Maggie’s Friends

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Before I tell you about my visit to a swingers meet, I should really introduce Maggie as she was the one who instigated the whole thing. We met at one of those big convention centres where multiple conferences run simultaneously. I was attending a five day conference in the automotive sales, an area in which I have worked in for more than a few years. Maggie’s conference was in tourism and ran for just three days. While the conferences were run in separate areas, the restaurants and bars were communal at night and there was a fair amount of intercompany socialising. A few of our group befriended some of Maggie’s entourage which was basically a male and female attraction, and there the fun began.

I should point out Maggie and I contrast in many ways and while we enjoyed each other’s company, never in a million years did I think we would end up between the sheets together. Why, you might ask, well here’s why.

First off, I’m a youngish single six foot two African American male in my late twenties. Maggie is a five foot five tall divorced red head in her early forties. Age wise, socially, racially and politically, we were miles apart. So as you can see, there are a few compatibility issues. But for some reason there was mutual attraction and we sought each other out after our daily work was completed. We innocently laughed, drank and ate our nights together away.

On Maggie’s last night we both drank far too much. After the bar closed and our fellow co-workers had long since deserted us, we ended up back in her room to raid the booze in the mini bar. At three in the morning Maggie simply stood up from the bed she was sitting on and announced she wanted to fuck. With that statement out of the way, she stripped to her green panties before starting on my clothing.

Within a minute Maggie had undressed me, slid a condom from her bedside cabinet on my proud erection and mounted me on her bed without further ceremony with the exception of the swift removal of her panties. What followed was a most physical and satisfying romp. Maggie knew exactly what she wanted from sex, and displaying great stamina showed me what a mature, confident and sex mad woman could do. So physical were her efforts that I had to support her large swinging breasts as she rode me, otherwise she would have done us both damage before the end of the night. She then woke in early in the morning and suggested a quicky.

I was completely and utterly knackered by the time I managed to join my workmates for our day at the conference. When questioned, I naturally blamed my poor physical appearance on alcohol.

Over the next few months I became Maggie’s fuck buddy. When she wanted sex, which was quite often, she would give me a call or text and I would obey. At the time I wasn’t in a relationship and was quite content to meet up for some fun. There was no emotional attachment in our romps together, just great sex. Maggie didn’t want to go out for a meal, a drink, intelligent conversation or anything like that, she just wanted to meet me at a motel and get me into bed as soon as possible.

I learnt that Maggie had a thing for younger men; and young good looking black men were favourably considered. It was a hobby she picked up in the Caribbean on one of her frequent travel excursions, which she faithfully called training and familiarisation.

One night right out of the blue she asked if I would be interested in going to a swingers get together. Now that certainly pricked my ears up. She went on to tell me that she attended parties on a regular basis and had told some of her friends about me. It was suggested that she might want to bring me along. Her going to swinger’s parties was all new to me and more than a surprise. What would I have to do I asked? Maggie laughed, be nice to people and fuck women while their partners and others with voyeuristic tendencies watched on. When I suggested that I would indeed like to go, she smiled and told me that she thought I might, and then promptly sat on my face before I could ask anything else.

The next time we got together, instead of Maggie dragging me straight to bed, she sat me down and talked seriously to me about her swinger friends and their party etiquette. First off, she told me that I would be the only black man there and all eyes would be upon me, not necessarily only because I was black, but because I was a newcomer in a close knit group of people who need to be very discreet. I had to be polite, friendly and not to suggest or do anything without being invited.

I also had to arrive with Maggie and to leave with her whenever she left. Condoms were a must, and not to even consider doing anything without one. Also I had to obey others wishes. Just remember you’re quite well hung she reminded me, and while she could bang me for hours on end, other ladies won’t be able to. She suggested that there might be a few ladies willing to try me out and I would have to take it easy and stop when they ask, just in case they Ankara escort couldn’t or didn’t want to fuck anymore.

