Mean Girls Suck, Nice Girls Swallow

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Even a hot shower hadn’t quite lifted Jenny out of her morning haze, and she stumbled back to her room sleepily. She clicked on her laptop to check her email as she got dressed, but what she saw jolted her awake.

Under the subject line, “ur next panhellenic prez???” were four small thumbnail pictures. One was of a nude woman taking a self-portrait in the mirror. The next was the same woman bent over her bed, her pussy exposed and spread, as she looked over her shoulder. The third was taken by a man who was getting a blowjob, showing the woman from above with her lips stretched wide around his thick cock. And the last — oh my. Jenny clicked on the thumbnail to see the picture full-sized, and there was her best friend, Vicki, on her knees, with a load of semen smeared across her face. The image was lewd and vulgar, and Jenny felt a wave of embarrassment — right after her first reaction, which was to note that the enormous amount of cum Vicki had coaxed out of her man was truly impressive.

She clicked back, and saw that the other photos were of Vicki, too. Where were these pictures from, and why was she getting them? With her heart sinking, Jenny saw her worst fears come true in the “To:” and “CC:” fields. Someone had sent these pictures from a dummy address to everyone in their small college’s fraternities and sororities, as well as most of the faculty.

Vicki was running for president of the greek system’s panhellenic council, but this seemed sure to end that. Jenny hadn’t joined Vicki in rushing a sorority, exactly to avoid this kind of mean-girl bullshit. She had never been a popular girl anyway. As something of a jock chick, a standout in basketball and volleyball, Jenny tended to hang out with guys more, and was regarded as something of a tomboy. Vicki was almost her only girlfriend growing up, and it pained her to see this happening.

Jenny quickly pulled on a sweatshirt and rushed over to Vicki’s sorority house. Even before 8 a.m., it was bedlam. Vicki was in tears, and her house sisters were up in arms, trying to figure out which of the other candidates would stoop to such sabotage. Jenny ran to her friend and gave her a hug.

“How could this happen?” Jenny had to ask.

“I lost my camera last week. I thought it was just around here somewhere,” Vicki said. “There were pictures on it from when I was seeing David.”

David was an older guy, a lawyer Vicki had dated. Jenny had liked him well enough, and she knew he would never do this to her. Of course, she wouldn’t have suspected that he would cum on Vicki’s face and take pictures, either. “So you all are pretty sure this has something to do with panhellenic,” Jenny said as neutrally as possible. But Vicki knew her friend well enough to catch the implication in her tone.

“You don’t?” she said, looking at her quizzically.

“It’s not like I know anything,” Jenny said. “But it seems like Annmarie to me.”

Annmarie was another girl at their college that Jenny and Vicki had gone to high school with. She was a rich-bitch queen bee who had always hated them both, for reasons they never really understood. She was cruel for sport, and she loved to use her exalted social status to step on those she saw as beneath her.

She hadn’t changed after graduation. She still walked around with her nose in the air, and she still somehow had all the right connections. She was even dating the BMOC, Kurt, who was the school’s star quarterback, shooting guard and student president.

Jenny knew him well. They were friends through basketball, mostly. After spending plenty of time in the gym, in blacktop pickup games and sometimes in the weight room together, she knew she had his respect. She had always considered Kurt a decent guy, and suspected that he was with Annmarie almost out of obligation. She was the kind of girlfriend — thin, blonde, WASPy, with a dad who could guarantee him a future — that a guy like him would be expected to have. For Annmarie, of course, Kurt was the kind of boyfriend she *had* to have to prove where she ranked.

“Why would Annmarie do this?” Vicki said, sniffling into Jenny’s shoulder. “I haven’t even seen her or talked to her in months.”

“Because she’s a fucking cunt, that’s why,” Jenny said. “If I find out it was her, this time I’m going to do something about it.”

“Don’t get yourself in trouble too,” Vicki admonished. “Just don’t, OK? What are you going to do?”

Jenny thought about that for a minute, then hugged Vicki a little tighter. “I guess I’m going to that stupid party after all.”

* * *

Jenny was resigned to attending the party, but she still wasn’t going to get fancied up. Most of the Barbie-doll girls there were wearing cocktail dresses and had their hair teased up like beauty queens. Jenny arrived in jeans, a T-shirt, her volleyball team windbreaker, and had her curly golden hair in a ponytail. But rather than her usual sneakers, she was wearing boots with five-inch platform heels, which would have her towering more than a foot over Annmarie beylikdüzü escort and would even put her at eye level with the burly 6-4 Kurt.

