Mother Of Ill Repute

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‘I’m not sure how you’ll do it, but I need you too make yourself look older,’ the white, handsome and 27-y/o Kan told Samantha, his wife, who was 21 at the time of this story.

‘Why, honey?’ she asked.

‘Because my friend, Jerome, wants you to look as much like his mother as possible,’ Kan grinned over Samantha’s surprise, whereupon she said, ‘Just a second; what are you talking about?’

‘Don’t worry; he’s 18, though he enjoys intercourse with his mother on a regular basis. I watched him in the back of his van 2 days ago, and it was so hot to see him bum-fucking the sleazy bitch!’ Kan enthusiastically responded.

‘He wants me to play his mother?’ Samantha answered.

‘Yeah, he and his 19-y/o buddy, Paul,’ her husband replied.

‘My god, isn’t that extreme?’ Samantha said with a touch of hesitation.

‘Come, now. You agreed to trying kink, didn’t you?’ Kan came back.

‘Yes,’ his wife softly moaned because the idea of having coital relations with 2 ‘sons’ was giving her a moist pussy-gulch, though she brought herself under control and continued, ‘You really want me to pretend I’m those guys’ mother?’

‘You’ll love it, you little minx!’ Kan gruffly said.

‘Well, okay. How big are Paul and Jerome’s cocks?’ his wife inquired.

‘I don’t know about Paul’s, but Jerome said his is 8 inches long,’ Kan replied.

‘Oh, I’m getting horny just thinking about them fucking me!’ Samantha panted.

‘You dick-greedy vamp!’ Kan hissed.

Nonetheless, the couple had been married for 2 years, during which time the husband had plumbed the tart’s interests by encouraging her adultery with a countless number of men.

But them lusting to have the vixen rated as no surprise, being that the medium-brunette had a lovely dick-slurper, nicely-sized paps and a creamy-fleshed shitter.

Like a true slag of impure desires, however, Samantha had always been turned-on by humiliation and guys’ put-down talk, though had come to realize her craving for more hardcore derogation, having told her husband that she wanted to experiment with golden-showers, which was exactly what Kan already had in mind regarding Paul and Jerome without her knowing it.

Thus, Samantha consulted a beautician about how to age her appearance, with the former suggesting the right methods, and Samantha taking those suggestions an hour prior to a June, Sunday afternoon meeting with the earlier-mentioned white studs.

As well, Kan told her that it’d be ‘more demeaning if Jerome and Paul relieved their bladders on her while she wore her most expensive, off-white and see-through dress, no panties or bra so that mommy-dearest would look appropriately seedy.’

‘Aren’t you naughty!’ Samantha impishly smiled before she repaired to the bedroom to comply – while something else she didn’t know was that Kan had recently made an acquaintance with Adam, a porn-director, who wouldn’t be filming in his studio on the present occasion, and…

‘… wow, you’re beautiful!’ Kan declared when his wife came out of the bedroom.

‘Thanks, honey,’ Samantha said with a silly giggle.

‘Don’t talk; just come along,’ Kan ordered before taking her to his car and driving to the studio, the bakırköy masöz escort door of which he unlocked with a key that Adam had previously given him.

‘On your knees, hussy,’ Kan then said, with his wife obeying while he dropped his jeans and briefs, having just started to drill her mouth with his 9-inched penis when Samantha’s upcoming abusers appeared while as bare as flagpoles.

‘All right! Your wife’s a filthy whore, isn’t she?’ Jerome immediately questioned the husband in a gloating tone of voice.

‘I’m afraid she is,’ Kan answered.

‘Hey, man, don’t be ashamed of that, because all wives should be whores – huh, bitch?’ Paul growled, as Samantha said, ‘Yes, sir.’

‘That’s right,’ Paul continued as he raised the tramp’s haunches, drove his 10-inched prod into her bowels and started sodomizing her.

‘Aaah, yeah, fuck my ass!’ she cried-out with arousal, partly due to the young mens’ rudeness by not having said so much as ‘hi’ to her.

‘Quiet, mom! You don’t get to ask for squat!’ Paul yelled as he cruelly packed his dick all the way into her turd-vagina.

‘Eeeh, yes, sir!’ Samantha nonetheless wailed before Jerome started face-jamming her with his pizzle.

