Love and Destiny Ch. 01

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For compliance purposes, all sexually active characters in the story are over the age of 18. This is a long, complete story that I have cut into more digestible chunks. I plan to publish each section immediately after its predecessor is posted. Hopefully, all sections will easily pass Literotica’s censors without incident.

CH. 01

It was Valentine’s Day and my long-time girlfriend had promised a really special surprise. That’s how this 40-year-old ended up with my hands fastened to the bedposts wearing nothing but a sleep mask and a condom on my raging, masted cock.

Two years after my wife’s death, I began dating again, mostly at the insistence of my then 16-year-old daughter. Mom would want you to be happy. You’re still a handsome man, Daddy. You deserve someone to love you, Dad- and so on…

I deliberately chose someone who would not remind me of my Desiree. I met Fiona Baines at a church event although, before my wife’s death, I was never a regular churchgoer. Both of us had attended Catholic grade and high school but by the time I’d graduated, I’d lapsed. However, Desiree had remained a devout Catholic. After she died I started attending church again because church attendance was a requirement to reduce the tuition to the parish parochial school my daughter attended. I also went to get answers about life and death and also to honor the memory of my wife.

Fiona Baines, a 35-year-old slim, taut, tall beauty was a perfect counterpoint to my late wife who had been petite and curvy. Desiree had been 5’5″ with full breasts, a round butt, red hair, and green eyes. Fiona is a 5′ 8′” willowy blonde with blue eyes, an angular beauty with small breasts, and a tight little butt. At first, Fiona was very personable and charming. Our courtship was slow, over the first six months it was dinners, movies, and church events. Unfortunately, as I discovered, after I had dated her for a while, Fiona’s differences from my wife also extended to her personality. Whereas my wife had been sunny, personable, and affectionate Fiona was ofttimes moody, cold and, although she had pretended otherwise at first, she was also essentially humorless.

The first film my wife and I saw together was Back to the Future. This was on a supervised date at my house with my parents when we were 14. When my parents were driving her home I whispered to her that she was my density. She laughed and since my ‘rents were not watching she kissed me. Back to the Future became our movie and it and the sequels became the source of family in-jokes. When our daughter was old enough we let her watch the films and she also joined in the jokes.

We named our daughter Destiny, although we always kidded her that the name on her birth certificate was Density or sometimes Des-Tony which is a combination of our names. However, my mother-in-law was scandalized by the name, saying it was a hooker or stripper’s name. My mother agreed. To keep the peace, we used Destiny’s middle name of Colleen for most public situations. After Desiree died, however, Colleen decided she wanted to reclaim her name to honor her mother.

Fiona never really understood the in-jokes or the banter that Des and I shared. She also despised the annual spate of April Fool’s day pranks we played on each other. They were simple and harmless like switched salt and sugar, whoopee cushions, fake eggs, veggie donuts, etc. The first time I played one on Fiona, which was a hidden whoopee cushion behind her sofa pillow, you would have thought I strangled a puppy right before her eyes.

After six months of dating Fiona and I finally did have sex but she had strict conditions. Since birth control was a sin she would not take contraception so I had to wear a condom, that way I guess I was the sinner and not her. Fiona thought the human form was vulgar and so we could only do it in the dark. We could only do it in my house since Fiona didn’t want sin to enter her home. Fiona also never slept over since that was too much like co-habitation. Finally, we could only do it either in the missionary position although on rare occasions the doggy style or cowgirl was added. No hand-jobs, blowjobs, tit-jobs, or anal sex however need be mentioned.

You would think that would be the end of our relationship but you must remember that my wife had been a virgin until our wedding night and had been initially reluctant to express her sexuality but had eventually loosened up. So I was used to being with a sexually timid woman. However, Fiona never loosed up. About a year into the relationship Fiona revealed more of her true personality. Fiona was what I termed a gilded or god-plated Christian. Those folks who attend all the services, do all the rites, and read their bible yet all of that is for selfish reasons, not to serve or glorify God. The basis of their faith is to save themselves from damnation and also as a bonus, so they can feel morally superior to everyone else.

Plus there was Fiona’s relationship with Destiny. My little girl was a studious, sweet, vivacious, and bahis siteleri devout girl so you would think that Fiona and she would be simpatico, at least in the beginning. Not so. They got on like oil and water. Early on Fiona, Destiny, and I had dinner together. It seemed to go well. After Fiona left however Destiny said, “I don’t like her Dad. She’s not right for you and she’s fake.”

