Lust on the High Seas Day 03

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Please consider the Preamble for Day 1 as an integral part of this episode.

Words: 13,475


Title: Lust on the High Seas: Day 3 – La Caruna.

After my morning shower I tied my hair up as usual. I decided to dispense with my favourite pigtails in favour of a neater style; a pair of small donut shaped buns at either side on the top of my head. A lot of African and East-European girls wear their hair like that. I felt it looked cuter, and it would keep my hair from getting wet, as I fully intended to be making use of the Jacuzzi later.

The three of us (Mam, Dad, and I) had an early breakfast, then set off to explore the Spanish port of La Caruna. There was an open-top bus for tourists which my mam insisted we use to ‘scout the area’, before getting off and looking around some of the shops in a big square, then a couple of churches. We returned to the ship at about midday for some lunch (as we’d paid for it – “We’re not made of money,” Dad told me), then my folks wanted to look around a few more stops on the open-top bus.

It was much warmer in Spain but the air was still cool. Even so, I made an excuse that I didn’t want to go around a lot of shops; I preferred to go swimming, so I stayed behind. What I really wanted of course was to sample the delights of the Jacuzzi, or to be more truthful, its occupants.

I went back to our cabin and changed into a snug fitting one-piece costume. It had low, revealing sides and a very low back; almost nothing above my middle back, and it pulled up tight into my crotch to reveal a pleasing little camel-toe shape. I loved this one, it was perfect for showing off my tiny frame beautifully.

On our arrival we had been surprised to find four white towelling beach gowns provided, as well as a full complement of towels, so I took one of those (they were all the same size – adult) and although I looked totally lost in it, I headed off to find my intended playmates at the Jacuzzi.

I arrived, only to be disappointed that no-one was there, and after waiting for a while I decided there wasn’t really much else I could do, but go in (guests are not permitted in the other public areas in beach gowns or swimwear). The water was beautifully warm, and despite the cool air I felt peaceful and dreamy. I stretched my arms out to the sides, supporting myself from the hand rails, my body half floating above the jets of warm bubbling water.

I closed my eyes and relaxed. I now understood why a Jacuzzi is so popular with the rich. You can almost fall asleep in the warmth of the flowing water, and I must have been there for ten minutes or more before I sensed there was someone else in there with me.

I opened my eyes to find none other than Georgia and Clarita, who had climbed in, silently taking up their places opposite me. “Hello little one,” Georgia’s heavily accented voice greeted me, and she gave me a big smile.

“Hello,” I replied, unable to conceal my pleasure at seeing them. “I thought I was all alone,” I told them.

“You looked very peaceful,” Georgia told me, “we did not waan to disturb you,” she smiled.

“You’re not disturbing me,” I replied, warmly. “I came here looking for you, but I thought maybe you’d gone somewhere else today?”

“We were having lunch,” she replied. I must have looked puzzled. They have a strict policy of no swimwear or beach towels being permitted in any of the restaurants. “We usually go down to our cabin. Iss only two decks down,” she smiled, moving across to prop herself beside me.

She settled against my arm, making it appear that I had my arm around her shoulders as she turned to smile at me. I looked into her eyes and her face was so close, I honestly felt she was going to kiss me, but she didn’t.

“Where are your parents today?” she asked. I told her they were looking around the port town. She smiled, nodding her understanding, and Clarita moved toward me, settling herself on my other side.

“This lovely, Si?” Clarita smiled.

“I caan thing of anythings better than this,” Georgia said softly. I agreed, looking into her eyes again, once more inviting the kiss that never came.

“Don’t you ever go shopping in the port towns?” I asked.

She shook her head. “We have seen so many time. If we need somethings we can go, but the ship has most things, and is more… quiet, when in port. Also the weather warmer… no wind, so the pool is better when in port,” she smiled.

I had to agree, it was lovely and warm in the water, and I closed my eyes to relax, half-floating between them.

“Good here,” Clarita said. She was smiling but she wasn’t looking at my eyes, she was studying my wet, tightly clad body as it floated there between them. I knew exactly what she wanted, so I let my knees drift apart slightly, enticing her gaze toward my camel-toe. I felt certain that if we hadn’t been in a public place she’d have been down there like a shot, gobbling away at me.

I closed my eyes as we talked for a while before pulling myself upright, Antep Bayan Escort still hanging on to the side rails as my legs ‘accidentally’ brushed against theirs.

