken to the back of the wood shed.

“I mean, wow.” Lauren turned the screen to show a scene with a woman being double penetrated while sucking on a third cock, “how does she even fit that all in!! Those are fake moans you know that Eli. No-one could possibly like that!” Lauren continued to laugh as she lectured me.

“Well I mean of course it’s not real!”

“Ok, now this one though, this is good.” Her laughter subsided as she switched over to another video I had watched, something tagged as female friendly. The scene showed a man and woman making love passionately on a couch, the man humping into the vixen who stared longingly at her lover. Lauren let out a breath subtly, “This is how it should go Eli, it should be smooth, gentle…well doesn’t always have to be gentle..” I saw her bite her lip, her chest move up again against her black sweater.

Something about this had my heart beat increasing, was it the porn or was it watching this with Lauren? Or seeing Lauren in a different light?

“Are you getting turned on by this Lauren?” I asked gently, my voice trembled as her name left my lips.

Lauren turned her face from the laptop screen and looked at me. Her hair hung to one side, her eyes looked right at mine. I saw her look at me in a way I hadn’t seen before or at least one that I hadn’t noticed until tonight. Was I just turned on or was some special moment happening? I didn’t know if what came next was right or wrong but it just came to me.

“Do you want to make out?”

“God I thought you would never ask” Lauren’s annoyed tone was mixed with lust and she moved from her chair and climbed on top of me where I sat.

Her lips met mine first, followed by her hands, then her chest and finally her legs wrapped around me as she sat on top of my crotch. Her lips were soft and wet with anticipation. Her hands ran through my hair. My cock grew immediately at the feeling of her seat now pressed against mine.

‘I was kissing Lauren…what??’

My hands were quick to fall to grab her waist, feeling the denim of her pants and the cotton pilling of her sweater against my fingers. Our lips soon parted and our tongues met for the first time. ‘This is actually happening’ My thoughts were sparse in the next moments as my body shifted to soak up every sensation of Lauren pressed against me. Her crotch humped into mine, making my dick grow by the second. My grip on her waist let go as I moved to run my hands down to her legs for a moment before moving them back to her ass where I squeezed.

Lauren moaned and humped into me even harder as I felt her ass through her jeans. Our tongues continued to swirl against each other. The heat between us continued to grow as our embrace grew tighter, the seconds turned into minutes and I lost track of how long we spent tied up with each other.

I could feel her hips come to rest against mine before our kiss broke and Lauren pulled back inches from my face, “I have been waiting for this for…” She looked at me incredulously.

I smiled at her and kissed her again, something felt so surprisingly natural, had I been missing some signs this whole time? I wanted to know what I really felt but whatever reservations I had that moment fell away to my desire to feel Lauren’s body against mine, her lips pressed against mine.

Lauren’s humping had grown more aggressive and I was happy to feel her push into me, my hands on her ass helping her into me and then back off. My cock had been pushed underneath my pants to face up towards my stomach. I felt my cock rub against her warm crotch, I wanted even more of her heat. This time I pulled my lips from her wanting mouth, “I want you.”

My hands moved from her ass to her sweater which I grabbed and began to pull up over her body. Lauren raised her arms up and helped me by grabbing her sweater at her elbows. In one fluid motion we pulled her sweater off her body revealing a black bra, her cleavage visible to me for the first time, her kadıköy escort skin just barely glanced by the sun. I glanced down and saw her beautiful body run down to her navel. Before I could admire her more I felt her hands on my own shirt.

I helped her yank off my shirt and toss it to the side before my hands returned to her body, now there was no material separating me from the warmth of her skin. My hands ran up until they found the back of her bra. I looked up at Lauren whose face smiled with approval. After some tugging and twisting I felt the tension in her bra loose. The straps slowly fell along with the bra to reveal her beautiful breasts to me.

I was staring at my lab partner’s breasts now. I took in a deep breath, the disbelief was sinking in.