She also asked if I was at all homophobic, the reason being there were areas where some would partake in group sex. She added there were never homosexual acts between any of the men, but there was sometimes action between the ladies. No problem I replied with conviction. The truth was that I was comfortable in male only sports showers and dressing rooms, but then none of the men were running around with erections. Maggie smiled and told me the secret was to go with the flow and have a good time. When I asked where it was all going to take place, she smiled and told me I would just have to be patient.

I think Maggie let me take some time to get used to the idea, for it was another few weeks before she broached the subject again. When she did broach it, she invited me to an upcoming party which was on a Saturday night just over a week away. She also asked me to refrain from any form of sex for a few days before so I would be able to perform adequately. I confess to my vanity taking over and hitting the gym every day to tone up for the big occasion.

The days leading up to the Saturday seemed to drag by as my excitement grew. On the day before, I purchased an ample supply of my favourite condoms. People say that one size fits all, but it’s not quite true. A standard condom will fit over my erection, but the tightness of the ring at the base of my shaft becomes most uncomfortable after awhile. Plus, I’ve had few breakages with standard sizes. It’s tended to ruin the passion of the moment for the ladies, and made them a little nervous for the rest of the romp in case it happens again. For those reasons I go to a bigger size, it’s not just bragging rights.

On the Saturday night of the party I showered and dressed smart but casual in jeans and a nice shirt that showed a hint of my fine physique. Maggie picked me up in town and gave me a nervous once over, the reason I would find out later was that I was the first person she had ever introduced to her swinging friends. She herself looked nice dressed in jeans and a fashionable grey top.

I was quite surprised when Maggie headed north out of town and into a rural area as I expected the party to be in the central city or fringes. We chatted a bit about what would likely happen and I was again reminded of what was expected of me. I guess Maggie was worried I was going to be a liability, so promised to be on my best behaviour.

We eventually turned into a long driveway and parked outside a large secluded architecturally designed house surrounded by trees providing ample privacy. There were a dozen or so cars parked at randomly around the garage and house. Maggie gave me a little kiss, then taking me by the arm she guided me up the stairs and knocked on the front door.

A male in his late forties answered the door and greeted Maggie with a kiss on the cheek; his attention turned to me and offered his hand as Maggie introduced Dave our host to me. We were ushered inside to large lounge area and there I got my first glimpse of Maggie’s friends.

The first thing that struck me was that they all appeared normal down to earth people, just like you would see at a sports event or a shopping mall. All were dressed conservatively, men mostly in jeans and button down shirts, the ladies in jeans and dresses. There wasn’t a suspender belt or bare bra on view to suggest that this was anything but a casual get together of friends. Age wise, most at a quick guess were between late thirties and early fifties. I didn’t notice any ravishing beauties or supermodels amongst the ladies, just as Maggie had previously explained to me so I didn’t get my hopes up.

The conversation initially died when we entered the room as all eyes were upon us, or mainly me for obvious reasons. Maggie set about introducing me to everyone, the names I forgot as I smilingly shook each male’s hand firmly and looked into each of the ladies eyes and not any lower. Luckily, there wasn’t a familiar face amongst them; it was to some advantage that ours was a big city.

We got drinks from a small bar and mingled with small groups of people, the men showed some interest at me being a car salesman which created a welcome topic of conversation. We were then approached by Dave’s wife Elaine whom I hadn’t yet met. After a few minutes, Elaine prised me away from the others and took me for a tour of the house and its amenities.

Outside and behind the kitchen and dining area was a large concrete swimming pool with an oval spa pool at one end. Scattered around the pool were comfortable chairs and sun loungers with towels conveniently placed close to small bowls of condoms and what appeared to be tubes of lube. To one side just inside an alcove was a largish shower area, still outdoors but screened off for privacy. Elaine then guided me into a hallway that sported five large bedrooms each with king size beds and a couch, Ankara escort bayan plus the customary towels and bowls of supplies. Elaine, a tidy little blonde dressed in a long blue dress and high heels chatted freely to me as we continued the tour.

At the far end of the hall was a massive room which had six king size mattresses jammed together on the floor covered in what looked like satin sheets. Elaine grinned at my interest and patted me on the arm; this is where the real fun takes place she told me. I laughed and we chatted like old friends for a few minutes during which I confessed that this was the first time I had ever been to a swing party. Elaine told me that she and her husband Dave had been involved in the scene for some twelve years and loved every minute of it. She grinned mischievously and told me that the big room is her favourite, the more cocks and pussy the better.