Every now and then I would sneak a peek and a couple of times I saw Georgia nodding and mouthing something to her buxom friend who smiled and nodded back.

Then, I felt Georgia’s arm slide behind my back. I turned slowly looking curious. “What are you doing?” I asked softly, innocently looking up into her eyes.

She scrunched her mouth up, raising her eyebrows and shaking her head slightly as she looked back at me saying, “Nothing.” She smiled.

I smiled back and she gave my waist a gentle squeeze. “You like the Jacuzzi?” she asked. I nodded, smiling. “Have you found the best way to enjoy yet?” she asked.

I gave her a puzzled look. “I’m not sure,” I told her.

“Come,” she said, pulling me to one side toward her. I felt a strong jet of water rushing past the side of my leg. “There! Can you feel?” she asked.

“It’s on my leg,” I said.

“No little one. Come this way more.” She was pulling me up very close to her now, and moving me down in the water until I felt the jet rushing against my bottom, then up through the gap between my thighs.

“Uhhh!” I gasped, my eyes widening in pleasant surprise. “Oh! Oh my God!” I exclaimed.

“Ha! Now you feel it,” she said quietly. She smiled discreetly, adding, “Shhh little one. Don make any noise.”

I looked up at her excitedly. “Oh my God… Oh… that is amazing,” I moaned. “Oh God. Oh yes!” I cried.

“Shhh baby. No so loud.”

They were one on either side of me now, both up close.”Tu sigues viendo,” (You keep watch), Georgia said to Clarita. The buxom woman looked around but I could feel her hand on my leg under the water, stroking the inside of my thigh. I looked at her with a surprised expression but she just smiled, and I said nothing, which inspired her to feel me up more boldly.

I gasped as her hand discreetly slid to the very top of my thigh, and Georgia smiled, thinking it was just the jet of water that was exciting me. “Turn around little one,” she said, but I was still enjoying Clarita’s fingertips, parting my legs slightly as she began gently stroking the outline of my pussy through the crotch of my swimsuit.

“Turn around,” Georgia said again, her voice soft and sultry. This time I turned, my eyes wide and my mouth open, but still smiling excitedly to Clarita as I did so. The two women still had their backs to the wall of the Jacuzzi as I now faced it, moving around to direct the sensual jet directly onto my sensitive little pussy. I raised my knees, spreading them wide to permit the powerful jet to play directly onto my clitoris and across the slit, still protected by the crotch of my bathing suit.

I looked back and forth between them, gasping, panting softly, my eyes wide with excitement as I felt first Georgia’s hand slide across my tummy to curl around my waist and hug me around the middle, then Clarita’s hand discreetly stroking my inner thigh below the bubbles in the water. I began to moan softly, the way those sweet young oriental girls do; the ones I like to watch in Japanese lesbian seduction videos, as they are being caressed and kissed and so much more.

“You like, little one?” Georgia asked, smiling, her eyes now wide with anticipation. At first it had only been Clarita who seemed lustful, but at that moment I felt sure she would have been just as libidinous had we not been in a public place.

I just looked up at her, trembling slightly, my mouth open a little and my chin shuddering as if I were frightened. It was among the most arousing sensations I have ever felt, but I didn’t want them to know that. I was still playing the sweet and innocent.

“Are you cold pretty baby?” she asked, her open palm caressing my bare skin under the water, just above my hip on the side of my body where the swimsuit left my flesh exposed.

I shook my head. “I think I should be going,” I told them, trying to sound nervous.

“Oh… Don go yet little one. Iss lovely and warm.”

“I have to. I forgot my towel and it will be getting cold soon.”

“No pretty baby?” Georgia asked, her voice a low pleading sound. Not for a long time.

“Iss early,” Clarita said, still smiling, lewdly.

“Where iss your cabin?” Georgia asked.

“On deck 7 at the blunt end.”

“Ha ha,” she laughed. It wasn’t a mocking laugh. More friendly and supportive. “Stern little one. On the ship we say stern,” she told me, kindly.

I frowned and tried to sound angry. “At the blunt end!” I repeated.

They both fell about laughing. “Baby I love you. You are so funny.” It wasn’t really that funny at all, but it was kind of them to humour me.

“You love me because you think I’m funny?” I asked, looking hurt.

“And because you are so pretty,” she added softly, gazing into my eyes as I felt her hand slide from my waist, down over my tummy and up between my thighs, caressing very gently.

