My Journey To Perversion Ch. 4

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We drove back to the airport area and to a place that did not look all that great from the outside. It was called “The Cave” The parking lot was full of cars and looking at my watch it was not all that late I had 10 after 8. I was amazed because with all that I had done so far I was sure it was much later. Paul parked the car in the only empty parking space. It was a dark area near the back, Paul got out first and came to my side and opened the door. I started to get out when he said, “No, I have to do something first, lay back and place your right foot out.”

I knew what he wanted, so I shuffled around, placed my foot on the pavement laid on my back and Paul knelt down licking my clit as my head rested. I felt his fingers working my wet hole and I guess his thumb working my asshole. I don’t know what it is, but just the fact of doing this here, in the parking lot, with the door open, and the dome light on lighting up the inside of the car, I have to tell you was mind boggling. I love being eaten like this, and to be fingered fucked at the same time. But here, right out side in the open, it made everything much more exciting. I mean really exciting. I had to do my part and let Paul know how much I enjoyed all of this. I knew he wanted to hear me moan with pleasure. For that matter it was only natural.

But I wanted to be loud, I started in “That’s it baby, lick me, baby, Oh Yea baby right there.” The more I spoke to Paul the more excited he got, I knew if I took it up a little higher he would really like it and besides I was getting close. “OH SHIT PAUL, FUCK ME BABY, FINGER ME HARDER, LICK IT OH HONEY, SUCK IT OF FUCK, OH FUCK I’M CLOSE BABY, I’M SO FUCKING CLOSE, HARDER, HARDER, OH, OH, OHHHHH…NO, GOD DAMIT, COME BACK, I AIN’T COME YET, COME BACK.”

My cunt ached to climax, I was there, and I was ready. He pulled away just as I was there, I was going to explode, and he stopped and pulled back. Well I am sure you know what I did, I went for it myself. I started rubbing when Paul grabbed my wrist and pulled me up he said “Oh not yet baby doll, I just wanted to get your motor started.” I looked at him mad as hell I said, “started, started, I’m more than started, I have to cum.” You know what that son of a bitch did then, he laughed, and he pulled me to my feet and laughed as he pulled me to him. We kissed and I worked his half-hard cock. I needed him; I needed my hand I needed anything to get me off. He broke the kiss and said “Don’t you worry one little bit Linda, there is so much cock inside this place you are going to get fucked as much as you can take” I looked him in the eye and said. “You have no idea how much I can take, I can go all night with the right man.”

“Or men” he added. I then said, “Yea, with the right men, come on let’s get inside.”

As we walked Paul explained the club; he told me it was a swingers club. We have to go in as a couple, and they let in 15 single men for every 40 couples. He told me that the door fee is a club membership and as a club member we agree to be nice to everyone. How nice is up to every person, as we turned the corner I saw a line of men standing waiting to get inside. The boys all whistled as we walked past them. As we walked to the door, I felt Paul’s hand touch my ass and he pulled up the back of my short micro skirt. He showed the whole line of men as we walked past that I was naked and ready it. Of course the line went wild, I heard “Nice ass baby,”

“I got something to plug that with,”

“come here baby, I got a big one for you.” There were all kinds of things being said I also heard “Oh baby, let me eat that for you”, “come here and suck my dick bitch”

“I’ll be in there shortly, keep it hot for me baby.” I expected Paul drop the back of my skirt quickly but he just held the back of it up so high I could feel the air right on the top of my ass cheeks. Paul did let it go back down as we approached the door. That brought even more catcalls.

As we walked to the front door I saw all kinds of signs. One said XXX Sports/Sex bar. Another said Watch the game; all drinks half price during the game. Another said; No one under 21 allowed (except girls that is. they have to be 18) another said “private club, members only.” The closer I got the more signs I saw. “X-rated Hard-core Adult Sex Films Inside”

“X-rated Hard-core Adult Fun Inside Must Be Member to enter Club Property.” I said to myself “My God, this is exactly the kind of place always wanted to go into” I saw other signs that said they had X-rated toys, Private X-rated Video Booths, and much more. We walked in the front door and it was a small room with a huge sign. “Membership required beyond these doors, clothing optional for club members” Paul said to the big lady sitting there “Hi Peg, I brought a friend to see your place” Peg gave me a good look over and asked Paul “Is she a pro?” Paul said “Oh no, she is with me, and is crazy for sex.” Peg said, “Well, have her read and sign the club rules and have her initial every box. If you boys come to watch the aydın escort game; the Cowboys are getting their ass’s kicked.”

