My Boyfriend’s Dad…And Me Ch. 03

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I phoned Jack from work, with the excuse that we were short staffed, and they needed me to stay on and work the afternoon shift. Jack said that he was disappointed, but as it happened, he had lots of paper work that he need to do, so this would give him the opportunity to stay and do it.

I could not believe that I was actually contemplating going through with meeting Dan; my heart was pounding as I left work and headed for home. Then a car beeped and pulled up beside me; it was Dan.

“Hop in.” he said casually. He looked and smelt so damn good.

“Where are we going?” I asked him, when I realised that we were not going back home.

“We’re going someplace where we will not be disturbed,” Dan told me. “I don’t want Dad to suddenly decide to come home early and catch us,” he added.

“You booked us a room in a motel?” I exclaimed in surprise as we pulled up in a motel car park. “You seem very sure of yourself,” I added, “I might not have come, in fact I’m still not sure if…”

Dan interrupted, “Relax, I have a friend who works on the reception desk; she owed me a favour, and got me a room for free, and anyway I am not going to make you do anything you don’t want to. But I do feel that we need to talk about a few things.”

We check in at reception; Dan had booked us in under the original name of ‘Smith’, and I could not believe it when we were assigned to room 69!

I had barely closed the door, before Dan pushed me up against it, kissing me with such passion that it took me by surprise. I gasped as I surrendered; his kisses were hot and intense, pushing his tongue into my mouth, our breathing ragged. His fingers made light work of the buttons on my blouse and my bra was undone in a flash, he broke our kiss and lowered his mouth to first one breast then the other, licking and sucking my nipples. I moaned as I felt the heat inside me rise. Then he was kissing me again, with hot, wet demanding kisses, as one hand pushed up my lycra skirt so that it was bunched up at my waist, and then he began to rub and caress my pussy through the thin fabric of my knickers. Dan groaned as I pushed myself onto his hand, and moaned into his moth as we kissed. It did not take long for the flimsy material of my knickers to be soaking wet. Then two fingers slipped under the elastic and began to rub my pussy; gliding in the wetness that was flowing from me.

“Oh god, you’re so hot…so wet” he moaned, as I felt him push two fingers in.

I found myself rocking and grinding down on his fingers, moaning as I did. His mouth was back on my breasts again, sucking hard on my nipples, as his fingers moved back and forth, his thumb pressing down on my clit. Then with a cry, I came shuddering; I felt myself tightening around his fingers as they moved within me.

I am not sure how it happened, but somewhere between the door and the bed, we both lost our clothes, scattering them on the floor in our wake. Dan moved onto the bed, he lay reclined with two pillows behind him, whilst I knelt to one side of him. I positioned myself so that I was leaning over him, looking down at his beautiful, big and very hard cock. I reached out and slowly stroked it up and down a couple of times; it seemed to swell even more at my touch. Then I teased the head of his cock by flicking my tongue back and forth over and around it causing Dan to moan. Then I took him into my mouth, slowly at first, letting my mouth gently bob up and down, as I took him in inch by inch.

“Oh fuck…” Dan moaned as my hot mouth surrounded his cock.

I felt one of his hands move around the back of my legs, slipping between them, his fingers quickly moved into my hot, wet cunt; I tried to moan but I had a mouthful of cock. Then I began to lick from the tip all the way down his shaft to the base and his balls, which I cupped in my hands, and then gently tolled them. Dan pushed his hips up, and I presumed this to mean that he was close. I took him back into my mouth and relaxed my throat as I deep-throated him as far as I could. Dan jerked erratically and thrust up.

“Oh god!” He came; spurting down my throat, and like a good girl, I swallowed every bit and cleaned him with my tongue. He took his fingers from my pussy and pulled me to him for a deep kiss.

“Fuck, that was so good, who taught you how to do that?” Dan asked; not really expecting me to answer.

“Your dad,” I replied without thinking. Then I put my hand over my mouth in horror when I realised what I had said.

Thankfully Dan laughed. “I must remember to thank him one day,” he said with a glint in his eye.

Like his dad, it did not take Dan long to recover and become hard again. Soon he was on his knees ramming his cock into my cunt, pulling one of my legs over his shoulder as he changed angle; causing him to go deeper. As he thrust, he kissed my ankle and foot, moaning.

