Love Ain’t Nothin’ But Trouble

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“Love ain’t nothin’ but trouble.” – Foghat

“Hit it, Willie!” Sam Lewis told his lead guitarist, Willie Sloane, one of the most talented members of their Foghat cover band, The Drivin’ Wheels.

Willie couldn’t focus, however, at least not very well, so his bit in the jam session just didn’t sound right from the outset. Sam looked a little annoyed, as did Jeff Baker, their drummer, and Willie’s sister Aimee, who was their bass. For that matter, Aimee began to have trouble concentrating as she saw her elder brother, her idol, struggling with what was normally old hat with him.

“Alright, Willie, what gives?” Sam demanded to know.

“It’s…..Ellen. She wants a divorce. It ain’t the groupies, either. I’m not sure if she knows, though she probably suspects. She’s gay. She came out to me and told me that she is a lesbian, that she wants no part in our marriage anymore. Damn it, I love that girl and she only wants this woman, Sarah, that she met at work! I can’t think about anything else. I’m so damn hurt. She broke my heart! I know that you guys might not think that I love Ellen that much, given what I’ve done on the road, but I do. I had no idea how much I loved her until now, because it hurts so damn bad!”

“Shit, man, that sucks serious balls! Do you need to crash here?” Sam asked Willie, unsure of the living situation.

“Technically, no. She hasn’t kicked me out or anything, but I’m already sleeping in the guest room, because she doesn’t feel comfortable with ‘tempting’ me! Her husband! I know, I know….I sound crazy, like some stupid caveman! I know that it’s the 21st century and that she isn’t my property, but I’m not used to being on the outside with her! How could I have guessed so wrong about her? Could she really have been a full-blown lesbian without me knowing all this time?

“So, if you don’t mind my crashing here, I’d like to get out of there. Sleeping in the guest bedroom with my wife down the hall, probably planning soon to fuck her girlfriend on our bed….that’s just too much for me to take. I’d rather not go back to Mom and Dad, however. I know Dad. He’d try to convince me to fight for my marriage, when you can’t fight your wife’s sexuality! He’d think that I made her gay or something! Mom would probably want me to stay and never leave the nest again and that I just couldn’t do.

“That’s no place I want to stay, either. Mom’s always dropping weird, crazy hints that things aren’t right with her and Dad, which creeps me out somehow….so, thanks,” Willie agreed to Sam’s offer, of course.

“Well, in the meantime, we need to take a breather and have some beer, since clearly the session isn’t going anywhere yet. Sad to say, but that’s just how it goes. I had some ideas to pitch, anyway, about venturing out of the cover band zone, if you will. Original songs and such. Face it, this gig was about killing time until we came up with our own stuff, anyway,” Sam observed.

“That’s a fact, too. I can only think of one Foghat song that fits this situation and mood, anyway, and that is, ‘Love Ain’t Nothin’ But Trouble’,” Jeff pointed out with a grimace, adding his own two cents at last.

“Ain’t that true, huh?” Sam grit his teeth as he considered his own troubled affections.

Sam held a torch for two women in particular that by a few unwritten and presumed band rules were supposed to be completely off-limits to him: Aimee Sloane and Jeff’s wife, Lisa. The former was not only a band mate, but also the sister of his best friend, Willie. The latter was frankly only forbidden due to her marital status. Jeff might fuck other men’s wives, and Sam knew for a fact that he did, but Sam only did such things with the husband’s blessing, and even then he had to be sure that it wasn’t a situation that was too weird or disturbing for him, such as the whole cuckolding scene, which was just unfair to the husband.

For Sam, these romantic issues were but one reason why he was still very much a bachelor and unlikely to change that fact any time soon. Oh, he was no monk, but he refused to “date” in the traditional sense, despite all attempts to convince him otherwise. This included his estranged mother, who just didn’t get things like why he identified as a “Yank” instead of a Rhodesian (not Zimbabwean) and enjoyed harder kinds of rock instead of the softer pop that she preferred.

Sam’s father, Derby Lewis, who had stayed in their Rhodesian expat community in South Africa rather than join his wife in the States, but still hadn’t bothered with a divorce after all this time, was also a fierce racist and very hostile to even the idea that his son was in an integrated band with the Sloanes, who were black. If he had known Sam was in love with an ebony beauty like Aimee, he would be furious. Never mind that he hadn’t bothered to raise Sam or send any child support to Carolyn during the years that she was forced to work double shifts just to survive, Derby still felt entitled to his say on how his only son now lived.

