Miss Perkins: Monday

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Wanting to turn the fucking alarm off and sleep more I roll out of bed. Do turn the alarm off and stumble to the bathroom. Get the shower started then groan because I just went to get my hair done and no shower for this girl. Turn it off again then bend over the sink to splash my face before taking a look in the mirror.

My wonderful perm got a little rumpled by the pillow though it should hold up well to getting brushed. Turn the radio on first, it is always better to dance while you brush, keeps the hair loose. Probably not but it is my routine and does wake me up so I dance and brush my hair singing along. Don’t sound that great, I think, but I’m alone in my tiny apartment anyway.

Finished with my hair I lean closer and do my makeup. I need to look nice for work, and I want to look extra nice for one specific person. Not that we really talk or I even know if she is interested. I do a little understated on the rouge and smokey eye shadow. Make the liner a little thick to bring out my blue eyes a little better.

Red lipstick to finish it off and I call me done to sexy. I hope sexy at least, especially for a specific woman. Not that she has really talked to me beyond good morning. Hoping that it is simply a fear of being rejected or accused of sexual harassment sees me to my bedroom to get dressed. Run into a problem here, my hair is not a good thing to do a pull over with.

Not going to wear a suit and jacket, I’m the secretary not one of the lawyers. Not that it hasn’t stopped me before, but I got all done up so need to wear something to match. Search through my closet, even tossing things behind me which I never do. Finally I find it, it’s not really a dress you wear to work.

Suppose you could if you are an escort or porn star. Still it screams hot chick right the fuck here so I am going to wear it. Not precisely designed as a step in but it is open enough for it. Puts my breasts on display, I’m not blessed with huge boobs but they are large enough to get cleavage. Find the matching heels and I am ready, so debate cereal or stopping the four steps to the kitchen.

Takes a moment and a glance at the clock then I am grabbing out one of the power drinks. It is at least something in my stomach then I am collecting my purse and keys to dash for my car. Unlike my apartment I have a nice car. Brand spanking new Melbourne red BMW Z4 coupe, my pride and joy, also seriously expensive.

Course with tiny apartment my car costs more than my apartment. Not precisely the best of things but really, secretary doesn’t pay that well. Either I afford the bigger apartment, or the nice car. Since I live in Los Angeles having a car is almost a requirement. Also work in a law firm and they are sticklers for having nice cars in their lot.

Doesn’t make that much sense but then my bosses are big time lawyers as well. The rich and famous have them on retainer. Which means on my floor there are only calls from the rich and famous. If I wanted to make a lot of fast money, not to mention need a new job, I can call up the magazines and shows with the information I have learned.

Oddly enough the rich and famous call up and are laying out the problems before I can transfer to their lawyer. They retainer the firm however so I need to figure out what the problem is. The partners have different fields they will cover. Course usually they pass most of it off to the worker bees as is said about them.

Lawyers are odd folk, the partners call their employee lawyers worker bees. Said lawyers say the same thing. Then I am at work, the parking lot anyway as announced by my eyes and my car. Quick check on my makeup then collecting my purse and out of my car. My work building is quite snazzy, tall and all glass, almost anyway.

It soars way up, a whole twelve floors. The first ten floors are cubicles, mail room, conference rooms, and the foyer. Floors eleven to twelve are mine, though I never said that. Floors eleven and twelve are where the partners have offices. Floor twelve is where the three who started the firm have an office, floor eleven is for the four new partners, and me, the executive secretary.

Entering the building the foyer spreads out before me. There are two receptionists to direct the visitors to the right place. Also accepting most of the phone calls, only a select client gets to call me directly. Sadly that is pretty much those who are celebrities, which is all of them it seems sometimes, honest, celebs mecidiyeköy escort are some self centered folk.

Almost a requirement, want to be a celebrity, be a selfish stuck up prick and you to can be a celebrity. There is one celebrity who is not. Really he is a very nice man, wants me terribly and I don’t return the feeling. Did talk me into going to one of those awards as his company. Which seriously, is boring as all get out.

Best part of the whole evening, after it ending, was the announcer. Comic genius and was in rare form. Even got me a phone number, not his there was another girl there as eye candy and had the same feeling on men. We dated for almost a year and mind blowing sex, but she wasn’t ready to come out and it got to her, got to me as well.

You try being the friend always going out to places with but in private tearing each others clothes off and liking it. I wanted more, I wanted the relationship. She wasn’t ready so we split up and it was then that I saw her. Beautiful Miss Perkins, they had been reworking the eleventh floor to have a fourth office added, then the day they finished, she walked by me.

Call it love at first sight if you want, mostly because it basically was though mostly lust. She is sex personified I shit you not. Incredible body with enough boobage, beautiful face with the cutest little nose. Wonderful cheekbones, incredibly good with makeup, perfect hair, though I am biased, and the only woman partner.

