Linda Part II – Becoming Sire’s Bitch

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*** This is the second installment in a continuing saga. I recommend you go back and read “Linda Part I Beginnings” or the context of the story may be lost to you.

Last night, Linda had succumbed to my ‘trickery’ and had allowed herself to be mounted and thoroughly fucked by Sire, our Juvenile Golden Retriever. She had said she liked it and depending on how guilty she felt afterward would determine whether she would allow it to occur again. I was determined to not let a silly thing like guilt stand in the way of us opening up our sexual horizons.

Linda was naturally submissive. As I mentioned in Part I she had fantasies of being tied up and used sexually, but would never agree to sex with outsiders. We had role-played what we called Master/pet many times and we both liked it. I had tried on several occasions to get her to submit formally and become my slave-slut bitch 24/7. Her Leo rising sign wouldn’t permit her to be controlled that way. Yet, I did have an extreme influence on her in a Dom/sub way. All I had to do was tell her ‘the Master was coming for a visit’ and she would immediately change into a bustier and stockings and assume a submissive posture. When I said ‘we were going to have a ‘training’ session’ she knew a period of intense sexual activity was about to ensue, she knew it would also include bondage and some light discipline. Linda had come to enjoy being paddled, as well. She would lay across my lap and I would spank her bare ass until it glowed cherry red. Then she would spread her legs and I would spank her pussy, ever so lightly. Her pussy lips would engorge to almost bursting and she would start to have some incredible orgasms. She loved the spankings. She knew and trusted that if I got too heavy-handed she could use the ‘safe’ word I had taught her and I would stop. She had never used the safe word though.

Saturday morning I arose about 6:30 as usual (the curse of getting older you can’t sleep in). I had my usual pot of coffee and about 8:30 I heard Linda stirring in the bedroom. I turned on her teapot and made her tea. I took it to her in the bedroom. She was in her robe and making the bed when I got in there. She greeted me, a thoroughly satisfied look on her face. It appeared no guilt yet. I pecked her on the lips “good morning,” and gave her the tea, then turned to leave the room. At the door I turned to face her and spoke. “The Master will train you this morning, prepare.” Linda smiled, then immediately assumed a submissive role, lowering her eyes and replying “Yes Master.” I left the room.

A few minutes later Linda came into the living room where I was sitting. She had on a green bustier and matching garterbelt and stockings. I had told her this shade of green really went well with her blond hair and blue-green eyes, so it had become her favorite. She placed her tea on the end table and then knelt before me, lowering her eyes in a respectful manner, and asked, “What does my Master require of his slutty bitch?” I told her to finish her tea and we would start in a moment. She quickly finished her tea and upon returning from the kitchen after taking her used cup there, knelt in front of my chair. “I await my Masters direction.”

“Service my cock, slut,” I ordered.

Dutifully, Linda parted the panels of my robe, lowered my boxers and began to give me one of her awesome blowjobs. Linda had not, as yet, learned to deep throat, but she made up for it in her own way As she sucked, I began to unfold for her my “training” plan for the morning. “This morning, you will train with Sire. From now till noon. Go let him in and return to the living room, both of you.” Linda looked up, a hint of lust in her eyes and replied “Yes Master”. . Like I said, though I couldn’t get her to submit to me formally, she enjoyed role-playing Master/pet.

Linda and Sire returned to the living room moments later.

Linda walked into the room Sire nuzzling her cute butt from behind. She had an annoyed look on her face, but when his long hot tongue would occasionally slip between her legs and caress he steadily bloating lips, she would shiver.

“What would my Master require?”

“Get on your hands and knees in submission to him.”

Linda quickly assumed the position. Sire wasted no time in taking up position behind her and his long tongue went to work slavering her pussy. After just a moment Linda was cooing her lust to him. “Good boy. Good dog. Lick mommy’s pussy good boy.”

Then Sire snaked his tongue in Linda’s cunt to draw out her lusty juices causing Linda to shudder in the first of what would be many powerful orgasms.





