Living on the “Wild” Side a Little

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It was a typically hot Thursday afternoon, the African sun just hinting at beginning its lazy descent behind the peaks of the Waterberg. Angie, a single lesbian workaholic, was taking her first vacation for three years. She had a slightly stern, but attractive face, and thick shoulder-length hair caught exactly between brown and blonde.

Now, walking slowly along the riverside, listening to the soothing trickle of the stream which wound down from the mountains all around, the rush and noise and traffic of Johannesburg was long forgotten. She came eventually to the thatch-roofed restaurant where she would meet some of the guests for that evening’s game drive. She strode confidently into the bar area as the sound of voices, laughter and the clink of glasses engulfed her. Secretly she was uncomfortable being alone, and knew none of the other guests. She couldn’t help feeling the eyes on her. She was dressed modestly in a loose brown skirt, tan shirt and sensible shoes, but her figure attracted attention wherever she went — long, toned legs, a narrow waist and fairly large breasts. It was a fact she used to full advantage in the boardroom, out-fitted in one of her “power-suits”. Her business acumen would get her nowhere here though. She glanced around the room of middle-aged Afrikaner men with beer-bellies and plump stern-looking wives trying to manage rambunctious children, and felt even more out of place. One figure stood out however. She was leaning against the bar chatting to the cheerful Xhosa barman with his huge white smile. She wore typical bush attire — khaki shorts, ankle-boots and a cotton shirt with the reserve’s logo on the breast pocket. The masculine-looking outfit couldn’t however hide that her figure was all woman. A large rifle hung at her waist. Her long sun-bleached blonde hair was tied up and hung halfway down her back. Her tanned legs were well muscled and she was obviously very strong, although her frame was slight. She couldn’t have been more than five foot four, but there was something about her presence that made her seem taller. Taking a deep breath, Angie decided she had nothing to lose and went to sit a seat away from her. Two almost turquoise-blue eyes found hers.

“Hello there…” Angie wasn’t entirely sure but she thought the blonde was checking her out for a moment, “I’m Rachel, the ranger for tonight’s drive.” The beautiful woman extended her hand and Angie took it, pleased at the strong grip, “and that bastard coming up to us now is Adam.” A very tall and rather handsome blonde man — by his attire obviously another ranger — approached them. Despite her choice of words Rachel had a broad smile on her face. The man reached his hand out, also smiling.

“And who is this lovely young lady?”

“This lovely young lady was about to tell me her name before a certain arrogant asshole decided to butt in.” Adam only smiled at the half-hearted insult.

“Angie — my name’s Angie.”

* * * * *

“Sshhh!!!” the mother next to Angie hissed at her son, who was engaged in a noisy argument with his sister over a small silver toy car. The large game-drive vehicle, driven by Rachel, was parked at the side of the dirt track they had been following, and Rachel was trying to answer the group’s questions about the herd of elephant a few metres from the vehicle.

She looked over her shoulder and fixed the offending boy with an icy stare. He shut up quite quickly. Then she passed her eyes over Angie and looked her up and down openly. Angie wondered if she would be able to see her ataşehir escort blushing in the early evening light. “As I was saying,” she said pointedly, “The elephant has the longest gestation period of any land animal, 22 months.”

There were moans of sympathy from the mothers in the vehicle.

The drive wound on pleasantly until the light was almost all gone, a spectacular sunset the likes of which you only get on the African continent blazing in full glory behind the mountains. Rachel parked the car and Adam — who had been sitting next to her and cracking jokes all afternoon, much to the delight of the guests — retrieved a cooler-box from under the seat and handed the guests their sundowners. Their knowledge and understanding of the habitat throughout had been amazing. There wasn’t a paw- or hoof-print in the sand on the side of the road they didn’t recognize, or a plant they couldn’t name. Now, with the engine quiet, and the warm air a peaceful blanket for the soul, even the children understood that this was a moment to be quiet, and the rich smells and sometimes eerie sounds of the bush engulfed them. Somewhere near an owl hooted in the steadily increasing darkness.

