Max and the Lamp Ch. 02

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Max and the Lamp 02

Max woke the next morning feeling refreshed and horny. He rose and stretched, realizing he had slept with the lamp. As he held it, he felt a slight vibration and low hum. Weird, he thought and set it on his desk. I need a shower he decided. He sniffed his fingers and could still smell the scent of his sister’s pussy.

In the shower, he masturbated. His thoughts were chaotic. At first, he thought of his sister and her pert, young body. He wanted to fuck her, but soon, he was focused on the soft, full curves of his Mom. He could imagine her legs wrapped around his waist as she thrust into her wet pussy. He exploded in the shower. Wow, that’s a lot of cum. More than usual.

After dressing in gym shorts and a tank top, he went downstairs. His Mom was in the kitchen. He watched her for a minute as she moved. She was dressed in a short red sundress. He enjoyed watching her tight butt move under the dress.


He jumped as his phone rang. His Mom whirled around.

“Oh, Max. You startled me,” she gasped. “Good morning, sweetie!”

“Morning, Mom.”


“Let me get this, it’s Leroy.”

He walked into the dining rom. “Hey, Leroy. What’s going on?”

“Max, bro! You finally awake? I’m on my way over. Let’s hang out today.”

“Sure. It’s Sunday, you got a plan?

“Maybe hit the pool and check out the babes. They’ll be there working on their tans for the summer. All those hot chicks putting themselves on display for us!”

Max laughed. “I’m sure you and I are at the top of their list, Leroy. But I’m good with that. You got wheels?

“Yeah, Mom lent me her car. See you in a few.”

“Later, dude.”

Max hung up and walked back into the kitchen.

His Mom sat a plate on the table. “Made you some eggs and bacon. Toast is up in a sec. Want juice or milk?”

“Thanks, Mom. Juice is fine.” He ate several bites, then said, “What are you doing today?”

She smiled at him, “Not much, honey. Might work on the roses and get some more sun. Then Melody and I are planning to see that new chick flick at the Plaza. You OK with ordering pizza tonight.”

“Sure, Mom. Leroy and I are going to the pool and hang out. Where’s sis?”

“She’s working early today. Said she might go out with Derek after that.” Max nodded. His sister worked at a small coffee shop in town.

He heard the doorbell ring and the front door opened.

“Leroy Jenkins has arrived!”

His Mom laughed. “We’re in the kitchen, Leroy.” Leroy sauntered in. He was a tall black boy with a short afro haircut. In his swim suit and tank top, it was clear he was toned and muscled.

“Hello, Mrs. Powers. Wow, you are looking fine! All that working out at the gym is making you a hot mom.” Leroy smiled at her.

“Leroy, you smooth talker, don’t make me blush. I do feel better and have more energy now.” His mom did blush slightly, and he noticed her eyes linger on his body. Leroy seemed not to notice as he sat down and grabbed a piece of Max’s toast.

“She’s certainly getting me hot,” Leroy said under his breath.

“Hey, stop talking about my mom like that.” Max said in a low voice.

“Want me to fix you something, Leroy?”, his mom asked.

“No thanks, Mrs. Powers. I’ve had my breakfast,” he smiled at Ivy. He looked at Max and raised his eyebrows up and down.

Max socked him in the arm. “Knock it off, asshole. Let me get my suit and we’ll head out.”

Max went upstairs and grabbed his suit and wallet. When he got back downstairs, he heard his mom laugh. He peeked around the corner. His mom and Leroy were standing side by side at the sink as they washed and dried the dishes. Max noticed that Leroy’s hip was touching his Mom.

Whoa, is Leroy putting the moves on mom? And Mom looks a little flustered. Interesting.

“Hey, Leroy, when you’re finished doing the dishes, there’s some other chores you could do,” Max said as he walked into the room.

Leroy moved away from his mom quickly. “Hah, just paying her back for all the meals she cooked for me.”

“Yes, Leroy is a gentleman. You could learn something from him,” his Mom said.

“OK, Mom. We’ll be at the pool for a while,” Max said.

“Have a nice time, boys.” Ivy watched them leave.

Leroy was a real smoothie, she thought. He was not shy, and she remembered how his hip had touched hers at the sink. He can’t be interested in Max’s mom, can he? Wonder how big he is? Ohh, you bad woman, you. She felt her pussy through her dress. It was so soaking wet that it was drooling down her legs. I need to go upstairs to take care of this.


It was a clear day and starting to get hot, so the pool was already crowded when Max and Leroy got there. It took a few minutes to find some empty pool chairs and sit down.

Leroy looked around. “Look around, my friend. All that fine feminine flesh on display!”

