Lust in the Library

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“Goddamnit. Is that Stacy?” I thought to myself.

“Fuck, it is.”

The last person I wanted to see that night was Stacy Knopf. She was a self-styled mid-western punk-girl of the suburbs, who I absolutely loathed. We shared two different classes this semester, and she was equally annoying in both. I could not fathom who would ever want to hang out with her, but she was hot, so I guess, someone would.

Her whole persona seemed so contrived. Stacy struck me as a girl who wanted to be seen, and as someone who needed the attention of anyone who would provide it, regardless of whether it was positive or not. The constant questions in lecture, followed by tangential anecdotes that nobody wanted to hear were seemingly endless. You could see the whole class collectively roll their eyes when she raised her hand.

I had made my offhand comments to her about how irritating I found her behavior. I’m here to learn, not to listen to her prattle. I know I can be an asshole, that much is obvious to anyone who knows me, but some people just bring out the worst in me. Stacy was at the top of that list. Worst of all was that while she annoyed me thoroughly, she fucking knew it too.

It was late, and I had a mid-term in the morning. The library was usually abandoned at that time of night and it was rare to see anyone at all this deep in the stacks, but there she was anyway, flipping through some book, leaned up against one of the hundreds of bookshelves in the campus library.

Stacy had short dyed black hair that was pulled into two child-like pigtails that sprouted upwards from her head. Long bangs were cut straight across her face, covering her pierced brow and framed by two loose fringes on either side that hung freely to her cheeks. She was very thin but she had curves, and she was dressed in her typically fabricated punkish manner. An intentionally ragged spaghetti-strap Misfits shirt barely covered the two pert tits that spiked out from the center of her chest. A bare midriff showed the shape of her waist giving way to a pair of very short grey cut-off cargo shorts that left the hint of cheek to be seen above her legs. The ragged strings of her cut-offs pointed down the thin pale legs that descended from her shorts, grey and black striped socks wrapped her calves, and a haggard pair of red All-Stars covered her feet.

As I walked past her she looked up at me and a look of disgust crossed her face. I rolled my eyes as I walked past and I heard her mutter under her breath, “Prick.”

I stopped and asked tauntingly, “Excuse me? Did you say something?”

Stacy answered hotly, “Yeah. I called you a prick. What’s your problem anyway?” She snapped the book she held closed.

“Stacy, I don’t have time for your shit. Do me a favor and don’t talk to me, okay?”

As she lowered herself to the floor to pick up some books from the floor I could see a black lace bra holding her tits under the frayed shirt. She caught me looking as she stood back up, now clutching to books to her chest. She snapped back at me, “Nothing would make me happier than to not be talking to you right now.”

I flicked my wrist at her, turning to leave and remarked, “You’re useless. I’m leaving.”

“You just want to fuck me,” she hissed.

I stopped and turned back to face her. She wasn’t exactly wrong. My response was condescending and curt, “Yeah, maybe you aren’t entirely useless.”

“You fucking wish,” she snorted, turning her head and looking back at the stacks of books that surrounded us.

I inched closer and spat my reply, “I’d split you in half. You wouldn’t know what to do with the fucking I’d give you.”

She looked down between us at the ever-decreasing space between our tense bodies, and then looked back up at me. Stacy was now backed up against one of the tall stacks of bound magazines and trade publications that marched across the fourth floor of the library. A change had washed over her face, she still seemed annoyed, but now she smiled. “Big talk, asshole. You wouldn’t last 30 seconds fucking me.”

“Jesus. You just never shut up do you?” I replied, pressing closer and putting my straight arm on the shelf of books beside her head.

She shrank a little further against the stack, clutching her selection of books tighter against her breasts, her illegal bahis eyes looking down and smiling coyly. “What are you going to do about it?” she whispered harshly, looking up at me with a naughty grin.

I shoved my magazines across the top of a row of books between two dusty shelves near her head. She shuffled her weight from one leg to the other as I spread my stance in front of her, pausing. I grabbed the top of the books she clutched against herself and pulled slightly. Stacy pulled back lightly. I tightened my grip and dragged the stack from her arms, casting her selections roughly onto a wheeled cart that rested nearby. “What the fuck is wrong with you?” she said as a look of hateful lust crossed her eyes. Stacy shrank further against the shelves, her arms now down to her side and bracing herself against the pressure she now felt by my encroaching presence.

This had become surreal rather quickly. I had spent the last few months annoyed by the mere mention of this girl, and now we stood across from each other about to manifest that hatred into something more carnal. I had not anticipated this paradoxical attraction, but in the moment something seemed so satisfying about the possibility of hate-fucking Stacy Knopf.

I reached my hand up and began to twirl one of her short pigtails around my finger. She swatted my hand away and snapped her neck to move the tuft of hair away from me. I snatched her face in my hand, lightly squeezing her cheeks together and turning her head to look at my face. A few big blinks of her huge eyes revealed a shot of unexpected fear passing through her thoughts before being replaced by the lustful anticipation of what might soon transpire. Speaking scoldingly and softly as I pressed my body against hers for the first time, my legs surrounding her hips, “Do you know what your problem is?”