After the game drive Rachel and Adam dropped a few of the guests off at their chalets and drove the rest back to the restaurant and bar. After the last guests had clambered down from the vehicle, complimented the two rangers on the experience and given each of them generous tips, Adam and Rachel invited Angie to join them in the restaurant for dinner. She was reluctant, but they persisted, and after they revealed they wouldn’t even have to pay seeing as their food and drinks were included in their salaries — and seeing she was more than a little interested in finding a bit more out about the beautiful blonde girl from the bush — she agreed. They choose a table, ordered a bottle of wine which turned out to be excellent, and chatted comfortably about their very different lifestyles.

Angie was struck by the intense love they both shared for Nature. They talked passionately about topics such as the protection of endangered species, the progress being made in the trans-frontier parks (huge nature reserves crossing country borders which aimed not only to allow animal migration to better reflect natural circumstances but also to strengthen co-operation between neighbouring countries), creating mutually beneficial relationships between conservation management and the indigenous peoples of the area, the balance between farming game for hunting and preserving bio-diversity… by the time Angie looked at her watch after they had finished supper (and were on the third bottle of wine) it was already nearing midnight. They insisted she let them take her back to their camp to meet something they called “Tiny”..? Her inhibitions dulled by the wine, she barely hesitated. Rachel drove them to the staff camp, which was beyond the high electrified fence that separated the game from the guests (although sometimes you couldn’t tell which was which, Adam joked), and itself was enclosed only by a much smaller fence. Angie had to admit, climbing from the safety of the high vehicle, that the thought made her a little nervous. As if to confirm her opinion, Rachel suddenly grabbed her arm and whispered, “Listen, lions!” The low, throaty, grunt-like rumbles were even more noticeable for the way you could feel the vibrations rattle in your ribcage than for their actual volume.

“Oh my God how close are they?” Angie whispered, her eyes wide.

“Don’t kadıköy escort worry love, they’re a good way away from us. And lions are lazy, even that small fence will be a good deterrent.” Angie wasn’t convinced, but they were the experts. And they both had rifles and knew how to use them. She hoped.

They led her to the round-walled huts known as rondavels that the rangers used. They were small and simply furnished, but clean and perfectly adequate. Each ranger at the camp had their own, which contained a small kitchen and bathroom but surprisingly large bedroom. They took her to Adam’s rondavel, which had a large queen-sized bed proudly displayed in the centre of the room, and a well-stocked bar fridge proudly displayed in the centre of the kitchen. He fetched them some beers, and Angie sat a little awkwardly with them on the bed. She was taken by surprise when Rachel leaned suddenly across and kissed her fervently. Her body responded instantly though and she found herself returning the kiss hungrily. Rachel broke the kiss and sat back, looking at the slightly bewildered Angie with a thoughtful expression.

“You’re gay right?” she asked bluntly.

“Um, well, yes…” Angie stuttered.

“So how come you’re so turned on by the fact that Adam’s here?”

Angie stared, and realized unexpectedly that is was true. She was mildly shocked at this self-realisation — she hadn’t slept with a man since she was a teenager, or wanted to for that matter, but there was just something about the sense of humour, the way his emotions were so openly displayed in his eyes… and yes. He was sexy.

“I don’t know…” she managed.

“Aha! Got you! So you admit you are!”

Angie didn’t know what to say, and just stared at them, a blush rising quickly to her cheeks. Her embarrassment didn’t last long though, as Adam rose and came to sit in front of her unhurriedly, looking her in the eyes with complete confidence as he reached to put his hand behind her head and pull her lips to meet his. She felt his other hand grasp at her thigh and felt herself moan before she could stop herself. Rachel knelt behind her and pulled her top up and over her head, letting it drop to the floor. Angie found herself feeling more than a little exposed, here in a stranger’s room with two people she had only just met, but at the same time was fully aware of the aching arousal growing within her. Adam got up suddenly to turn the light off (and lock the door she noticed) and Rachel took the opportunity to get Angie’s bra off, laying her down on the bed forcefully. She had her mouth on her right breast the second her back hit the mattress, licking in slow circles before teasing her nipple between her teeth, giving a playful growl that covered Angie’s skin with goosebumps. Soon Adam’s mouth was on her other breast, sucking hard at her by now very taut nipple and making her gasp.

