Linda and John

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John had always been careful as a boss to avoid the complications that went with office relationships. If you added the sort of trouble that sexual harassment can get you into to all the “how about you give me a pay rise” and “she’s only got the job because he’s fucking her,” issues and its just wasn’t worth it.

Most of the time it wasn’t an issue because the people that applied for jobs weren’t attractive enough that he’d risk all the ugly consequences anyway. And he was fine with that, because employment isn’t about how good you look, but whether you are capable of doing the job. This wouldn’t preclude him from choosing the better looking one if they both proved equally capable of filling the job. He was a bloke, not a saint after all and he saw nothing wrong with improving office aesthetics.

That all changed the day that Linda walked through his door. She was tall, thin, blonde and had the sort of smile that lit up the room. As soon as he saw her he thought, “If she’s any good, I’m in trouble.”

He made sure that he wasn’t the only one on the interview and evaluation panel and was thankful for that as if she was successful he might avoid the, “we know why you hired her,” type comments (though he’d probably still get them knowing the people that already worked around him).

As the evaluation team went through the process, he kept making sure that he was evaluating her on her answers and skills, not looks, to the point that he wondered whether he was starting to be unduly harsh.

When all was done and dusted, Linda was easily the most qualified and suitable applicant. She got the job.

At first he was probably overly stand-offish towards Linda, conscious of being polite, but also of not showing any favouritism. It got to the point that their receptionist asked him if he didn’t like Linda because he didn’t seem to be as friendly as he was with all the other staff. He needed to relax and set about doing just that.

It wasn’t long until Linda was just another member of the team. Of course, it went a bit further than that. One day he went so far as to position himself favourably around the table because the blouse she was wearing was gaping slightly between the buttons, giving a tantalising glimpse of her black bra. He always looked forward to any meeting that Linda would be involved in. When he found that Linda liked to eat her lunch outside in the sun, he stopped eating at his desk and took a break for a change. He didn’t do it every day and was careful to do things like be there half way through her lunch break rather than the start. Some days he even got out there first and left before she did. It was all so secret agent of him!

The two of them got along really well and John loved the times that he spent with Linda over lunch. He would have loved to have asked her out, but was too conscious of his position and what a relationship would entail with regards to work.

Things got more difficult for John the day that he bumped into Linda out and about town … on her bicycle. She was dressed in black lycra riding pants and a tight cycling top.

“John!” she called out to him as he was about to enter a shop. She was walking her bike down the footpath at that point. He couldn’t help but take in the perfection of her figure. The lycra clung to her intimately and her nipples stood out against the fabric of her top, teasing him. Not to mention that the pants were so tight that her pubic mound was also prevalent.

It turned out that Linda had a flat tyre and was walking to try and find a shop with a repair kit (she’d finished hers the week before and forgotten to replace it) or a phone so she could call someone to take her home.

“I can give you a ride if you like,” John said, his tongue suddenly starting to feel like it had swollen to ten times its normal size as he realised what he was doing … inviting Linda into his car.

She accepted and after John grabbed what he needed from the shop, they went to his car. The bike fitted in the boot (once the wheels had been removed) and John drove Linda home.

Linda thanked him for the ride and then to his surprise, leaned over and kissed him on the cheek! He recovered his composure eventually and helped her remove the bike from the boot. Then John watched as she walked the bike up towards the house, her butt mesmerising him as it swayed with her motion.

That sight alone fuelled his fantasies for months! But other than in a fantasy sense, he thought no more of the day.

Then Christmas came around and it was time for the office Christmas party. As always, John was highly conscious of behaving at these events and setting the right example. There was always plenty of carry-on and he was always relieved when another year’s party passed without significant incident.

As the night wore on, John relaxed and had couple of quiet drinks. He spent some time chatting to Linda, wishing the whole time that he could break out of the work relationship. But he also ensured he spent time with all the other staff, chatting pendik escort and thanking people for their year’s efforts.

John kept an eye on the rest of the guys, as a number of the younger ones, with a bit of drink under their belts finally found some nerve to try and take things further than a bit of flirting with Linda. She handled it well and none of the boys pressed themselves to the point of being a nuisance.