Max had to agree. There were a lot of girls and women lounging around and in the pool. “Yeah, buddy. Some young things kadıköy escort bayan and some MILFs here today.”

“Over there, look at Sally Cramer. Man, she’s leaving nothing uncovered,” Leroy said.

Max watched a young girl waltz along the pool edge. Sally Cramer was the same age as his sister, but the brunette was more developed. The suit struggled to hold her tits inside and it barely covered her cunt. He could see some hairs peeking out. She must have sensed their laser stares because she looked over at them and waved, before jumping in the pool.

“Oh, my lord. I won’t be able to walk for a while or my boner will scare all the kids,” Leroy said in a whisper.

“You and me both. She is the hottest thing I’ve seen so far,” Max said.

As the day wore on, Max and Leroy continued to scope out the babes and generally have fun relaxing. At one point, Max had dozed off in his pool chair.

“Well, Max Powers, how are you doing today?” Max heard a woman’s voice say. Max opened his eyes to see an attractive black woman looking down on him. Her dark hair, fixed in long braids sprinkled with beads, framed her face and trailed down to her rather large breasts. She stood with her hands on her ample hips, smiling at him.

“Hi, Mrs. Jenkins! I’m doing great, thanks! And you?” He asked as he sat up. Mrs. Jenkins sat down at the end of his lounge chair.

“Doing just fine, Max. And please call me Melody. Haven’t seen you over at the house much?”

“Yeah, just been busy,” Max said. “And Leroy was at that basketball camp, so that’s another reason I wasn’t stopping by.”

“Ah, honey, you can stop by anytime. Speaking of Leroy, is he here?” Mrs. Jenkins shaded her eyes and looked around. Max looked around, too, and finally spotted him at the far end of the pool, talking to a group of girls.

“There he is,” he pointed. Melody looked and shook her head.

“I swear, that boy is always putting the moves on someone.” She looked back at Max. “I need to talk to him about a few things.” She leaned down and give him a quick kiss on his cheek. Max felt the solid swell of her breast press on his arm. She stood up and smiled at him. “Bye, honey.”

“Bye, Melody.” Max watched her walk away.

Melody had always seemed affectionate, but he wondered if that was something else. Maybe another person to show the lamp, he thought? He felt himself start to grow hard, and shook his head. I better take a quick dip to stay calm.

Not long afterwards, Leroy came back. “Hey, Max, I need to take off soon. Mom reminded me that we’re going to my Aunt Rebecca’s for dinner.”

“Sure, buddy. We can go anytime,” Max said.

In a few minutes, they left. Leroy dropped Max at his house and sped off.

No one was home yet. Mom had left a note on the fridge saying she would be out late at the movies with Melody and had left some money for him and Jenny to order pizza. He figured he’d wait till Jenny got home to order pizza. He went to his room. The lamp was sitting on his desk. Max picked it up. It was warm and he could still feel the slight warmth. And heard the hum again. He rubbed along the etched characters, wondering what they meant.

“You wished to speak”.

“Shit”, Max exclaimed and whirled around. The woman stood in front of him. “Why do you do that?

“You activated the lamp. If you rub the activation symbols, I will appear.” The woman smiled.

“Oh, well that’s good to know.” He sat the lamp down.

The hologram moved closer. “I noted you used the lamp to initiate activity last night. Were you pleased with its function?”

Max smiled. “Yeah, it seemed to help out. Does it work like that every time?”

“Yes, to some degree. Some partners will be more affected and others less. Factors such as previous romantic feelings, current levels of sexual satisfaction, intoxication intensity could speed the process. Conversely, factors such as familial connection, societal norms, or previous negative interactions could make sexual progress more difficult.”

“Hmmm. So, if a woman likes me, is not getting any sex, and is intoxicated, what would be different?”

“It’s likely that your partner’s inhibitions would be lowered significantly, and your suggestions as to more taboo sexual activity would be met with little resistance.” The woman looked at Max and asked, “Was your activity last night with one of your family members?”

“Yes. Hey, wait, how do you know anything happened last night?”

The woman smiled slightly, “The lamp sensors are active now that it is active. Would you like to see?”

“Uh, what do you mean? You took video.”

“Of a sort”.

Suddenly, a hologram was projected in the room. He watched with his mouth open as he saw he and his sister. Although the room was dark, he could clearly see the action. In fact, he could hear, too. His sister moaning and him talking to her. He sniffed and could smell the sex in the room. He watched it till his orgasm and his sister leaving the kartal escort bayan room.

“Wow, that was really realistic.”

“Full sensory recording. But I must shut down for a period of time to recharge,” the woman said and disappeared.