Linda was totally lost in her lust. Between her shouts of ecstasy she was moaning lustily “MMMMMMMMM”. Her hips were rotating back to meet his parrying tongue. I walked over to Sire and petted him softly and spoke gently to him. “Good boy, lick. Lick Sire Good boy,” I wanted him to associate the word lick with eating pussy, so eventually he would accept it as a command.

Sire’s cock was emerging from its sheath and had already started to drip its pre-cum. It was a steady drip, drip, drip. It would throb up and hit his belly every so often. I felt that after the night before he needed no help in mounting Linda and that it would be just a moment until he did.

He continued his ministrations with his tongue for several more minutes, bringing Linda to three more shattering orgasms. Then he backed off a couple feet, like he was eyeing her proffered ass for the best angle of attack. Then he moved in.

Linda’s knees were about 3-4 inches apart, but her feet were fanned out pretty much as far as they could spread. She had learned this position the night before would prevent Sire from having to step on the backs of her calves. The only problem with a woman having sex with a dog, once you got past the head thing, and come to realize that if it isn’t illegal where you live there is nothing wrong with it if you are of a mind to do it, is the dog’s claws. I had Sire’s dew claws removed as a puppy, because I knew he was destined to be a woman pleaser. The dew claws are the ones that grow up the leg a little from the paw, closely approximating the human thumb. But they are essentially useless. They are easily snagged and can be torn causing an adult dog extreme pain, but if removed while they are puppies it is no more traumatic than trimming finger nails. The problem is a dog grips a woman’s waist with his forepaws digging the dews on his front legs into her sides, and his back legs tend to motorboat some while he is fucking and the dews on the back legs scratch the thighs. Though dogs with dews are sometimes equipped with sock-booties to prevent the dews from digging in, this isn’t the most ideal of solutions as the dews can penetrate the socks. So if the dews are removed, the only thing to worry about is getting stepped on.

Sire walked up between Linda’s legs and in an almost effortless leap, placed his forepaws into the small of her back, and then slid his legs around her slender waist. The weight of him coming down on her back caused Linda to grunt a little and in an effort to maintain her position moved forward slightly. I guess Sire took this to mean she was trying to get away, for his grip around her waist tightened and he pulled himself more securely onto her back. His hips began to stab his cock toward her waiting holes. After a few close calls, Linda not wanting him in her ass, reached between her legs and captured his stabbing cock with her hand and guided it into her Demetevler Escort waiting cunt. She moaned lustily as he began his jackhammer pace of fucking her. After several hardy thrusts he had buried his entire cock in her and the knot had begun to swell. This limited his movement some, but you could hear his balls slap her distended clit and bloated lips with each thrust. I again stroked his neck and commended him trying to plant a command word in his head “Good boy Sire. Mount. Mount. Good boy,” I observed Linda’s cunt and could make out the outline of Sire’s knot as it stretched and distended her cunt lips. Linda was moaning and meeting his thrusts with counter thrusts of her own, trying valiantly to bury him further in her overheated cunt.

“Fuck me Sire.

“Fuck me.

“Make me your bitch.



“OOOOOHHHHHHHH FUCK MEEEEEEEEEE.” Linda screamed as another massive orgasm ripped through her.

I came around in front of her and opened my robe and offered her my boner. She greedily sucked it into her mouth and began Hoovering like only she could. I began to speak.

“This morning, from now till noon, you will remain in a sexual embrace with Sire. You can fuck him in any position you want to, you can suck him, or he can eat your pussy. I don’t care, but except for bathroom breaks and position changes, I want you two in a sexual embrace. Do you understand?”

“Yes Master,” she said around my stiffie in her mouth Then went back to sucking me in earnest.

“There is only one other rule. For every time he eats your pussy, you owe him a blowjob. Fair is fair,” I knew I had to get her over her aversion to sucking his cock. “I don’t care if you suck him to clean him after he fucks you (Linda loved the taste of her own juices mixed with cum on a softening cock.), suck him to get him hard to fuck you again, or suck him just because you love the feel and taste of a hard cock, but if at 11 you owe him more than two blowjobs you must suck him till he cums. I would recommend you not get yourself in that position, for by 11 he will have cum several times and you might have to suck him all afternoon to get him to cum again. Is that clear?”