I chalked Des’ remarks up to her being jealous of no longer being the only woman in her Dad’s life. It also might have seemed that Fiona was trying to take her mother’s place. I asked her to get along with Fiona and she did try, grudgingly. For most of the past three years, the two ladies in my life have avoided each other whenever possible.

Fiona hated me spending any time with anyone besides her. If she even suspected I was looking at another woman, much less talking to one she would give me a poke, an earful, and freeze me out. She even resented the time I spent with my daughter. As time went by it often seemed that Fiona deliberately baited Des with cutting remarks. Destiny was very studious, very devout and so did not date much in high school or during her first year of college. Because of this Fiona often referred to Destiny somewhat disparagingly as a little nun. I always found this a bit odd coming from someone as supposedly devout as Fiona.

Fiona had nothing to worry about. I am strictly monogamous by nature, although she continued to believe all men were naturally pussy hounds. Especially men who were built like me. Now I don’t believe I’m all that special. I’m a medium-sized guy with a wiry build and a bit of a middle-aged gut. However, I have a fairly large cock or so I’ve been told. As I said, I’ve only been with two women. My wife had some difficulty taking me at first and Fiona claimed that part of the reason we had sex so infrequently was because of my size.

Why then did I stay with her? Well, this is something my daughter often asked me. I guess I was just wired to be strictly monogamous. I dated one girl in high school and ended up married to her. So when I started to date two years after my wife’s death, I stuck with the first woman I dated. The way I was raised was that commitment overrode happiness.

Mostly I had stayed in a relationship with Fiona because she was good company for the most part, to me anyway, I wasn’t looking for anything serious and when Fiona did get in the mood for sex her pent-up passion was enjoyable. I was just too complacent to look elsewhere.

In the past year, since Des had graduated high school, Fiona had been increasing pressure on me to put a ring on her and make Des move out of the house. To be honest I was not ready to do either of these. Once during a particularly acrimonious exchange between Fiona and Destiny, Fiona gloated that soon Destiny would be gone and she would turn her room into a display room for her Hummel figurines. I broke it up and pulled Destiny into the kitchen. Once there I assured Des that she didn’t need to worry about moving out because marriage between Fiona and I was not going to happen any time soon. I hadn’t realized that Fiona was eavesdropping on our conversation.

After three years. my relationship with Fee had done its job and cured me of any lingering despair or grief over my wife’s death. This was a good thing because my little girl has grown into a very close match for my late wife. She is taller by a couple of inches, she has hazel-green eyes instead of just green, she has my mother’s full pouty lips and my sharp nose but she has the same curvaceous form and brilliant red hair that Desiree did.

Since it was becoming clear to me that Fiona would eventually make me choose between my daughter and her, I was starting to work up the gumption to break up with Fiona. However, I kept delaying hoping for some miracle that would allow them to get along. So when Fiona told me that she had a special Valentine’s Day planned, I figured that this once again going to be a full-court press for marriage. However, being the big wuss that I am, and quite horny from her longest hold out of our relationship, I agreed to meet her.

Early Valentine’s Day morning Fiona texted me to tell me to meet her at my house in the afternoon on Valentine’s Day. This was itself unusual. Our usual Valentine’s routine was a small dinner at a restaurant and then possibly making love – depending on her mood. An afternoon tryst would entail Fiona taking off from work, something she never did. She is an IT person for a local department store chain, and as she liked to tell me, the most essential person in the whole darned place.

So I arrived home at one in the afternoon on Valentine’s Day and shortly afterward Fiona strolled into my house dressed in a very sexy short red dress and a small bottle of champagne. Fiona went into the kitchen with the bottle of champagne and came out with two glasses. “I’m really looking forward to our day together,” she said with a big smile as she slid next to me on the sofa.

Fiona is normally a teetotaler so it was not a surprise canlı bahis siteleri to me that the champagne she had picked out was not the best. Mine tasted a bit funny but I drank it all so as not to cause an incident. The second glass of champagne didn’t taste as bad. Fiona gave me another shock. She wanted to go to my bedroom. The idea of having sex with her during the daylight hours gave me an immediate hard-on.