Man, I’m hard, he thought. But I’m not going to beat off. I’m going to save it. Save it for Jenny later.

Max thought about how he would set the stage. Just jumping her bones when she walked through the door was probably not a good idea. Hmm.

He grabbed his phone and called.

“Hello,” she answered.

“Hey, Jenny, it’s Max.” There was a short silence.

“Um, hi, bro. What’s going on? I’m still at work.”

“Yeah, hope it’s not too busy. Mom will be out with Melody till later tonight and left some money for pizza. What kind of pizza would you like for dinner?” he asked.

“Um, supreme would be great. Thanks for checking with me,” she said

“Of course, sis. What time will you get home?

“Around 6 o’clock.”

“Great, see you then.”

After a short silence, she said, “Alright, good. Bye.”

Max took a long shower to clean off the day’s grime, then ordered the pizza to be there about the time she came home. He was in his room when he heard the door open. He went downstairs.

Jenny was coming down the front hallway. “Hi, sis. Pizza should be here in about 15 minutes.”

“Good. Enough time for me to get a shower.” Jenny tossed her keys on the counter and jogged upstairs. Soon he heard the sound of the shower. Right after that, the doorbell rang. He answered, paid the delivery guy and took the pizza into the dining room. He’d already set out plates and utensils.

After a few minutes, Jenny came down. She was wearing sweat pants and a red cotton t-shirt. To Max, it didn’t look like he was wearing a bra. Her hair was tied back in a pony tail.

“Here you go, sis. One supreme pizza. What do you want to drink?” Max asked.

“Oh, just a water.” She sat at the table and they began eating.

“Going to get a lot of hours at the shop now that school is out? Max asked.

“Yeah, probably,” Jenny replied. They continued to eat in silence. Max could tell that Jenny was preoccupied, but decided to wait until she began the conversation. “If you’re all done, I’m going to clean up and go on up to my room. Come on up if you want to talk.”

“Hmmm,” his sister replied. Max cleared the table and went upstairs.

He turned off the overhead light. He set the lamp under on his desk and turned on the desk light. After a few minutes, his door opened. Jenny came in and closed the door behind her.

“Max,” she began, then stopped. She stared at the lamp on the desk, then walked over to it.

“Go ahead, Jenny, you can touch it,” Max said. She leaned and ran her hand over it.

Max walked behind her and placed his hands around her waist. She inhaled and stood up.

“Oh, Max, I’m so horny. I’ve been horny all day.” Her breathing had quickened.

“Jenny, last night was wonderful. I hope you enjoyed it, too.” Max moved his hands around to her front, resting on her flat stomach.

Jenny put her hands over his. “Max, you’re my brother. Ohh, so good. I got myself off in the restroom at work. I’m so wet.”

“Jenny, you are a beautiful young woman, with strong needs and desires.”

“Yes, Max, I have desires. I want you, Max.” Max smiled.

“I want you, too, Jenny.” He moved one hand to her fondle her tit and one hand to cover her pussy. Her hands stayed with his as he began to massage her. He moved forward slightly and pressed his body into hers. His hard cock pushed into the curve of her ass. She moaned and tilted her head back. Max kissed and traced his tongue up her neck. She hissed slightly.

He moved his hands to her t-shirt and pulled it over her head. Her tits hung free and Max covered them with his hands. He tweaked her hardening nipple and squeezed the firm, pert globes. He could feel Jenny push back into his body, moving slightly against his cock. He spun her around to face him.

“Kiss me, Jenny,” he ordered. She leaned forward and hungrily kissed him. Her mouth opened and her tongue sought to entwine his. He returned the kiss, pushing against her lips hard in his desire. His hands were still massaging her tits and she moaned in his mouth.

He slid his hands down to her sweatpants and slid them down. Max grabbed her shoulders and held her at arm’s length. She stood in only her panties. She watched him with her mouth slightly open, breathing deeply.

“Now, Jenny, take off your panties,” Max directed. She hesitated, looked down, then back at Max. “Pull off your panties, I want to see your wet pussy.”

She moaned, then shucked off her panties and stood naked. He moved back, turning her towards the bed. “Lay on the bed, Jenny.”

She lay down on her back. Max stood above her. He shed his shirt, then his pants. Finally, he slid down his boxers. His cock, steel hard and leaking pre-cum, popped free. toprak escort bayan Jenny watched in silence. He sat down on the bed next to Jenny. He leaned in and kissed her hard again, and her tongue eager lashed back at his. He moved one had to her breast, massaged it for a second, then trailed it down to her pussy. Her breath was coming in short gasps as he rubbed her lips gently. When his finger penetrated her slick wetness, she moaned and arched her back.

