Mr. d’Cocque

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Author Rigueur Wilbur R. d’Cocque

Some call me Wilbur, some call me Willy, and my middle name is Richard so most of my friends call me Dick. I’m male by persuasion.

There are some things about me that I can’t get into, and my preferences tend to make me straight. I like to date, in fact double-dating is my thing, its fun when I go along with a close friend. Additionally, I’ve never been on a date alone. A friend of mine has always ‘arranged’ my dates. He’ll meet someone and always makes sure that she has a ‘friend’ that might be willing to meet me.

It’s a fact that this friend of mine is selective, but he shares, too. He’ll get her excited and before you know it she may even go down on me. That can be a real treat for me. He’s even arranged for me to get a little on the side — I know,some of you guys are going to say “On the side? It’s been so long since I had any, I didn’t even know they’d moved it.”

He isn’t my only friend. I have another pair of close acquaintances that I hang around with; in fact we’re so close that often we can just hang out. Many times I’ve not even asked şerifali escort them ahead of time and they’ll still cum on a date (they never could spell). One time her panties weren’t even off and they still came with me. Usually though they’ll just hang in the background waiting for their turn.

As I might have said, in a comedy team with my friends, I could be called the straight man or first banana. When we’re rolling, my closest friends and I, we’re real swingers and always like to have a ball, or two.

I don’t dance much, but I have a couple of lady friends who look out for me, and always know what’s going on and where the action is. They’re always cummng and going to balls. When I don’t want to go along, they’ll sometimes stroke my ego. When I’m feeling down, nothing arouses me like being stroked by a pretty gal.

Usually I’m straight, rigidly so. But, after a good balling, I let myself go. I’ll just hang around and see what my friend wants to do. If the gal is still there, I might find myself involved again, but otherwise silivri escort he’ll get me off. He really knows my personality, my spots of interest, and I love praise. When I’m doing well, I don’t need a hand, but if a gal has depressed me a few strokes of my ego can do wonders.

When I’m standing up, I’m not tall, more average or a little above. In a crowd I might stand out. But when I’m in a group I tend to be pushy. Mostly because I’m a quick study, I’ll start by learning the ins and outs of a thing. Even though I tend to push I can still pull my weight. My two closest friends like being coddled, but not me. Don’t get me wrong, I still like a soft cheek, a squeeze, a little or a lot of lip service, and a little on the side. However, I still enjoy being pushy.

What kind of gal do I like? I usually look at lips first. If a gal has a good set of full lips and keeps them moistened, it’s a big plus for me. I especially like a gal who holds her lips together and enjoys a good ride. Internal muscle tone is always worth a couple of extra şirinevler escort points, and I really get off if she can give me a good hug. I don’t like a shallow girl, I much prefer a deep thinker. Also, I know some gals have a lot of hair, and I like long full hair. But many times if she has too much hair in the wrong places my interest will wane. I like her to shave around her lips — smooth yielding lips are where it is for me.

I like her to be passionate and unrestrained. I like an open girl and I want her to be willing to bare herself for me. What if she’s fat or skinny? Who cares, can she love me for what I am? I prefer intimacy more than anything, even in the middle of a crowd or the back seat of a car. Again, when I’m down, or feeling unloved, I want her to take me in. Does she have to be active? I prefer activity and energy, but I can also get into passivity for awhile, and I’ll try to bring her around — to stimulate her.

Can she be tall? Sure, but I also like a little squirt — in fact, at times the big squirt isn’t as much fun as the small one– but I’ll still make them wet.

Do I like breasts? Sure, I can get off on them. I even like to lay my head right down between them and have them surround me. I like to dance around the nipples, too, and feel their soft delicate tissue.

Well, I’ve got a date and I’ll have to go. Drop around again or cum around — I’ll be here. If you want, I’ll drop in on you, we’ll have a ball.

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