“Ohh Kath, you’re so tight…so fucking tight.”

Each of his thrusts set off sparks inside me; I gripped the covers on the bed.

“Dan, Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan harder…fuck me harder,” I gasped. One of my hands parted my pussy lips and my fingers found my clit; I began to rub it in earnest. My body was now moving with Dan’s as he slammed into me harder.

“Oh god Dan, I’m gonna come…oh god..oh fuck..yesssss.” Once again I found myself being consumed by fire as I came hard, my whole body shuddering.

Dan gave me a moment to recover, before he manoeuvred me onto his lap. Slowly I began to move up until just the tip of his cock was touching my pussy lips, before sinking all the way back down. I did this several times as we shared long passionate kisses, our bodies slowly moving together; our soft sighs filling the room. Dan let me for a while take control; I enjoyed the feeling of his cock sliding in and out of me. Then Dan rolled me over so that I was on my back and he was above me; both my legs over his shoulders. He kissed me hungrily and began to thrust harder and deeper, ravaging me with hot desperate kisses, as he sought completion.

He came with a howl, I could feel him go rigid his sperm shooting out deep inside my pussy. He lay there for several moments trying to catch his breath before pulling out, and drawing me into his arms. We just held each other in silence for a long time.

I lost count how many times we had sex that afternoon, sometimes it was hot and frenzied, and some were slow and sensual.

“How long have you and dad been at it?” Dan asked me sometime later. “And is it serious?”

So I explained how it had all started, and how Jack had introduced me to mind blowing sex, I did my best to reassure him that it was just sex that we had, and nothing more.

“What about Cliff?” he asked. “Do you love him?”

That was the question that I had been dreading.

“I did at the beginning when we were first together, but now I realise that I don’t, and things have changed so much, and I don’t know what to do.” I told him honestly.

“You know that he would be devastated if he found out about any of this,” Dan said; he looked very guilty.

“I know, and I really don’t want to hurt him, and I know that I should end it and move out. It is just so hard, but now that I have finished college, I have applied for an apprenticeship/job, in a hair salon in London. If I get it, it will mean moving down to London. I should know in about three weeks. And if I don’t get it, I have a friend who is looking for a third person to share a rented house. Either way I will end it with Cliff then.” I explained.

“It’s probably for the best; if you do that, then you can both get on with your lives.” Dan agreed. Then he added, “But it will also be good for dad and me, as we wont have to sneak about when we want to see you,”

“Doesn’t it bother you that I am having sex with your dad, and now you, when I am meant to be with your brother?”

“I worry about hurting Cliff,” Dan replied, “but there is something about you fucking my dad that is a real turn on…I get hard just thinking about it. Ooh wouldn’t you like to have us both together, think of the fun we could all have!”

I knew as I gazed up into Dan’s dark chocolate brown eyes, that at that moment I would do absolutely anything for him…including having both him and his dad at the same time…but that was never really going to happen…was it?


When Dan and I got back home from the motel, Jack was already there. He gave us weird look as we walked in together. I had a strange feeling that he knew what we had been doing, but he said nothing.

That evening at tea, Cliff had some news; some of his workmates were going on a lad’s holiday to Spain, and due to one of them becoming ill, there was a spare place. However they needed to know if he was able to go with them, within the next couple of hours as they were going to fly out in two days. Cliff asked me if I would mind if he went. Of course I said that he should go, and the rest of his family agreed with me.

Jack offered to take him to the airport, and of course I went along to say goodbye. At lunch, just before we left Jack whispered me a strange request.

“I want you to wear that long gypsy style skirt and top.”

This was definitely unusual, as he normally liked to see me wearing my shortest and most revealing skirts and tops. So that he could grope me when know-one was looking.

However I did as he asked.

We parked the car in the underground car park at the airport, and had just set off when Jack said that he had left something in the glove box, and for us to go on without him, saying that he would catch us up. He joined a little while later at the luggage check in point. As Cliff was being dealt with Jack pulled me to one side and said.

“Go to the ladies toilets and take off your knickers.”

I looked at him in surprise, had he really just said, what I though he said?

“I want you to Bahçeşehir Escort Bayan take off your knickers,” he confirmed, “you’ll find out why once we are back at the car.”

I was intrigued at this, and I slipped away quickly and did as he asked; giving him a nod on my return to say that I had done it. Discretely Jack came and stood behind me, and ran his hand over my skirt covered ass.

