My First Boyfriend Pt. 01

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After hooking up with my neighbor Jim for some time and being a steady cock to service he moved to Florida to enjoy his retirement and even though I had slowed down my casual hook up’s Jim was a friend with benefits not a boyfriend and I really never thought about getting an actual boyfriend but that all changed one night while out cruising for cock.

I had gone to a local park that was very popular for guys cruising to either suck or get sucked and fuck or get fucked as well as possible 3somes or more. I had been cruising for about 30 minutes when I found my first cock to suck for the night (hoping for more) after sucking this older guy off my search for more began.

Walking around and watching a couple guys playing this guy passes me going the other way and in a low voice says hi just before going by me then says I need sucked. I looked at him and he looked to be a little older than me but very clean cut and well dressed with a polo shirt on and docker pants and penny loafers on. I said sounds like fun, where?

He tells me to follow him and we walked a little bit and then he turned off the main path and headed towards an area surrounded by bushes that concealed us from the main path. As he stopped he turned around and had his cock out which was hard and about 7 inches and average in girth. I was a little nervous as I was thinking he could be a cop until he pulled his cock out.

I walked up to him and got on my knees and grabbed his cock in my hand and slowly pumped it in my hands as I admired his cock. After slowly stroking his cock for a short bit I stuck my tongue out and licked the pee slit that already had signs of pre-cum oozing out (which pre-cum to me always taste sweet and I love it) I licked the head some more then lifted his cock up and licked his balls and slowly opened my mouth and sucked one ball then the other switching back and forth for a little while then licked the under side of his cock before opening my mouth and starting to go down on his cock.

He started with a couple low moans and moving his hips to meet my mouth as I would go down on him. He started talking dirty while I sucked him which just encouraged me to suck more. After about 5 minutes I pulled off his cock and noticed there were 2 guys jerking off while watching us and Brad (as I found out later was his name) tells me we were being watched and I said “GREAT” I love being watched while I suck and get fucked.

Brad sticks his hips back out and tells me to start sucking his cock again which I eagerly do. Brad started basically face fucking me and calling me names and with in a few minutes he blows his load deep down my throat while holding my head tight to his pelvic demanding I swallow his cum.

by this time the 2 that were watching had blown their loads and were walking away. After licking Brad’s cock clean and placing his cock back in his pants then kissing his crotch I stood up. Brad was 5’11 and not out of shape but had a little belly starting and weighing about 220 pounds and had his pelvic area trimmed and not bushy and his balls were smooth.

When I stood up antalya escort Brad thanked me for the blowjob and I said thank you for letting me suck your cock. Brad asked if I was hanging around or if I wanted to go get a drink and chat some. I am always up for sucking more cock but Brad seemed nice so kind of reluctantly (LOL) I said sure we can go for a drink. We ended up at a little corner bar that was pretty quiet and not too busy and Brad bought the first round and we went to a corner table and sat away from the (I guess local regulars as they stared at us when we came in) We started talking about this and that and we found out we were both single and we each lived alone about 30 minutes from each other (I live on the outskirts of town in a national forest while Brad lived in the middle of town. That we had several things in common as far as hobbies and interest which included we both like to golf, hunt, fish and 4 wheelers then the conversation started to lead to sexual activities and interest.

Brad asked me if I was bi or gay and I told him I was gay. Brad said he was also and had no interest in women in almost 10 years. He said I mentioned when sucking him that I like being watched. I said Not sure why but I do get very hard and extremely turned on by others watching me sucking or getting fucked. Brad said it’s a big turn on for him also and he likes talking dirty while playing and kind of like to take control which I replied I love being the submissive or passive partner.

With that he asked if I ever had a boyfriend which I told him about my old neighbor Jim and that we were basically fuck buddies until he moved south but use to suck him off a couple times a week and then it progressed to him fucking me but never played with my cock or did I ever top him and I was basically his fuck toy. Brad then asked if I ever considered a boyfriend. I said I probably wouldn’t make a good boyfriend because I’m always horny and pretty much will drop to my knees at a drop of a hat to suck a cock and if cleaned out behind over to get fucked so I doubt I could b satisfied with just 1 cock.

He then asked me if I were to have a boyfriend what would he be like and I told him, he would be someone that would be the man in the relationship (aggressive or somewhat dominant) and would have no issue using me for his cum dump and would want to share me with other men and likes having sex in risky places and in front of others. With that Brad told me he likes that kind of relationship but he would put his boyfriend in a Chasity device to ensure he couldn’t do anything but maybe suck or get fucked if he wasn’t around.

I said that was an interesting concept as I never wore a cage but found it intriguing so we chatted some more then Brad says all this sex talk got him hard again and needed another blowjob so with that we finished our drinks and went out to our cars (I figured he wanted to go back to the park) as I headed towards mine Brad turns and asked where I was going. I stopped a d said I would follow him back to the park but Brad laughed and said no need just blow me in my car. kepez escort With that I turned and headed for his car. Once inside the car he put his hand on the back of my neck and started pulling me down to his crotch.

