Mother Futa Ch. 06

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The morning sun gently roused Martha awake. Her entire body still tingled with a dull ache, but it was totally worth it. Last night, she’d had the most incredible sex ever.

After several minutes she was able to will herself to sit up in bed, allowing the covers to fall away from her large breasts. Her long blonde hair was understandably tousled; it had been pulled, shaken and waved in in so many glorious ways last night. She got out of bed, standing up to stretch her joints, her 12 inch penis jutting proud and stiff from her crotch.

The 40 year old futanari had accomplished something that she’d never imagined: having sex with another futanari. Through her doctor, she’d met Laurel Hardt, a vivacious lawyer who was 9 years her junior. They’d spent the 4th of July together yesterday, which had ended with an amazing one night stand that had only ended when neither of them was able to stand.

Martha looked around the bedroom for her clothes. Aside from a few wrinkles, her shirt and dress were fine, but her underwear was stiff from dried semen. She made the tough choice to go commando, tucking the crusty undergarment in her purse. She felt awkward, having to do the morning-after walk of shame out of someone else’s house. The house belonged to a woman that she’d only been dating for less than a month.

After exiting the bedroom, Martha was greeted with the smell of cooking eggs. Her stomach responded to the pleasing aroma with a pang of longing. After traipsing through the upscale house, she found her lover in the kitchen, stirring a large skillet filled with scrambled eggs and shredded American cheese.

“Good morning, sleepyhead,” Laurel said, looking over at Martha with that smile that made her body tingle. She looked so appetizing, wearing naught but a sky blue T-shirt, and white panties. She was facing away from Martha, showing off her beautiful legs and shapely backside, but as soon as she turned to face her, Martha was able to see Laurel’s semi-hard cock bulging within the confines of her panties.

“Morning,” Martha replied. “Those eggs smell great.”

“Take a seat. I bet you’re starving, I know I am.”

A few minutes later, the two of them were enjoying their eggs with some strips of bacon and glasses of orange juice. Both of them devoured their meals, trying to recover the strength that they had expended hours ago. All the while, they chatted excitedly about last night’s fun.

“Last night was…wow,” Martha said.

“I know! You were amazing last night.”

“It all…seemed like a dream. It’s like you were having sex with my entire body, my mind, my…”

“Everything,” Laurel finished. “Martha, can I ask you something?”


“Was I your first?”

Martha looked at Laurel in confusion. “I lost my virginity when I was 18. Why? Did I seem so…”

“No, no,” Laurel laughed. “I’m sorry. I meant, was last night your first time having sex with another futanari.”

“Oh, well…yes.” Martha said, blushing. “Oh, god, Laurel. I haven’t been satisfied like that in a long time.”

“Really? When’s the last time you got some?”

Martha fidgeted in her seat as the face her daughter’s boyfriend appeared in her mind’s eye. Martha shrugged and decided to spend the next 15 minutes telling Laurel the truth. Laurel sat riveted, hearing about Martha impregnating a woman in college, raising their daughter, Katie, whom she impregnated in turn at age 18. Lastly, she disclosed engaging in a sexual relationship with both Katie and her boyfriend Adam. At the very end, Martha looked at Laurel nervously, who sat in her chair with a stunned look on her face.


“Well, that’s my story.”

“So, when do I get to meet them?”

“How about next Saturday?” Martha offered.

Laurel happily agreed, and it seemed like the entire week flew by to the end. That day, Martha had spent hours in the kitchen preparing a pot roast, garlic mashed potatoes, green beans, and an angel food cake for dessert. She was wearing a pretty, violet sleeveless shirt dress that terminated right above her knees. Adam, who was wearing a nice polo shirt and slacks for the occasion, was tasked by Martha to set the table. Katie, her gorgeous blonde daughter was resting on the couch, as she was over 6 months pregnant and couldn’t do too much.

It was a few minutes after 6 pm when the doorbell rang. Adam and Katie fought to suppress their amused smiles as Martha giddily pranced towards the front door. The door opened to reveal the lovely Laurel, who was wearing a lovely pink blouse, khaki cargo pants, and Crocs. The ladies giggled as they greeted each other with kisses and hugs.

“So glad you could make it,” Martha said. “This is my daughter, Katie.”

Katie got up from her seat and gave her mother’s girlfriend a hug. Laurel affectionately rubbed the young woman’s baby bump, which Katie didn’t mind in the slightest. A few minutes later, Adam walked into the living room.

“The table’s all set, everyone,” he announced.

“Adam!” Martha exclaimed. “Come over here! Anadolu Yakası Escort This is Laurel!”