Getting to my desk I sink down in the wonderful chair, and get ready for the day. Also hop up to greet the first partner to come in. Mr. Scores, actually his name and he has the jokes ready. He is rather tall and does go to the gym so he lives up to his name when he wants, also commitment avoiding so he wants often.

“Olivia are you rethinking your stance on dating me?” Glare up at him.

“No Mr. Scores, I just had my hair done and wanted to wear something appropriate for the hair.” He grins and leans over the desk.

“Honestly that dress is appropriate dropped to the floor by my bed. Not that I am saying that since I don’t want to be charged with harassment.”

“Again.” I remind him so he heads for his office chuckling.

Mr. Scores has been accused of it before in a different law firm. He lost his job and underwent counseling before he got a job here. I had been hired the same day so we met then though not seen each other until he got partner. Not that it was that hard, he specialized in a needed field, he is a business lawyer.

Business lawyers are needed on a fairly constant basis. He was the first of the duplicate partners. Miss Perkins is the second, she is a criminal attorney and apparently really good at it. Not as well known as some but she is in legal circles a rising star. Also drop dead gorgeous, with a voice that makes me melt, along with leak into my panties.

Then she is coming off the elevator so I am leaping to my feet and smiling.

“Good morning Miss Perkins.” She looks over at me then slows down.

“So what is his name?” Smile and shake my head.

“I do not like men in that way Miss Perkins.” She looks me up and down and I am fairly sure I have leaked out of my panties, rather glad I wore them today.

“Scores is always saying he has fucked our secretaries.”

“He may have gotten the receptionists but the best he can manage with me is a giggle. He has tried out a new come on with me a time or two.”

Miss Perkins smiles then continues on for her office. I watch her go then there is a call, this is early. Usually the clients don’t have a melt down and need an attorney until later in the day, usually after the initial arraignment from the drunken bash last night. Answer and listen to the diatribe trying to figure out what is wrong.

Finally I just ask, for more diatribe, but there is also what is needed. Send the call over to Mr. Scores and greet the other two partners on this floor. Really find myself wanting to go bother Miss Perkins and offer my body to her. I can’t though, sexual harassment is a bad thing, if she doesn’t want me back and offering I can find myself without a job and not much chance of getting another.

End up sitting at my desk horny and wanting, answering calls to forward a client to the proper partner. Lunch sees me taking orders from the partners, then calling up mail room. Oddly enough they don’t mind being sent to get lunch, from four different fındıkzade escort places today. They don’t mind because mail room doesn’t have that much to do.

Have a machine to print out and stuff in an envelope. Post office comes to collect in the afternoon. The important things are always delivered by FedEx, sometimes we get a delivery from the courts, one of their clerks or a police officer that was there in the morning. Usually they don’t even bring it to the partner, it is given to the receptionist who hands it off to mail room.

Sometimes being a secretary for the partners is nice, I don’t really have that much to do. I do file reports and keep track of things. We are a business and there is an accountant who monitors spending. Never comes and talks to me, but do see a report from accounting, along with comments about good job on keeping spending down.

No idea why they don’t yell at the partners, they will go have business lunches. Seen the receipts on those, thousand dollars is fairly standard. No idea how they can run the bill up that high. I have gone to the same restaurants and don’t get anywhere near that high. Suppose it depends on where you sit to eat, there are private rooms so perhaps there is a big charge to get in those.

Whatever the reason they end up spending a lot for lunch. No idea why that is considered good, but then again appearance is everything. Why they wanted me to have a new car, not that my previous car was horrible. I had an older Audi and that apparently didn’t fit the bill. Course in my defense of the not exactly big spender car, I was working on wardrobe issues and a girlfriend.

“Olivia has a Mr. Fairtree called for me?” I swear to god I just jumped a mile and a half.

“No Miss Perkins, he has not called. I believe I can find his number if you would like me to call him up for you.” The question earns me a smile and a shake of her glorious head, her hair is glorious and waving about anyway.

“No that is quite alright, if he has not called he has not finished with what I asked him to do. Suppose I shall call it a night. If anyone calls for me forward them to my cell.”

“Yes Miss Perkins, good night Miss Perkins.”

The goddess smiles at me then heads for the elevator. Watch her go and smile, partly because I’m paid to smile at everyone, mostly because she is utter perfection. Get a call as the elevator door is closing on her. Lucky me it is a celebrity having a meltdown, fairly sure high on at least one illegal drug at the same time.

After seven minutes I have managed to calm them down enough to speak English, which is their only known language. Two minutes later I have determined what the problem is and sent the call to the appropriate partner’s cell phone. It is hard to tell if they are still in their office and many times they will unplug the office phone to get work done.

Perhaps I am cruel in sending the call to their cell. Well forget perhaps, I am cruel in doing that though it is the standing order I have, from all three of the founding partners. Also sent the call to him, and then pack up to go home. Luckily for me this is fast, I grab up my purse, get everything that is not mine off and head for the elevator.

Elevator opens to the partner I sent the call to. He glares at me while I step in and make sure it’s going to the bottom.