And she was definitely planning to look him in the eye. The soiree was a fund-raiser to upgrade the college’s recreation facilities, and as student-athletes she and Kurt were invited to the college president’s campus residence, a large Victorian-era house. She knew he’d be there because Annmarie’s parents were big donors. And sure enough, the ice princess was holding court.

Jenny walked by the couple, making eye contact with Kurt and giving him a small friendly wave as she passed while ignoring Annmarie. But Annmarie wasn’t ignoring her.

“Nice of you to dress for the occasion,” Annmarie said snidely.

“I am dressed for the occasion,” Jenny fired back. “I’m here representing my team, which is a position I earned. I’m not here just because my daddy bought me a tacky dress.”

“Hey, whoa,” Kurt said quickly, trying to defuse the hostility with a broad smile. “Let’s not get all this going.”

“You don’t have to tell me that,” Jenny said as she turned away. “You might have noticed that I was just walking by minding my own fucking business.” Jenny headed to the refreshment table, poured herself a drink and walked out on the terrace to cool off. A minute later, she heard Kurt behind her.

“I’m sorry about that, Jen,” he said. Looking to get off the subject as quickly as possible, he asked, “So how’s Vicki doing?”

“How do you think?” Jenny replied. “She’s kind of a wreck, but she’ll get through it. I’ll bet those sorority bitches are loving it, though.” Looking at him closely, she added, “What does Annmarie think?”

Jenny thought she detected a pained expression flickering across Kurt’s face as he hesitated to answer. Finally, he simply said, “I don’t know, I didn’t ask.”

Jenny went on offense. Rising up to her full height, she could face him like few women could. “Bullshit! I know she’s celebrating! And if you’re playing cagey about it, she probably had something to do with it! Am I right?”

“Listen,” he said, looking like he was thinking hard before he spoke. “I’m not going to lie to you, because we’re friends. I saw her going through a memory card with pictures of Vicki. I never saw the incriminating ones, but I guess that’s where they came from. I don’t know how she got them.”

Jenny told him about the lost camera. “God! How can you be with someone like that?” she scolded him. “Don’t you see what an awful fucking person she is?”

“Times like these,” Kurt said quietly. “I kind of do.”

“I don’t even see what you get out of it.” Jenny continued. “What’s the upside? She’s not exactly a barrel of laughs. She doesn’t know or care anything about sports. She’s heartless, selfish and cold.”

“Come on, now,” Kurt said, coming back to his girlfriend’s defense. “She’s not cold. She’s pretty hot. You have to give her that at least.”

“I wouldn’t know, Kurt, you tell me,” Jenny said in a taunting tone, irritated and pressing her attack. “She seems like such a frigid bitch, it’s hard to believe she’d actually be good in bed.”

“Well she’s a classy gal, you know,” Kurt said, trying to maintain his sense of humor, “not a porn star. I don’t expect her to be some jizz-guzzling slut.”

Jenny laughed out loud at the idea. “Why not?” she said teasingly. “You never heard of being a lady in public and a whore behind closed doors in the bedroom? That’s what a good girlfriend does. If he wants her to swallow it, she should.”

“Ha!” It was Kurt’s turn to laugh. “You’re not exactly one to talk. Butter wouldn’t melt in your mouth, miss perfect Jenny,” he added with a smart-alecky lilt.

“Butter? What?” Jenny said. “I don’t even know what that means.”

“It means everyone knows you’re sweet, virtuous and a role model for all innocent young girls,” he said mockingly. “And I highly doubt you’re slurping it down for anybody. You’re a good girl.”

Jenny was working her way backward through their conversation in her head now, and recalling that Kurt had been dating Annmarie since their junior year in high school.

“So you mean you never came in a girl’s mouth before?”

“Duh, no,” he said. “As much as a guy might want to, it’s not nice to just blow a wad and expect her to gulp it down.”

The wheels turned in Jenny’s head. It seemed as if she was mentally formulating the idea for a long time, but it actually took less than a second to blurt out what she was thinking.

“Tell you what. Go break up with Annmarie now, for good, in front of everyone, and I’ll make you cum in my mouth right here as soon as you’ve done it.”

* * *

Annmarie stormed out of the building, shaking but holding in the tears, as Jenny looked on in satisfaction from above. Kurt hadn’t made a huge scene, but it was public enough, and witnessed by enough of the right people, that it was a devastating humiliation. The fact beyoğlu escort that he had given her “backstabbing and low morals” as the reason, for everyone to hear, was definitely worthy of a reward.