“Hi, there. It’s nice to meet you.”

Laurel’s smile faltered a bit as Adam stood in front of her and held out his hand. Martha found it a bit concerning that Laurel was looking at Adam as if he were some kind of leper. She gave a sideways glance to Katie, who had noticed it as well.

“Let’s all sit down and eat,” Martha said quickly in order to dispel the awkward silence.

Everyone filed into the dining room and sat down. After saying grace, they all passed around the food and began to eat. Martha watched as Laurel exchanged questions and answers with the two young people sitting at the table. More and more, she began to realize that Laurel was in some kind of discomfort. She wondered if maybe Laurel had forgotten to take her medication.

Since she, like Martha, was a futanari, she had to take special blue pills that helped to suppress her extremely high sex drive. Martha personally took care to make sure she never missed her daily dosage; otherwise, she’d be a walking pile of lust. After they’d all finished their cake, they played a few board games and card games, which seemed to lighten up the mood.

“Oh, you know what? I need to show Laurel the nursery for just a quick second,” Martha announced. “You kids sit tight, we’ll be right back.”

Laurel didn’t voice any protest when Martha pulled her to her feet and up the stairs. She was gently led into a bedroom, which was filled with piles of packaged diapers, an empty crib, and a gliding chair. Martha gently closed the door once the two of them were inside.

“Is everything okay? You seem kind of off tonight.”

“Yeah, it’s nothing,” Laurel signed as she fidgeted with her hands in her pockets.

“Sweetie, talk to me,” Martha urged, pulling Laurel’s hands out of her pockets and clasping them lovingly.

“It’s Adam.”

Martha looked at her with concern. “What about him? Does it bother you that he and I have…”

“No! Not at all! He’s a nice guy, and he’s really good with Katie, just like you said…”


“Well, ever since I’ve laid eyes on him…I can’t stop thinking about fucking the life out of him.”

Martha’s face adopted a mixture of shock, amusement, and confusion. Looking down at Laurel’s crotch gave her all the evidence she needed; a faint lump was forming in the dark tan fabric of her Capri shorts. Based on the anxious expression on her face, Laurel was clearly trying to suppress her erection, and she probably had been doing so for over an hour.

“It’s hard to explain,” Laurel stammered. “It’s like, my entire body is burning. When I’m around him, it takes every bit of strength and concentration that I have to form a sentence.”

“And when he speaks,” Martha said. “It’s like his voice drowns out everyone else’s.”


“Oh, my god! That’s exactly how I felt when I first met him!”

“Well, how do I get over it?”

Martha gave Laurel a sultry look. “I think you can probably guess how.”

“You mean…you would be okay with that?”

“Sure! It’s like I’ve told you, I’ve been with them both, lots of times.” Martha wrapped her left arm around Laurel’s waist and used her right hand to stroke Laurel’s boner. “It’d be a good way for you to get to know them.”

One mischievous grin from Laurel was all the answer that Martha needed. The two women ran downstairs with glee to the dining room, where Katie and Adam were waiting to finish the rest of their game of Trouble. Martha stood in the doorway while Laurel went towards Adam like a lioness approaching a fat, juicy gazelle.

“How did you like the nursery?” Adam asked, relieved to see a smile on Laurel’s face, but wholly oblivious to her intentions.

“Yeah, it’s nice,” Laurel said before she grabbed the seated male by his head and kissed him.

Katie looked on goggle-eyed as her mother’s girlfriend locked lips with her boyfriend. To her great relief, Adam tried to fend off the beautiful woman, but she grabbed him by the shoulders and forced him to remain seated. Fury and lust boiled within her as she watched Laurel’s tongue snake in and out of Adam’s mouth.

Adam turned his head to the side, but Laurel kept kissing him, focusing her attentions on his neck and cheek. When he looked at the entryway to the dining room, he saw Martha staring at him while squeezing her breast with one hand and stroking her erection through her dress. He then looked at Katie, who was anxiously rubbing her thighs together.

Laurel angrily grabbed Adam by his hair and pulled so that he was facing her. “What the fuck are you looking at HER for? You’re mine!”

Adam winced at her in pain. “I thought you didn’t like me.”

“Ohhhh, on the contrary. I’ve been trying not to jump on top of you all night. But, I’ll have you now!” Laurel roughly grabbed him by the shirt and yanked him out of his chair. “Get the fuck up!”

Adam gave a nervous chuckle as Laurel pulled him to his feet and pinned him Kadıköy Escort against the wall so hard that some of the pictures fell off. His heart began to beat rapidly as she undid his pants and pulled them down along with his underwear. His hard pecker sprung out into the open, ready for action.