John was just starting to think that things were fine as the last of the people were leaving the party. He was saying goodnight to Linda, who had had quite a bit to drink herself when the last group of young guys were leaving.

“Let’s hit a strip club!” one of them suggested with a slight slur and stagger, too loud due to the alcohol. John cringed, wondering what Linda’s reaction might be.

There was an enthusiastic chorus from the others and then a series of ‘oops’ like remarks when they realised that Linda and John were standing there. There were a couple of half-hearted and drunken attempts to explain it away, but Linda just laughed at them.

“Can I come?” she said, stunning both John and her co-workers.

“Hell yes!” was the enthusiastic response.

“What about you John, are you coming?” Linda said, turning to him.

“Wha? Er I don’t know …” he said. Strip clubs really weren’t his scene.

“Oh come one it will be a laugh,” Linda said, stumbling slightly and grabbing John’s arm for balance. He was conscious of her proximity and started to think about the trouble that could result from this lot taking Linda to a strip club, particularly with all the alcohol that had been consumed.

“Oh what the hell, why not.”

“Alright Johnny Boy!” one of the guys said loudly, only to slink quietly out the door at the look that call brought out on John’s face.

A couple of taxi’s pulled up at a local strip club and the group piled out and up the stairs, taking up seats around the ‘catwalk’ and ordering drinks. John found himself sitting next to Linda, but placed himself furthest from the action.

They guys then started to get into the action, sticking bills in the girl’s g-strings, encouraging them and leering with intent. They seemed to take turns working on Linda, asking her if she liked what she saw, asking if she’d ever stripped for anyone, or kissed a girl? Linda took it all with good intent and being drunk herself surprised (or maybe that was excited) them with a couple of her answers.

Linda turned to John who wasn’t getting into it a whole lot, “What’s up John, not having any fun?”

“Oh its fine, its just I always find with these places that I feel like I’m stuck in silicon valley.” A girl walked past us just at that moment with obviously enhanced breasts and he glanced at them pointedly. Linda followed his glance and laughed as she clicked with what he meant.

“Not a fan of boob jobs?”

“God no. I can’t understand why a woman would put herself through that,” he said.

“She might not like having small boobs though,” Linda replied.

“Well, I think, for one, that a small breast has just as much allure as a big breast. And given the horrible shape that some of the fake ones end up, I think they should all be left alone to be enjoyed as nature intended.

“Well that’s a refreshing attitude,” Linda answered. “I thought about having mine done once, but decided that it was just because the guy I was seeing at the time was a fuckwit.”

“God, that would have been a crime, yours are the perfect size!” John said before realising exactly what had come out of his mouth. “I mean, I don’t go looking all the time or anything, but with what you wear at work sometimes, its just obvious … oh shit there’s nothing good I can say now,” he added, a blush flooding his face.

Linda giggled, “Don’t worry about it, I know what those tops do,” she said and winked. “You know want we need?” she asked the group at large, turning to them. The guys stopped their gawking long enough to pay attention. “Shooters!”

“Hooters? Hell yeah! There they are too!” one drunk said, laughing.

“Noooooo, Shooters!” Linda insisted, calling a waitress over and ordering a round of cowboys.

While this carried on, John wondered exactly what she had meant by ‘I know what those tops do’, remembering a day when she’d leant over his desk and her top and dropped open enough for him to see her full bra-encased breast. It was a day he’d not forgotten.

“Come on John bottoms up!” Linda said, passing him a shooter as they arrived.

Several rounds later and John was well on the way to catching up with the intoxication rate.

“Hey Linda, want a lap dance?” one of the guys asked, laughing.

“Only if you’re paying!” she replied. Suddenly the guys were scrambling their cash together.

“Any one in particular take your fancy?” the guy asked as they sorted out the money. Linda looked around and just shrugged.

“You choose.” Another hurried conversation ensued as the guys tried to guess what she might like. In the end escort pendik they decided that they’d just get someone that they’d enjoy, resulting in a large breasted girl who had previously revealed that she had a shaved pussy being selected.

The guys crowded around as the girl began giving Linda her lap dance. At first Linda drunkenly played along, but when the girl removed her top and exposed her breasts, started to ruin the guys’ fantasies.