“Yes Master.” The lust in Linda’s eyes told me she was probably looking forward to the mornings “training”. She continued to suck my cock in earnest as Sire fucked her cunt into bitch meat. After a while she sucked me to orgasm, which doesn’t happen often. So that tells you how good a job she was doing. As I started to release my load, I withdrew from her mouth and shot all over her face. Linda loves to swallow my cum, but when she is really lusty, she loves it shot on her face. If I had ever gotten her to agree to multiple sex partners, I would have set up a situation where several guys would cum on her face and breasts at once. Ah but alas, I digress and some fantasies are destined to remain just that, at least for now anyway. Once my cock had been removed from her mouth, Linda began to babble her lust again.

“Fuck me Sire.






“Oh. Oh. He’s cumming.











I had never seen Linda quite as hot as this. She was almost manic in her lust. I guess Sire’s hot cum had set off an orgasm that could have made Guinness if they kept records like that. I was still kneeling by her head as Sire stepped over her back and dismounted though still tied with her, he could only slip off her to stand ass to ass. As his cock went through it’s shrinking process, continuing to squirt a hot jet of his cum in her on occasion, she would mewl with each squirt. “Mmmm.” Finally she caught her breath enough to speak.

“Master, that was incredible, but I need more, may I service your cock further?” After I gave her my ascent she took my softened cock in her mouth and started to lovingly suck on it as if it were a soda straw, drawing the last of the cum from my orgasm into her mouth. I began to talk dirty to her, not because I wanted to humiliate her, but because she liked it.

“You are such a slut. You are by far the nastiest, sluttiest bitch I have ever known. And you love it, don’t you.”

“Yes Master. I love it when you ask me to show you just how slutty I can be.”

“Now you’re a dog-fucking slut. Does that really make you feel nasty?”

“Oh yes Master, the nastiest.” Linda looked up at me and smiled. I noted the lusty fog in her eyes was still there. This woman was truly insatiable. I had found the right woman to grow old with. She complemented me to a tee. Now I just had to convince her to allow other humans to use her at her sluttiest. I felt she would someday, and for now I was content watching her play the bitch-slut. After several more minutes and a few more minor orgasms, Sire withdrew his cock from her with an audible *pop*. His cum began to stream from her cunt and down her thighs, but just as he did the night before, Sire began to eat her pussy again He quickly licked her to two more mid-range intensity orgasms. Once Sire had cleaned the doggie cum that ran from her and Linda’s cunt stopped seeping its lusty contents, he went over by the wall and lay down. As he started to clean his cock, I reminded Linda she was two blowjobs behind. Reluctantly she moved toward Sire on all fours. I noted her cunt lips were more bloated than I had ever seen them. It appeared though she acted reluctant, she was in to the “training” mind, body, and lusty soul.

Upon reaching Sire’s reclining form, she reached out and took his cock in her hand. Slowly she lowered her face toward his softening member and her tongue tested it by flicking the tip. I guess she didn’t find the taste disagreeable, as she opened her mouth and engulfed him and began sucking with zeal. Her cheeks indented from the vacuum as her head bobbed up and down its length. Sire started licking Linda’s face as her mouth eagerly worked his cock, then lay his head down to enjoy what his new found bitch was doing to him. Linda continued to suck his cock enthusiastically in and out of her mouth until it began to stiffen and Sire began to undulate his hips into her face. Then Linda decided to ride the pony. That is what we called it when she got on top.

Linda threw her leg over sire’s prostrate body and pointed his cock to the entrance of her cunt. Lowering herself until a third of his cock had disappeared into her, then she suddenly dropped down on his cock, burying its entire length in her fuck tunnel. She then began to moan in tempo to her writhing on top of the reclining dog. It was almost a chant as her orgasms began again.

“Oh fuck.

“Oh fuck.

“Oh fuck.”

