My First “Girlfriend”

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All characters are over the age of 18, based on actual events names and locations have been changed. Pardon any spelling, grammatical or any other mistakes. I am not a writer, I just want to share some things that have happened in my life. Similarities to any other story are purely coincidental.


In high school I was part of the nerds and geeks clique, or rather should I say, placed there. I was shy and aiming high. I was what would be the bottom of social highschool “classes” but desired a cheerleader. Where even some of my geek friends had gotten laid, I left high school with my virginity intact. Now out of high school and unsure what to do with my life, I decided to get a job for the summer. Being cooped up in my room playing video games and masturbating to free webcam girls wasn’t all that I thought it would be.

After submitting several applications, I eventually got a call back from Home Electronics Retailer. After going through the interviews, I was offered a position in the appliances department which was one of the most sought after positions in the store, not only did you get paid a regular hourly wage, but you received a commission as well. In my mind, that was great, the problem was I was still very socially awkward. At 240lbs and looking like a dork, I wasn’t exactly salesmen material. The first few months did not go very well, I was barely making any sales so my paychecks, although good, were far from what they could be.

One rainy August day, I got a lucky break when the representative for the housing authority of the local county showed up asking questions. I was the only one there so I did the best I could. I was somewhat familiar with everything the housing the county provided was cheap. Knowing that I showed him the cheapest appliances we had and gave him a quote for thirty-five fridges and twelve stoves. He said he would be back after checking with our competitors. My heart dropped as I watched him leave, I did not think I would ever see him again nor ever have the opportunity to make such a large commission.

With the rain, the store was barren, so I went back and sulked on my lost sale. An hour and a half after the housing authority guy had left, I got a page from the front desk. I walked over and Dee, the sales manager, was smiling as I walked up to her and handed me a copy of my quote with the purchase and delivery endorsement printed on it. She congratulated me and gave me a high five. I walked back to my desk and made some calculations and concluded that after-tax I would have around $3500 extra on top of my regular paycheck.

I was making big plans, thinking of how many camgirl credits I could buy and what new video games were on the market. On my way home that night, I deterred myself from my regular route home search for a new sub shop I’d heard about and wanted to try it. I was a bit skeptical at first when the GPS took me to what I thought was a run-down part of town. As I pulled up, the old run-down businesses had gotten a facelift and looked more appealing. I parked my car and ordered a Philly cheesesteak, I took a seat by the window, still contemplating what I was going to do with the money. The waitress brought me my Philly, and I sat in silence eating my food. As I looked at the new buildings my gaze shifted to the top of the hill where I saw a pink neon sign that read “The Top.”

As I was finishing my Philly the waitress came over and asked if I wanted anything else. I took the opportunity and asked about the sign. She proceeded to tell me it was a strip club that had been there for years. I had not heard about it, so I went home and did some research. All I could find on it was hours of operation and a picture of the pink neon sign. My research led me to articles on how to get extra from a stripper and how to take one home for the night. My excitement ran wild, everything I read sounded so simple. My plans shifted from blowing my money on cam girls to going to see a live naked woman with the possibility of getting some physical contact.

Over the next few days I read and reread all the information I could find on getting extras from a stripper. That week went by so slow, I had previously asked for Friday off in anticipation of my plans. Friday morning I woke up logged into my bank account, sure enough, my balance was about four thousand eight hundred dollars, more than I was expecting. As soon as the bank opened I deposited half to my parents account and withdrew one thousand dollars, making sure a hundred of that was in one-dollar bills with the rest in hundreds and twenties. I had decided to go before it got dark, I was hoping to beat the weekend crowd as it would be safer. That afternoon I took a shower put on my white cargo shorts and a black polo shirt. Around five o’clock I pulled up to the sub restaurant and got a sub, I sat in the same spot and contemplated whether or not I was going to go through with it.

