Mom’s Liitle School Uniform

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It was a hot day, damn, hot. Jake was glad to be home from College early. He pulled up out side his house, which he shared with his mother, Ronna. Jake was 19, muscled, tanned and quite handsome, Ronna was very attractive for her age, she had a great tan, long blonde hair, and a pair of legs and an ass to die for. Jake walked up to the front door, a realised he had left his house key inside, he knocked once hoping his mom was home. Jake wiped sweat from his eyes as the door opened. The sight he saw nearly knocked him over.

Standing there before him was his mom, nothing unusual there, what was a little different was the schoolgirl uniform she was wearing. Jake’s 8 inch shaved cock and balls sprang to attention. What the hell he explaimed, Ronna smiled, gesturing for him to be quiet, Ronna’s mom, Jake’s grandma was staying over she was blind as a bat, but still had a great set of ears. Jake and Ronna walked inside, and Jake had his hands on his mom’s ass in seconds. The two had been sleeping together for a few months now, but Jake had never seen his mom look so hot.

Jake asked his mom, why she had the hot little uniform on. Ronna explained that as she was giving up smoking, she was a little worried she was gaining some weight, and she wanted to see if she could still fit in it. And as they both saw it fit her perfectly.

The dress was a green and white checked pattern, it came to about 3 inches below Ronna’s firm tanned ass. Ronna also had on white socks, which came to just above her knees, ataköy türbanlı escort and to top it off, had her hair in pigtails. Jake had never been so hard, and ready to go at it.

It was then that Jake remembered that his grandma was home, it would make things hard, but not impossible. Hi Nan, said Jake, she replied with a hello, and went back to her soapies, she couldn’t see the pictures, but enjoyed listening to them.

Jake followed Ronna to the kitchen, he crept up behind her as she stood at the sink, his hands moved to her firm ass, his hands squeezed her perfect ass, and he rubbed his crutch between her butt cheeks. She moaned softly and moved his hands to her ample tits, he pinched her nipples through her outfit, and she ground her ass harder against his rock had cock.

Suddenly she moved away from him., a cheeky grin spreading over her face, she went back to the lounge room were Nan was, and sat down, her legs ever so slightly parted. She gestured for Jake to sit down opposite her in the leather armchair, Jake did as she suggested. All the while Nan simply sat there listening to her favourite TV shows. Ronna slowly moved her legs apart, revealing a glimpse of white cotton panties. Ronna motioned for Jake to take his cock out, but to be very quiet. Jake took his 8 inch smooth cock out, and slowly began pulling himself. Ronna moved her fingers in circular motions around her clitty, masturbating herself through her panties. As she diddled herself, ataköy ucuz escort Ronna sucked on one of the fingers on her other hand, looking straight into Jakes eyes as she did so, she looked so hot, Jake had to slow his pulling off , he wanted to cum with Ronna, not on his hands.

Ronna leaned forward, and turned the television up a little, then she crawled forward to where Jake was sitting, she smiled and stared into his eyes, she took his fat cock into her tiny fist, and slowly pulled his cock, Jake’s eyes rolled back in his head, as Ronna’s mouth engulfed his engorged cock.

Jake looked to see if his Nan suspected anything, she sat listening to her TV show, totally unawares. Ronna began sucking harder, she quickened the pace, and increased the suction on Jake’s cock. Jake held her head, and began fucking her mouth, she worked her tongue around his smooth member, until he was on the brink of cumming, he suddenly jerked her head away, he wasn’t ready to cum yet

Jake took his shorts right off, and spread his legs over the arms of the chair, he watched as, a big grin spread over Ronna’s face, she slid her cotton panties down her legs, and stepped out of them, carefully, ever so slowly, she then lowered her shaved pussy onto his pole. They were both careful not to make a sound, and when she bottomed out, she only smiled. She sat on his cock, facing her, he reached out and played with her firm tits, he teased her nipple through the outfit, her skirt was ataköy üniversiteli escort still on, she just so sexy in it, Jake didn’t want to remove it.

Slowly they both moved against each other, they had to be slow, as frantic movements would make too many squelching sounds. Ronna worked her pussy muscles like never before, and Jake reached forward to play with her clit, Ronna bit down on her lower lip to keep from making any sounds.

Before long, Jake could take no more, holding onto his mom’s waist, he stood up, her legs were around his waist, and he carried her to the back yard, away from Nan. There he lay her down on the soft grass, and began thrusting into her like a man possessed, she continued to work her clit as he rammed into her, he lowered his head and bit her left nipple and at the same time pinched her right nipple.

Ronna’s nails dug into his back as she began climaxing, she moaned and thrust her hips at him, he held her hips and pushed into her faster and harder, her vaginal muscles clenched and she shook violently as she came.

Jake was close to cumming as well, he stood up, she lay at his feet spent. He wanked his fat smooth cock, standing above her, his penis was slick with her juices, and his hand glided over his cock. Soon he felt his knees buckle, and he jerked faster, in no time cum flew from his cock, and splattered onto Ronna’s firm tanned stomach, he kept pulling until no more cum would fly. Ronna only smiled and rubbed his cum into her skin; she moved one finger to her mouth to taste him. Suddenly they could hear nanna calling out from the lounge room, she was thirsty, they both picked them self up and headed inside, what a great afternoon though Jake, the school uniform was great, he started hoping that while in high school his mom was a cheerleader, that could make an even better afternoon…

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