My First Time Bi

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My Girlfriend recently asked me about any gay/bisexual experiences I had and I never really fully answered her question. We were in bed at the time and I was easily distracted. Rather than bring the subject up again, I thought I’d post it on here and send her the link…..

It was twenty years ago now, I was seeing a girl by the name of Sarah, who was, arguably, more sexually mature than I was at that age and she led me into trying a whole range of new experiences, maybe I’ll write about those one day too. Anyhow, she’d told me that she was bi curious on a number of occasions and when she brought up the subject of a threesome, I naturally assumed that she meant with another girl. It never occurred to me that she quite liked putting things in me – fingers, vibrators etc, or that I had made no secret of the fact that I quite liked her doing it. A week or so went past since she mentioned the threesome and I had kind of let it slip my mind, so when she invited me to her house one damp April Friday evening, I didn’t give it any more thought.

Friday afternoon soon came around and I was getting close to packing up at work for the day, when Sarah called me up.

“Hi, just wanted to speak to you before tonight, I’ve, erm, invited someone else, hope you don’t mind?”

My mind went straight back to the threesome conversation.

“Of course not,” I replied, trying to hide my excitement, “why should I mind?”

“Excellent, see you at about seven then?”

“Yep, see you then!” I closed the mobile down and became very aware that my cock was getting very hard in my trousers. It was only just gone four. I packed up and left the office before driving the half an hour home. I showered and changed and ate a snack, killing time before heading over to Sarah’s house.

Sarah’s house was much older than mine and she had a log fire in the living room, I could smell the fire as I walked to her front gate. It was cold, grey and damp outside and the thought of a real fire burning was really something to look forward to. I pressed the doorbell and waited for her to answer. She opened the door, I could see her cheeks were flushed beneath her specs, either she was excited or she’d already had a drink. She stood aside and let me enter, before closing the door behind me. I followed her down the short hallway to the living room at the back of the house. Her dark curly hair bouncing with each bare footed step. She wore tight blue jeans and a thin white vest top, I could see that there was nothing under her top, but the pantie line was clearly visible beneath the taut denim.

“Come through.” She called, “there’s someone I want you to meet.”

I followed her into the living room and sitting there on the sofa was………………. Paul. A guy. Not a girl in any way, shape or form.

“Oh, er, hi.” I said, slightly taken aback, “Leigh.” I offered my outstretched hand for him to shake.

I sat down on the sofa ofise gelen escort and we exchanged small talk and pleasantries for about half an hour while we all had a few drinks. I still wasn’t sure what was going on at this stage, whether we were just going to spend the evening drinking and chatting or whether Sarah was going to make use of both of us. It still hadn’t occurred to me that Paul might be anything other than completely straight. We all got on well, chatting and laughing, Paul was a nice enough guy, probably a year or two younger than Sarah and I, tall and slim with short blonde hair and blue eyes. His t-shirt was a little tight, but other than that, just looked like a regular guy. Another half an hour or so passed and we were all feeling a little merry. I had to use the bathroom so excused myself and left the room for a few minutes. When I came back, Sarah and Paul were busy kissing each other hungrily and her vest top was already on the floor.

“It’s started then?” I asked, quite surprised.

“Don’t be silly, come and sit down.” Sarah told me, positioning herself so that she was sitting between us.

“If you don’t like it any time, just say stop and we all stop, OK?” She asked both of us.

“OK!” Paul and I replied in unison.

“Good, now, let’s have fun!” She replied, her mouth on mine.

We took it slowly to begin with, she kissed both of us in turn and we busied ourselves fondling her pert, C cup breasts, tweaking nipples and licking and sucking her firm flesh. She broke the kiss she was enjoying with Paul and stood up in front of us. Her eyes closed as she unbuttoned her jeans before sliding them down over her hips. The white knickers followed and she was stood before us, naked, hands on hips, the dark thatch of her pubic hair standing proud at her groin (well, it was the early nineties!)

“OK boys, now it’s your turn.” She purred.

We exchanged glances and then, with rather less confidence, stripped for her. I glanced over at Paul and was pleased to see that he wasn’t quite as big as me down there, although his cock was every bit as hard as my own. His blonde body hair looked soft and downy and I noted that his balls were clean shaved. Sarah had us sit down again and she sat between us, taking a cock in each hand as she placed herself on the sofa. I took her nipple in my mouth and flicked it with my tongue as I saw Paul’s hand snake between her thighs, his fingers slipping into her moist pussy. I could smell her arousal as he masturbated her and I knew she’d be very wet by now. Low moans escaped her lips as she kept stroking our hard cocks until she could obviously stand no more. She got up and placed her feet either side of Paul’s, reaching down, she grasped his cock by the base and guided the tip to her soaking entrance. I watched transfixed as she sank down on his member, taking him all the way to the otele gelen escort hilt.

“Leigh, come and lick me.” She moaned as she slowly rode his cock.