She stood taller and shook her face from my grip. She seemed to enjoy the tensions between us and as I looked at her, her angry and passionate eyes rolled away from mine. “Fuck you,” she whined.

I stopped her short by snatching her pigtail tight in my hand, startling her. A sharp gasp was followed by her moving her hands to hold each side of my belt as I pulled her dark hair back, craning her neck. “You never stop, do you? You never drop the tough girl act?”

“Go to hell,” she shot as I pushed her to her knees. With my free hand I worked my belt loose and dug my cock from its constraints, springing it free as her face reached the same level. She laughed, and looked up at me. She asked defiantly but lustfully, “What do you expect me to do with that?”

I reached down with my free hand and grabbing the base of my shaft I smacked her cheek and lips smartly with my stiffened cock as I tugged her pigtail back further. Her mouth smiled and hung open as she winced with the pain of the pulling on her hair. “You’re a real assho…,” she uttered, interrupted as I steadied and pointed my cock into her thin lips, stuffing myself into her mouth. She didn’t resist, but rather seemed to enjoy the new taste on her tongue. Stacy sucked powerfully as I gradually drove her head onto and off of my length with the handle of her hair that I held in my hand. As she knelt before me I could again see down the front of her shirt and watch her slight but pert tits sway as she rocked her neck onto my length. The waist of her short shorts folded out as she sat prostrate on the floor revealing the small of her back, descending into the tops of two asscheeks and the thin elastic band that held on their covering.

Stacy began a rhythmic and forceful thrust of her throat onto my dick, cocking and rocking her head over my knob. She was enjoying herself, and any pretense that she wasn’t a willing participant in this encounter evaporated as she paused, slackening her jaw, and looked up at me before opening her mouth wider to allow me to control the fucking of her face. I held both of her pigtails closely against her head, black strands of hair escaping between my fingers, and watched her eyes water as I cycled my length into her mouth. A light gagging sound pulsed from Stacy’s throat as my cock pushed rhythmically against her tonsils, a light string of spittle hanging from her lower lip as her eyes stared up at me with an animal hunger. The look of hedonistic lust that washed through illegal bahis siteleri Stacy’s streaming tear-filled eyes as I abused her mouth with my shaft assured me that this was only the beginning of our conflict resolution.

As I momentarily paused, Stacy took control when she knew she could. I felt a sharp pinch across my rod as she closed her teeth against my shaft. She lightly gnawed on my head as she moved it into her cheek. Stacy’s hands moved to my belt and pulled my pants and underwear down above my knees. Her hand squeezed and tightly kneaded my balls as my knob filled and expanded into her cheek. With her grip on my sack secure, she began to stand and I released her pigtail now that she had the upper hand. As she stood she pawed my sack roughly and brushed her tits against my chest, pushing back against me. Finally, once she was standing Stacy gripped my balls forcefully and put her mouth right against my ear roughly whispering to me, “You think you’re tough, picking on a girl? Why don’t you show me how tough you can be?”

She released her hold on my sack and moved her hand to begin a light stroking of my cock as she wiped her cheeks dry with her other hand. Emboldened now, I undid the metal button of Stacy’s cut-offs and pulled the zipper apart, revealing a black pair of boy-short panties. Her thin belly was covered in light peach fuzz that began at her pierced navel and descended down beyond the elastic hem of her underwear. With one hand I reached up underneath her frayed black shirt, twisting and teasing her nipple, while the other hand found its way between her legs. Stacy bit at my neck as my fingers spread her shaven slit apart and pressed into her wetness.

Becoming impatient, I found a metal folding chair propped against the end of one of the bookshelves nearby. I reached out to it and with a metal clang unfolded the chair, setting it in the middle of the aisle. As I pulled my pants up around my waist again I sat in the chair and grabbed Stacy’s shirt at her chest, pulling her down across my lap. Her tits pressed into my leg as her arms fell over one side of my lap. I grabbed a hold of her tight black pigtail again as I pulled the shorts from Stacy ass and revealed a firm pair of pale white cheeks covered in black cotton. A loud slap was muted by the rows and rows of books surrounding us in the depths of the library as I harshly spanked her thin and shaped ass.

I slid my hand into her panties and pressed my fingers against her wet gash, swirling and pressing on her clit. A growl of lust poured from Stacy as I tightened my grip on her hair and sank my middle two fingers deep into her shaven snatch. As I ground my digits into the walls of her squeezing slit Stacy began to arch her back, lifting her chest high enough that I could watch her small and pointed tits shake as I fucked her with my hand. Stacy groaned and panted as I sternly plunged my fingers into her, her slender neck craned further back as I pulled her hair tighter, continuing my fervent thrusts into her loosening slice. A long and sustained moan turned to an undulating murmur as she enjoyed my forceful prodding into her slick box.