She probably expected me to pull away, but I didn’t. I just looked up into her eyes with a trusting innocence that belied my previous experience. “What are you doing?” I asked again, as passively as I could, my face upturned toward hers and so close I could feel her breath on my lips.

Her finger was poised on my pussy slit and had the swimsuit not been in the way, she could so easily have curled the tip up and slipped it into me. She paused for a moment, perhaps struggling with her conscience, before smiling and saying softly, “We should go and get you dry,” as her hand moved down and she gave my thigh a gentle squeeze.

“Oh…” I sighed, sounding thoroughly disappointed, “but I’m just beginning to enjoy it.”

She gave me a yearning look. “Me too little one… Me too… but we need to get out now. We have been here much too long.”

“Why do you say that?”

“Look at your fingers,” she told me. I looked at my hand and the fingertips were beginning to look ‘pruney’ – the way they go when you’ve laid in the bath too long.

“Oh. OK. I just need to do something first.” I pushed their hands away and hid between them as I reached down between my legs, pulling the crotch of the swimsuit aside slightly so I could get my fingers in there.

“What are ‘you’ doing?” Georgia asked, staring at me in surprise.

“I’m washing myself,” I told her. “I wash like this twice a day. May as well do it here, I smiled.”

“Oh. Maybe we should all do this?” she asked.

“OK,” I said simply.

She reached up between my legs and tried to slip a finger into me, making me jump back and squeal in surprise. “Oh! What are you doing ‘now’?” I said, quite loudly. Some of the other people nearby began to look at us.

“You say we should help you,” she smiled.

“No! I meant you can wash ‘your’selves.”

“Oh…” she said, obviously pretending that she hadn’t understood.

“I have to get back to my cabin,” I said, changing the subject, “but it’s cold. Can I borrow a towel to dry off please?”

“You don have to go little one.” Georgia said softly.” Stay with us. Iss much better for us to have someone young and interesting to talk to.”

“You said we should leave…”

“No pretty one. We just have to come out of the water.”

“… and I have to get dry,” I added.

“You can dry in our cabin if you like. Iss only two decks down, and warm all the way.”

“Are you sure you wouldn’t mind? I don’t want to be any trouble.”

That clinched it. Now she knew I was theirs for the taking, even if I was still going to make them work for it. “Iss no trouble,” she said, unable to disguise the broad smile. “Come now.”

“OK,” I agreed, “but I can’t be too long in case my mam worries.”

“We go now then,” she said. “Sooner the better,” she added with a kindly smile.

We left the Jacuzzi and they led the way to their cabin close to the elevator. It was amazing; so big and spacious, with two enormous queen size beds, and very warm – much warmer than we have the temperature in our little cabin. One thing I thought really odd though; there were two small sofas in the room, and I would have expected them to both be facing the big, wall mounted wide screen TV, so that four people could all watch the TV. One of them was, but the other was turned to the side, almost facing one of the beds.

I thought no more about it as I looked around in awe. I had believed our own accommodation was luxurious, but this was like stepping into another world.

“Does this sleep four?” I asked.

“Si,” Georgia replied, her manner quite nonchalant.

“We don sleep much,” Clarita added, with a lewd smile. I looked at her with a puzzled expression, pretending not to understand.

“Don worry about it,” Georgia told me, smiling.

They each took a large bath towel, passing another to me before discarding their beach robes, and proceeded to rub themselves down lightly, then wrapped it around them, tucking the top in above their bust.

“These are much bigger than the ones we have,” I told them.

“One of the benefits of having a suite,” Georgia told me, as she dried herself off over her swimsuit. “How are you doing?”

“OK I think, but I’m not getting very dry. Clarita doesn’t say very much,” I commented as she disappeared into the bathroom with the wet robes.

“She does not know much English,” Georgia told me. “Here, Let me help you with this,” she added, bringing a fresh towel over to me. “Sit on the bed, she instructed.” I looked at her sideways, but not complying. “OK then,” she quickly conceded. “You stand, and I rub you.” Perhaps she thought she was going too fast for me.

I smiled as she began to dry my arms and my face and shoulders, pulling me around as she rubbed me with the towel, but not roughly.

“Iss no good. I caan get you dry with this,” she said, pinging the shoulder strap of my swimsuit. “Why don you slip it off. Then I can dry you proper.”

“Can I go in the bathroom then?” I asked.