I knelt between their legs and she leant back, exposing herself to me. I stared for a moment or two, I had watched porn before, of course, but I had never actually seen two people fucking live before. I bent forward and my tongue soon found her sticky clit, licking hungrily as she impaled herself on his slender cock. I kept licking her, grinding my tongue against her sensitive flesh until she came, noisily, her cum soaking his balls, her pussy squelching as she forced him deeper inside her. As her orgasm subsided, she continued to ride him, raising herself high, so that just the tip remained inside her, before lowering herself again, slowly. She repeated this a few times until she lifted a little higher and his cock popped out of her. And pointed straight at me. My head jerked back a little, I had never been this close to another man’s cock before and now there was one looking right at me, pulsing, coated in my girlfriend’s fresh cum.

Sarah held it by the base and pointed it at my face, I looked up to see her smiling, her tongue came out in a silent command that I should do the same. Without thinking, I slid my tongue between my lips and she placed the head of his cock on it. OK, now I had touched another man’s cock with my tongue, too weird, I pulled my tongue away.

“Please,” she pleaded, “I want to see you lick it”

I had come this far, so I reached out with my tongue again and let her wipe his cock across it. He tasted of her, so how bad could it be? She lifted his cock upright and beckoned me to lick the underside. Hesitantly I moved closer and stuck out my tongue again, this time licking him all the way from base to tip, savouring the sweet, musky tang of her secretions.

“Now, open your mouth.” She whispered “I want to see you suck it”

It was like I was in some kind of trance, unable to resist and my own throbbing cock gave away the fact that I was hugely turned on. I slowly opened my mouth, simultaneously closing my eyes as Sarah guided his cock to me. I felt it touch, the spongy flesh of his head first, then I felt a hand on the back of my head as the rigid tube of flesh slipped between my lips. I could feel every ridge, every vein as I took his cock into my mouth. I could hear him moan as my tongue encircled his shaft.

“That’s it, my god this is so hot, suck his cock for me.” I heard Sarah say, in a very low tone.

She was still guiding me at this point, using her hand to guide my head up and down, urging me to take him deeper as I sucked him.

“You carry on like that” She said softly.

I looked up and she was gone, now I was looking at Paul, his eyes closed either in ecstasy or embarrassment, I couldn’t be sure which. I focussed on the feeling sincan escort of his hard cock in my mouth, it felt strange, hard yet soft, hot, with a soft pulse echoing his heartbeat. I looked to my left and Sarah was watching intently, her fingers buried deep inside her gooey slit as she watched me give my first blow job. I took hold of the base of his cock and gently wanked him in time with my bobbing mouth. I could taste something salty on my tongue, a hot, slimy substance which I guess was pre-cum, it had a sweetness to it and wasn’t at all unpleasant. Sarah finger fucked herself to another orgasm as I continued learning how to suck cock then she returned to us and asked me to lay on the carpet.

As I lay on my back, Paul joined us on the floor, kneeling by my waist.

“That looks painful, let me take care of it for you.” He said, far too confidently for it to have been his first time.

He grasped my achingly hard cock and slid his hand up and down the shaft a few times before taking me in his mouth. His hot, wet, experienced mouth. He gave me two short strokes before taking me all the way into his throat, the fingers of his right hand teasing my balls as he did so. I had only experienced deep throat once before and the pleasure was intense, it felt as though his throat was milking me and I couldn’t believe how long he held me there for. Meanwhile, Sarah placed her feet either side of my head and slowly lowered herself onto my waiting mouth. She ground her pussy onto my face, letting my tongue slide deep inside her, then she’d move forward slightly and my tongue would penetrate the tight bitter entrance to her anus. I felt as though I would cum at any moment, my senses full of the taste and smell of female arousal and the incredible sensation of having my cock sucked so deeply. I felt Paul’s position change and then my cock was being engulfed by something else. Something hot, moist and very tight. He was impaling himself on me. My cock was going inside a guy’s arse. If Sarah’s wet pussy hadn’t been there for me to focus on, I would probably have freaked out at that point. He fucked me slowly and deeply, or did I fuck him? I didn’t really do much, I lay there and let him get fucked by my cock. Sarah moaned and groaned, forcing herself harder onto my face as she came before clambering off and allowing me to see what was being done to my body. Paul was sitting facing me, his cock bobbing up and down as he fucked himself with my cock. His back arched, eyes screwed shut as he fucked me harder and harder.

Sarah grabbed his cock and wanked him as he rode me, I felt his arse clench around my cock, his breathing came harder and then his cock erupted in her hand, showering my stomach and chest with his sticky load. I stopped myself from freaking out again and closed my eyes to concentrate on the feelings of pleasure pulsating from my groin.

“That’s it, cum for us now, I want you to cum inside him.” Sarah was whispering in my ear.

Paul was still bouncing on me, his tight anus clenching my cock, I couldn’t hold it in any longer, I knew I was going to cum, I knew I was going to cum in another man’s arse and there was nothing I could do about it. Then I exploded, cumming hard deep in his rectum, my balls emptying as he used his internal muscles to milk me dry.

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