As I pulled my wet fingers from her, Stacy looked up at me from across my lap and asked, “Are you gonna fuck me, or what?”

Stacy braced herself as I pushed her from my lap into a crawling position on the floor in front of me. I slid from the chair and positioned myself kneeling behind her. I stuffed my wet fingers into her mouth and felt her tongue taste and lips suck her juices from my fingers. Her knees were held together by the shorts and panties that she had not completely shed, and her shimmering gash, reddened by my abuse, was pressed together between her legs. Her pink slit smiled back at me, shifting at the slightest movement of her ass, holding a single thin streamer of moisture that hung from the lip of her peach. I pulled my cock free and placed the tip in the soft center of her muff. Pulling on her hips I unceremoniously shoved myself into her depths as she groaned, “Unh, fuck me, fuck me hard.”

I battered her pussy with my length, my balls slapping against her clit with each rhythmic cycle. My firm grip on her hips allowed me to spread her ass so that I could see my throbbing and stiff shaft glide into the folds of her tight and hungry pussy, its canlı bahis siteleri sweet cream covering my length. As I reamed her I could see her taut pyramidal tits bounce forward under her shirt, quivering and jostling as I pounded her gash. Pausing deep within her, I heard her grunt lustfully as I pressed my tip against her cervix. I grabbed her shoulders, and as I supported her weight she reached her hands back to me, clutching my arms. I pulled her by her arms onto my cock as deeply as I could, her back bowed down in front of me as I pulled her body into mine. Her short pigtails bounced and shook as my knob pulsed into her moist hole.

As I released her arms, she lowered her chest to the floor, her ass rising up as if in offering as I slid out of her. I pulled her shorts off of her entirely and cast them to the side. I pulled her ass as high as I could while her chest laid flat on the carpeted floor. Spreading her legs wide, I moved between them, her flushed pussy yawning slightly and shining with wetness. She rolled her head to the side, cheek against the carpet, and looked back at me. With her arms splayed out across the floor in front of her, her ass rose up before me in carnal presentation, her pussy demanding to be fucked again. Stacy scolded me, smiling lasciviously, “You’d better make me cum.”

With one hand I positioned myself against her hole as I pushed her down by the small of her back with the other, pressing her chest into the floor and raising her pussy high. I drove my dick into her, forcefully pounding her snatch and pressing her harder and harder into the floor as she moaned gutterally in rhythm with my thrusts. With both hands I grabbed her bent hips and smacked her asscheek as I pounded into her depths. Stacy whimpered now, looking back at me with soft eyes, her cheek still pressed into the carpet, “Oh God, don’t stop. Don’t stop!”

I leaned over her and yanked her pigtail again lifting her face from the floor as I continued my lustful fucking of her wet and loosened pussy. Her eyes were closed now and she was no longer smiling, her mouth instead hung open in ecstasy as the rhythm of my forceful penetration brought her to the precipice of her ultimate satisfaction. Her hand reached back between her legs so her fingers could spread the lips of her pussy apart and feel my length cycle into and out of her. She toyed and slapped her clit, cooing lightly to herself as her passion rose. Leaning further over her I pressed her shoulders into the floor as my battering cock continued to thrust into her upraised and spread cunt, beating itself against the depths of her hole and grinding from her a lustful satisfaction.

Her body shook and she rocked her ass back and forth as her soft moans evolved into lower animal growls. She reached both hands back, leaving her chest pressed into the carpet to grab her cheeks and pull her hole open wider as this unrelenting fucking continued. Her breathing turned into a rough gasp as her pussy quivered and clamped around my cock and she flooded my crotch with her cum. She writhed on the floor, shifting her shoulders back and forth under my weight as the waves of satisfaction washed over her.

For a moment she lay there, submitting entirely to the carnal defilement of her body before I removed myself from her. She pushed herself up to her knees as I stood up and moved my cock in front of her face. Stacy gripped my rod and sucked her cream off my knob; faded, dry, black hints of run mascara descending her cheeks beneath the low cut straight black bangs of her hair. Her tongue escaped her mouth and lashed the length of my cock as the pressure of release welled up in my sack. Stacy sensed my pending eruption and shoved her throat onto my length, her smiling lustful eyes looking up at me through her long bangs. One last time, I grabbed Stacy by the hair and pulled my cock from her suckhole. She let her mouth hang open in anticipation of my load as I blew my cum across her face. My twitching cock sprayed her cheeks and lips with the white cream, as she licked the treat from her mouth. A pendulous drop of my spunk hung from her chin as I tapped my still pulsing cock on her lips.

I stood over Stacy as she knelt on the floor in the shadow of my pulsing member. She looked up at me smiling and taunted, “Maybe now you’ll leave me the fuck alone.”

I gave her a wry smile, and responded, “That fucking attitude. You’ll never learn.”

Stacy cast a mischievous smile back, and sat silently, still pasted with my load.

I told her, “We’ll have to fuck it out of you.”

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