I finished eating, got in my car and took a deep breath. I sat there a few more minutes gathering up my courage. I took most of my money and locked in my pendik escort glove box only taking a hundred singles and sixty in the twenties. I drove slowly up the hill. Once I had reached the top of said hill, I noticed that the club was surrounded by an eight-foot concrete wall covered in kudzu making it hard to see from below. There was a big sign on the door that read “Parking and entrance in the back.” I drove around and parked my car as close to the door as I could. There were only four other cars there and no one at the door. I was expecting bouncer and security but there were none. As I got out of the car, I started hearing some music. As I walked in, I was in awe with the glow of different items and decor due to the blacklight as well as strobe lights and other different lighting fixtures.

A woman came up and hugged me out of nowhere while kissing me on the cheek. She was about five foot, blond hair, and a little thick around the waist. She had somewhat of a muffin top and a thick southern accent. She said “Hi Baby! I haven’t seen you around here before?” I told her it was my first time there. She said ” Normally there’s a cover fee but since it’s your first time don’t worry about it, however, there is a one-drink minimum.” I told her I just wanted a soda. She then said “I’ll get that for you. why don’t you go have a seat and I’ll bring it to you.” I saw a table back in the dark corner of the room and took a seat. Two girls in what looked like white bikinis were talking at the bar. Other than them, the club was deserted.

I could not help to stare at the girls at the bar. They were the closest I’ve been to an almost naked woman that was not on a computer screen. After a few minutes the lady that had greeted me came back with my soda in hand. She placed a small napkin down and the soda on top. She said “That be four dollars hun.” I pulled a twenty and gave it to her. She said “I’ll be back with your change. ” I told her just to keep it. She thanked me then leaned down to hug me but being seated, what she did was bury my face between her tits. I must admit she smelled good. Her boobs were large and soft and gave me an instant hardon. She took a seat next to me and we engaged in small talk. How are you, where are you from, etc.

While talking to her, I kept staring at the girls which she noticed. She said ” want me to get one of them? ” I asked if those were the only girls around. She responded, “Some are still in the back. We usually have about ten girls, twenty on weekends.” Just as she finished telling me, the DJ paged her to the back. Not long after she left, a girl walked around the corner and made her way to me. She was about five-nine with heels and resembled Debra Messing except her breasts were a bit bigger maybe D’s and her black hair was long, running halfway down her back. I watched her walk towards me on four-inch heels she was wearing a red, white, blue bikini top, and matching bottoms. Her hips swaying side to side with some degree of exaggeration. She took the seat next to me and said “Sunny sent me to keep you company, I’m Winter,” as she extended her hand. I met her halfway and told her it was nice to meet her.

We chit chatted as she asked the same questions Sunny, the bartender, had asked. After fifteen minutes, the music changed from rock n roll to hip hop. A couple of more girls came out, and two guys came in and sat at the bar. The DJ introduced Autumn to the stage. She was petite with small breasts and short blond hair. She was wearing a pair of black boy short panties with a pink thong peeking through the top, and a garter about midway up her thigh. Her breasts were covered by a strapless white bra that looked like a bandaged laying flat against her chest. She started dancing her routine to the rhythm of the music. One of the men walked to the edge of the bar, beckoning the girl waving a crisp dollar bill.

Autumn not missing a beat started dancing towards him. She stuck out the leg with the garter and the guy slid the bill between garter and her tight. She turned around and bent over swaying her hips in front of the guy. She then reached back hooking her thumbs around her black boy shorts and wiggled out of them exposing her thong covered ass to the guy. She reached back again and spanked her ass, turning her head to the side and looking back at the guy. The guy said something and went back to the bar Autumn blew him a kiss and went back to dancing. I watched in silence, almost forgetting Winter was there. I asked Winter if she would tip her for me, she nodded. I reached in my pocket and gave her a couple of dollar bills. Winter got up and walked over to the stage and tipped Autumn this time though she took off her top exposing her small breast. She squatted down and kissed Winter while Winter reached back and spanked her ass cheek.

Winter walked back, winking in my direction. Instead of sitting back in the chair she came over and sat on my lap. She smelled like cucumber-melon lotion, and her skin was soft and smooth. Instinctively, I wrapped my arm around her waist, rested my hand on her maltepe escort upper thigh. She said giggling “The more you tip girls the more they take off, it does not take much to get us butt naked.” She tousled my hair and whispered “you’re pretty cute, you know?” I smiled and asked if she would tip her again for me. I reached in my pocket and pulled out a couple of more dollar bills. I gave them to Winter, she kissed my cheek and walked up to the stage. Of course I watched her ass every step of the way.

