Lonely Woman

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One phone call changed the entire course of my life.

I was a successful businesswoman and at the age of 28 I had a multimillion dollar businesses. I was recently featured in the top 30 businesswomen under 30.

I was offered 50 million dollars by a conglomerate that was looking to increase their portfolio. I turned it down as I enjoyed the power and influence I had. I had over 100 employees and I was in total control.

The problem I found was that I had to devote almost my entire time and energy to this business. I never had time for myself.

It was almost 11.00pm and I was looking at the annual finance report. The job felt like it never ended. I had my dinner at my desk and I sometimes wondered if this was the life I wanted. I was successful but I had no time for myself.

My cell phone vibrated again. I knew it was my brother, Brian. He had been trying to contact me all day and I had been ignoring his calls. I had lost contact with my brother and father some time ago. My mother died when I was young and the home became very male dominated without my mother. I was lucky to be out at 18 when I moved to New York to study. I never looked back and started my own business at 24. Within 4 years we had undergone a dramatic growth and I had to answer to investors.

I was leaving the office and it rang again, he had rang at least 5 times now and I answered in an exasperated tone, “Yes Brian. What is it?”

He was eerily silent and then he said in a dead pan manner, “Lauren, dad died last night.”

Then followed a deafening silence as I stood still in the office unable to move.

Brian then said, “Hello? Are you all right?”

I broke out of my shocked state, “I will catch the next flight out.” I then disconnected the call.

I flew out the next day to my hometown. I went to the family home and not much had changed. It was still a homage to Brian’s sporting achievements. He was the High School quarterback until a knee injury ruined his hopes of a scholarship. He now worked in the family car dealership.

I had been taught the value of business from an early age by my father who had made a great success of the dealership and kept Brian gainfully employed.

Brian explained that dad was working in his office and when Brian went to check up on him for closing he found him collapsed over invoices on his desk. He had suffered a stroke and by the time the paramedics arrived, it was too late.

It was a bleak picture and made me think about my life. I was a spinster, I spent all my time looking after my company that I had no time to enjoy my life.

Maybe my father was teaching me a lesson with his death. I needed to reassess my priorities in life.

Brian was married and had 3 sweet kids. His wife was really sweet. Her name was Kavita and she was originally from India. She had this sweet caring nature and I instantly warmed to it. I felt terrible that I had not come back for their wedding. It felt nice spending time with the family and I had missed that connection.

I went back to New York having to return to the needs of the business. It was another late night in the office and I found that old email from the agent with an offer for the company. 50 million was enough to retire with or even take a break. Maybe I could take a break and I could set up another business. I could take a break and maybe write a book. I had so many endless opportunities if I was not stuck in this place.

I sent an email to the agent saying I was ready to sell. The next day arrangements were made for the sale and before I knew it I was in my Manhattan apartment able to enjoy a day without the need to be anywhere.

I took a walk in the streets and I felt I could enjoy the city without the pressure of needing to work.

I had been back a month and after processing my feelings I was able to concentrate on my book. I was initially a buzz with ideas but soon the reality of writing took over and I was struggling. I tried a couple of dating apps but there was no one that interested me. There were too many alpha male types that wanted to impress me with the size of their wallet or jobs. It was a major turn off for me as I was more successful than most of the types that tried to impress me.

I turned back to my writing and I even managed a chapter on male jerks.

One night I was unable to sleep. My body was on fire. I was literally burning up. I was covered in sweat. My breasts felt tender and even my vagina felt tender and my vagina lips were swollen.

I did not know what was wrong with me. It was too early to be going through menopause and I went to see my Doctor. His first question was direct and personal, “When was the last time you had sex?”

I stammered and stuttered. I was taken aback by the question and all of a sudden became shy, “18 months. Maybe longer.”

Saying it out loud made me realise how barren my sex life had become. I was at the peak of my sexuality but I was stuck at home. Was I setting my standards too high?

He then asked me more questions about my periods and a brief examination. He took some samples and said he will bursa escort have the results in a couple of weeks.