“Mmmm, I’m getting hard at the thought, of you with no knickers on,” he pressed into me so that I could feel his hard cock. I shivered and found myself getting wet at the thought of what was coming.

Jack and I went with Cliff as far as we were allowed to, then we said our goodbyes. I gave him a hug and told him to have fun. I knew with almost certainty that I definitely was going to!

As I approached Jack’s car, I could see that all the windows including the front windscreen and the rear window had dark coloured sun blinds covering them.

“What’s going on Jack?” I asked him suspiciously.

He pulled me to him and said, “I want to fuck you, but I don’t want to wait till we get home, so we are going to fuck now, right here in the car!”

He opened the rear passenger door, and indicated for me to get in.

“Oh you have been busy!” I told him, as I moved across the seat to let him next to me. He had moved both the front seats forward so that there was much more space to move about.

Jack laughed and pulled me into a passionate kiss. As we kissed, I ran my hands over the bulge in his trousers, and then I undid them, and found that like me, he wore no underwear. He breathed a sigh of relief as his cock sprang out from its confinement. Jack moaned as my hands played with his cock, stroking it, making it even harder and bigger.

“Suck me.” Jack ordered, his voice sounded husky, and he stretched out his legs.

I managed to get myself onto my knees on the seat next to him, and I leaned over his lap, gave him a quick smile and took him into my mouth. I felt his hands move to my head as I bobbed up and down, letting my teeth gently graze his shaft.

“Mmm that’s it, take it all the way in,” he murmured as I started to deep-throat him. He was already so worked up; I knew it would not be long before he would be coming. And sure enough, after a few minutes of sucking, licking and nibbling, he was squirming, and pushing up into my mouth.

“Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum babe,” he pushed down on my head, forcing his cock even deeper down my throat as he came, shooting his seed down my throat. I kept sucking and swallowing until he had emptied himself.

Then he pulled me up and kissed me hungrily, his hands pushing up my top and fondling my breast. I moaned as he began to suck on my nipples, he alternated between each one, his fingers pinching one whilst he sucked hard on the other. I pressed myself on to him more, moaning with need and desire.

Then he reached down and a hand made its way up my skirt, pushing my legs apart, his fingers made their way into my hot wet centre.

“You’re so fucking wet.”

I moaned and ground down as he slowly moved two fingers in and out of my dripping cunt. I threw my head back, “Oh god…you make me wet Jack.”

Then Jack pulled me up onto his lap, where his cock had once again come to life, and was rock hard. I lowered myself down onto it.

“Mmmm Jack, that feel so good, I love having your big cock in me…Ohh…fuck…yeah”

We kissed as I slowly rode him, enjoying the feel of his cock inside me. After a couple of minutes of going slow, I began to pick up speed, feeling the beginning of my orgasm approaching. As my movements picked up speed, Jack began sucking on my nipples and found my clit. He flicked his finger around it and I began to jerk uncontrollably around his cock.

“Fuck Jack, ohhhh fuck yesssss. I rode him hard and fast now, pushing down onto him, taking him deeper. Then as I came, I could feel myself tightening around his cock, milking it, Jack thrust up into me hard four more times, then he came too, shuddering.

I stayed on Jack’s lap for a while, until his cock softened, and slipped out. We then cleaned ourselves up with the baby wipes and tissues that Jack had conveniently left on the back shelf. Then we set off home feeling very relaxed and happy.

When we walking into the front room, we were greeted by a very serious looking Dan. Apparently Eileen’s younger sister Sue had fallen and broken her leg, and as her husband Ben was working away in Germany, she had phoned to ask Eileen to stay with her and look after her two children, until Ben could get back home.

Half an hour later Jack and Eileen left for the long drive to Sue’s.

“I don’t expect your Dad will be home tonight, as it will be very late by the time we get there. I’ll get him to stay with me overnight, and then leave here early in the morning and go straight to work,” Eileen told us as she hugged Dan goodbye. “I am probably going to be there for four or five days, until Ben is able to get home, so make sure you behave yourselves and look after your dad,” she added.

Once his mum and dad had gone, I headed off to have a shower, as I needed to freshen up. Then as I was feeling horny once again and in the mood to be naughty, I made my way to Dan’s room, and slipped onto his bed and waited for him to come up. He laughed when he saw me there, lying waiting for him, naked on top of his bed.