Once we were in my bedroom instead of snapping the lights off she pulled me in for a kiss and massaged my cock through my pants. With a laugh, she started to undress me. I surmised that the champagne had gone to her head and made her act much differently than she usually did. Once I was naked Fiona’s eyes roamed my body and her glance centered on my jutting cock with a seductive smile.

“Get into bed, sweetie.” I fairly jumped into my bed. She sat next to me and kissed me. “I’ve arranged for Destiny to stay at a friend’s house overnight so we can be undisturbed. I’m gonna do things to you that you won’t believe but first you need to put this on.” She handed me a completely opaque sleep mask. At my questioning look, Fiona laughed and stroked my chest. “Oh, baby you know how shy I am about sexual things. I couldn’t bear for you to see me doing all those nasty things to you. At least not at first. Maybe we can take the mask off when I get more comfortable.”

Once I had the mask on, Fiona positioned me on the bed as she wanted and then said, “Now I know you. You’ll be tempted to take the mask off and when you do that will ruin my mood and ruin our special day. So bear with me a little bit more so we can prevent you from falling into that particular temptation.”

“Okay,” I said not entirely sure what she meant. She took my wrists in her hands and I felt soft bands surround them. She then moved my hands above my head and out to each side. I heard a small snik and realized that my wrists were restrained to the bedposts.

The bed shifted as Fiona got up. I heard her walking around the bed and felt some rustling on the bed. Something brushed my leg. “What’s that?”

“Oh, just some rose petals to set the mood.” The rose petals did not have a floral scent but rather like metal or plastic. I assumed that being rather cheap she had gotten plastic rose petals. Fiona then did something she very rarely ever did. She took hold of my cock in her whole hand and gave it a few strokes, making certain it was fully engorged. I was suddenly suspicious since she rarely touched my cock.

“What about no glove, no love?” I asked.

“I thought we could dispense with that today.”

Uh-huh. I began to wonder if this was all just some elaborate ploy to get her pregnant so I’d feel compelled to marry her. “I think I’d feel less restrained if we had safe sex.”

Fiona sighed and her voice snapped back to her usual acerbic tone. “You’re starting to ruin my mood, Anthony!” She walked over to my dresser and jerked open the drawer. I heard a tearing sound and then she none too gently slid a condom over my swollen cock.

“Oh damn, I forgot the whipped cream. I’ll be back in a sec.” I heard the click of her heels in the hallway. Her voice sounded a bit odd but at the moment I thought she was just nervous at being out of her comfort zone.

A sec turned into a few moments. Then several moments. I figured that I had pissed her off and she was making me wait for revenge. Yet oddly enough my cock remained hard and rigid. I believed that the prospect of sex shortly kept me hard. After what seemed like hours but was probably just ten minutes I was suddenly starting to get worried that she had just left bound and naked on my bed. Then fortunately I heard the click of heels in the hall followed by a small female gasp.

“What’s the matter Fee, baby?”

Fiona didn’t say a word but I heard her approach the bed. I heard a rustle near me as if she were holding a piece of paper. Was she reading instructions or something? A fingernail softly touched the center of my condom-clad cock, then delicately traced a line from my balls to my crown. Her hand then grasped my cock in a tentative grip and stroked twice up and down my shaft. For some reason, her hand seemed slightly different. Her hand paused on my cock near the head for a moment. She gave my cock a soft squeeze that made me gasp in pleasure.

Nails slightly scraped across my skin just below the condom’s rim and she pulled it off. The light touch of fingernails across my tumescent cock was oddly erotic.

“Fee, we talked about this. I think we should use the condom!”

The bed shook as Fiona stood up. I heard shoes dropping onto the floor followed by the soft almost silent sounds of clothing hitting the rug. Then I heard the swiff swiff of tissues being pulled out of a box. The bed shook again and gently the tissues wiped the lubricant off of my cock. A wave of body heat combined with the warm heady aroma of perfume wafted over me. Fiona must have put on more perfume while I’d been waiting for her. Bare skin touched my thigh. In a second both canlı bahis of my thighs were being touched by warm smooth skin. Fiona was straddling me. Warm flesh caressed my legs as she moved down my body and sat on my legs. My cock quivered with anticipation. I heard a soft breath of surprise.

