Long Distance Sex

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Rajesh is now far away from me on his business tour. He is my hubby, my sweet hubby, we married few months back. I was a blushing virgin before I met Rajesh.

Before my marriage my sex life was practically non-existent. I needed to be with a man who would pleasure me, adore me and make love with me in the way he would like, in the way I would desire.

Rajesh is the focus of all my fantasies. He is the person who gave me the test of real flesh inside my pussy.

He is so handsome, so male, his body is so slender trimmed and his cock his balls between his loins are so nice, so sexy and so good sized that when I laid my eyes on his naked body first time; a soft moan escaped from my lips, a heat of passion and hunger of lust began to grow within me, electricity cackled through my body, my heart started to flutter wildly, my nipples started to ache and my pussy started to seep.

I love Rajesh. I love him with a passion, a deep and driving passion.

He with fullest extent of his abilities taught me how to make love, how to explore every parts of each other’s naked body and how to enjoy sex. He had deflowered my virgin pussy at the sea beach under the moonlit sky. After my marriage I enjoyed being used twice or three times a day. My body started to run on our sex schedule. Each night before we go to sleep my pussy ached to be stretched by his engorged cock.

Rajesh is always very tender and delicate with me not wanting to hurt me or scare me away. He always is slow and soft with his words, his lips, his tongue, his fingers and his pecker. He caresses me with the delicacy. His mouth explores every part of my body and wets me with his ardent tongue. His lips are so supple that I forget everything in the world when he kisses on my lips each time. He does not feel tired to play with my naked body for a long time till I get aroused and my pussy is well lubricated with my own juice to receive his rigid shaft inside. His cock penetrates my wanting pussy and fucks me initially at low pace. He then gradually increases his pace harder and faster with the strength of Tarzan. With his ability he climaxes me a number of times before he fills my pussy with his thick creamy hot load.

It had not been since that day of his departure on his business tour that I had my last taste, touch, and feel of him.

Late evening, I was sitting out on the balcony listening to an old hoot owl singing a courting song and remembering the sweet memories of our love actions after marriage. The atmosphere was warm, so I made myself comfortable by wearing only white tee shirt and silky black panties. As I sat half listening and half thinking, my cell phone rang.

I shivered with a thrill of excitement as I recognized the caller number on the cell phone screen; call from Rajesh, my man Rajesh. I had been fidgety most of the day awaiting for the call.

I felt all warm and flushed as his voice filled my ear across the miles and unconsciously I clenched my legs together, pressing tight the hot swelling nub that lay between. It was if he had reached out and pressed his fingers directly on my clit. I nearly climaxed with his words alone. Did he have any idea of the effect the mere sound of his voice had on my body?

“Hi Juhi my sweet honey, what are you doing?”

“Hi Rajesh my darling, I was remembering those sweet days, those sweet and erotic moments with you in the early days of our marriage.”

“Really, tell me about it Juhi.”

“I was thinking about how nicely you had given me pleasure with your magnificent love pole in the moonlit night at the sea beach making me all wet and horny. I especially liked the way that you pumped into my virgin pussy making me cum.”

“Our first sex was fantastic and I enjoyed making love with you and filling your love canal with my hot cum. I enjoyed your nude dance in the moonlit night swaying not only your breasts but your whole body…”

Rajesh began to talk, telling me of his day, making teasing remarks and I began to pace, clutching the phone close to my ear so I would not miss a word.

As he continued to speak, trusting the night to shield my nakedness I pulled the tee shirt from my body and slithered out of my panties. The cool breeze caressed my bare body like a lover and I laid down on the smooth marble bench.

I sighed with pleasure as I felt the wind teased at the peaks of my bare breasts; they tightened and tingled as if Rajesh was there touching them himself. I murmured periodically as he continued to speak completely distracted by the physical response he evoked. One of my hands began to wander about aimlessly over the soft curves of my bare body.

My figures gently plucked one nipple into taunt hardness. I gasped as I increased pressure there pretending his mouth sucking insistently.

Rajesh paused. I quickly thought up some question to ask… anything to get him talking again! My hips moved restlessly as I felt the night air blowing against the damp flesh that lay between my thighs.

With Balıkesir Escort each of his words and my touch it seemed my pussy opened, my clit almost bulging between my nether lips. Each caress became more like some form of erotic torture, and he talked on. My hands roamed down over my thighs, teasing at the soft flesh where they curved in, just below where they joined. I shifted and sighed again. He once again stopped speaking.