It was difficult to believe that this homely, intelligent and attractive woman would ever be involved in orgies, which just further proved my naivety. The tour ended back in the lounge where the mingling socialising continued. For awhile, Maggie hovered quite close but eventually realised that I was quite comfortable with other party goers and them of me. Although there were wedding and engagement rings galore, it was difficult after awhile for me to remember who actually belonged to whom.

It wasn’t till much later that things began to happen. First there was the odd little kiss or roaming hand. Then a few wandered out to the pool area, some stripped nude before sliding into the pools, and I did my best not to stare as Maggie guided me out there. Standing by the door, Maggie introduced me to Kath and Mark. Kath was a short dark haired lady dressed in tight jeans and a tight top showing off very large breasts. My eyes fell upon a ring on her left hand; it was neither an engagement nor a wedding ring, so I was unable to tell what their actual relationship was. Her partner Mark was a little shorter than I but very stocky in build. They were friendly and funny and we chatted for a few minutes as we sipped our drinks.

Then Maggie in her normal brusque manner turned to me, “Kath wants to see what it’s like with a black man, a big black man.”

Kath nearly choked on her drink, “Jesus Maggie, do you have to be so crude.”

Maggie winked at me and laughed as she walked away, “Here’s your chance, and the night’s not getting any younger. I’ll leave you to it, have fun guys.”

I smiled at Kath’s embarrassment, “It’s okay, I know what she’s like.”

The three of us grinned at each other.

I turned to Mark, “You okay with it?” Mark smiled nervously, “Yeah, I’m okay. We’ve talked about this for a long time. I’d like to watch and maybe join in later if that’s all right. I’ve watched her with another guy a couple of times, but this is one of Kath’s favourite fantasies. If you don’t mind, we don’t want to do it in the big room with everyone watching, so maybe we should grab a small room now in case they get taken.”

He turned to Kath, “You still wanna go for it?”

She nodded giving me a quick lecherous once over, “Mmmmm, yep, but another drink first.” Kath sauntered into the lounge and returned with a bottle of wine and three glasses, one of which she was already sipping and only half full. Catching our male eyes she led us seductively into one of the small bedrooms off the hallway and locked the door behind us.

Placing the bottle and glasses on the floor out of harms way, she sauntered up to Mark and gave him a huge kiss and whispered something into his ear, he just smiled and gave her a big hug. Then Kath turned her attention to me and grinned.

“Okay, let’s go for it. No hands for a start and I like to kiss a lot.” she murmured as she stepped to me.

She nuzzled into my chest but she was too short to kiss me on the lips. Hooking a finger into my belt she stepped back to the couch pulling me with her and stood on the seat leaving her now slightly taller than me.

“That’s better, let’s start again.” she whispered.

I followed Kath’s wishes starting off with little kisses and licks, and letting her take the lead. Eventually we ended in a long lingering kiss of dancing tongues which tasted of sweet lipstick. Kath leaned into me, her breasts pushing firmly into my chest. After a minute or two, her hands began to wander, unbuttoning my shirt and sliding her hands under, she began to explore slowly downwards.

Without breaking our kiss, my belt was undone and an inquisitive hand slid inside my jeans and felt around for my semi-hard erection. She purred as she found it and gave it a squeeze, her other hand carefully lowering the zip. Our kiss broke as I began to fondle her ample breasts; she unbuttoned the collar of her top and reached high in the air so I could remove it. Her large breasts bubbled out of her green bra, I laughed when she pulled my head down into her cleavage with one hand as her other reached Escort Ankara behind and unclipped it letting it fall away. Lifting my hands to support their weight, Kath hand returned to my jeans and pushed then down. Freeing my erection, she gently squeezed it a couple of times.

She sighed as I suckled on her nipples, “Take my jeans off.”

