Lesbian Hotel Clerk

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The minute I checked into the hotel I saw Liza at the front desk. Her cleavage could not be missed. Her dark nipples were evident if you looked close enough. She smiled at me and I immediately was attracted to her. I am not a lesbian but I surely appreciate the female body. I also am traveling alone and the thought of hooking up with a man during this time does not interest me. This is my time away, a time to focus on my needs. The last thing I need is to feel the pressure of having to please a man.

Liza took my credit card and explained that she will be upgrading my room to a spa suite. She licked her luscious lips as she said it. I said “too bad I am alone” with a sly grin. She immediately laughed and said that in a big city like this there is no reason to be alone. I laughed to and told her I’d be in the bar if anyone is interested. I asked if the bellman could take my bags to my room until I had a good strong drink. All that travel stressed me out and I needed to relax.

I took a deep breath as I sat down at the bar. The bartender was a handsome guy – a bit of a flirt. I played along. The drink went down quickly and I thought I’d order one more and then take it back up to my room. Just then, in walked Liza. She obviously was off work at this time.

Liza sat down next to me and told the bartender to mix her a strong one – her usual. She asked me if I was still having a stressful day. I told her that the drinks helped. Little did she know that the sight of her nipples through her blouse helped even more. We exchanged some small talk and I thought it was time to up the ante. I thanked her for upgrading me to a spa suite and asked her to describe it to me because I haven’t seen it yet. She licked her lips again and smiled. “Let’s just go take a look. Esenyurt Escort If you don’t like it, we’ll see if I can’t do something about that.”

The next thing I knew, we were on the elevator with our drinks. We giggled down the hall like old friends. When I opened the door I knew we would be having a great time. The room was modern, and the spa in the middle of the room was big enough for 4 people. Liza walked over to the fireplace and turned it on. I walked over to the faucet and turned it on to fill the spa tub.

It was so easy and natural. She walked up behind me and began rubbing my shoulders. It felt so good. I turned around and began to unbutton her blouse. I had to see those tits. She pushed them into my face. I had never been so close to tits before but I knew what to do. I quickly had her blouse off and unhooked her bra. The full breasts just fell out of the bra. Liza’s nipples were huge. They were long and I immediately put one in my mouth. I sucked and sucked. It felt so good in my mouth – like a cock. I bit down – hard. I wanted her to feel it. I pulled the nipple with my teeth, then the other one. I cupped her tits, they were huge. Soft, firm, great. She took of my top and pinched my nipples. Wow! I loved it.

We guzzled our drinks and ran over to the bar and filled them again. It was now time to take off our pants. She took her own off and revealed the most beautiful pussy you could imagine. Smooth, with a dark landing strip of pubic hair above her clitoris. She had a huge clit – swollen, moist. She reached over and undid my pants and pulled them down. I must say, my own pussy is equally beautiful. She slipped her hand between my legs and slid a finger into my pussy. It was so wet and slimy it went right İstanbul Escort in. Two fingers, three fingers. This girl didn’t waste any time. My pussy was dripping and I think it even dripped onto the floor.

The tub was full and we stumbled back over toward it. I sat down on the edge of the tub right in the middle of the room. She took another drink, then pushed my legs back on the edge. I sat spread eagled in front of Liza. I just about came right then and there. She stared at my open pussy and took another drink, catching an ice cube in her mouth. When she came down to my pussy, she pushed that cube right inside my pussy. Fantastic. She took a few more cubes and pushed them inside my pussy, then fingered me. The cold cubes filled me so much, my clit swelled, and I had my first orgasm.

Liza inserted her fingers again, and soon, had her entire fist inside my pussy. She was rubbing my g-spot inside my pussy, and I could feel a sensation coming on that I didn’t know how to deal with. She could tell what was happening and told me to let go. I put my head back and lost myself in the pleasure. The warmth started at my breasts and moved down to my pussy. The pressure inside was immense and had to be relieved. She continued to rub my g-spot and I exploded. A stream of fluid squirted out of my pussy, and it was not urine. It sprayed her in the face, and she bent over my pussy and licked it up. I could not believe I squirted.

Liza kept her fist inside my pussy and then took her other hand and began working my asshole. She had two fingers inside and then massaged the wall of muscle between my pussy and ass. That is the most incredible feeling of pleasure one could ever have. I came again and again – I felt like I was so loose and relaxed, Beylikdüzü Escort she could have put anything inside me and it would have gone in. She pulled her hands out and we jumped into the tub.

It was my turn to play with Liza. I really wanted to destroy her pussy. I didn’t want to be gentle. I needed her to feel some pain. After we soaked a bit, she pulled herself out of the tub and sat on the edge while I stayed in. I put my face between her legs and put her huge clit in my mouth. I sucked that clit like a cock. I pinched her nipple hard.

There was a basket of wine on the bar and I got out and left her there while I popped open the bottle and poured us each a glass. I brought the bottle to the tub and drank right from the bottle. I held the bottle to her juicy mouth and she took a drink too. I brought the bottle down between her legs. I took another drink then proceeded to insert the bottle into her pussy. I took it out again and we each had another drink. The bottle was empty. It was going inside her pussy now. It went in easy and her eyes rolled back. Liza moaned. I knew it hurt. I shoved it further. Incredible. It stretched her pussy so far. I pushed it in and out over again. The white pussy juices were apparent on the green wine bottle. I held the bottle up for her to lick.

She took me over to the bed and had me lay on my stomach. I stuck my ass in the air and she licked my asshole. Her tongue went deep inside my ass and around and around. All of a sudden I felt the wine bottle going in. I took a deep breath and relaxed. Liza shoved that bottle in all the way and my ass took it. Not bad for an amateur.

When she was done, we rolled over and stared at the ceiling. We laughed again. We both knew that we had just experienced life at its fullest. No strings attached. Just pure pleasure, no questions asked.

Liza left that night and I saw her the next day. My pussy still hurt. I told her so. We laughed. She said she gets off at 5pm. I told her I’d be in the bar. And so, the best trip of my life continued.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32