‘Isn’t the maternal womb totally wicked?’ he then used an interesting substitute for ‘mother’ while directing a mocking grin at Samantha.

‘Yeah, probably because the ‘ho came from a wicked womb!’ Paul laughed as he leaned over the slattern’s shoulder to inquire, ‘Was grandma a cheap slut like you, twit?’

‘Uh-hmmm,’ Samantha pleased the youngsters with a nod.

‘Sounds right to me, because I seriously doubt there’s anything but skanks on the 3-holed side of your ancestry, a huge line of moral dirt!’ Paul snarled.

‘Bro, would mom be any good if she wasn’t moral dirt?’ Jerome mirthfully inquired.

‘Shit, she’s a no-count whore to begin with! Say it, “I’m a no-count whore”, mom!’ Paul commanded as Jerome uncoupled from the slunt’s mouth.

‘Oh, god, yes… son! I’m a no-count whore!’ Samantha bleated while her muff began dripping.

She, nevertheless, had no idea about the denigration heading her way because of the guys next withdrawing from their respective holes, whereupon Jerome turned around, bent over in front of her and requested, ‘Shove the ‘ho-bag’s pretty face into my butt, dude.’

‘You got it,’ Paul said as he obliged, with Jerome saying, ‘Kiss what’s worth more than you’ll ever be in your entire life, scrug!’

‘Ummm!’ Samantha sounded like she was grumbling as Paul employed her tresses to ease her mouth back enough to allow her tongue to begin wiping Jerome’s raunchy-tasting brown-eye.

‘Fuck, that’s perfect, guys, exactly what your mother deserves!’ Kan exclaimed while fondling his cock and watching his wife’s foul use.

However, Samantha having seemed to grumble was betrayed by her vag outright slobbering onto the floor as she stuffed 2 fingers into her snatch and started jerking-off to orgasms.

Though she couldn’t believe her ‘sons’ disrespectful mistreatment, she knew to the bottom of her polluted soul that she loved it, with her relishing what disgraceful wife she was, not only bakırköy otele gelen escort a kinky one, but a wonderfully indecent pervert as that pertained to pretend-incest.

‘Yes, yes!’ her mind screamed while her clitoris did a pagan dance against her fingers.

‘Whoa, look at the scag munching your ass, bro!’ Paul noted.

‘She can’t help herself, being she’s a gluttonous pig for any part of a man’s body,’ Jerome replied.

‘Really, except I’m thinking she’s a sow or a swine-slut. How about that, you fucking slummer?’ Paul coarsely demanded of Samantha who again nodded.

‘Hell, don’t forget that the old broad’s a cock-hog, too!’ Jerome smirked at the bitch after he’d turned toward her.

‘You don’t say! Well, screw you, lowlife!’ Paul scornfully said as he forced Samantha’s mouth against and began smearing it up and down his butt-slit.

‘Snort that crack and get high on it!’ he rasped, then looked at Kan: ‘Do you mind if I call your wife an asshole?’

‘Go ahead; she needs to hear what she is,’ the husband replied.

‘Yeah. You’re an asshole for liking your sons’ butts, mom!’ Paul told the sexy tart.

Meanwhile, it inflamed her to know she was ‘getting high’ on the worst verbal abuse she’d ever endured.

‘Eeem!’ she vented, as she started a feeding frenzy on Paul’s nether realms.

Not wanting him and Jerome to lose control because of potential intoxication, however, Kan had earlier asked them to avoid alcohol and stimulate their bladders with caffeine by drinking all the water, coffee and Mountain Dew they could, with it being a wonder they’d been able to restrain themselves so long.

But that ended when Paul unleashed a lengthy squirt of piss on Samantha’s face while she flinched and squawked, with the yellow rain drenching her dress until the men could see her chest-danglers.

‘Don’t whine! That’s what you have coming for being a toilet!’ Paul sneered, then reached down to squeeze Samantha’s left teat through her dress before continuing, ‘I don’t mean to bad-mouth dad by saying that strange guys bred you with a couple of bastard-sons, especially since Jerome and I sucked bad morals out of your milkers when we were born! And you’d better believe it’s all your fault that we’re treating you like a trash-clogged toilet! Do you hear, mom?