“What are you doing over there?” Rajesh asked curiously.

His voice seeming to drop to deeper tone and for a moment I wondered if he knew just exactly what I was doing.

A smile lit my face.

“Actually I am being very bad here.” I responded with a laugh.

I realized there was no way I was going to get through the phone without satisfying the desire that had been building inside me all day and really there was no reason not to tell him just what I was up to. He may even enjoy hearing, I thought with a grin.

“You, bad, never think it.” Rajesh laughed back eager to hear just what mischief I was up to now.

“Well, I’m out my on the balcony completely naked.” I said softly, waiting to hear if I had finally shocked him.

“And?” He persisted, realizing the sounds he had been hearing were good hints that I was doing more than just exposing myself to the nature.

I blushed; shy for a moment until Rajesh pushed a bit more.

“Tell me what you are doing; make me see it, make me feel it.” He whispered sexily in my ear and I was no longer shy.

“Listen.” I told him pulling the phone from my ear and moving it down close to my pussy.

I had been daydreaming about him all day and by the time he called I was more than ready; I was drenched in my own juices! I took two fingers and effortlessly pushed them inside me, my pussy lips parting easily to welcome them. Slowly I moved them around in their tight and warm casing then began to pull them out, knowing he could hear the sticky, wet, slurping sounds as my pussy clung to my fingers.

“Do you hear that darling? That is how wet you make me! My pussy is in dire need of you. It needs to be occupied and stretched, to have its inner walls tugged and to be ravaged.” I said my voice now low and throaty.

For a moment there was silence across the miles as he slowly digested the idea that I was outside, naked and touching myself while talking to him.

He drew in a ragged breath and that was all the encouragement I needed.

“Talk!” I demanded needing to know he was there with me as I continued my sensuous play.

“I’m rolling over.” I told him, loving the feel of the cold of the marble under my stomach.

Lifting a bit with my knees I had my ass in the air, legs spread wide as I began drawing the slick lubricant my desire had created up and over my swelled clit. My breath shaky and quick, I told him how I was positioned.

“Picture me my sweet heart, my ass up high and proud. Waiting for you to take me, to ride me, my pussy so wet it is gleaming in the moonlight.” I purred as I leaned forward.

My breasts felt heavy, full and ripe. So sensitive! I moved, pressing my nipples against the smooth cold marble under me. My pussy was so ready and desperate to feel of the thrust of his hard cock.

My breath was coming faster as I continued to talk.

“Are you naked Rajesh?”

“No Juhi. But my cock is bulging and aching to be freed.”

“Take your pants off and get your cock out.”

“Yes darling I’m doing just that, I’m pulling my pants down and stepping out of them.”

“Good boy. I want to see you naked as I’m. Grab your cock and begin to stroke it.”

“Yes I’ve obeyed your instruction.”

“Are you hard for me?”

“Yes sweetie, my cock is rock hard and the pre-cum is oozing out from its slit.”

“Mmmmm, I’d suck it so nice if you were here.”

“Oh Juhi, you know how to work on my cock. I’m dying for it!”

“Rajesh, can you feel my hand wrapping around your nice erect member? My hand is still so slippery from my own juice, making it so easy to slide them up and down your nice, strong shaft.”

“Oh! You’re making me so crazy.”

“Rajesh Darling, there something in your suitcase pocket, get it.”

“Yes Juhi I got.”

“Tell me what you got?”

“I find two things, a tube of lube and an envelope.”

“Open the envelope and tell me what you see.”

“I find pictures of the two of us fucking. When you took those shots?”

“That was taken a few days ago prior to your departure. I had put the camera in a hidden place, turned the timer on to take pictures at given intervals and returned to fucking to get some good shots to give you a surprise.”

“Juhi you’re a naughty girl. You’ve taken so many nude pictures.”

“Rajesh what do you see in those pictures?”

“In one picture, I see you lay on your back spreading your thigh apart, your clit is protruded out from you parting pink lips and I’m getting ready to slide my erection into you. I Balıkesir Escort Bayan can’t believe how big my cock looks.”

As Rajesh looked at each picture, I was talking to him, describing each picture and reminding him of how much I enjoyed each thrust he had given me that night.

“Can you see the picture where you have pulled your cock almost out of me?”