I unclipped Kath’s jeans and she wriggled her hips as I struggled to get them down her full curvy thighs, then lifting each foot in turn so I could remove them. I just love big thighs and I took a few seconds to take in Kath’s beautiful curves. A green G string covered a prominent pubic mound and a small gap between her thighs. I lowered her G string to reveal a thick dark triangle of curls which I ran a finger through.

She pulled me close and guided my now rock hard cock between her thighs; her lips were on firmly on mine as she eased my open shirt from my shoulders. Her thighs and pussy felt warm and slippery on my erection and I moved back and forth spreading her natural lubrication over it. She then slid down into a sitting position and took hold of my cock.

“Let’s have a look at this thing.” she said sliding it over both sides of her face and running her tongue up its length.

“Biggest one yet?” Mark asked from a few feet away.

Kath grinned, “By far, longest, thickest and blackest.”

“Reckon you’re gonna be alright with it?” he asked.

“Soon see.” was her confident reply.

Kath then lowered her mouth over the head and began to suckle it. Her tongue darted all over the place causing me to squirm, in the eye, over the glands and up and down the shaft. Her fingers eased a little salvia down the shaft and then began to stroke it slowly. Mark’s hand appeared from nowhere and dribbled a little lube onto my shaft which Kath took advantage of. I was soon receiving one of the best blow jobs of my life.

Kath’s warm wet lips hugged the head of my cock as her tongue caressed the eye and the sensitive glands beneath. Her hand slick with lube slid slowly back and forth stroking me gently. My knees were soon trembling and I was having trouble standing as my excitement grew.

I eventually pulled away, “Gonna make me cum you keep doing that.”

Kath looked up at me with her big eyes and a lecherous grin, “We don’t want that, well not yet anyway.”

Leaning back on the couch, she opened her legs a little and beckoned me closer with her finger. Kneeling before her, I spread her legs wide giving me a nice view of her pussy. Her dark curls had been trimmed close, but the thickness gave it almost a carpet like look. The V of her lips already glistening with arousal and ready for penetration. I lowered my hands to her thighs and caressed the smooth skin for a few seconds and then began slowly kissing my way slowly towards that special place.

Kath’s breathing got deeper as I teased my way upwards. I could feel the warmth of her pussy from inches away and she moaned with pleasure when I allowed my tongue to flick between her lips for the first time, she lifted her knees back to her chest and opened them wide giving me perfect access.

Kath’s lips were large and her canyon deep, my face was almost buried in the luscious wet warmth of her pussy. I lapped up and down the length of her lips gently exploring her secrets. Her large clitoris was easily found and was suckled upon for a few seconds before I slipped downwards and tongued her opening. Her wetness quickly covered my face and I wiped some of it onto her thighs before sliding back into her canyon. At first Kath lay still and let me do my work, but she then began to push rotate her pussy against my face while her hand at the back of my head ensured that I couldn’t escape.

“Christ, he’s good at this.” she muttered to Mark after awhile. “A little cum first and then he can fuck me.”

I continued with my good work suckling on her clitoris as my fingers explored her gapping lips and her openings. Eventually Kath held my head still and sighed deeply as her body tensed and relaxed a few times and I realised that she had orgasmed which was a surprise as there had been little warning.

“Mmmmm, a nice little one, very nice.” she commented leaning forward and kissing me on the lips ignoring her own juices. “Now stick it in me.”

Mark was standing close by with a condom packet in hand.

Mind if I use my own?” I asked reaching for my discarded jeans. “They’re a better fit on me.”

“No problem.” he replied.

I removed the condoms from a pocket and tore one from the strip.

“Mind if I put it on?” Kath asked while fingering her wet pussy.

I placed the packet in Kath’s outstretched hand. She removed the condom carefully from the packet and checked it was round the right way. Using two fingers, she stretched it open and placed it over the head of my cock and released it, then rolled it with ease down my shaft. Kath then leaned back and pushed her gapping pussy towards me, I simply leaned forward to make contact. Taking me in hand, she parted her lips and rubbed the head up and down her slit, then guided my cock in to her opening.

“Okay, here we go.” Kath commented as my cock slipped deep inside her.

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