Well, as it happened to be an unseasonably warm October morning, the beer flowed more freely aydınlı escort than expected, in spite of it being Sam Adams, which didn’t quite come cheap. Then again, these weren’t regular guests, who might merit cheap beer….these were Sam’s true friends, whatever else was said. If they didn’t deserve some fine Boston lager, who did? They all drank enough to get reasonably buzzed, which was when Jeff pulled a real surprise on Willie and Sam.

“You know who ain’t trouble? Lisa. She knows what I am and she doesn’t bat an eye. Hell, she even packs condoms in my suitcase for me every time and winks at me before I do a show. She’s a rocker’s wife, she knows the score, always did. I want to do something to thank her. Would you guys be opposed to a gang-bang? Aimee could even join in, since I know Lisa swings both ways. She’s had some threesomes with me and enjoyed that part of it more than I expected, not that I mind,” Jeff pitched the idea.

“Let me get this straight, buddy. You want us to gang-bang your wife with you? Have a little band orgy. What makes you think that things can ever go back to normal after that? Everyone would remember getting their ashes hauled, and I have to warn you, Jeff, since you opened this Pandora’s box, that I happen to like Lisa more than I told you before. If I had sex with her, the attachment would just grow stronger. It would be like us gang-banging Aimee. Very hot idea, but I don’t think that I would ever be able to think of her as just a friend after that….though to be honest, she’s not just a friend even now. I have crushes on both ladies,” I told them upfront, emboldened by the booze.

“Oh, hell, Sam. Lisa and I have had threesomes of both kinds, not just with another woman. Six times with gals, three with guys. She hasn’t bonded with those men. They didn’t get too close to her, either. It will be fine,” Jeff revealed, thinking that he had quashed that objection.

“Yes, but those aren’t guys who have just admitted to being infatuated with your wife already. There’s a nice, big word for you. I have been able to keep my hands off her out of respect for you, but if you open this door, you might not be able to close it again. I don’t want this to fuck up our band and our friendship, you know. Not to mention your marriage,” Sam persisted, more to forewarn Jeff than to prevent the act from happening…his bulge was already quite grown from even the thought of fucking Lisa.

“Wait a fucking second! Sam, are you saying that you’re in love with me?” Aimee blurted out when she finally processed what Sam had said through her buzzed mind.

“You and Lisa, yes. I love both of you. I can’t help it, but both of you have been forbidden passions, so I’ve suffered in silence, as it were. If I had sex with either of you, however, it would be like opening the floodgates. Nothing could stop the onslaught of desire. Even the image of you and her getting gang-banged by the three of us is enough to send most of my blood flow straight to my cock,” Sam confessed with an honest shrug.

“Damn it, Sam! I’ve been carrying a torch for you since the day we met! I’ve written three original songs so far, and one of them is about you! The other two are about Willie and Jeff. God, I’m in love with all three of my band mates! It sounds wrong, but it’s incredible! With you, Sam, it’s the sort of thing that leads me to think of wedding bells! Oh, not monogamy! I know what you fear. It’s not my scene, either, or I wouldn’t be in love with three men! I just know that I would love to be Aimee Lewis! I’d give you serious jungle fever and you’d never be cured!” Aimee shocked them all with her blunt admission.

“Then fucking do it, Aimee! Marry me. Become my wife. If love is nothing but trouble, I want your kind of trouble for the rest of my life. But for now, how about that gang-bang?” Sam grinned in response.

“Are you serious?” Aimee challenged Sam.

“As a heart attack….about both things,” Sam assured her.

“You want to fuck me, too?” Willie expressed real surprise, since this would be incest.

“Yes, big brother, I do. I want to have hot, steamy family fucking fun with you…..think of how great incest will be! I’d suck your dick until you screamed for mercy and never thought of Ellen again. And Jeff, honey, imagine my tits in your face as I wake you up cowgirl-style! If Lisa wants part of the fun, too, that’s even better. Your wife is hot to trot and I would eat that pussy until she found some old-time religion! She’d be calling to Jesus all night long. Call her and let us surprise her with an orgy that will make her our groupie for life. Think of it. None of us would need any more groupies again,” Aimee urged the drummer.

“Sure, why the fuck not?” Jeff was feeling much braver and he dialed the numbers.

“Hey, baby, how is the jam session? Not broken up already, is it? If you’re hungry, I can make up some sandwiches or corn dogs and head right over. If you don’t mind your wife hanging around, that is….and if Sam doesn’t mind, since it’s his bağdat caddesi escort place. I’d even bring you a six-pack from the fridge,” Lisa’s caring, nurturing side came out through the speaker phone.