She started to ask the girl what size her breasts had been before the enhancement and whether it had hurt and all sorts of technical questions that they guys really didn’t want to know about. Linda turned at one point and winked at John as the guys groaned at another question. John laughed raucously as he realised that the whole thing was deliberate.

She didn’t even seem to take any notice when the girl turned around and slid her thong aside to reveal her shaven pussy (though the guys were clambering behind her to get a look).

But she rewarded them in the end.

“Can I feel them?” she asked the stripper, who had made it clear at the start that there was to be no touching. “I’ve never felt an enhanced breast.”

“Sure, I don’t mind you doing it. Just not those drunks,” she said conspiratorially (though loud enough for ‘those drunks’ to hear.” Linda reached up her hands and took the other girls breasts in her hands and squeezed and played with them for a while. They guys were all but creaming themselves.

John had to admit that as unattractive as he found the girl’s breasts, the sight of Linda sitting there in her frock with another girl’s tits in her hand was mind-blowing.

“Thanks,” Linda said to the girl, giving her a tip as she put her thong and top back on.

“No problem sweetie,” the girl replied before leaving.

An hour or so later, having had enough, everyone decided to go home. John went with Linda to the taxi-rank, worried about how drunk she was and wanting to ensure that she got home safely. As they waited, Linda leaned on him, resting her head on his shoulder. John just tried to keep her awake enough to get in a cab.

When they reached the front of the line, Linda checked her purse. “Oh crap, I don’t have any money left!’ she said, giggling. “Do you live near me John?”

“No I don’t and I only have enough money for one cab,” John said. His mind was spinning. He could of course just use a credit card, but there was that part of him that didn’t want to lose this moment. The feel of her body against him as she’d leant on him had done more for him than all the strip acts combined had.

“Aww crap,” Linda said.

“You could always stay at my place. I could drive you home tomorrow?” John said, trying to keep his voice steady

“Perfect!” Linda said, grinning drunkenly at him. John was surprised at how readily she’d agreed.

“God I’m pissed,” Linda said to him, moving over to sit next to him in the back of the cab, her hands all over him as she settled herself. John thought it odd that she sat in the middle seat and not on the other side of the car, but the press of her body was more than enough to stop him from saying anything. Again Linda’s head rested on his shoulder and when they reached his house, he thought she was asleep, but her head snapped up just as he was thinking he’d have to nudge her.

“Nice place,” she said, staring out the window whilst he paid for the cab.


They hopped out of the cab and John led Linda to the front door. As they stood on the porch, Linda pulled off her shoes and dangled them from one hand.

Linda followed John into the house as he turned on lights in the kitchen.

“Got a night cap?” Linda asked as John went to get a drink of water.

“Serious? You want more alcohol?”

“Oh yeah,” Linda said, laughing. “It’s not everyday you get to drink the boss’ booze.” John laughed and asked what she’d have.

“Got any of those sweet girlie drinks?”

“I think someone left some here, let me check. He went to the bar fridge and pulled out a red pop-like drink. “This do?”

“Perfect!” she said, taking it from him after he removed the cap. “Now all I need is something to sleep in … I’m not going to do it in my frock.”

“T-shirt do you?”

“Yep, that would be great.”

“Hang on a sec.” John went to his bedroom and fetched a t-shirt before bringing it back to Linda, thinking to himself, “I may never wash this one!”

John thought he should at least drink with the girl and so poured himself a scotch. He nearly dropped it when Linda reached behind herself and pulled the zip of her dress down. Then she simply dropped it to the floor and was standing before him in a black push-up satin bra, matching thong and lots and lots of skin. His cock rose in appreciation.

John was too drunk for subtlety and simply stared at the perfect vision before him. Then Linda pulled the t-shirt over her head. As she fumbled about removing her bra, her eyes met his and she laughed. “Sorry about that, I didn’t think. Hope you pendik escort bayan don’t mind?”

“Um, no, of course not,” John mumbled. Linda jumped up to sit on the kitchen counter, her legs parted slightly and John took a gulp of scotch. He so wanted to move so that he could peek between her legs and see her thong, but he was on the wrong angle being at ninety degrees to her.