Her hands ran up to my head and she pulled me to her chest. I happily obliged and soon found one of her nipples in my mouth. My tongue ran around her areola before I began to suck on her.

“Fuckkk.” Lauren said in a gentle whimper.

I felt her hips begin to hump into mine again as I kissed her breasts, moving my mouth to her other nipple. One of my hands ran up her smooth back as the other moved to squeeze her ass again through her denim pants.

Our humping continued to grow in intensity as I kissed every part of her chest. I maneuvered my hands from her ass and back to Lauren’s front, struggling to find the button to her jeans. My mouth released from her breasts as I looked down to find her way out of those pants. I soon felt her hands reaching down for the same thing, grabbing at my belt and tugging until they finally gave way and then yanking the button open.

At that moment Lauren swung her body around to get off her mount on top of me. She finished the job of pulling her pants off her body, revealing her legs to me. I had seen an instagram photo of her in a bikini but this was…she had some type of panties on but she was facing me, I couldn’t tell if it was a thong or something else..

My thoughts broke away again as I stood up and finished undoing my pants, shoving them to the ground and stepping away from them. We both stared for a moment at each other. before removing our last piece of clothing. Lauren rolled her panties down to reveal a bare mound between her legs. She was standing before me now completely naked, her curly hair resting across her shoulders, her eyes focused down at my crotch as the elastic waistband slipped down letting my cock spring free.

I felt a shiver as I stood before my chemistry 201 lab partner completely naked. The excitement of what we might do next electrified my body. Lauren walked over to me and grabbed my hand before walking us away from the dining table down the hall to her bedroom. The entire time I looked down to see her ass, jiggling slightly with each step. My cock bounced as she led me to where she wanted me. Her room was dark except for some string lights that filled the room with a faint yellow-amber glow, enough to see the details of Lauren’s body but faint enough to tune out our surroundings.

I got into her queen size bed with her and the jersey sheets enveloped us as we got into bed together. We got back to kissing each other while our naked bodies pressed against each other for the first time. I felt her smooth skin pressed against mine, my chest hair disturbed by her breasts rubbing against me. One of Lauren’s legs laid across my hips where I felt her warmth on the bareness of my thigh. My cock laid between her legs, my shaft grazing against the wetness from her crotch.

We both let out our own pent up moans of pleasure as our hands were able to explore one another. My hands ran to feel her ass and I was surprised to feel one of Lauren’s hands travel to find and squeeze my ass too. I kissed her more deeply now as our bodies rubbed against each other. My grip on her ass let go as I moved it around her body, across her stomach and down to her crotch, first finding the top of her pubic bone and then her lips. My fingers began rubbing producing a gentle moan before I ran them deeper to find her opening.

Lauren broke our kiss and moved a hand to guide mine, “No, just keep rubbing me here.” Our lips met again. I was happy to let her move me where she wanted me and I found myself rubbing her at the top of her lips. ‘Is this the clit???’ Lauren’s moaning told me that maybe this was it.

I soon felt her hand find and grip my cock firmly in her hands, starting off with a rough tugging motion at first. I broke our kiss this time, moving my hand from her sex to her hand, “No like this.” I said gently as I guided her hand up and down my cock, moving her grip over the tip of my cock and twisting her grip around the head. I let out a groan as I let go of her hand and she began to mimic what I had shown her. My cock was fully engorged, the pre-cum lubricating her hand as it moved up kağıthane escort and around me.

My own hand returned to where she had told me to go and I could feel how much more wet she was getting with my touch. Our kissing had gone from passionate to gentle pecks as our focus shifted to each other’s sex.

Eventually Lauren broke our silence, “Fuck I need you.” Her words came out with a gasp. She sat up briefly before straddling me again as she had done in the chair. I laid back into her bed, her pillows cradling my head as I grabbed my cock and aimed it up to her. She pulled a hair tie from her wrist and put her hair up briefly. In the moment I could see the gentle amber light illuminate her body for me. Her perky breasts, her small frame. God I wanted her.