“Honey, don’t worry about the beer or even the food, just come over. I have something special for you. It’s a surprise,” Jeff told his wife, prompting total silence and shock from her end.

“Baby, whatever it is, I can’t wait to find out,” she finally admitted, “I’m on my way. Thank you for whatever it is. Glad to know that you care and appreciate me. I try so hard to be the best wife I can be.”

“Oh, I do. You have no idea how grateful I am, but you will,” Jeff’s voice came through.

By now, Willie was in a much better mood, thanks to the beer, the sympathy, and the prospect of hot, sweaty sex with two stunningly beautiful women. His cock was hard as could be and Aimee couldn’t stop herself. Freeing her brother’s dick from his pants in a hurry, she got it between her lips and really began sucking hard on that monster. Everyone just watched at this point, absolutely floored as they witnessed the sight of Willie and his own sister getting it on. It was an amazing scene, deliciously taboo as Aimee’s soft lips enveloped her own brother’s dick.

“Oh, fuck! Ellen never did this for me and now I know why! God, it was never this good with her! I love her, but she was never this good! Fuck, Sis, how are you still single?” Willie sighed as his gorgeous sister gave him a blowjob and soon became senseless with his orgasm… longer able to say anything beyond that.

“That’s ’cause I’ve been waiting for you guys to come to your senses and make me your fuck toy! Well, me and Lisa…..I never trusted Ellen, but I could never convince you of why, but you understand now. She’s not a bad woman, but she’s wrong for you. Lisa and I were made for this band, perfect sluts to serve the rock gods! We’re all the sluts you’ll ever need from now on,” Aimee promised Willie.

“I quite agree,” Lisa interrupted, making us turn our heads in her direction.

“How long have you been standing there?” Jeff asked his wife.

“Long enough to hear and see some truly fascinating stuff. You forgot how close we live, baby. I simply took my bike and rushed over here, eager to find my surprise. Now it’s pretty clear what it is, honey. You have no idea how long I’ve waited for this moment, dropped hints, encouraged your walk on the wild side, kept you safe from diseases for this day, and teased your band mates like Willie and Sam here. This was my dream from day one, though you’ll always be my hubby. You know that. I love you guys. I really do. All of you, including Aimee.

“There is just one amendment that I’d make to the plan: Sam’s mom. She needs a man and we should bring her in. The other guys have women who put them first, but Sam has Mrs. Lewis. Don’t tell me you haven’t of it, either, Jeff. She’s a serious cougar and you know it, Willie. Sam, think of how pissed your old man will be when he learns that his ex is fucking four rockers, including his son, another woman, and a black man,” Lisa licked her lips at the risqué proposition she just made.

“Well, that would even the genders up a bit. We could use a motherly type, anyway. And she is lonely,” Sam surprised himself by agreeing…..after all, no matter how annoying she could be, his mother still held much of her beauty and charm from her youth.

“In the meantime, let me thank my sweet hubby for finally picking me as a groupie again, after all this time. Remember, that’s what I was to begin with…I was always wilder than you thought, honey,” Lisa declared as she removed her shoes and top.

Pretty soon, the drummer’s cute, tomboyish wife, with her short, reddish brown hair, was in her bra and panties, sucking off her husband and playing with his balls in full view of the band. She shook her ass at Sam, as did Aimee, still engaged in her oral service to Willie. His cock was at full attention by now, and as soon as Willie gasped with his release, flooding Aimee’s throat with his jizz, the sultry guitarist turned to Sam, bending over his kitchen table to offer her fiancé her body at last.

Sam was soon balls deep inside that sweet, silky slit, pounding his sassy guitarist and enjoying every second of a particular fantasy. He imagined that Aimee was off the Pill, that she would have his seed inside her, filling up her belly, making a new generation of the Lewis family that would be a nice shade of brown instead of fair. That thought and the view of her delicious bottom were both enough to really turn Sam on, while Aimee badly needed to cum by now. Sucking her own brother’s dick had just whet her appetite for wild and kinky sex, but it hadn’t gotten her off yet.

Sam struggled hard not to cum, but when he finally yielded, it was due to the incredible movements of Aimee’s hips and the nasty thoughts in his own wicked mind. The sight of Lisa sucking Jeff’s dick didn’t hurt that cause, either. In a way, bostancı escort the beer helped by slowing the circulatory system and thus reducing the blood flow to Sam’s cock. Even so, it was only a matter of time before his cock spilled out his seed into Aimee’s twat, the same lovely snatch that he had craved for so long. Right then was when Aimee lost all self-control and screamed her release to the whole town.