“Absolutely that is horrible and should not be allowed. It is I am sorry to say allowed.” Hand is tossed in consternation and somehow a groan is held in by him. “Yes, I am saying that there is no case. I have told you before you need to put in a hedge or curtains.” He pokes me three or four times and is glaring so stick my tongue out at him. “Oh yes it would ruin the view during the day. Perhaps you should get one of those retractable awnings and put it on a timer. Absolutely, I will call you back tomorrow to remind you of the need for one.” He hangs up and leans against the elevator wall. “I am tempted to demand a blowjob.”

“Sexual harassment you know, besides I don’t like men in that way.” Elevator opens so we step off and head for the doors.

“I don’t remember asking, so have you been there?”

“Yes, in high school. I wasn’t sure you understand, most women look at women. The sex was so not for me, also had to worry about getting pregnant or worse since the condom broke.”

“So you are attracted to men?” Shake my head and we stop by his car, also a BMW though a four seater, beşiktaş escort mine has two.

“I am not attracted to men, it was a case of make sure my head is reading me right. My car is better.” He stares at me so grin and point, he turns and snorts.

“You are early for a midlife crisis.” Snort and giggle.

“Not a midlife crisis, you three told me to buy a nicer car and there is two BMW and one Mercedes in the partner parking. I didn’t want to go for more expensive, that one is costing me a bit over seven hundred a month.”

“Isn’t that what you pay for your apartment?” Shake my head.

“Apartment is tiny and eight, the insurance on the car brings it over my apartment, plus gas. It gets good mileage but gas isn’t that cheap.”

“I am tempted to say we pay you too much.”

“Can’t pay me less.” Grin as I go past him to get to my car and he is opening his door.

“Next time there is a meltdown like that, give the call to Perkins.” Wave as I unlock and start my car.

It is so nice to have all the doodads on cars now. Press a button and it is locked up, or unlocked. Can start a car up before you get in it. Climb in and sit there for a second to think about what I want for food. I can cook but I’ve got a car, a good paying job, and really want to close my eyes and play with myself while I picture Miss Perkins doing things to me.

Decide on calling for pizza so do halfway home. Hands free phone is so handy, voice activated so no looking at the screen to pick out a saved number. Beat the delivery man to my door by about two minutes. Sign the receipt and see him off then collecting a plate to get a slice on it. Fall on my sofa to turn the TV on.

Eat the slice trying to find something good to watch. Unable to find anything good I shut it off and recline, slice forgotten about. What I am hungry for is not food, I want to find out what Miss Perkins tastes like. Dress swiftly is pulled up to give me access to my hot pussy, also pulled down so can pinch on my nipples.

Hands roam over my body as I picture her in her dress today smiling at me. Then she is moving closer and I am in her arms getting a kiss. My hands are almost touching my hungry pussy and distended clit. I am so ready for some seriously hot sex. Then Miss Perkins is getting out of her dress, all of the buttons being torn off because she wants me so.

Moan when she puts her hand to me, mine doing the same thing. Her hand is cupping me then sliding a finger inside to pump. My hand is following suit and pressing on my clit with each pump so I will reach orgasm fast. Then I am jerking and almost fall off the sofa, my phone is ringing so am snatching it up fast as I can.

Checking the screen I find it is Mom calling. Groan then answer since she will keep calling if I don’t answer.

“Olivia have you found a hunky man yet?”

“Mom we have had this discussion a thousand times, I am a lesbian.” Mom is giggling now.

“I know that dear, I want you to go through the same hell I did raising you.”

“I’m starting to wonder why I answer your calls.”

“Because I raised you right. I can’t help it if you don’t have a sense of humor.” Fall back on the sofa to stare at the ceiling.

“I have a sense of humor, calling raising me hell isn’t funny.”

“I think it is funny, besides you were a good girl, with a warped sexuality. I swear to you the guy you gave your virginity too wasn’t good in bed.”

“Mom you didn’t screw him so you can’t know that.”

“How do you know that? For all you know he is trying to give you a little brother or sister.”

“Mom I’m going to hang up now.” Mom is giggling.

“Hang on, there is a reason I called. Michael is going to get married and wants you to go to the wedding.” Frown because I’m not sure which one she means.

“Which Michael?”

“The one who lived next door to us. The one next street over I’m fairly sure is gay, the one you went to school with… The other one you went to school with probably is going to stay single. He could be a sperm donor.” Sigh and shake my head.

“I just bought a brand new car Mom, I can’t afford to move to a bigger place.”

“Well there is room for you here. But I won’t pressure. The wedding is in three weeks, all you have to do is dress nice and show up. I got a present all picked out and picking it up next week.”

Mom hangs up before I can say anything. Not real sure I would though, weddings can be good places to meet a girlfriend. Course in my case generally it is closer to finding a drunk woman who would screw me. Also lost the horny so just eat and try to find something good on TV. Give that up and instead go online to play one of the many free games one can find there.

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