She handed me a clipboard I looked at it and it said that by my signing the form I agreed to abide by the club rules and failure to do so would cause me to loose my member ship and I would forfeit my club dues for the year. I turned to Peg and asked, “Just what are the club dues anyway?” Paul laughed and said “$1.00 for women, and $12.00 for the men” Peg then said “Hey we have to be 100% legal, that way as a private club, we don’t have to worry about violating the public decency laws.” I read and initialed each sentence.

The first one said; I agree not to break any drug laws of this State. I agree not to bring harm to any of my fellow club members. I agree that no means no. I agree not to force anyone to do what I want. I agree not to speak of what happens in the clubhouse to non-club members. I will not ask for or take any money from another club member. I agree to the privacy of my fellow club members. I agree that what I do or see done here is between my fellow club members and myself. I agree to obey every law in this State pertaining to public decency. I realize that this club is not open to the public and is not subject to the public decency laws.

I read and initialed every line then signed it at the bottom. Paul handed Peg a dollar for the annual dues when two men walked out of the club entrance door by us. I heard one man say to the other. I went through several changes all in micro fraction of a second. I was embarrassed; I was so fucking turned on and hot, I just had to fuck a man as soon as I possible. I needed it so bad that my tummy hurt. One man called the other Eddie and he said “We don’t have to rush off Ed, we can stay awhile I want to get to know this little Darlin here.” Paul said, “lets all go in and you can buy the first round.” Peg said, you boys go inside, I’m going to give our new member a tour of the place. She buzzed the door and we all went inside. Peg told me she wanted to show me the place since it was my first time. I could hear Eddie tell Billy Paul and his partner.

“If I know Peggy, she is going to get eaten out but real good.” When we walked in I saw a nice big bar to my left and a lot of tables and guys sitting and drinking. I received a lot of catcalls and whistles. I saw three waitresses in there mid 20’s walking around taking and placing orders. They wore bright blue chaps, with a skimpy push-up bra that had openings for their red protruding nipples. They also wore white cowgirl hats. They all looked like first-rate models and sexy as hell. The first thing Peg said was “Don’t mind the boys Darlin, any woman that walks through the door they think will run over to them and jump their bones. Ignore them they won’t harm you, and remember dear, all you have to do it say no and if they don’t stop, out the door they go, I don’t put up with any shit here.

She walked me around showing me first a small theater that held about 20 theater seats. She said “some of the guys will just come in, get some food, watch the game or a movie or two, then get back on the road or the locals go back home. Once in a while some guy my get brave and suck off another guy while he watches the show in the X-rated Theater. Trouble is most of the guys coming in here are straight. Oh they will go use a Glory hole I guess it is OK to get a blowjob from another guy just as long as they can’t see who it is. Maybe they think it is a knock out girl like you sucking their cock.” I didn’t want to admit to her that I knew what those where so I played dumb I asked her, “What are Glory Holes?”

Peg said “I’ll show you when we get to our small the video booth room.” Then Peg took me back into the main bar room and threw some heavy red curtains into a poolroom that had three big pool tables. “Some guys just come into to watch the sports stuff, like tonight the Monday night Football. Some come here watch dirty movies, play pool, or play pinball. Others come to relax and just kill time between loads.” (Pointing to the TV’s on the wall showing the Monday night football game.) She then took me into the “Video booth room.” It was packed with men, she took me right past them, and as we walked, I had hands all over my ass. She found a booth with a green light on and said, “When there is a green light it means the door is not locked. Just because it is not locked will not mean it is empty; it just means you can open the door if you want, and if it is empty you can watch a sex movies in private. Of course if the door is not locked and there is a person inside it means you are welcome to join them in the booth while they or you watch and share the movie. She walked in and a guy was standing there. She said “are you going to watch a movie or not, I want to show this little Darlin how it works.” He did not say anything and walked quickly by us.