“God, woman, you have the perfect cunny!” Sam told Aimee as she struggled to her feet.

“Great hips, too, huh! You’re not so bad yourself,” Aimee winked at Sam.

“I’ve wanted you for years, baby….for so damn long. Now I have you right where I want you,” Sam smiled as he kissed Aimee forcefully on the mouth.

“Just wait until I get my turn, honey. Not that I doubt Aimee’s skills, but I want my fair share of your love and lust,” Lisa announced as she finished swallowing Jeff’s load.

“Oh, you’ll get it, sweetheart….you’ll so fucking get it!” Sam assured her with a passionate kiss of her own….one that actually made her blush.

“Just as Jeff will get his chance to pound this pussy of mine, won’t he?” Aimee smiled with deviant pleasure at that thought.

“You betcha, he will! I’ve gone out of my way to be the best wife I can be and I’m no quitter,” Lisa answered before planting a lip lock out of the blue on Aimee.

“I have no doubt of that, honey. So, about this plan to seduce Sam’s mother, can it result in pregnancy?” Jeff wondered.

“Actually, yes. Mum was barely eighteen when I was born, and that only by the skin of her teeth. It was a sort of shotgun wedding and the moment that Dad could be rid of her, he was. He never wanted to marry her to begin with, I think. He did it to stay out of trouble, that was all. So, yeah, she’s still young enough to breed, as it happens. Probably only once, maybe twice tops, though,” Sam explained.

“Fair enough. Somebody should breed her, but it should be her choice whom it is. Hard to say, though I could guess as to one of the candidates. For my part, I am actually fertile right now. Yep, that’s right. I want all three of you men to breed me, sooner or later, so I hope to give each of you a chance today. Would that turn you on, Jeff? Imagine me in maternity clothes and nothing else, barefoot in the kitchen, carrying a child whose father could be one of three men, only one of whom is you….and one of whom is black.

“How about you, Aimee? Would you like Jeff to breed you, or Sam….or Willie? Or all three?” Lisa deliberately turned up the heat with her talk of getting knocked up.

“Oh, God, that is such a fucking hot idea!” Willie confessed that the prospect of putting his bun in Lisa’s oven really turned on, as with Aimee and Carolyn…..

It was such a sexy idea, partly because Lisa was just such a wife with a capital W…she fused tomboyishness with soccer mom sex appeal in a way that was hard to explain. This was, after all, the same woman who had offered to bring her husband and his band mates sandwiches and who consistently made breakfast the next morning for Jeff and anyone that he brought home for a threesome the night before, male or female. Jeff had joked that if she kept that up, she’d end up with two husbands before too long, between the sex and the food. His joke now seemed to have become reality, but plus one guy and two girls.

“Damn, Willie, you’re right, that is just plain hot! My sexy wife barefoot and pregnant with a bambino whose paternity is in doubt, while Aimee does the same, and God knows what will happen with Mrs. Lewis! I admit that it’s been leading up to a group marriage of sorts, hasn’t it? That’s been your real fantasy, hasn’t it, Lisa?” Jeff smiled at his wife.

“You got that right, honey. You busted me. Go ahead and fuck Aimee…Sam’s had her. Willie’s had her. Your turn. It’s supposed to be an orgy, after all. Aimee, you ready to blow my husband’s mind? Wear him out, will ya?” Lisa challenged Aimee.

“Oh, and more besides,” Aimee then whispered something to Lisa in a conspiratorial tone.

Lisa visibly drooled when she heard whatever Aimee told her and whispered back. Aimee gave her a high-five and kissed her lips to reinforce their now strengthened sisterly bond. They both giggled, and then Aimee pulled Jeff up to kiss him on the lips, after which she pushed him to the ground and planted her pussy on his cock. Since she had already been fucked by Sam, Aimee was very wet and messy, but Jeff didn’t mind that at all. He had fucked Lisa before after another man had screwed her and also shared groupies with Sam and Willie at times. It was just extra lube and a reminder that this was a very sensual, very hedonistic woman with a natural ability to seduce a man.

Aimee was like a wildcat as she mounted and bounced repeatedly on Jeff’s dick, her tits tantalizingly close to his face and his hands. When he reached to touch them, however, she moved his hands to her ass instead and really moved her hips in a way that made it clear that she was in charge of this act. She was determined to milk this action for all it was worth, and she proved it by first slowly and then quickly riding him. Then Aimee went back to impaling herself slowly on Jeff’s cock, before abruptly returning to a rapid pace, right as she tightened up on him and all but squeezed the life out of him, or so it felt. Instead, she milked every drop of his seed from his balls through his cock into her pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32