“Yes I can.”

“Can you see that your cock is shiny with my pussy juice?”

“I definitely can”.

“Take that lube and drizzle it over your cock and balls. Make them shiny as you see in the picture.”

“Yes Juhi, I just lubed as you said.”

“Now grab your cock and stroke it hard assuming that your cock is pumping my pussy clenched by its mussel.”

“Yes Juhi, I’ve started in doing so.”

“How do you feel?”

“That feels so exciting.”

“Hold the phone near your cock so I can hear the sound of your strokes with all that lube.”

Rajesh did so and was sure to give several violent strokes off the head of his cock, which made a noise that cannot be mistaken for anything but jerking off.

My sweet pussy burned to be entered aroused by the sounds of his masturbation.

My hand instantly went to my glistening wet pussy. I slipped two fingers inside myself and drew my moistness back across my stiff clit. Slow and steadily I teased my clit, stroking it, pinching it between my fingertips until I was half worked up into frenzy. Then I stuck my fingers in my aching pussy. I moved them back and forth, stroking softly and then harder, describing him in detail each move, each exquisite stroke and my own response to it all.

“This is what you do to me; I think of you and get hot!” I growled into the phone.

“Juhi you’re close already, aren’t you?” he asked, his own breathing a bit rapid.

“No Rajesh my fingers are playfully keeping in a constant piston motion in my pussy, but to no avail. My fingers are thin and are by no means a replacement of your engorged thick member. My pussy is in dire need of slamming your erect fat cock filling my wet hole completely. It needs to be occupied and stretched, to have its inner walls tugged and to be ravaged.” I said breathlessly.

“Juhi, why don’t you take the help of the special gift I presented you a few days back before my departure?”

“Are you talking about the vibrating seven-inch dildo?”

“Yes. Since you have seemed rather pleased by my manhood, I thought I should give you a replication of it to keep you company while I’m away.”

“Yes Rajesh that is so beautiful, so sexy, the exact replica of your cock. Honey that is the prettiest artificial penis I have ever seen!”

“Have you ever tried it?”

“No, not till now.”

“Then take it and fuck your pussy with that precious mechanical stimulator. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it, you’ll feel my presence in your feminine core.”

I moved over to my bedroom and opened the drawer of my dresser to retrieve the seven-inch dildo.

I flipped the switch on and the humming sound of my toy calling out its desire for me sent a shiver through me. I was soon almost hypnotized by the rhythmic vibrations of my new friend.

I brought it to my lips, kissing it sensually as if I am kissing and adoring Rajesh’s cock. I then held the vibrating toy lightly on my ample breasts and let it circle round my nipples. I could feel my nipples getting harder. It felt so good that I just could not help exploring my entire body with it.

I was almost incapable of speech, moaning while reaching back to brace myself on the balcony marble bench. I could feel my body getting ready, tensing.

After teasing myself with it for sometimes, I laid on my back and my legs spread wide. My clit was exposed in my current position. I placed the tip of the vibrating dildo on my crotch and roamed around my bulged pubic mound and then lightly brushed across my puffy vaginal vulva.

I placed the tip of the vibrator on my moist, steaming crack and pushed it gently into my warm opening teasing my swollen, pouting clit over and over. As it slowly slipped into me, I could feel my vaginal muscles tighten around it. I had been masturbating with my finger for years already but I’d never felt anything like this before. It was GREAT!

I was so absorbed with ramming of that humming fucker in and out of my tunnel of love that I forgot about Rajesh.

I moved one hand to my breasts and started to knead them. My legs parted further, and when I finally let out a low sensual moan like an animal, Rajesh asked,

“Tell me Juhi what you are doing right at this moment.”

“My darling, laying on the marble bench I’m kneading my clit by the vibrator.”

“Hearing the sound of your moans, along with your heavy breathing I become intoxicated. Please elaborate your action.”

“Parting my legs further, I’m sliding the tip of the vibrator into my already wet vagina.”

“Plunge the vibrator deeper into yourself and use your fingers of your other Escort Balıkesir hand to circle your clit.”

“Yes Rajesh, I’ve placed the tip of the vibrator into my moist, steaming crack and pushing it gently deeper and deeper inside my core teasing my swollen pouting clit over and over, filling my long empty womanhood… stretching my vaginal mussels. My vaginal muscles tighten around it. I had been masturbating with my finger for years already but I’d never felt anything like this before. It is GREAT!”