It happened around once a week. As I waited for my results I began to google my symptoms. The one constant on all the websites was that my body had a hormonal imbalance and it was caused by a lack of sex. My nipples and vagina lips were becoming engorged to attract males. My body was regressing to some type of primal urges.

I went to see the doctor and he prescribed me some medication that would help me balance out the symptoms. I was able to concentrate on other things.

It was a few weeks later that Brian called me and he said they were having a gathering as Kavita’s nephew was coming from India to study in New York. I really enjoyed my visit and I felt a closer connection with my brother and his new family.

I went over to visit for 2 weeks and they had arranged a stay in our family log cabin. I met Kavita’s nephew, Rami. He was quiet and kept to himself but I spent most of my time with Brian and Kavita. Brian’s car was full and Rami had to come in my car as we drove up to the log cabin.

We arrived at the log cabin early but the weather was beginning to turn and it began raining. It was heavier than usual rain. We quickly went inside and got a log fire started.

I tried to get a call out to Brian but I was unable to make any calls. I then received a flurry of texts as my phone received service. They were from Brian and the first few said they were running late and I thought typical Brian. Then they said the kids are becoming restless and the roads are treacherous so they would turn back try again if it cleared up.

I thought to myself if they planned this getaway why would they not check the weather? Brian was always so unorganised and on the spur of the moment.

I told Rami and he seemed a little lost. He didn’t really know me and he was only 18. I put my arm around him and said, “I am sure they will come tomorrow when the weather clears up.”

We eased into the log cabin. It is by the lake and we were unable to leave the cabin due to the treacherous conditions outside. The cabin was spacious and could accommodate a family. We had plenty of food to last a week but I hoped the weather cleared up by the morning.

I found Rami open up more as the evening wore on and I learned a lot about him and the family history. Rami was the son of Kavita’s sister. Kavita went to America to work and met Brian. She never returned to India but stayed in touch with the family. His family were not wealthy but they were able to send him to America to study medicine.

There was something about his nature that I found very sweet. Maybe it was the fact that he would always call me “madam”. He seemed harmless and I liked his company. If I was stuck here with him it would not be so bad after all. He was not the usual jerk men I was surrounded by.

We began to play a game of Monopoly as we continued to talk. He asked, “Madam, how is your company? Aunty told me you have a big important company.”

I had to correct him, “I had a company. But I am now taking a break and writing a book.”

He had an inquisitive mind and he asked, “Oh. What is the book about?”

I told him about my ideas for the book and the feminist ideals behind it. He seemed genuinely interested rather than the dismissive tone I had received from men recently.

We retired to bed as it was getting late. I picked my usual room and he picked Brian’s room. I guess Brian and Kavita would be taking my parents room, if they turned up.

Since I started taking the tablets my body felt a lot more relaxed but tonight I felt a familiar tension in my body. Maybe I was just nervous at being back in the family log cabin. It was late and then I got a knock at the door. It freaked me out a little but then I knew it was Rami and said, “Rami are you ok? Come in.”

He tentatively opened the door, “Aunty Lauren, I am really sorry to disturb you. I was unable sleep and scared. I keep hearing noses.”

It made me smile thinking about his vulnerability, “It is just the wind and nothing to worry about.”

He was nervous and looked back outside the door, “Aunty I am really sorry. I am really scared. I know I should not be but I really am. Can I sleep in here with you? I will sleep on the floor. Anything.”

I motioned him over, “Don’t be silly. You can sleep in my bed. Close the door and come here.”

He entered the bed and slept on his side. We fell asleep soon enough.

It was during the middle of the night it felt like I was having an out of body experience. I had the most erotic dream where I was having sex with a much younger man.

It was so erotic and felt so real but when I opened my eyes I found that my hand was wrapped around Rami’s cock in his pyjamas. I quickly glanced at him and he was in a deep sleep.

I needed to stop but my body was beyond my control was acting out of a desperate need. I was worried about him waking and I kept an eye on him. What was wrong with me? How could I do this to Rami?

Rami stirred a little but I could not stop. bursa escort bayan I could feel his cock letting out more and more precum. The urge became stronger and I found myself ducking under the covers.