“You don’t have to do anything, you know,” Kurt said as he stepped back out onto the balcony with Jenny. “I had to do that anyway. As soon as I saw the email, and knew what she did, I couldn’t stay with her. I just was going to wait until after this shindig, with her parents here and everything.”

“Well I’m glad to hear you say that,” Jenny said.

“You are?” Kurt said.

“About wanting to break up with her anyway,” Jenny hastened to add. “Not about our deal. I’m going to hold up my end of the bargain.”

“No, it’s really not necessary,” Kurt said. “Deal or no deal, it was the right thing to do, and I’m glad I did. I’m not going to make you do something like that just because I didn’t have the balls to break up with her before.”

“How noble of you,” Jenny said sarcastically, even though everything she heard was making her view of Kurt rise. “But you don’t have to make me. I might even like it!” she added with a wicked grin.

“I still find that hard to believe,” Kurt said, looking at Jenny carefully. “Besides, I broke up with the girl I’ve been with since high school just three minutes ago. I’m not exactly ready to rebound yet.”

“Dude, get over yourself!” Jenny said, giving him an affectionate slap on the arm. “I’m not trying to make you my boyfriend, OK? I’m just going to give you a little blow-J and make you feel better about what happened tonight. Not a BFD.

“Come on, it’ll be fun.”

Kurt looked at Jenny closely, seeing a side of her that he had never chosen to think about. Even though he had certainly seen her sweaty and scantily clad, in gym shorts and a sports bra, and knew how toned and fit she was, it had never clicked into a sexual appreciation of her body. But even as de-glamorized as she was now, wearing no makeup and with her hair tied back haphazardly, the twinkle in her big brown eyes was appealing, and suddenly he saw her lips, with her wide smile, in a whole new light.

“Come on where?”

* * *

After poking around the halls of the third story of the house, Jenny found what looked like an unoccupied guest room.

“OK, whip it out,” Jenny said with her usual flippancy.

“You’re such a romantic girl,” Kurt fired back, matching her tone. “Who knew you were such a lace and flowers type?”

“This ain’t a romance, bro,” Jenny said as she dropped her windbreaker on the bed. “This is just your first great blowjob.”

“That remains to be seen, doesn’t it?” Kurt said, unzipping his khakis.

“You doubt my skills?” Jenny said in a mock-insulted tone, taking a seat on the edge of the bed and beckoning him over. “Here, better leave the pants on in case we hear someone, just let me get your little guy out.”

She was somewhat surprised, though, when she saw that he wasn’t so little. It wasn’t that Kurt’s cock was so enormous, but it was fully erect even before they had gotten started. “Dude, you’re hard already?” Jenny said, getting a grip around the shaft and starting to slowly stroke it.

“Hey, a pretty girl tells me she’s going to suck me off, I’m going to be hard,” Kurt said, smiling as he moved closer to her.

“You think I’m pretty?” she said demurely, as she began to lick around the head.

“With my dick in your mouth, I think you’re Miss fucking Universe!” Kurt said as Jenny closed her lips around him. Her eyes sparkled a little more as she looked up at him, her mouth suddenly obscenely stuffed with cock. “God, I can’t believe you’re doing this,” he groaned.

“Like I said,” Jenny whispered, as she slowly stroked him, while rubbing his hardness against her smiling face, “I may seem like a nice girl in public, but we’re behind closed doors now, and I can be a whore, too — for tonight at least.”

Kurt reached down to feel her breasts through her T-shirt, squeezing them gently as she returned her lips to the head of his cock, kissing it wetly, with her tongue teasing the tip of it. As Kurt pulled on her T-shirt, raising it above her breasts, Jenny circled the smooth crown of his cock with the tip of her tongue, tasting the precum that was already leaking from it. She fluttered her tongue across the head as fast as she could, back and forth, and Kurt moaned quietly as he pulled up her bra to expose her breasts.

Jenny reached behind her back to unclasp her bra, leaving her mouth on his cock, lips encircling the shaft, bobbing slowly and sensually. As Kurt looked down on the girl he once had considered almost like a little sister, he marveled at how suddenly erotic she looked with her arms back, her pretty face and mouth fastened on his hard cock. As she dropped her bra on the bed behind her, Kurt reached down to grasp her wrist and hold it behind her back, leaning over her as he fucked her mouth enthusiastically.

Jenny bizimkent escort understood what he was responding to, and held her arms behind her back, crossed at the wrist. and let him hold them there while she sucked him hungrily. As she moved her lips up and down his cock, wanting to taste every bit of it, sometimes it would slip from her lips, springing out and then landing back on her cheek with a slap. She would chase it down with her lips, sometimes needing two or three tries to capture it back in her mouth.