As Winter walked away, Sunny came up to me. “How are you liking it, Baby?” she inquired. I told her it was getting better by the minute. “Would you like anything else to drink a beer or a shot?” she asked. I told her I didn’t drink. Winter came back. I wasn’t expecting her to come back to my lap but she did. She sat back down on my lap and I wrapped my arm around her. I asked if she wanted something to drink. She said “Sure I’ll have a bud light and a shot if it’s ok?” I told her no problem, and Sunny went to the bar, got her drinks and quickly returned. “That will be twelve dollars, babe” she said. I gave her a twenty from my wallet like before and told her to keep the change. She smiled and said “Thank you baby.” I asked if all they did was dance on the stage. Winter and Sunny both started talking but Sunny took over. She said “Oh no baby you can get table dances for ten dollars a song or private dances in the VIP room for fifteen a song or two for twenty-five.”

We talked for a few minutes about the do’s and don’ts of private dances. Winter got called to the stage. Sunny asked “What kind of girls do you like, baby?” I told her if Winter had blond hair she would be my fantasy woman. She said “Ah so you like them blonde with big boobs and big butts.” I nodded in agreement, Autumn, who had just stepped down from the stage, came over to me. She was completely naked holding her clothes in one hand. I missed seeing her take off her thong, since I got caught up talking with Winter and Sunny. Autumn leaned down and gave a kiss and whispered “thank you for the tip baby.” Winter must have told her the tip was from me. Sunny spanked Autumn and said “Hey, honey, can you tell Summer to come here for me?” Autumn responded “Sure thing, Mama!” I managed to get an eye full of pussy and watched her jiggling butt as she walked away.

Not long after Autumn disappeared around the corner, a blond girl with big breasts and nice wide hips started walking my way. She was wearing a black skirted thong and a black tube top to match. She walked up to us, leaned down and hugged Sunny. She said “Hi I’m Summer.” I waved at her. Sunny said “What do you think baby? Want a private dance?” I nodded and told her I would take two songs. I got the money from my pocket and tried to give it to the girl, but Sunny quickly reached for it and gave the girl two paper tickets. Summer grabbed my hand and led me to the opposite side of the club.

We walked to a blue neon illuminated hallway, there was an emergency exit on the left and two rooms on the right. Between the two rooms was a third room with a real door with a sign that read “do not enter” to me it was a bit odd. Both rooms had red curtains for doors and mirror walls and a chair in the shape of a high heel shoe. From the outside you could not see into the room, but from the inside you could lookout. She took me to the room that was directly in front of the hallway. From inside you could see down the hallway. I was excited with anticipation, but it was short-lived. I was not impressed with her striptease. When we walked in, she took all of her clothes off and spent the rest of the time looking at herself in the mirror and shaking her ass on my face and picking at her teeth. I liked it, but I was expecting so much more. At the end of the last song, she grabbed her clothes and left. I walked out disappointed and ready to go home.

As I entered the main floor Winter was there. “How was it?” she said. I told her what happened and she said ” yeah she’s like that. If you want to get a couple of dances with me I bet I can do a little better.” I was not sure if it was worth the trouble after what had just happened, but being so agreeable I said “alright.” I asked if I could go to my car for a sec, she nodded. I went to my car and got two hundred in twenties and went back in.

We walked over to Sunny I gave her twenty-five dollars, and she gave Winter two tickets. We walked back towards the private rooms, but stopped just outside the neon hallway. “Do you have twenty bucks?” she whispered in my ear. I nodded and got my wallet out. After I gave her the twenty, she went over to the DJ and gave it to him. She walked back and grabbed my hand, we walked to the rooms. She, however, open the door with the “do not enter” sign.” Inside was a similar setup to the other rooms, except this one, had a love seat inside, she locked the door and I took a seat.