A hand began to play with the hem of her skirt — who’s she wasn’t sure — slowly raising it up her thighs. Angie sent her hand to play with one of Rachel’s nipples, not surprised to find it erect beneath her shirt. Adam in the meantime disappeared lower and started taking her panties off from beneath her skirt, hitching it up to her hips. She shivered as she was exposed to the air, and gasped in surprise and pleasure as she felt his tongue lick at her clit for the first time. Adam seemed unable to control himself any longer and darted his tongue in and out of her rapidly. Her moan was smothered by Rachel’s mouth, kissing her roughly and bostancı escort bayan beginning to rub her breast, squeezing the nipple hard and sending little sparks of pleasurable pain down her body. Adam was sucking her clit now and she was vaguely aware she was moaning uncontrollably. The atmosphere became almost unbearably intense with lust, pure and simple. Angie sat up, her hands on Rachel’s shirt, almost ripping it from her before unclipping her bra with practiced ease. She was pleasantly surprised when Rachel took the hint and took her boots, shorts and underwear off as fast as she could, returning to her arms within seconds and covering her mouth with hers. Angie broke the kiss and sucked at her long beautiful neck, having to lean sideways so that Adam could continue his attentions to her pussy.

“My turn mister.” Rachel said huskily, breaking reluctantly away from her and shoving him playfully out of the way, “And get those damn clothes off.”

She started to move down Angie’s body, but her arms caught her round the waist,

“Uh-uh this way babe.” Angie gave by way of a hoarse explanation, and turned her so her own pussy would be above her mouth as she lay down again. Rachel only chuckled and ran her tongue slowly over Angie’s dripping slit before catching her breath as she felt Angie pull her down onto her face and suck gently on the little knob now protruding from it’s hood with arousal. Adam, naked, sporting a very engorged cock, and for the moment seemingly forgotten, settled down beside them on the bed to watch in approval, and it was proving to be quite a show. Both women were flushed, trying to keep their hips still for the other and failing miserably. He closed his eyes for a moment and listened to the wet lapping sounds coupled erotically with the moans steadily increasing in intensity. Rachel could sense Angie was very close now, but had other ideas. She rolled off her, panting, and Angie sat up abruptly, a look of disappointment that she couldn’t hide on her face.

“Don’t worry babe, just changing the strategy. We have a perfectly fuckable piece of male here and we’re not using it.” She took Adam by the hand and led him round the bed, before kneeling in front of Angie. Rachel lifted her hips and wiggled her ass invitingly at Adam before returning to her place between Angie’s legs, sucking hard at her clit and sliding three fingers inside her without warning. She was rewarded with a desperate whimper, and started fucking her hard and fast with her hand. Adam needed no more coaxing and took hold of her hips, rubbing the head of his throbbing member up and down a little against her soaking wet entrance, teasing her.

“FUCK don’t you even dare!” Rachel warned, and he laughed quietly before plunging his entire length inside her. Rachel smothered her scream against Angie’s cunt, and used his rhythm to push her hand deeper inside Angie with each thrust he gave. It didn’t take much longer for Angie to cum on her hand, her pussy spasming so violently she had to fight to keep her hand inside her. She eased her hand out and started gently licking her clean, battling to focus as Adam picked up a faster pace, and soon battling to hold herself up against his relentless lunging deep inside her. Soon she was screaming in pleasure, bucking her hips back against him.

“Oh shit oh shit FUCK!!!!” She yelled, driving him over the edge with her. She collapsed on top of Angie, still lying exhausted trying to recover. Rachel crawled up beside her, resting her head on her breast and passing an arm around her waist, snuggling against her like a teddy bear. Angie reached a hand towards Adam, inviting him to join them. Soon all three were fast asleep, whilst outside crickets sang, birds huddled in their nests and slinking black shapes stalked in the darkness…

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