Peg closed and showed me how to lock the door. She dropped in a coin or something and the screen lit up. She showed me how to change the channels. Then she pointed to the three walls. She said, “See those holes in the walls?” I said “yes” she said, “those are called “glory holes, the guys will get turned on, get hard and put it through a hole, then another person (they hope a woman) will suck them off. Trouble is, it is very few women that come in here. Most of the women that come in here come in with their lovers wanting sex with others. They watch a sex movie in the theater or in the Video booth area here, they meet others that think like they do and have fun. They come here to meet others

Oh we have a few members like you that can’t get enough, and they will hang around the glory holes, myself I don’t like sucking dick. I prefer to be eaten by a lovely little woman such as your self. I can’t help but hope that you like girls as well as boys now do you?” I was having a hard time breathing; I was so fucking turned on.

I looked at this fat person and as I did she reached down under my short skirt, she went straight for my pussy that felt so on fire. As her fingers touched me I let out a sigh and moved to kiss her. In the dark she fingered me and I humped them hard. I broke the kiss and she pulled back. And lifted up her muumuu dress. She reached down and pulled down then stepped out of her big panties. There was a wooded bench there and she sat down on it opening her legs. I squatted down as she sat because I did not want to get my white stockings or dress dirty. I went straight after what I needed so bad. I had to work at getting to her clit. But once I did, I found a rather large one.

She grabbed the back of my head and held me as she started in. “Eat it cunt, eat my fucking nasty pussy, suck that hole of mine.” I could hear her very clearly; I could hear her over the video machine showing the sex movie. She was louder and the better it felt to her the louder she got. “Oh fuck, what a mouth you have, what a tong, that’s it, that’s it, now suck it, yea, oh fuck yea, suck it.” I moved my hand up to insert a finger into her the way I like. “Oh yea, OH YEA, THAT’S IT, OH FUCK OH BABY, KEEP IT UP, YEA RIGHT THERE, EAT IT, EAT IT YOU FUCKING BITCH, EAT THAT PUSSY. I reached down and with my other hand I started in on my slimy cum filled pussy. I started working my clit and the hotter that Peg got, the better it made me feel.

I felt Peg grab my head with both hands and she pulled me into her cunt hard. “NOW YOU FUCKING BITCH, NOW, OH FUCK I’M COMING, I’M COMING” I heard her, I heard the word, and I rocked on my hand as I squatted there eating her. She slowly eased the pressure on my head and it was apparent that she experienced a great climax. I kept licking her clit and her hole in between sliding my fingers in and out of her hot hole. I don’t know how long it was before she finely took the side of my head and pulled me up as she stood. She kissed me and said, “I was right you do love to eat pussy, and you are one of the best. We better get out of here, or you won’t get out of here at all, come on.”

Peg put her panties back on and we unlocked the door and walked out. They’re where so many men standing there it was hard to walk past them. When I did they had their hands all over me. I wanted to stop and fuck every last man there, but Peg had my hand pulling me out. We got out and Peg said, “go back in there at your own risk doll, if I was you I would grab Paul first. I have one more room to show you” We walked back into the main bar and to another set of heavy drapes these where blue. “This is the Pin Ball room.” I looked around and saw two booths, and four pinball machines back to back, and all four where being played.

The machines where all X-rated and spouted off a lot of sexual stuff when the balls hit different things. It also had 3 TV’s up in the corners all showing adult X-rated sex films (and they are very hard core sex.) Complete with sound, but I could not understand anything because it was so noisy. We walked out into the bar and Peg said, “Oh shit, how could I forget the toy room?” she said “come here I have got a toy room for you to see.” We walked through a set of saloon type doors into a small retail section that had every filthy thing a person could imagine. Rubber dicks of every shape and size, Books magazines along with Videotapes. Peg said “Honey, if you see anything in here you want, it is yours, Hey Betty, this is.. Linda isn’t it Hon?” I said “Yes, Linda” Peg said “this is Linda, she gets anything she wants on the house, and she loves pussy, so don’t be surprised to find her between your legs later. Well, come on Hon, your boys are probably sick with worry that I won’t bring you back to them.”

We walked back into the bar area over to the boys. Peg said, “OK honey, have fun, and do not take any money. You take money, then you are a hooker, and hookers are not allowed in here.” I said “Oh, don’t worry, I am only here with Paul.” That is when Paul took my hand and I sat down. He ordered a beer and asked me what I wanted I told him I only wanted club soda. We got our drinks and he asked the bartender the name of the movie showing in the theater. He said, “I think the first one is “Nasty Lady” and the second on is “Slut can’t get enough” There is a better selection in the booths” Paul said Thanks, why don’t we go into the Pinball room, I have a plan. You boys game?” The other guys all chimed “sure” we got up and went into the dark room.