She began to sway her hips left and right to the beat of the music slowly removing her bikini top. She then straddled my legs and slid her breast from kartal escort my chest up to my head and as her breast reached the height of my lips, she then moved left and right. I parted my lips and felt her nipples slide between them. She did that a couple of times before standing back up. She looked down at me and smiled, then reached down and grabbed both my hands and brought them to her breast. I cupped both of them and rubbed her nipples with my thumbs. She stepped back so that she was just out of my reach.

She swayed her hips and turned around. She pulled on the strings from her bikini bottom and I watched as it fell. My cock was throbbing as my gaze shifted up from the floor. I was expecting to look up and see her bare ass and pussy but was instead greeted by a tiny black thong that just covered her pussy. Her little butthole was peeking from both sides of the tiny string but still covered. I rubbed my cock through my shorts as she reached back and spread her ass. She bent down so that her head was between her legs and winked at me.

She straightened up and walked over to me this time she pushed me back against the seat. She then climbed on top and put one leg on the other side of me. She swayed her hips and lowered and raised herself just above my head. Eventually, she lowered herself enough that her thong covered pussy was rubbing against my lips and nose. I inhaled deeply with every pass. It smelled like pomegranate body spray from Bath and Body Works with a hint of her feminine scent. Not pee by any means but something musky.

What she did next shocked me a bit but to date was the most amazing thing I ever experienced. She stood up straight and pulled her thong down exposing herself to me. She supported herself with one hand while taking her thong off with the other. She once again lowered herself to my face, I could not help but to stick out my tongue and lick her pussy. She quickly stood up and climbed down. She did not look mad but did look surprised. She did not say anything but grabbed my hand guided to her pussy. It was wet. I don’t know if it was natural or if it was from me licking it.

With my hand over her pussy, I moved my fingers around spreading her lips and eventually finding her slit. She moved closer and straddled my left leg, and I began fingering her pussy. She pressed her body against mine and leaned her head over my shoulder. As I fingered her, I rubbed my cock over my shorts with my free hand. Her soft moaning, got louder, and at one point, she started shaking a bit. Her moans made me even harder. Just as I felt my orgasm begin to build up, there was a loud knock on the door. I rubbed harder until I came in my shorts, I stopped fingering her and pulled my hand from between her legs. She whispered in my ear, “Thank you.” As she got up, she quickly slipped back into the swimsuit bottom and top. She grabbed her panties, and as we got out of the room, she handed them to me. She smiled, “You can have those so you can think of me later, I’ll have to sneak you out. I don’t want them to see the mess in your shorts.” She pointed down.

I had a huge spot down my right short leg where I had cum, and a large-stop on my left leg from her juices that had run down my hand onto my shorts. She led me out of the emergency exit. She said ” I’m sorry, but I don’t want to get caught. Come see me again, ok?.” I nodded, and she kissed me again on the cheek. Once in the car, I remembered where my hand had been just moments before. I brought it up to my nose and that musty smell I had smelled from before but a lot stronger. I could not help but lick the fingers I knew had been inside her. It was sweet and a little bitter. It’s hard to describe the scent and taste of a woman. I drove home with her panties on my hand, sniffing them as I drove. When I got home, I used those panties to masturbate, reliving every moment of that short but extremely exciting experience.

Considering I had spent less than two hundred dollars, I was aching to go back. Unfortunately I had to work the late shift and by the time I got out of work the parking lot of the strip club was full. I did not want to go in there with so many people crowding the club. It was almost two weeks later when I got another Friday day off. I called to make sure Winter was there, I recognized the voice on the other side of the phone. It was Sunny. She told me she wasn’t there yet but would be there within a half-hour. I showered and put on some dark clothing hoping the stains would not show on them under the black lights. This time I took more money, I had still almost eighty dollars in ones from last time plus an additional 900 hundred.

I drove up and the parking lot had a few cars but not many. I got there around 5 to my surprise Winter was walking in just as I got there. I was met by Sunny at the door, and she told me it would be ten dollars. I got out the ones and paid her with that. She came around the counter and hugged me. “Good to see you again, hun. What would it be today?” she said. I asked for just a coke again and went to the same seat as last time. She brought me my drink and I gave her a twenty like last time and let her keep the change. She asked “Want me to get a girl for you baby?” I told her I was waiting for Winter. She just smiled, “I’ll send her your way as soon as she is ready.”

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