My Favorite Obsession

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It was the commencement of my senior year when I genuinely started to fit in. I had close friends, the boyfriend that I always wanted, and the title of Senior Class President. I wasn’t popular, but I definitely had it well compared to most of the kids at my school. All of this started to take a turn when my World History teacher ended up in the hospital. For a while, we would have a different substitute for every day of the week. Then, Mr. Johnson came. He was fresh out of college and very good-looking. I’d constantly catch him staring at me while I did my assignments, but that was the least of my concerns. Mr. Johnson would brush his hand under my skirt while he leaned over my desk and pretended to assist me with my studies. Of course, it turned me on, but my boyfriend was everything to me and it felt wrong, at first. So, one day, I decided to come after school and make sure Mr. Johnson and I were on the same page.

“Mrs. Washington, what can I do for you this evening?” I wanted to tear off all my clothes and show him exactly what he could do.

“I’m here to discuss some of the things that have been going on in class.” Mr. Johnson gets up and sits on his desk with his legs open and both of his hands clasped together in his lap.

“Clare, if anything I’m doing makes you feel uncomfortable, then simply let me know, I just find you very attractive and not like most girls.” I walked closer and laid my books on the closest desk next to me.

“I bet that’s Bahçeşehir Escort what you say to all the girls…” I giggled and he smiled before getting up to stand close to me. I could begin to see the outline of his cock through his pants and it made my pussy tighter. I badly wanted to bend down and suck him off until he couldn’t manage anything but cum. Even though these urges were getting, I wanted to remain strong.

“How about this, I’ll show you how much you mean to me and then you can determine if I’m telling the truth or not.”

Mr. Johnson’s hand started to proceed towards the hem of my skirt and he started to pull. I felt the elastic band slowly move from my hips, down my ass, pass my thighs, and to around my ankles. His other hand was caressing the inner of my left thigh while his lips kissed up and down my leg. I watched and was shocked that this was actually happening. He took my left leg and raised it up, forcing me to knock my books over and to sit on the desk with my legs spread open. It was his own invitation and he was loving every minute of it. He smiled once he discovered how wet my underwear had gotten. His hand moved from supporting my leg to stroking my wet spot, he would press lightly against my clit and send me into a frenzy of anticipation and excitement. Every second, he would press a little harder and stroke a little faster until my head was back and my legs were trembling. He moved my panties over just enough to get to my soaking Beylikdüzü Escort pussy and pushed his two, thick fingers into me slowly.

I prayed that no one would walk through the door, let alone, see us through the little rectangle window. Johnson’s eyes stayed on my body, eyeing me up and down and never looking aside. All of this felt like some dream and I never wanted it to end. He pushed his fingers into me and he had entered in a third finger by this time. I was squealing with delight as his fingers moved fast, travelling in and out of my tight pussy. He bit his lips as he began to rub his fingers back and forth across the roof of my pussy. My toes were curling and my knuckles were aching from squeezing the desk so hard.

“AH…” I let out a moan and he covered my mouth with his lips. They were soft and pure as I had imagined. His tongue entered and it was bliss, I felt nothing but ecstasy. Mr. J pulled his fingers out and licked them before pulling down his pants. I was amazed by what came out. He was average, but very thick in size.

He took his tip and rubbed it across my dripping pussy.

“Do you believe me so far?” He inquired with a big smile as he teased. I felt like I could barely speak, I needed him inside of me and he was taking too long.

“Yes… But please don’t hold back…” My eyes were shut and I felt his tip move in. My lips spread and thus did my pussy. He went in deep the first time, then pulled all the way out. He moved slow but good and I felt like I was going to set off every time he put it on. He saw that I was getting impatient and got to work. He pushed his cock in and out like a jack hammer, not giving me any room to adjust.

“FUCK! Just like that… Just like that!” I screamed, not caring who heard. He felt so good inside of me and I wanted everyone to know. His nails were digging into my thighs as he drove his cock deep into my pussy then back out again.

“Clara, your pussy is so tight baby. God, you’re so sexy in your school girl uniform.

The desk was rocking and its noise and our moans filled the room. Johnson had one hand along the desk and the other holding my right leg. He was in deep and not holding back at all. My hand was on his chest and I was on the edge of cumming. Beads of sweat started to work on both of our faces and I could tell that he was on the edge as well. After a couple of more pumps of his thick cock inside of me, I felt him tighten up and squeeze my leg. A warm rush ran through my body and I could feel my pussy tighten as I reached climax. His cum shot straight into my pussy and my nails dug into his back. We held each other for the longest and embraced the moment. He looked down at me and kissed my forehead before pulling his pants back up. When he was finished, he took my panties off and shoved them into his pocket. I pulled my skirt up and took hold of my books before heading out. As I walked towards the door, Mr. J slapped my ass and said

“I’ll see you tomorrow, cutie.” I couldn’t help but throw him a smile over my shoulder and purposely sway my hips because I knew he was watching me leave.

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