“Um can you show me where the bathroom is? I need to pee,” Linda said, jumping down again. As she landed, she stumbled and John reached out and helped her maintain her balance. “Thanks,” she grinned. “Not quite as coordinated as normal at the moment.”

John watched her walk away, his t-shirt reaching down to cover her bum. “I should have found an old smaller one,” he thought, wishing he could see the treasure that the t-shirt concealed.

A few moments later he heard an outcry from the toilet, “Oh fucking hell!” “Are you ok Linda?” he asked, rushing towards the bathroom and afraid that she’d slipped and hurt herself given how drunk she was.

“Um yeah, hang on.” He waited a couple of minutes and then heard the toilet flush. “Fuck, this is so embarrassing,” he heard from within the toilet. “Do you happen to have a pair of boxers I can borrow?”

“Sure, should I ask why?”

“Um not yet,” she laughed.

John again went to his bedroom and this time returned with a pair of clean boxers. Linda was standing at the sink, the door now open and was washing something. She grinned sheepishly at him and then showed him that it was her thong.

“God I can’t believe I’m even telling you this. I was in such a rush when I got here and so pissed that I sat down and started to pee and THEN realised that I hadn’t taken this off.”

“Oh dear.

“Oh dear? God is that all you’ve got to say. Go to town man, take the piss out of me, please?”

“Well there’s not a lot of point, is there?” I said, handing her the boxers.

“Why not?”

“Well you just got rid of it all didn’t you?”

“If that’s the best that you’ve got, then please stop!” she laughed. John watched as she held the boxers before her and stepped into them. As she pulled them up the t-shirt rose as well. He got the briefest glimpse of skin, but not enough to see any detail.

“I think its time to show me where I’m sleeping before I embarrass myself further,” Linda said.

“Do you want my bed, which is queen size, or the spare, which is a single?” John asked her.

“Oh I’ll be fine with the single, I don’t think I’ll remember anyway until I wake up!”

John showed her the room and fetched some water for her, advising her to drink as much as she could before heading off to his room. He stripped down to his boxers and climbed into bed.

John was awakened by someone entering his room.

“I’ve been wondering something …” Linda said as he turned to face her. She was silhouetted against the light that she’d left on in the hall. John’s cock stirred as her figure was visible through the t-shirt.

“If only she’d turn side on, he thought,” before saying, “um what?”

“Do you really think my tits are the perfect size?”


“At the strip club, you said you thought my tits were the perfect size and I was wondering whether it was a line or true?”

“No, its true, well from what I’ve seen, anyway, which is of course, nothing more than what you present at work.”

Linda grabbed the bottom of the t-shirt and pulled it up over her head, shaking her long blonde hair free of the clothing. John just stared at her breasts. They were indeed perfect. They sat on her chest beautifully, virtually no sign of sagging, the nipples small and erect.

“b cups” John thought to himself. “Maybe even c.” Audibly, he said, “Um Linda, what are you doing?”

“I’m horny,” she said and John was stunned to see her pull the boxers from her body, dragging them down her long slim legs.

“No Linda,” John said clearly and firmly.


“I can’t let you get into my bed.”

“Why the fuck not? Don’t you want me?”

“Because I’m your boss and you’re pissed as fuck, regardless of whether I want you or not, please, go back to bed.” Linda scooped up the t-shirt and boxers and walked from my room, clearly not happy, but also naked. John watched her arse as it left the room and wondered just how much he’d regret telling her to leave. Probably a lot and probably for the rest of his life he decided.

John awoke later that the next morning, hung over. He clambered out of bed and headed for the kitchen in search of coffee. When he reached the kitchen though, he decided that water was a much more necessary commodity and that coffee would have to wait.

He’d been up and reading the paper for about an hour before he heard stirrings from further within the house. He wondered what state Linda was likely to be in after all that she had consumed the night before.

He heard the toilet before he saw her and waited for her to emerge.

“Hey,” Linda said sleepily as she found her way into the kitchen a few minutes later. John couldn’t help but notice that she’d come out still wearing his boxers and t-shirt and that her nipples were thrusting out in an apparent attempt to pierce the fabric of the shirt.

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