“Oho!” Laurel exclaimed, her eyes alight with satisfaction as she gazed down at Adam’s erection. “No wonder Martha likes you so much!”

She hastily began removing her bottoms so that they joined Adam’s on the floor. Adam and Katie were impressed with the fat, dark brown sausage that throbbed from Laurel’s body. She began prodding Adam’s erection with her own, the two of them getting hornier as their dicks caressed each other.

“Yeeeeah!” Laurel moaned. “It’s been a long time since I’ve had a nice young man with a firm, hard cock!”

Adam repaid her compliment by taking off the rest of his clothes. Without a word, he ran out of the dining room completely naked. Laurel snarled, removed her shoes and took off after him. Not to be left behind, Katie and Martha took off after them as well.

Martha watched as Adam ran inside of her bedroom, followed by Laurel. She was halfway up the stairs before she noticed that her pregnant daughter was having some difficulty getting upstairs. By the time Martha helped her get upstairs, they both saw a trail of Laurel’s remaining clothes leading to the master bedroom. Already, they could hear grunts and moans coming from the inside, and smell the pungent futanari pheromones filling the air. When they entered the room, they weren’t prepared for what they saw.




“Oh, my god.” Katie murmured.

Martha said the same thing, only internally. She never imagined that things would end up like this, but she continued to watch. Adam was bent over the bed, while Laurel stood behind him, thrusting roughly into him. The two of them were facing away from the Ridleys, copulating with reckless abandon. The two newcomers were unable to pry their gazes from the sight, and began to disrobe.

Martha feeling a bit jealous; in the back of her mind, she’d be toying with the notion of taking Adam’s anal virginity. A few months ago, during one of their rigorous sex sessions, Martha had been able to convince him to suck her dick, which he had done very well. She figured that if she’d been able to talk him into taking her dick in the mouth, then he’d also let her do it in the ass. Now, right in front of her very eyes, Laurel had accomplished this with seemingly little effort. The final stab in the heart was that Adam didn’t appear to be resisting her.

Furious and horny, the naked futanari went up to her girlfriend, grabbed her by the shoulders and pulled her away from Adam. The formerly conjoined parties let out yelps of surprise from their unexpected separation. Not only did Martha pull Laurel out and away from Adam, she pushed her roughly to the floor. Martha spread Adam’s ass cheeks apart and pressed the tip of her penis firmly against it. Precum was already beading from her urethra as she prepared to enter him.

“Martha!” Laurel shouted as she got to her feet and started stroking herself. “I wasn’t done yet! Let me have him!”

“Please,” Adam rasped.

Martha stopped, looking down at poor Adam. Had his asshole been ravaged enough? If so, then she intended to grant him a reprieve and take out her lusts on Laurel’s ass and pussy.

Just as she was about to leave him alone, he turned his head to the side. His face was sweaty, red, and devoid of agony. He looked up, faintly surprised to see Martha gazing at him.

“Give me more,” he asked her.

Martha’s ears burned as she pushed herself into Adam. Both she and he squealed in delight as her glans popped into his rectum. To her, he felt even better than Katie. She took special care to enter him slowly; she didn’t have Laurel’s girth, but her superior length could definitely do some damage. Once she was buried as far as she could go, she stood still, firmly clinching Adam’s waist.

“Get ready, Adam,” Martha whispered.

Slowly and steadily, she slid in and out of Adam. She looked down at him, not wanting to miss the sight of him moaning and writhing as she fucked him. She looked over at Laurel, who was still standing behind her and jacking herself off. As much as she genuinely loved Laurel, she would not tolerate her interrupting this in any way. Returning her gaze to Adam, she steadily began to increase the speed of her thrusting ever so slightly.

“Come with me,” Katie said to Laurel. “After I wash my boyfriend’s ass off your dick, I’m gonna ride you rough.”

Laurel didn’t protest, allowing the beautiful, pregnant blonde to lead her into the bathroom. She cast one last glance at Martha, who was still enjoying Adam. One way or another, she intended to cum inside of him.

Martha reached underneath Adam’s body, gently grabbing his hard dick. Adam moaned and gripped the sheets hard. She İstanbul Escort could tell that he would be cumming soon. The poor boy had his prostate prodded by two, well-hung futanari for the very first time; it was a wonder that he hadn’t climaxed sooner. Still, she intended to savor every moment of this.

She briefly pulled out of him, flipped him over onto his back, and then pushed back inside of him. Panting madly, she grabbed his ankles and held them up in the air as she rammed her large flesh stick into his beleaguered asshole. His face was drowning in pleasure.