The next moment I was taking his dick deep inside my mouth. What was coming over me? I had never done this for a lover before but I was behaving in such a depraved way. I hoped it did not wake him. I could not bear to face Kavita or Brian if they discovered what a slut I was with their nephew. I was pumping and jerking his cock with my hand. I was gagging for his cum.

I began to finger myself as I felt my own orgasm begin to build. It then hit me like a freight train at the back of my throat. His cum came hard and forceful and I gagged and choked on his cum. But I swallowed it all as my own orgasm took over my body.

I pulled his pyjamas back up and returned to my sleeping position in the hope that he had slept through that blow job.

As I looked over at him he was still asleep but he began to stir. I quickly turned away and pretended to sleep. I hoped the storm would clear by the morning. I don’t know what I would do next with this boy if I was left alone with him.

I woke up to the sun shining bright. I felt something on me and I looked down to find Rami rest his head against my breasts. I wondered if he felt a sexual attraction towards me.

I always considered my breasts to be my best feature. He began to stir and opened his eyes. He acted shocked when he found where he was and immediately went into apologies, “I am sorry madam. I was asleep. I did not realise where I was.”

I then heard a car pull up and I said to him, “You were asleep and you looked so peaceful I did not want to disturb you. You need go to your room and you cannot mention sleeping in my room to anyone. He rushed back to his room and I gathered myself as I heard Brian and Kavita with their excited kids outside. I guess the roads had cleared up.

The trip to the cabin passed quickly. I felt an awkwardness around Rami almost unsure of my own feelings and whether I could control them. Was I really this horny?

I became cold towards him and I knew he felt it. I was able to enjoy my time with the family but I had to return to New York to continue with my book.

I returned to writing and I found myself beginning to break my writers block but I was still struggling. I arranged another appointment with my doctor after what happened with Rami.

I was too ashamed to say what had happened but requested something stronger. He explained that the medicine was only a short term fix and that nature would take its course. Was he hoping I began fucking someone by now? He then suggested physical contact sport such as mixed martial arts will help my body exert the pent up sexual energy.

I found myself signing up for Judo and Wrestling. I had a little wrestling in my background as my father had encouraged me to do it in High School. I fell back into it and I felt a power and greater control come from taking part.

It helped with my writing as I was able to write about women in control and doing things that were the domain of men. It was an all-women class and we would have match ups at the end of the sessions. In the back of my mind I wondered how I would do against men.

It was a real workout and I would be dripping with sweat afterwards but I hated public showers. I always waited until I was home to shower.

I went back to my locker after one session and noticed I had several calls from Brian. I panicked after the last time he tried to call me like this was to tell me our father passed away.

I called him back and asked if everything was ok. He said, “Lauren, something has happened. Kavita’s nephew Rami has had some issues with his accommodation. I am not sure if you remember but he came to our parent’s cabin. You are the only person I know in New York. Can he stay with you for a few days? It should only be an admin issue and will be resolved but he needs somewhere to sleep tonight.”

Of course I remembered and his cum in my mouth. I had a new relationship with Brian and did not want to throw it away and Rami was a sweet boy, “He can stay with me. Will he be able to find my place?”

Brian said, “Thank you so much and Kavita is so grateful. I will send him your address now.”

I went home in a rush and showered. I changed into something more comfortable. He arrived shortly after. He was a little sheepish. I put it down to my coldness during the cabin trip. I had to keep a distance as I did not know what I would do next as I felt I was unable to control myself.

I had set up the spare room for him and I tried to make him comfortable. I felt I was being unfair to him as I was angry with myself for losing control rather than anything he did.

His eyes kept dropping to my chest and I looked down and realised I had picked out a low cut t shirt that revealed a lot of cleavage and hugged my breasts. The shape of my breasts was clearly obvious in the t shirt. Did I do subconsciously to get his attention?

I asked about the issue at the university escort bursa to get his attention away from my breasts. He explained that they had him down as starting in the next semester so there is nowhere for him to stay as his room will be vacated next semester. He seemed quite upset and I hugged him and re-assured him, “You can stay with me until it all clears up.”