I breathed in and out with a shallow breath as Lauren adjusted her hips above me and began to lower herself down. My cock hit to the side of her sex but I repositioned until I felt her wetness at my tip. Lauren pushed down at first to some resistance and then pulled back up before trying again. This time I felt her open to me and my cock began to disappear inside of her.

“Holy shit..” I breathed out in a gasp as I felt Lauren completely against me. I had never had sex without a condom, “Oh my god.” I felt how wet and hot she was against all of me, ‘Holy shit, have I not done this yet??’

“Fuck…” Lauren said gently as my cock pressed all the way inside of her. her body coming to a stop as her hips came to rest on top of me. I couldn’t imagine how I would ever last with how incredible this feeling was. Lauren distracted me by leaning down to kiss me. My hands went to grab her waist as we embraced anew. Her breasts grazed across my chest. We kissed again and again until I felt her hips begin to lift off of me. My cock was pulling out from her, ‘Jesus this is too fucking good!’ Soon she shifted back to take me inside of her again, my cock pushing into her, feeling her tight embrace take me in and out over and over again.

Lauren began to ride me at a gentle pace now and my hands shifted from her waist to her ass again, feeling a cheek in each hand and squeezing as she had her way with me. I tried what I could to distract myself from feeling how incredible it all was. How tight her grip on my cock was, how much her body wanted mine.

I was actually fucking my lab partner and it felt amazing. Too amazing as I felt my cock growing in size and sensitivity. Each time Lauren took me into her I came closer to the edge. I wasn’t ready for this to end though…I moved my hands back to her waist and pushed our bodies over to the side continuing to roll until I was finally on top of her. I held tight against her, still buried inside of her.

I looked down at her as she smiled at me, her curled hair sprawled out beneath her in a halo around her head. I looked down further to both sides to see her legs wrapped around my body before looking back into her eyes. Who was this woman? We said no words and I leaned in to kiss her and begin to make love.

My hips reared back as I began to thrust in and out of her, feeling her tight sex on mine, feeling her take every inch of me with each pump. Lauren’s hands returned to run through my hair as our tongues continued to play. Her moaning soon escaped and hearing her pleasure became too much for me. I broke from our kiss and began to breathe harder, my thrusting grew more forceful and I felt the pressure build within me.

“I think I’m gonna cum” I let out the words as my breathing quickened.

“You can cum inside me.” Lauren said between her gentle moaning. Her cute eyes looking at me with complete satisfaction.

Those words ruined my plans for my multi-hour romp with my lab partner. I felt my body quiver for a moment before the mounting pressure within me exploded. I tried to keep thrusting into her with a steady pace but the crash of my climax hit me so hard that I struggled to hold in my yell as I shot my load inside of my lab partner.

“Fuck Eli!” Lauren let out a yelp.

“Ohhh fuck.” I yelled out as the orgasm subsided. I was in a total state of bliss, feeling the intense warmth of my orgasm combine with the heat of her sex. My hips attempted to continue humping into Lauren but soon gave up. I let out a laugh as the intensity of the pleasure overwhelmed me.

“Jesus Lauren, I, I have never done that before…”

My body almost collapsed on top of hers but I managed to hold myself up long enough to gain my senses again, collecting myself to see Lauren’s face, her big grin of satisfaction, of finally getting me to see her for the sexual being she was.

“I could tell” Lauren laughed, “you didn’t last too long…”

“Well you…I mean…who are you? What did you do with my lab partner?”

“I’ve been here all along..” Lauren smiled at me.

I smiled back at her and kissed her, our lips gently embraced before I pulled back again to admire her.

“Can…can we do it again..” I asked excitedly.

Lauren snickered, “Lab report isn’t due until 3:00 PM tomorrow…but there is one condition.”

I didn’t have to figure out what she wanted now, “Want to go out on a date tomorrow night?” I said with complete confidence now.

Lauren blushed, “Yeah..I’d like that..”

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