The vibration of penis shaped toy flowed through my body from toe to head.

My sexual excitement was approaching to peak. My hips began moving in my own rhythm, bucking and grinding against the humming vibrator.

My moans were stronger and louder now.

“Juhi, I can’t help stroking my stiff cock harder and faster as I hear your pleasure.”

I was so absorbed with ramming that humming fucker in and out of my tunnel of love and moaning like an animal that I could not reply.

Leaving the vibrator to perform its work I brought my hands on my breasts and started to roll my nipples between my fingers.

My body was shaking grinding my hips on the marble.

My eyes closed as pleasure filled my body. I screamed loudly.

“Juhi I can hear the low hum of the vibrator and yours whimpering. I know honey you’re getting pleasure by the action of the toy in your nooky, Please tell me just how you are enjoying. Don’t keep quite. Let me enjoy the pleasure you’re getting.”

“Rajesh just picture. I lay on the marble bench with my legs open. The entire length of the vibrating dildo is buried deep inside in my pussy and its fake massive balls are slapping on my outer labia. My hands are on my breast and my fingers are pinching my nipples. It sends an almost forgotten shudder throughout my body. My back is arched as I’m overtaken in delicious pleasure.” A sharp piercing sexy purr came from my mouth.

“Good Juhi, I know what every sound that you make means. I have heard them so many times, and dreamed about them at least as many times. Continue till your body rocks with orgasms.”

Tingles ran from my toes to my nipples. Between my legs an intense heat radiated blocking out the rest of the world, making my pussy throb and cling to the artificial vibrating dick.

Giving Rajesh a full picture of my condition I gasped,

“I’m pretending it you fucking me, honey. I-I’m really close, j-just a little more, I’m almost there, o-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h!!!!”

Moaning between sentences, sometimes between words, I squeaked loudly,

“Rajesh how far are you now? Are you ready to cum? I can’t wait more!”

“Yes Juhi. My cock is twitching with excitement, doing a little dance for you.”

“Really, how arousing!”

“My sweet heart, I feel myself getting closer to the edge. My scrotum are getting tightened, my cock starts to throb.”

“Rajesh I want you to cum for me! Think you’re inside me, your cock slamming into me hard and fast. My pussy is so wet for you. Cum for me, imagining my pussy closing tight around you.” I demanded.

“Yes Juhi, I’m pretending the same thing as I’m stroking my cock and listening to your moan.”

“Rajesh I want to listen when you cum. You moan loudly when you cum so I hear how much you’re enjoying yourself.”

“Yes Juhi, my naught babe, I’m approaching to climax. Holding my cock firmly, I’m giving final short and firm strokes. Sweetie, the fire in my balls is too much and I’m reaching to the peak. I can’t stand more; my cock is straining to spill the fluids that threatened to burst my balls. I am feeling an unbelievable amount of come starts to rush towards the tip of my cock.”

“Honey, don’t try to hold, cum, cum for me.”

“Juhi, the thick and hot stream of seeds is gushing from my pulsating cock. I’m cumming for you.”

I could hear his heavy breathing and his low moans. I could picture how his engorged erect cock jetted out spurt after spurt of his hot creamy sperms.

His climaxed intensified the depth of my passion.

My body started to shudder, my insides started to tremble and contract. I screamed with ecstasy. Like a firecracker exploding I felt the heat roaring over my body. I finally came in loud and thunderous orgasm one after another.

“Rajesh, all my body shivers. An intense sensation of pleasure washes over me spreading a fire through my entire body. Each and every cell is joining into the fray of my pleasure, tingling all over. My juice starts to flow like a stream from my satisfied pussy. I’m cumming. I’m cumming for you.”

As my climax began to subside, I turned the vibrator off, took it out of my pussy and laid on the bench exhausted.

A comfortable silence stretched between the miles as we both caught our breath.

“Juhi both of us made enough noise to wake the dead!” Rajesh broke the silence.

“That was nice honey. I love you with all my heart, soul and body.” I whispered.

We talked a few more minutes, sighing and smiling into the phone, knowing it was time to say goodbye.

Just before hanging up I purred in a satisfied voice,

“Call me this time tomorrow. I’ll be waiting for you with my naughty toy.”

Before closing his cell Rajesh just replied,

I wonder if I can wait until tomorrow evening to dial.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32