Even when Kurt released her wrists to move his hands up to her curly hair and help guide her head up and down on his cock, she left her hands behind her back, submissively letting him use her mouth for his pleasure. Soon he pulled back on Jenny’s hair, causing her face to tilt upward. Then he pulled her down, lower, guiding her to his balls. She happily licked them both, one after another, and gave them wet, sucking kisses.

“Jenny, I want to see you,” Kurt suddenly said, pulling up on her shirt. Jenny raised her arms so he could pull it off of her. “I never knew you had such a great rack,” he said.

“Well I’m glad you approve,” Jenny said with a giggle, leaning back on her elbows and thrusting her chest out so her perky baseball-sized breasts were well displayed for him. Forgetting her original caution about being caught, she unzipped her jeans and then lifted her long legs straight up in the air, shucking her jeans under her hips and then pulling them off as Kurt let his pants and shorts drop to the floor. Now just in her plain lavender boyshorts, Jenny got on all fours at the edge of the bed to resume sucking Kurt’s cock. As his hands returned to her hair and he filled her mouth again, Jenny balanced herself on one hand and let the other slip inside her panties.

Her pussy was wet and so very hot. She had no trouble inserting three fingers immediately, from her middle finger to her pinkie. She let out a low moan, muffled by the rock-hard cock pressing up into her throat. The intense debauchery of the situation was turning her on beyond what she ever imagined, and suddenly she heard herself whimpering, almost as if it were someone else. Her orgasm took her by surprise, but she quickly surrendered to it, momentarily ignoring Kurt’s cock to grind her clit hard on the heel of her hand with her fingers buried deep in her pussy. She let her upper body fall to the bed as she came, giving Kurt an alluring view of her upthrust bottom as she trembled and let out a gutteral sigh.

When she came back to her senses, Jenny lifted her head dreamily. Kurt tenderly caressed her cheek with his hand, but simultaneously brought his still stiff and throbbing cock right back to her face. She quickly engulfed it in her mouth and growled deep in her throat as she took him all the way in. Kurt had already lasted longer than he thought possible, but this was too much. The vibrations were soon joined by the pulsing of his cock as he came, filling her mouth with spurt after spurt. She swallowed it down greedily, with an audible “Mmmmm.”

“Fucking A, Jenny,” Kurt said shakily. Jenny opened her mouth to release his cock and sweetly smile up at him, mistakenly thinking he was finished. With one last blast, he delivered a final spatter of cum right across her lips.

She smiled even wider, feeling the warm stickiness of his cum on her lips. Kurt stroked his shaft, extracting the final thick droplet of cum and wiping it across her cheek.

“That is the sexiest fucking thing I’ve ever seen,” he said as Jenny seductively licked his semen from her lips.

“Not quite as messy as Vicki was,” Jenny said with a giggle. “But I’m sure she didn’t get as much in her mouth.”

“I can’t believe you really did that,” Kurt said softly. “That’s amazing. Have you really done it before?”

“A lady doesn’t swallow and tell,” Jenny said, giving his still-hard cock a lighthearted slap, and chuckling as it bounced back and forth.

“Door’s still closed,” Kurt answered. “You’re no lady in here, not with cum on your face.”

“OK, you got me there,” Jenny said. “I admit it, I love cum.” As if proving her point, she took hold of his cock and wiped up the dollop of cream still on her cheek with the head of it and brought it back to her lips, licking it off before giving it a final wet kiss. “Christ, you’re still hard as a rock,” she observed.

“Well look at you,” Kurt said. “That was so hot, it’s not going to go down for a week.”

Jenny smiled again at the compliment. With her eyes still locked on his cock, she started to stroke him gently, enjoying the way he shuddered when her fingers tickled the still red and sensitive head.

“I don’t know if this is a stupid question to ask you,” she said almost shyly, “but … do you want to fuck me?”

“You think?” Kurt said with a grin.

As he unbuttoned his shirt, Jenny turned around to lie back on the bed. She admired his powerful chest and six-pack as she pulled her panties down her legs, leaving them dangling on one foot. She raised her legs up in a wide “V”, lewdly displaying her shaved pussy. Kurt gazed up and down her finally naked body, from her broad shoulders to her luscious little breasts, down her tight, flat belly to her wet, glistening pussy, and up her muscular thighs. Jenny bent her knee and flipped her panties at him coquettishly, landing them on his shoulder.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32