“I want…ungh…to look you in the face when I cum…inside your ass!” Martha declared.

Adam was glad that she flipped him over. His eyes were feasting on her beautiful face, swaying, fulsome breasts, and flowing, golden hair. His dick throbbed uncontrollably and painfully at the sight of her.

“Adam, I’m gonna cum!” Martha said with a husky voice. “It’s gonna be a lot! OHHHHHHH!”

Martha yelled and clenched her nails into his ankles as she shot her load inside of him. Adam wailed as he felt the multiple spurts rocketing into his body. He came all over himself as Martha kept ejaculating into him. She intended to make his ass take every drop her load. The overflow gushed out from their junction and landed on the floor and bed.

When she felt that she was done, she slowly pulled out of Adam and lie down beside him. The young man gave weary moans as Martha’s semen dripped out of him and onto the sheets. The two on the bed didn’t even notice that Laurel and Katie had been watching, having finished their shower.

“That was fucking hot,” Katie observed, her swollen areolae tingling with delight.

“It sure was,” Laurel agreed. “Now…” she delivered a slap to Katie’s fulsome rump. “Get your ass on the bed.”

“Yeah,” Martha said, sitting up and holding out her arms to her pregnant daughter. “Come here, Katie, and let mommy inside.”

“Oh, no,” Laurel said. “You already got Adam. She’s mine.”

“Well, technically, I got half of Adam.”

“Still, you came inside of him. By the way, how was it?”

“OHHHHH! It was amazing! That’s another first that I’ve gotten to experience because of you.”

“Well,” Laurel said, getting up behind Katie and fondling her melons. “Thanks to you, I’ll be experiencing fucking a preggo for the first time. I can’t wait to…WHOA!”

Martha and Laurel were startled to see small white drops beading on Katie’s stiff nipples. With more coaxing, the small drops turned into tiny sprays of milk. Katie moaned and bit her lip, as she found the sensation of squirting milk to be extremely pleasurable.

“Can’t you both share?” Katie suggested.

“Oh, I guess so,” Laurel grumbled. “But I get your ass.”

“Agreed. My mom is way too big for me to take in the ass.”

“Agreed,” Adam chimed in with a weary tone.

“I hope you don’t mind me being with Katie,” Laurel said.

“Ugh, I’m too sore to disagree,” Adam said, wincing as he sat up in the bed, his ass still leaking cum and his body sore.

“I hope we didn’t hurt you, sweetie,” Martha said.

“I’ll be okay.” Adam got to his feet and trudged past the trio. “I’ll be in the shower…actually, maybe a bath is in order, a nice hot one.”

“You know,” Martha said. “I should probably wash up before we get started. I bet my dick still smells like Adam’s ass.”

After following Adam into the bedroom, Martha took a quick wash in the shower, while her tired lover climbed into the Roman tub and filled it with hot water. After Martha was done with her shower, she exited the bathroom and closed the door behind her. She came back to find the cum-stained bed covers on the floor, and her daughter lying on her back while Laurel sucked on her tits.

Martha went to the nightstand and procured a condom from inside. “Laurel, you should probably put on a rubber, too.”

Laurel detached from Katie’s leaking teats with an audible smacking noise. “Good idea.” She left the bed and made for the door, intent on retrieving a condom from her purse downstairs. “While I’m gone, try Katie’s milk, it’s really good!”

“That sounds like a good idea,” Martha said as Laurel exited the bedroom. Martha lie down beside Katie on the bed. The teen smiled as she climbed on top of her and prepared to take sit on her anxious pecker.

“Mmm, you sure have gotten hairy down there,” Martha purred as Katie rubbed her sheathed cock against her pussy.

“Believe me, shaving your bikini line isn’t really a priority when you’re pregnant.” Katie said. “Okay, mom, make sure you’re gentle with me.”

“I’ll try.”

Katie shuddered as she slid Martha’s sausage inside of her. Martha wasted no time in thrusting her hips upward inside of her daughter. Katie moaned and rested her body atop of Martha, who wrapped her arms around her while she continued to rut with her.

Laurel entered the bedroom, her futanari penis hard and condom clad. She was extremely aroused to see her big-dicked futanari girlfriend fucking the hell out of her own daughter. She stared at Katie’s firm, bouncing rump, intent on sampling its wonders. She quickly leapt onto the bed, crouched down behind Katie, and shoved her turgid member into the young girl’s anus. The pregnant young lady grunted as she felt the thick phallus breach her rectum.

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