She couldn’t achieve the tempo Sire could, so after several minutes, she got off. She went to an ottoman and laid down on her back, her legs obscenely splayed open. Sire needed no encouragement, but Linda still lustily moaned “Oh fuck me lover.” as Sire mounted her and drove into her on the first stab. Linda had long since removed the bustier and as Sire worked her cunt into bitch meat once again, his tongue began to lick her bare chest. Her nipples were already Dikmen Escort partially erect from the lust coursing through her body and his slavering, hot tongue had them pointing up like little pencil erasers after just a moment. Linda has extremely small breasts, not much more than nipple, so they are extremely sensitive. I discovered long ago small-breasted woman react so favorably to any attention you gave their breasts, so I actually prefer them to their larger endowed cousins. Not to say I don’t enjoy gazing on a large pair of properly trussed C or D cups. But when it comes to playing with a pair, give me A’s or B’s any day. Sire was learning this lesson too, for as his cock pumped Linda hard as before and his tongue worked her nipples into little toy soldiers, she began to react verbally.

“Fuck me good, boy.

“Use me.

And as her lust increased her voice got louder.







Linda came again at earth shattering levels, but it was even stronger as Sire began to cum in her again.




If Linda hadn’t been lying down she would have collapsed after this breeding by Sire. He was tied in her cunt again, his knot, swelled to peach size, had the lips of her cunt stretched tightly around his swollen doggie cock. He swung over her with his back leg as before and stood ass to pussy while he waited for his knot to shrink down to a size that made it removable. Linda laid there twitching and trembling as the waves swept over her body from the pleasure. Occasionally when Sire’s cock would squirt a hot jet into her skewered cunt, her hips would undulate in a circle and she would moan out some love words.

“Sire, you fucking cunt hound you fuck mommy so good.”

Or something like that.

Once his knot had subsided he pulled free from her Sire immediately turned to lap at her oozing cunt. This of course brought Linda to another round of two or three orgasms.



When Sire moved away from her, Linda declared a bathroom break and went to pee. When she returned, in keeping with her instructions regarding training, she went to Sire and without hesitation drew his flaccid cock into her mouth and quickly sucked it to readiness again. She was still two blowjobs down, though. I was keeping track.

Once Sire started humping her face again, she turned away from him and assumed a position to allow him to fuck her doggie-style. Instead of being on all fours though, she rested her upper body on the ottoman, so she wouldn’t have to support her weight and his too with her arms when he mounted her. However, this would prove a mistake from one perspective. The angle of her upper body was now higher than her hips rather than lower as it was when she rested on her arms. This made her ass the most accessible hole, rather than her cunt. She would never make that mistake again. Sire as usual licked her pussy for a moment then mounted her.

As his weight came down on her back he pinned her arms under her chest, so Linda was unable to reach between her legs and guide him into her. As a result Sire began instinctively just to stab around for a hole. After a couple of attempts resulting only in his hitting the slit between her swollen, lust-engorged pussy lips and sliding its length, he finally hit her brown-star and started to try to push inside.

I saw Linda’s asscheeks clinch as she tightened her sphincter to deny the invading cock entrance. She also began to try to squirm her arms out from under her chest. I had only recently taken Linda’s ass cherry and she wasn’t yet a convinced anal whore as I knew she would someday become.

Now as Sire pressed his assault on her asshole, determined to be the first zoo cock into her nether hole, Linda tried to get her arms free to try and prevent this undesired coupling before her sphincter muscles gave out. She also tried wiggling her ass to dislodge the tip of Sire’s cock pressing ever harder against her vulnerable backdoor. But just as his 100 Lbs. on her back weren’t going to allow her to get her arms free easily, the tip of his cock was already starting to defeat the sphincter strength and he wasn’t going to allow her ass to wiggle him free. The anal sphincter is designed to keep things in and not to keep things out just like it is easy to keep an alligator or crocodiles mouth shut, but you can’t hold it open and after a moment the inevitable occurred and Linda’s ass strength gave out and Sire began to slip his large doggie cock into her ass. At the moment her sphincter gave out only about two inches slipped inside, but feeling the warm wetness begin to surround his cock, Sire began his jackhammer fucking rhythm. After a couple of thrusts he had buried his entire cock in Linda’s ass except for the knot. Linda was very much aware of its presence there.