“No little one. Clarita is using. You can do it here. I won mind.” ‘No, I bet you wouldn’t mind’ I thought.

“I don’t think I should,” I told her, looking unsure of the situation. I was quite happy with the idea of her stripping me of course, but I didn’t want her to know that.

“Don worry little one. We are all girls together here,” she said, trying her best to convince me.

She hooked a finger under my shoulder strap and I let her slip it off and peel it down almost to my elbow as I held my towel up in front of me. I was watching the cautious, lustful look in her eyes as she began to slowly remove the other strap, then go through the motions of drying me with a second towel, but her hands were moving very slowly and purposefully close to my breasts. “Slip the arms out little one,” she said softly. I did as I was told and she stroked my neck and shoulders with the second towel.

“Lift your arms now?” she asked. Her voice was soft and low and she looked straight into my eyes.

“I can’t,” I objected, laughing a little nervously, “I’ll drop the towel, silly.”

“Oh! Si!” she replied, sounding disappointed. “You will drop the towel,” she sighed. “Don worry,” she said brightly. “I can hold it around you,” she offered.

I raised my arms, clasping my hands together above my head, and allowed her to wrap the towel around me, holding it in place while she not-so discreetly fondled my body through the towel. Her cheek was touching against my raised arm and there was no mistaking the look of pleasure in her face, but I let her do it, feeling all around me through the towel.

“Iss no good,” she said at last. “We have to take this off.” She began to pull the front of my costume down, revealing one damp breast for the first time.

“No!” I objected with a high pitched squeal, covering my upper half as I pulled away. I gave her a frightened look.

She sighed. “OK,” she relented. “I hold the towel for you and you slip it off.” I hesitated and she assumed that to be my seal of approval. She held the towel up in front of me and I tried to wriggle out of the wet swimming costume. It was a bit like I recalled from years ago when I was about eight or ten, trying to get changed on a crowded beach without showing everyone my bum, but I managed to do it without revealing too much of myself to her casual, incidental glances. I needn’t have worried of course, because she was quite happy, watching every move in minute detail, with the aid of the wall mirror that I hadn’t noticed behind me.

Soon I was dropping the wet garment on the floor and stepping out of it. She helped me to wrap the towel around me, only once allowing herself a momentary ‘accidental’ flash of my completely naked body. She smiled with some satisfaction as she picked up the wet costume, knocking on the bathroom door and passing it to Clarita’s hand which mysteriously appeared for just a few seconds through a narrow chink as the door opened slightly, then closed again. ‘How did Clarita know what the knock was for?’ I wondered, unless maybe this was a well practiced routine.

I was impressed with the elegant way the pair had successfully deprived me of any clothing, with Clarita also having taken the damp beach gowns (mine included) into the bathroom with her ‘to hang them to dry’. Likewise, it was curious that they didn’t think to offer me another from their ample supply in the wardrobe, but simply left me with a damp towel to hold around my otherwise naked body.

“Come little one. Let me help you,” Georgia offered again. There was little else I could do as she moved in close and began rubbing at me with the towel. One arm slid around my shoulders, while her free hand left very little of the rest of my body untouched, and even though the towel did form some sort of barrier between her hand and my bare flesh, she was definitely groping me, albeit very subtly. Even so, my ‘pure innocence’ could never appreciate such a flagrantly shameless act, so I allowed her to continue unabated.

“Do you have a boyfriend?” she asked, breaking the silence of over a minute of thinly disguised molestation.

“No. Not really,” I said, sounding regretful. “I don’t get on with boys very well. Why do you ask?”

“Oh… I just wonder.” She was quiet for a while, then asked, “Do you like kissing?”

“That’s a funny question,” I told her, laughing slightly.

“Not really,” she shrugged, tipping her head to one side and wistfully looking past me into the vacant distance. “I like to kiss. I think it make me feel so good,” she said, looking up evocatively, “but that does not happen much these days.”

“I’ve never really kissed anyone much at all,” I told her, sounding sad.

“Oh come now! A pretty girl like you? You must have kissed many boys.”

“Not really, I told her, trying to sound doleful.” Just one or two… and that was ages ago, (that part was quite true). “None of the boys I knew were very good at kissing; at least they didn’t make me feel like I wanted to do it more.” I paused for effect, adding, “They just wanted to get their hands in my pants. I’ve never had a really nice kiss,” I said sadly.

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