Suddenly my cock twitched as hot moist air bathed it. A warm liquid tickle ran up my cock as what could only be a tongue traveled from my balls all along my shaft to my cock head. Ah okay, this was Fiona’s special treat or one of them. For the first time ever she was going to give me a blowjob. I eagerly anticipated my first blowjob in over five years.

“I’m sorry, sweetheart, now I understand why you wanted to leave the condom off. Go ahead, baby, suck me.” A pair of soft, full lips kissed my cock head. Then my cock was angled upwards slightly and gingerly enveloped by a pair of lips that began to suck very slightly.

Since this was probably the first time she had ever given a blowjob, I offered encouragement and advice. “That’s so nice, baby. Suck a little harder. Oh yes, just like that. Oh sweetie, that feels wonderful. Slowly move down my shaft and take as much of me into your mouth as you can. Yes, but keep sucking. Now move back up again. Up and down while sucking. Use your tongue a bit too, darling.”

“Oh, Fee you’ve got it now. This is such a great present.” Although inexperienced Fiona soon mastered the basics enough to make me thrum with pleasure. To my amazement, she really seemed into giving me head. This, from a woman who would only gingerly touch my cock with her thumb and forefinger to put it inside her. As her cheeks and lips slid up and down my lengths clasping and caressing it as she sucked, her tongue danced all along my cock in a combination of swirls, teasing flicks, and full-tongued licks. For someone who had never sucked a cock before she was doing a damn good job.

At my unconscious groans and moans of delight, Fiona’s enthusiastic bobbing increased which made my pleasure grow even more. Fiona had been right however I was dying to see her sucking my cock. Had my hands not been restrained I would’ve ripped my mask right off.

As her tongue and lips worked their magic on my wand, my balls were tickled by her nailed fingers. An explosion was rising in my sack. I knew she’d never forgive me if I came in in her mouth. “Sweetie, I’m about to cum.” Fiona paused in her sucking for a split second then went back to sucking me with even more exuberance. Considering this to be consent, I let myself go and exploded in Fiona’s mouth. I was shocked that she sucked even harder and gulped down every shot.

I was surprised that after that explosion I didn’t go totally limp. Fiona swirled her tongue around my cock cleaning it. And in doing so my cock once again got thicker and harder, ready for the main event. However, Fiona had another surprise in store. The bed quivered and a swathe of heat moved upwards over my body as Fiona’s knees walked up the bed toward my head, I strained to peek beneath my mask but could see nothing.

As she moved a few droplets of warm fluid splashed against the skin on my stomach, chest, shoulder, and neck accompanied by a sweet musk. This sex play was definitely turning her on. Usually, Fiona got a little moist when we had sex but she had never before dripped. The aroma made my mouth water. I knew what was about to happen. I hadn’t tasted a sweet pussy in five years. Suddenly my mouth and chin were covered by a dripping, sizzling snatch. As my tongue and lips explored this succulent treat a sharp feminine cry accompanied by a shudder clamped the pussy tightly against my face as my cheeks and jaw were squashed by strong, smooth thighs.

It was only then that I realized that this was not Fiona! Despite her ironclad morality, Fiona waxed her pussy, claiming it was for hygienic reasons. However, the pussy currently riding my tongue had a bush. Also while Fiona exercised she certainly did not have thighs this muscular.

For a fleeting second, I thought perhaps Fiona had gotten me a call girl or escort as Valentine’s Day gift but rejected that immediately because she would never have paid for that. Fiona was one of those women who firmly believed that the guy always paid for everything. She must have then convinced a friend, relative, or co-worker to service me. I found that almost as unbelievable as the call girl theory but that was the most plausible of the two options. She had blindfolded me thinking I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference while this girl did things to me that Fiona would not. Fiona would then get the credit as an awesome girlfriend. What a conniving bitch…

I planned to tell the Fiona substitute that the jig was up however the way she fervently thrashed her pussy against my mouth told me this girl really wanted sex. So I thought what the hell, I might as well enjoy my Valentine’s Day gift, right? Besides after her deception, Fiona and I were done, so I didn’t consider it as being unfaithful. I licked and lapped at that tangy soaked mass of soft flesh and bush with everything I had. The muscled thighs kept crushing my face and the sopping pussy kept alternatively smothering and drenching me with juices. Muffled cries came in concert with the orgasmic quakes.

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