“Sis, I want my hard cock in this wet pussy. But you have to ask me; you have to say it out loud,” Max said. Her hands moved to his groin and grasped his cock. They started to rub softly, smearing his thick pre-cum along its length.

“Max, oh, god, Max. Yes, please, please,” Jenny breathed.

“Say it, Jenny.”

“Ahhh. Fuck me, Max. Please put you cock in and fuck meeee,” Jenny squealed as Max continued to massage her cunt.

Max lay down on top of Jenny. His cock throbbed with desire as he moved towards her cunt. Jenny still held his cock. “Put me in, sis. Guide my cock into your pussy.”

Jenny drew his cock towards her. When the tip was almost touching her cunt lips, Max paused and looked down. He could see her juices almost bubbling out of her cunt. He pushed forward. Jenny’s hands moved away and grasped his hips. His cock touched her cunt and he rubbed it up and down her slick lips. Jenny threw her head back and hissed. He slowly pushed his cock inside her cunt. He could not describe the feeling as her tight wetness enveloped him.

“Uhh, unhgh, slowly Max. Go slow, please,” Jenny asked.

Max pushed slowly until he was almost all the way in. He then pulled back until only the tip was inside. He pushed inside again, then back out. He could feel her juices soak his pubic hairs as he touched her cunt, and could feel her pussy clutch at his cock. Jenny lay back on the bed, as she moaned softly.

He pulled out, then quickly thrust forward. Jenny gasped and clutched his back.

“Max, ohh, fuck, Max. That feels so good. Fuck me, Max!” Jenny arched her neck to look down at Max, watching his cock piston in and out. Max held her hips and kept fucking her. She moaned and he felt her pussy spasm against his cock.

“Fuck, Max, I’m coming. Oh, God! Oh God!” Jenny began to tremble then arched her back in a loud gasp. She held that position, then lay back, gasping. Max kept thrusting but slowed. He felt close, but wanted to prolong their pleasure.

“Oh, Max. Oh, keep fucking me. I love your cock,” Jenny tossed her head from side to side. Max leaned down to kiss her again. She gasped hotly, and kissed him back, her tongue thrusting in his mouth.

He began to thrust fast and deep into her pussy. Its wet tightness clutched at his cock. He could hear the slippery sounds of his cock plunging in and out of her pussy. Suddenly he was there.

“Ahhh, Jenny, I’m coming! Take it!” he exclaimed. His orgasm hit as the same time as Jenny’s loud moans. Max felt the clenching of her tight pussy around his hard cock. He blasted long strands of hot cum into the depths of his sweet sister’s pussy. Her orgasm shook through her body as she uttered a moaning cry. Their wetness dripped down our legs as they lay tangled together, catching our breaths.

“Jenny, that was so great,” Max said kissing her again.

“I loved it, too. I came so hard,” Jenny replied.

“I wasn’t your first, though. You’ve done this before?” Max raised up and looked down at Jenny.

“I don’t kiss and tell, Max. But you were much better.” She hugged him back down. “So much better.”

“Thanks, sis. I loved fucking your sweet pussy, too.” Max wondered who she had fucked before, then decided it didn’t really matter. He slid his softening cock out of Jenny’s pussy. Several long strands of his cum slid out of her pussy lips.

Jenny moved her hands to catch it. You came so much, just like last night. Get me some tissues.” Max grabbed some tissues from his desk. He stood watching her. Her skin had a gleam of sweat. She looked gorgeous and Max knew he was going to love fucking her again.

“Mom will be home soon, Jenny.”

She looked at him, “Trying to get rid of me so soon?

“No, of course not. Just don’t want Mom to freak out seeing us like this, sis.” Max said. Jenny nodded and hopped out of bed into his arms.

“Ummm, wish we could stay together longer. But you’re right. I need to take a shower again after all that exercise.” She kissed him softly. “Fuck me again, soon.”

“You bet, sis.” Jenny gathered her clothes and walked to the door. Max enjoyed watcher her butt sway. He could still see wetness between her legs.

After she left, Max lay on his bed. He felt great. His mind played over what had just happened. He wondered where this would go. What kind of sex could he have with Jenny? Maybe anal? Maybe he could get her into a threesome, with Sally? The possibilities were endless. He drifted off to sleep.

He woke suddenly. He heard a door open. He realized it must be his mom coming home. He knew she usually checked on them before she went to bed, so he quickly decided to try something. He was still nude, so he began to massage his cock.

Downstairs, Ivy tossed her keys on the kitchen counter and glanced at the clock. She was tired but happy.

Mmm, I had such a good time with Melody. But I’ll be paying for this at work tomorrow. I’ll just check on the kids and go to bed.

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