“You really are a little slut aren’t you?” he said climbing up next to me. He pushed my thighs apart and ran his hand over my mound. I shivered with desire as I saw his cock begin to grow. We kissed.

“Lay on your stomach,” he said breaking our kiss.

I did as he asked; he then began to massage my shoulders, my arms and my back. I could feel myself becoming more and more relaxed, when he began to kiss and nibble my neck, across my shoulder, down my arms and along my back.

“Mmmm that feel wonderful,” I told him.

Dan began to kiss, lick and nibble lower, over my lower back and down to my bottom. As he nibbled and licked my cheeks he rubbed his chin over them; letting the stubble on his chin grazed roughly over them, causing me to moan. He slipped a pillow under my stomach, which raised my bum in the air a little. Using his hands Dan parted my cheeks, and began to lick and nibble around my tight asshole, letting his stubbly chin graze my sensitive skin.

“Oh god Dan, this feels wonderful,” I told him. I could not believe how much this was turning me on. Then Dan flicked his tongue around my hole, curling it slightly and them pushing it, into my ass. He pushed his tongue in and out of my ass as if he was fucking it. I moved my knee and pushed my ass higher into the air, making it easier for Dan to playing with. Dan then moved a hand underneath me, and began to rub around my clit, I found myself getting wetter and wetter as he alternated between tongue fucking my ass and rubbing his stubbly chin on my asshole. I could not believe how this was turning me on so much. I loved the roughness of his chin grazing over my bum and asshole.

“Fuck, you have an amazing arse,” Dan told me huskily, as he grabbed some lube off the side; quickly covering his fingers, then he pushed a finger into my tight hole. “I just love playing with it.”

I moaned and pressed back onto his finger, “Fuck me Dan, fuck my ass,” I begged him.

Quickly he added a second lubed finger, and pushed them in and out, for a few moment before adding a third. He slowly began to finger fucked my ass, pushing his fingers in deep and rotating them. His other fingers were also busy, slipping in and out of my cunt; he was fucking both my holes at the same time. My whole body was now shaking and I cried out as I came, both my pussy and ass clenching around the fingers.

“Oh man…I got to have your arse now!” Dan growled, and he withdrew his fingers from my ass, and then he pressed his lubed cock at my hole and with one big thrust he pushed in all the way. “Oh shit…you’re so tight, so god damn tight!”

I groaned, as it always burns when a cock first pushes into my ass. Dan stayed still for a moment to give me time to adjust to his size and I began to feel my muscles relax. I turned to look over my shoulder at him, and he leaned forward and we kissed as he slowly began to move. Dan used his hands to part my arse cheeks.

“I love watching my cock, disappearing in and out of your arse,” he told me.

I started to match his movements, meeting each of his thrusts as they became faster and deeper, and my breasts swayed with each thrust. He changed angle slightly to find my magic spot, the one that would send me and him over the edge. A few thrusts later and he found it. I arched my back as he pressed down onto it, making sure that he hit with each thrust. My moans became louder, and my legs were shaking.

“Fuck me Dan…oh Dan fuck me hard…harderharder” I chanted over and over again. Then with one final thrust, a white light shot across my eyes and I screamed. My ass clamped down around Dan’s cock and he gave a cry as he came too, shooting his seed deep in my ass. We both collapsed in a heap onto the bed panting, where we stayed curled up together for a long time, in fact Dan fell asleep with his arm draped over my side. I lay there for about half an hour or so, listening to Dan’s rhythmic breathing before I too fell asleep.

It was just after 8 am, when I awoke and found myself alone in Dan’s bed. As I made way to the bathroom I could hear music from the radio in the kitchen. I could also hear Dan talking, but as we were alone, presumed that he was on the phone. After having a shower, I made my way to the kitchen wearing just a towel; there to my surprise was Jack, deep in conversation with Dan. They both turn and looked at me as I walked in, they both had a strange glint in their eyes.

Oh fuck, I was in trouble now!


“I didn’t know you were back,” I said to Jack in surprise, “have you been back long?”

Jack smiled, “Actually I got back in the early hours of this morning. It was too cramped for both me and Eileen to sleep on Sue’s couch, so I headed back here to have a more comfortable sleep in a proper bed.”

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