Paul found that one of the two booths was empty. He put his beer down and told Billy to play a pinball game. Billy found one free and started to play. Paul whispered into my ear and said “OK Darlin, it is time for some action, go over there, kneel down unzip Billy’s pants and suck his cock. That will start things off when the guys see a piece of ass like you giving head, you are going to be so full of cum, your eyes are going to float. I got up, I was scared, and excited I was nervous and on top of all that, I had to stop myself from running over to him and ripping down his zipper.

I knew that every eye in that room was on me as I went over to Billy and got between him and the machine. I did not want to kneel on my white stockings so I squatted down. When I did that, I know all the men even as dark as it was in the room could see up my legs covered in my white stockings right up to my crotch and see my hand rubbing my clit. Billy was hard and I went to work, He took my head and started fucking my face, I swallowed so his cock would go down my throat. I took his cock al the way in. I felt his groin hair all around my chin and mouth.

Billy really went at it fucking me. He knew the magic word and when he shot his sperm he said it “Now, cunt, take it all, suck it all, now you cunt, now.” If I had not been locked together with his cock down my throat I would have fallen over as I squatted there and shook, shuddering with a wonderful mind blowing climax. Billy held onto and finely released me and as he pulled his cock out, Paul took my hand and helped me up; he walked me over to our booth and told me to lay back onto the table. I did and as I did, Eddie told his friend “Go for it John get that pussy, you’re going to love it.” I lifted my legs up and back, I felt John’s cock enter and bury into me.

As he did I was already begging him. “Put it in me baby, that’s it slide it in deeper” I felt his cock filling me deep inside as it slid in. I reached down and went to work on my clit. I started to get louder as he fucked me. “Oh God, Oh Fuck, Oh Fuck, Give it to me, Fuuuucccckkkk me, Oh fuuuccckkkk mmmmmeeeee” I shoved back at him fucking his cock for every inch he had. It was nasty as hell, I began grunting, and moaning, he was huffing and puffing. I kept building and building. “Oh God, Give it to me, Fuuuucccckkkk me, Oh fuuuccckkkk mmmmmeeeee Harder, faster. I love your cock, it is so fucking big, it is so fucking hard, so fucking goooooood, give it to meeeee baby, give it to meeeee.”

“ I felt his cock pulse inside of me, I felt my mind explode because I knew I just fucked him so good he was shooting deep inside of my cunt. I clenched at his cock. I was going to milk his cock for every drop of his nectar. I screamed “YES, YES, GIVE IT TO ME, HARDER, HARDER FUCK ME YOU BASTARD. FUCK THIS HOT WHORE SLUT.”

Paul sitting in the booth next to me bent over and whispered “Now bitch, Now, cum for daddy, cum baby” I held on for dear life as I wrapped my legs around his waist and climaxed hard as hell. I was not finished climaxing when he pulled out. Then Eddie plugged my open, (and I am sure) gaping hole. Eddie went at it; he reached down and grabbed both my breasts. He worked them as he fucked me. I seem to be lost in my own lust. I was still coming down from my own climax and here Eddie was starting me in all over again. I wrapped my legs around him and pulled him into me as hard and as deep as I could. I started in all over again “Oh Eddie, Oh Baby, Fuck with that huge cock of yours, Give it to me baby, Fuuuucccckkkk me harder baby, Oh fuuuccckkkk mmmmmeeeee” I shoved back at him fucking his cock for every inch he had. All I could think of and all I wanted was his cock to explode inside of me. I began grunting, and was moaning he was fucking me hard, real hard. I kept building and building. “Oh God, Give it to me, Fuuuucccckkkk me, Oh fuuuccckkkk mmmmmeeeee Harder, faster. I love your cock, it is so fucking big, it is so fucking hard, so fucking goooooood, give it to meeeee baby, give it to meeeee.”

I felt his cock shoot Paul whispered in my ear again “Cum baby, come for me baby” I felt myself melt into a great climax. I could feel myself flexing my cunt to milk him and to give myself if possible even more pleasure. I was lost in my pleasure as He pulled back from me leaving me with a void only for an instant. Some guy shoved his cock in and was slamming into me calling me filthy names, over and over. All this did was make my own climax continue on and on. When he came Paul bent down and said it again. Only this time I was already climaxing because I never stopped from the last one. All it did was make it go on and on, my mind had only one thought and it was pleasure, pure pleasure.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32