“Please Master, don’t let him fuck my ass.”

I rose and started toward her as if I was going to intervene. By the time I got to her side giving her the bad news that Sire could continue wasn’t necessary. The pain of Sire’s initial entry had subsided and she was starting to fuck him back. As he tightened his forelegs around her waist and pulled his haunches in closer to fuck her proper, the center of balance of his weight had moved back and Linda had freed one of her arms. She had reached between her legs and put her split fingers on either side of her doggie-cock skewered ass to prevent Sire from entering her with his knot and tying in her ass, but she had made no attempts to stop the anal animal rape that was taking place. Quit the contrary, her lust was building and she had started to meet his thrusts with her own counter-thrusts and was beginning to encourage him.

“Oh yeah.

“Oh my gawd that feels so fucking good.










Linda was once again lost to her orgasm. Then Sire began to loose his load in her ass. Not tying with her it hadn’t taken as long as it usually did. The friction of his cock sliding in and out of her ass and his knot sliding in and out caused him to erupt for the third time in two hours.











Linda collapsed after that last orgasm ripped through her body, and Sire’s cock exited her ass with an audible *pop*, from the suction her ass muscles were using to milk his fuckstick. She lay on the floor writhing and twitching from the last waves of her most tremendous orgasm to date. Sire as was his custom, began to lick his cum oozing from her abused ass. As he licked, the distention of her ass sphincter began to subside and Linda rolled to her back drawing her legs into the air. This exposed her still bloated pussy to Sire’s probing Elvankent Escort tongue and after a few moments she was writhing in ecstasy again.





Sire stopped licking Linda’s pussy after a few moments and retreated to the wall to lie down. Linda lay on the floor twitching from her latest orgasm for several minutes, then rose and called a bathroom break. When she returned she went to Sire and tried to suck his cock again. Eleven o’clock was approaching and Linda was 4 blowjobs down. Sire had had enough though and nipped at her when she reached for his cock that was sliding ever so slowly back into its sheath. She looked to me for guidance and instruction. I told her to give Sire a few minutes to recover and to take a break herself.

Linda moved to an easy chair and sat there fidgeting. At first I thought she was concerned about the eleven o’clock rule, but after a few moments I noted her eyes were still fogged over with lust and that she was staring at Sire’s belly where only the fiery red tip of his cock still peeked out of his sheath. Linda kept crossing and re-crossing her legs, which I knew to be a sign of heightened arousal. After about 15 minutes I told her to try again.

Linda went to Sire’s side and reached for his cock sheath. Sire made no attempt to warn her off. Linda slid the sheath back to expose his cock and took it into her mouth. Grasping it at the base, she ran her lips up one side of his cock flicked the tip with her tongue then went down the other side. I knew from past experience with me that in spite of the fact Sire’s cock had been in her ass, she was going to clean it properly, and as expected after a few more lip swipes, she began to lick his cock from knot to tip on all sides. Then she engulfed the still flaccid member in her mouth and began to bob her head up and down its length and suck in earnest. Linda wanted another hard doggie fuck. As her head bob up and down, she began to coo her lust again.

“Such a magnificent cock Sire. Any bitch, human or otherwise, would be proud to stand in service to you.”

She sucked a moment more.

“Your cock makes me feel so wonderful, I will stand for your service anytime you want me. I will gladly serve you as your whore.”

She sucked him into her eager mouth again.

“Show me of your desire and I will submit my body to the power of your loins.”

Of course Sire couldn’t understand what she was saying, and though it had an arousing effect on me, it was Linda who was getting the maximum pleasure from acting like the ultimate, nasty, slut at this time. Women like Linda are extraordinary. They aren’t slave to their lust and their sexuality, but they aren’t afraid to embrace it, disregarding the ‘norms’ that society tries to place on us. Like I said in part I to see her in public you would swear she was a lady, because she was. You would think her a school marm or frump even. But get her in discreet surroundings and watch her go. I could taker her home to mama, I could take her to a business social function and expect I would have a prim and proper lady with me the whole time. Yet, I could unleash my lust and watch her unleash hers and go wild.