‘Yes, sweetie,’ the totty mewled, with Paul slapping her face and bellowing, ‘Don’t you DARE call me sweetie again!’

‘Well, now, aren’t we a pair of sweet bastards?’ Jerome sarcastically chortled as he walked behind the whore, lifted her hindquarters and made her again squawk by urinating into her snatch, following that by burying his dick in the same orifice and starting to bang her.

‘Righteous; mom’s a sweet piece of ass,’ he commented as Paul launched into reaming her mouth.

‘If pure filth is sweet,’ the latter said.

‘I didn’t realize there’s anything pure about filth, particularly since I’m mucking-out a cunt-stable with my shovel, kind of like the British say,’ Jerome replied.

‘That’s a good one. But do you know what else the British would call the likes of you?’ Paul inquired of Samantha who shook her head bakırköy rus escort ‘no.’

‘Rubbish!’ Paul literally spat that word into her face while she cringed under his disdain.

‘All right! Your boys don’t think much of you – huh, bitch?’ Kan said, then: ‘No, don’t even wiggle your empty head, just let them fuck you straight into the gutter, tramp!’

‘Jeez, aren’t you already in the gutter, mom?’ Jerome wanted to know, with ‘his brother’ not letting Samantha reply in any way by snorting, ‘Hell, you’re nothing but a dumpster, slum-‘ho?’

‘Wait, boys. Didn’t you find your mama in a gutter in the red-light district?’ Kan grinned.

‘Damn, if we didn’t!’ Jerome chuckled.

‘For sure, and we could put the rubbish-doll out on the street to see if she’d earn so much as a drop of scuzz. Shall we prostitute mom, bro? How about it, dad?’ Paul also grinned at Kan, though the latter didn’t have time to answer before Jerome said, ‘Why not?’

‘Oh, now, we’d never embarrass you like that, would we, bimbo?’ Paul once more laughed, though Samantha did nothing but stare up at him in complete disbelief, being that her luscious body had never been sold, much less by her ‘sons.’

Still, the degenerate idea set her on fire with a series of convulsive climaxes.

God, how she adored the youngsters wasting her sensibilities like no man ever had! – even more so when Paul scum-defiled her oral pit shortly before Jerome did likewise to her vaginal innards.

By then, however, Samantha was wishing she’d worn less than a paper napkin, although her piss-soaked dress had her feeling deliciously nakeder than naked, thoroughly exposed and vulnerable.

For a bit after Jerome and Paul had dismounted her, though, the 3 guys leered at her, until Kan said, ‘What a wanton hussy – right, guys?’

‘A wanton hussy, are you, mom?’ Paul asked.

‘Yes, son,’ Samantha again moaned with disparagement.

‘That, and a classless woman of ill repute that might not be profitable enough to stroll the red-light district,’ Jerome said with another smirk.

‘Probably, though it’s time for the bitch to troll for my dick,’ Kan added as he started a doggie-style rutting with his wife’s twat.

‘That’s it! Pour it to her!’ Jerome admonished, though Samantha didn’t know that her husband had earlier hidden cups, plus jugs of water, coffee and Mountain Dew behind a cabinet, whereupon Paul and Jerome started tanking-up with the drinks while sitting in chairs, smoking and watching the marital act of copulation.

‘Take our old man’s prick, you fucking mama-hog!’ Jerome then told the panting and cumming tart.

‘Awesome, a trolling cock-hog!’ Paul said.

‘Right, and it won’t be long until your sons turn you into a strumpet!’ Kan growled.

Nonetheless, he’d scarcely slammed his jizz into and pulled out of Samantha’s crotch-hole when Jerome poured a little water on his hand, tapped some cigarette ashes into the liquid, stood, walked over and rubbed the mixture into the slut’s face.

‘Well, excuse me for making you look like a hag, you dirty broad!’ he jeered, after which he and Paul urinated on her again, then took turns buggering and spooging her shit-chute to end the studio session.

Still, it’d be redundant to mention that it was only the next Friday night when her loving ‘sons’ pimped Samantha on the streets, to find that, amazingly, their ‘mother’ was worth $5 per john-dick using her flesh-gutters…

… though what was earlier said about the disreputable woman as a pervert, for damn-sure!

The End

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