I had inadvertently pressed him against my breasts or did my horny side do this deliberately?

He seemed more relaxed and the coldness that had built up at the cabin began dissipate. He pulled apart and said he needed to go to the toilet.

I pointed to where it was but as he walked away towards it I realised that I had left my sweaty training clothes in the bathroom. I rushed behind but he had already entered and I heard him lock the door.

I remained at the door and then I heard him pick something up and sniff hard. I felt the hair on the back of my neck stand up as I tried to picture which item he picked up. I wore a sports bra, spandex leggings and a t shirt. And then I realised I had also left my sweaty black thong in there.

The curiosity was getting the better of me and then I heard him unbuckle his belt lower the zipper on his jeans.

I bit my lip as I imagined him masturbating to my gym clothes. I felt myself going into a horny state and he had only been here a few minutes. How was I going to cope with him here?

I found my hand slipping into my shorts as I began to rub my clit to his actions. I then heard the unmistakable fapping sound and I knew he was roughly stroking his cock. How could he behave so wantonly in my bathroom with my clothes?

It was such a horny act and it drove me crazy. He was not the innocent boy I had thought he was. I could hear his strokes become faster and his breathing was becoming heavier. I was getting so close and I came as I heard him call out my name. I quickly got back to my seat and waited for him to leave the bathroom.

He came back towards me and acted like nothing had happened. He said he was tired and wanted to go to bed. It was getting late and I let him retire to his room.

After he had gone my curiosity got the better of me and I went to the bathroom. I found my clothes on the floor and I went to inspect them. The two items most disturbed were my sports bra and thong. There were remnants of his cum on them despite him trying to wash them. I sniffed his cum and thought what have I gotten myself into.

I masturbated 3 times before I was able to sleep that night. I hoped he could not hear my vibrator as I used it like never before. I had a million horny thoughts going through my mind.

The next day I booked in a double session of wrestling. I had to work off my sexual frustration before it got the better of me.

Rami asked me as I was dressed to leave, “Aunty where are you going?”

It felt nice when he called me aunty as it made me feel he was getting more comfortable with me, “I am going to the gym for my wrestling class.”

He sniggered and it got under my skin. I asked abruptly, “What is so funny?”

He stopped the sniggering as he noticed my annoyance, “I am sorry aunty. It is just that I have never heard of women wrestling.”

His sexism was really pissing me off. I preferred it when he was quiet and shy, “I am sure I could teach you a few things about wrestling.”

He sniggered again, “Aunty I am sorry again. I was school champion. I cannot lose to a woman.”

I looked at him and he did not have an athletic build and I scoffed slightly, “I am not going to the gym. We will wrestle tonight. You against me.”

I went back to my room to change. I changed into the leotard and tights I was going to take to the gym.

I came out and he was still on the couch, “Aunty I did not think you were being serious. I have no gym clothes.”

I was in no mood for his excuses, “Take off your jeans. You can do it in your t shirt and boxers.”

I had a small area by the window where I exercised in the mornings. He stripped out of his jeans and took his jacket off. His cock was semi hard already and I wondered if I was going to regret this move but he had annoyed me and I wanted to prove what a woman could do.

He came in almost half-hearted like he was not really trying. It annoyed me even further and as we grappled I quickly pulled him to the ground. I ended landing on top of him and I was positioned sat on him straddling his waist. I could feel his semi erect cock grow into a full erection underneath me.

I quickly jumped off not wanting to turn it sexual but showing that I had the ability to beat him. I taunted, “Now you see that women can wrestle.” My takedown seemed to stir him into action and he was becoming a little more forceful in the grappling.

He then swept me to the floor with his leg and tried to pin me to the ground. I fought him off and we were struggling on the floor when I realised my leotard had become misplaced and my breasts were practically spilling out. I tried not to notice as I continued our little grapple but as he tried to pin me by my shoulders he tore a strap of my leotard that exposed my right breast. He was on top of me at this stage and his cock was pressed against my crotch as he did this. He apologised and stopped what he was doing, “I am sorry Aunty. I got carried away. I think we should stop.”

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