I undid his belt and unzipped his pants and pulled is semi hard cock out and started licking the head. I slowly started licking and sucking his cock, it was about 7 Pm but wouldn’t get dark until about 9 as it was summer time. Brad said he would be lasting much longer being I just sucked his load out just a couple hours before and I think I as sucking him for about 10 minutes in the parking lot of the bar we were just in. He didn’t tell me that one of the guys that was in the bar had come out and apparently was parked next to us and which I didn’t see because my face was in in Brads crotch sucking his cock.

The next thing I know Brad says “hey what’s up” and the guy says not much is your friend sucking you? I stopped sucking and looked up and the guy says “whoa you got a dude sucking you. Brad said yeah and he’s really good. The guy says I could use a blowjob to any chance of it? Brad says sure he loves sucking cock. The guy tells Brad he never had a guy suck him off before but needed a blowjob but not in the parking lot. Brad said no problem we can go down to the park near by and the guy said okay, Brad says cool we’ll follow you being he’s gonna keep sucking me until we get there. (while they were talking Brad had pushed my face back down on his cock and had me sucking him while they talked)

We pulled out and I was giving Brad road head while we headed to the park. Just as we pulled in and parked Brad slammed his hips into my face and started blowing his load. He had me lick and clean his cock off as the guy approached us and Brad tells him I was cleaning the cum off his cock and then tells me to put his cock back in his pants which I did and all the guy said was “Damn” We got out of the cars and headed in to the bushes. This guy was older than us I would guess mid 50’s and overweight by about 30 pounds. As we went behind the bushes Brad looks at me and says “okay cocksucker show this man what he’s been missing”

They guy turns around and started to undo his pants when Brad tells him to stop this cock sucking bitch will do that for you and with that I got on my knees and undid his pants and had a hard time pulling his cock out because he was already fully hard and a thick 7 1/2 inches or so. Once I got it out I started licking the head and he flinched a little but let out a low moan. I could smell a musky smell and he was pretty bushy (which I’m not a big fan of but I do love cock) I started sucking him and he became pretty rough as he grabbed my head which the first couple times it made me gag some. With him face fucking me as Brad stood and watched it didn’t take him long before he exploded in my mouth and it surprised me how much of a big cummer he was as I had a really hard time swallowing all of it and some did spill out the side of my mouth and as he started to slow down he said “Dan I never had a blowjob that good” manavgat escort after he stopped cumming he held my head and pulled his cock out with one hand ad rubbed it around my mouth then told me clean my cock faggot and I eagerly obeyed.

Once I was done he tells me to put it back in his pants like I did for my boyfriend. I did as told but did say Brad’s not my boyfriend I just meet him today. He looked at Brad and said damn did you hit the jackpot with this bitch. With that he head back to his car and as I stood up Brad asked how did you like that. I said it was different but loved the way he (Brad) took control. Brad asked if I was hard then grabbed my crotch and tells me to pull it out and jerk off which I only lasted about 3 to 5 minutes as Brad stood there and watched me blow my load (which when alone I cum in my hand and then lick it clean so I did the same thing) Brad called me a cum slut then said I’ll drive you back to your car unless you want to find more cock and cum.

I said I needed to get up early so I’ll head back. Brad and I exchanged cell numbers and then he left. I figured I wouldn’t hear from him again as it seems the norm when hooking up. About 3 days later I get a text ” Brad needs his cock sucked meet me at the park at 7″ Just so happened I was free for the evening and texted him back “sure”. Not knowing what to expect I took a shower and made sure I cleaned out just in case Brad wanted more than just a blowjob. I headed out to the park and pulled into the parking lot and didn’t see Brad so I set there waiting on him. Brad was late but showed up about 20 after 7 and I get out to meet him, We said hi and headed into the park but it wasn’t busy so hardly anyone was around.

Brad is a few feet ahead of me and as we got behind some bushes he turns and tells me to get to work. I dropped to my knees and undid his pants and pulled out his semi hard cock and started licking the head then slowly started sucking his cock. Brad grabbed my head and said I need to nut bad and started face fucking me and within a few minutes he jammed my face to his pelvic and tells me eat my cum bitch. I swallowed what didn’t go down my throat except for a little that came out the s des of my mouth. Once he started going soft he pulled out and said thanks I needed that and I am such a slut for letting him use me the way he did.

I put his cock back in his pants and we headed to the car. That night Brad asked if I would be interested in going on a date and having dinner together and maybe going to a movie or something. I said sure sounds like fun. We set up a date for that Friday and that he would pick me up at 7. This would be the first actual date I ever had with another man and wasn’t sure how things would go. I mean were we going dutch or was he paying the way for the night just as man and women do.

Friday came and I got a text from Brad about 4 asking if we were still on. I said sure. He then said see you at 7 sweetie. I said okay. I showered and cleaned out (just in case) and as 7 approached I was getting more nervous as the minutes passed. Brad showed up at 7 and we shared a kiss before leaving my place and he even opened my door when we got to the car. We kissed again in the car and headed out and drove about 5 minutes when I reached over and started rubbing Brad’s cock thorough his dockers and teasing him.

Part 2 coming soon

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32