Messy Morning

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I had been having a hard time that week. Two months into my last year of law school, I was getting senioritis and not going to class very often. My employer viewed this as an opportunity for me to work more often, something that did not surprise me in the least.

I had come into work that Saturday morning at about 5:30 to work on some complaints that had to be on file in the weeks ahead. It surprised me later that morning to hear a key rattle in the door and someone entering into the back office. Curious as to who was coming in early besides me, I went down the dividing hallway to see who it was.

“What are you doing here?” I asked, startling Shauna at the same time.

“I just came in to try and get some work done.” She replied.

She was a Reubenesque sort, with heavy, pendulous breasts that had oftentimes been the subject of my masturbatory fantasies. Since the beginning, she had always been a flirtatious sort, always rubbing her breasts on my back as we passed in the hall or seductively deep-throating a banana when I would walk into her office. We were both married, with her in her mid-40s and I in my mid-30s at the time.

That morning, when I had left the house, I had not planned on meeting anyone at the office. Accordingly, I had just worn my sleeping shorts to work, and no underwear to keep myself cased. After returning to my office for a short while, I got up to get a cup of coffee and take a short break from the tedium of drafting complaints. I walked toward Shauna’s office and leaned against the door frame.

“What are you working on?” I asked.

“The Avila file.” She replied. “Just trying to get this Request for Production in order.”

She stopped for a second and leaned back in her chair staring at me. The male attorneys in the office called Shauna a meat-gazer, as her eyes were continuously dropping to the buckle region on every guy in the office. Today was no different.

“Nice shorts.” She said, as her eyes lingered.

Being that it was the morning, and I was full of energy, that sort of caught me off guard. You could say that it triggered a response.

“Stop it.” I said, half-heartedly, not really wanting her too; I had küçükçekmece escort a need that morning.

It was uncanny how she could come up with a banana at any time of the day it seemed. She pulled open a drawer and removed a long, semi-green one from her top desk drawer. As I stood there in the doorway she peeled it in three strips to its base, and proceeded to lick the tip while looking from my crotch to my eyes and back again. She then proceeded to put more than half of the banana into her mouth, as if she was sucking on a long cock. She moaned approvingly while doing this.

“What’s the matter, Jay?” She asked.

“Why do you ask?” I replied.

“Well, …something seems to have come up.” She said, raising an eyebrow and dropping her gaze.

“Looks like something that needs some attention, wouldn’t you say?” She asked.

“You’re probably right, Shauna.” I replied. “I am going to the restroom, and if you hear any weird noises it is just me – going blind.”

I turned to walk away and she said, “Wait a minute.”

“Yes?” I said, looking over my shoulder.

“Why don’t you just take care of it right here.” She stated matter of factly.

I said, “Well, Shauna, it has been a while and I don’t want to make a big mess anywhere.”

She said, “I won’t let you make that big of a mess, and I would kind of like to see what you are made of.”

My heart was beginning to pound, and, thinking of all the possibilities, I had forgotten about what was going on in my shorts. I now had a full erection which was clear from any angle.

“You will tell everyone.” I said, hoping for an answer in the negative.

“Not if you don’t.” She replied.

“I would need some visual stimulation.” I told her, dropping my eyes to her cleavage.

She smiled and slowly began unbuttoning the buttons on her blouse from the top down. About halfway down, she stopped and pulled her blouse further apart, so I could see the white, creamy skin of her breasts. Then she began pulling her breasts out of her bra without undoing any of the clasps.

“Does that give you enough to aim at?” She küçükyalı escort asked slyly.

“It does that.” I replied, breathing heavily now.

Instead of pulling my shorts down, I pulled the left leg of them up exposing my cock to her. I heard a slight gasp as she inhaled with a ragged breath. Like any man’s first time with a woman, my cock seemed to be harder than it had ever been; it seemed to be throbbing uncontrollably. A small drop of pre-come glistened at the tip.

As Shauna and I stared at one another, I slowly reached down and rubbed that drop of pre-come around the tip of my cock. She watched me do this and looked back up at me smiling.

“You can make a mess on me, if you want.” She stated seductively.

“I plan to,” I said, and I slowly withdrew my finger and drew an X on her cleavage. “X marks the spot!”

I moved in closer to her, standing between her legs as she sat in her chair. I slowly began to stroke my cock, looking from her eyes to her breasts. Her gaze was transfixed on my cock, and my hand which slowly stroked it.

She leaned slightly forward, and I would draw circles around her nipples with the head of my cock, leaving them shiny with pre-come. Continuing to hold my shorts to one side with one hand while stoking with the other, I slowly continued pumping away. I watched as her hand creeped slowly to her crotch, and she began massaging her vagina over her sweatpants. I watched as she did this, and when she would look at me I would bite my lower lip with my teeth.

About a minute after she began rubbing herself, she slowly closed her eyes and shuddered with an audible gasp. She then brought her hand up to my balls and began massaging them as I stroked away.

Knowing that I had reached the point of no return, I asked Shauna, “are you ready?”

She looked up at me and slowly nodded her head. She then dropped her eyes back down to my hand which was now pounding my cock at a dizzying pace. She leaned even more forward so that my hand was rubbing against her breast on every stroke, rippling the flesh.

“Here I come.” I said through clenched teeth.

“Come maltepe escort on my tits.” She said. “Please come on my tits.”

With that, I let loose a shot of semen that struck her in the chin and dropped down into her cleavage. Another rope then gushed forth and hit her in the neck. More and more shot out and onto her breasts. Shauna’s head was tilted back now and she was breathing heavily. I kept stroking until there was no more fluid escaping from the tip of my cock.

I looked down at her breasts, and they were covered with my semen. Shauna had been looking down and when she looked up I could see that her face had been hit with a couple of blasts too. She smiled at me and then lowered her head and gently took my cock into her mouth. She swirled her tongue around the tip and with her thumb at the base of my balls stroked the remaining cum from my cock into her mouth. She took my cock deep into her mouth several times before pulling away completely.

She looked at me and then licked her lips which were shiny with my semen.

“Could you get me a towel from the kitchen area?” She asked.

“No.” I said. “I want to see you lick everything clean.”

She smiled and looked me in the eyes and began to take her fingers and run them through the heaviest deposits which remained on her breasts, which she then brought to her mouth. She would then lick her fingers as if she was eating some sort of finger food. She did this several times while I stood there watching her. Finally, she took my cock and drew it through her cleavage. There was a big glob of semen on the crown of my cock, which she put into her mouth and sucked off. She proceeded to lick me clean swallowing every drop.

Afterward, I went to the kitchen area, got a kitchen towel wet, and brought it back to her office. She reached for it, but I told her that I would do it.

I began wiping off her huge breasts, which were slick with the remains of my come. I lifted each one from the bra to clean the underside. I slowly wiped her cleavage and neck clean of the mess that I had made. When I was done, I replaced her breasts into her bra and rebuttoned her blouse. I started to wipe her face and lips clean with the towel but she stopped me short of doing so.

“I still have work to do, and need some motivation to get done.” She said.

“How much longer do you think that it will take you to have another load ready?” She asked.

“Give me a couple of minutes.” I said.

“I can do that.” She replied. “But don’t take too long, this lip gloss won’t last long.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32