She continued to suck Sire for over an hour, though he never became hard again. He never started humping her face either, which was her signal to prepare to be mounted. He did cum again though. To her pleasure and surprise, after about 45mins, he began to unload his balls in her mouth. It caught Linda by surprise and she jerked her head off his cock. The next squirt caught her in the middle of the forehead. Before another was wasted though, Linda plunged Sire’s cock into her mouth and not another drop was wasted. From the frequency with which I observed her to swallow, the fact that Sire had already cum several times, didn’t prevent him from unloading a massive quantity of his puppy-making seed into Linda’s mouth. Other than the squirt that had hit her in the forehead, Linda didn’t waste another drop. The forehead blast had dribbled down to drip off her nose, but there were no trickles escaping the corners of her mouth as she gulped his load. Linda truly loved to eat cum. I think it is why she likes to suck cock so much. For the reward. I have such self-control over my orgasm, she is rarely ever able to suck me to completion. (Later when she learned to deep-throat it would be easier for her to suck me off.)

After taking Sire’s last squirt, Sire again nipped at her to show he had had enough. It was going on noon, so I told her the “training” was complete. Linda walked over to where I was sitting, and knelt on the floor in front of me. “Please fuck me Master, I am still horny,” I drew her into my arms and kissed her gently, the taste of Sire’s cum still slightly salty in her mouth and then led her to the bedroom. While I fucked her gently, figuring she had had all the hard fucking she needed for one day, I thought to myself, she had been fucked continually over a three hour period and she was still horny, I would have to augment my plans for her and Sire.

After two thunderous orgasms from my fucking, (at least my cock was larger than Sire’s at this point in his young life, so it still had a favorable effect on Linda), I came. Linda took a shower then returned fully dressed and made up like nothing had happened at all this morning. I told her I had something for her. I rose and went to my antique roll-top desk and withdrew a small necklace from one of its drawers. I returned to Linda and told her to stand. I placed the necklace around her neck.

Linda studied the pendant the dangled from the silver chain. It was Sire’s rabies tag. He didn’t need it in the country where we lived. On the back I had had it engraved with the words “SIRE’S BITCH”. She read the inscription and asked what it meant.

“Just as I am your Master, Sire is your Master now, too. You will wear full skirts from now on (Linda already didn’t wear panties as a part of her obedience to her Master), anytime Sire shows an interest in you, if it is discreet, you will submit yourself to him.”

Linda smiled at me and a lustful glint twinkled in her eyes as she replied “Yes Master.”

Most days when I would arrive home from work, I would find Linda in the bedroom on her hands and knees. Sire’s 100+ Lbs. frame dwarfing her petite body, his forelegs wrapped tightly around her naked waist. His tail curled over his back. His head laying on her shoulder panting in her ear while his mouth drooled on her bare back. His golden haired haunches pressed tightly to the backs of her thighs as he pistons his cock in and out of her. Her little titties would actually sway under his assault. He wasn’t a gentle lover by any means, slamming into her with great force until he finally achieved his tie, then only diminishing the length of his thrusts to the amount of room he could move his knot inside her. Linda would be screaming her lust for the countryside to hear.





Sometimes I would double her with Sire and give her my cock to suck while her doggie Master used her hard. Sometimes I would wait until he dismounted and while still tied in her, fuck her ass. Linda had come to love a good hard cock in her ass, but as yet had not allowed Sire to tie in her ass. She would refer to herself in her more lusty moments as a “true three-hole, dog-fucking slut” and speak of how much she loved “the sexual high of it and how deliciously nasty it made her feel.” She has told me she most days fucks Sire more than once, but that he still wasn’t able to keep up with her insatiable sexual demand. This worried me for a while, until I came up with a solution, but that is another story for another time.

[email protected]. Later y’all.

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