Lightgirl’s First Adventure Pt. 02

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Lightgirl slowly came to. She had a great night’s rest and felt refreshed after the terrible events of the last few days. Not that those were over yet, but she was determined she would win her freedom from Mr. Matter in his gameshow. She recalled the last night with the villainess Cobra, and briefly felt bad about her lost innocence. It wasn’t so bad though, she mused. The snake woman had been scary but also knew how to push her buttons. She seemed to remember the villainess staying with her afterwards, but there was no trace of her now. Except for the wet stains on the sheets.

She checked the tv and was pleasantly surprised to see the morning news on the screen. The speaker reported something about a classified mission some of the superheroes were reportedly doing. Hopefully they were searching for her.

Five minutes after the news ended the door to her cell opened and the same female thug from yesterday entered. She must’ve been assigned to her or something.

She informed Samantha the show would start in about an hour and told her to get ready.

“Better take a shower too. You smell like a night of sex.” She then added.

Samantha could only nod, dimly aware of the dried juices on her face.

After finishing her shower and her breakfast Samantha noticed a white object lying on the bed.

She stepped closer and took a look.

Her Suit! She had assumed Black Whip took it and she wouldn’t see it again. She happily started donning the suit glad to have something more than a towel to cover herself with. Soon however, she noticed there were several things wrong with it.

Her bodysuit previously covered her from her ankles to her neck completely, but now the legs and arms of the suit were cut off. There was a window in the front that would expose the space between her breasts and a solid amount of sideboob as well. The fabric that would normally cover her belly and back were missing as well, which almost made the suit a two parter if it weren’t for the small strips of fabric that ran along her flanks. Her cape was gone and had been recycled as a belt of some sort that wrapped around her hip on the right side, but hanged down to her thigh on the left.

Lightgirl was shocked as she inspected herself in the mirror.

The tinkering they had done to her outfit had left her looking less like a superhero, and more like an imitation of one, you would find in stripclub.

This was definitely another insult by Mr. Matter, or perhaps Black Whip. An attempt to humiliate her in front of the entire underworld. Samantha however was mostly glad she wouldn’t have to go out naked.

The door opened again and the woman stuck her head in. “Ready girl?” She asked. “Then come along, we don’t have all day. She left leaving the door open and Samantha hesitantly followed.

Any hopes of maybe surprising her escort and escaping, were dashed as two burly guards followed behind her with stun guns. Samantha was led through a labyrinth of clean corridors in silence. She tried to make mental notes of where she was going but quickly lost track.

She probably wouldn’t find her way out of here, even if she managed to escape her guards.

Her train of thought was interrupted as they came to a stop in front of an unremarkable door.

The woman opened it and pulled Samantha inside, leaving the guards outside.

Samantha blinked. She was somewhere that looked like… backstage! Thick curtains divided the area from the rest of the darkened room. There was a bustle here, stagehands handling lights, cables and other equipment. Lightgirl felt a flight of stage fever at the sight, just how many people were going to watch her humiliation?

A middle age man came over and introduced himself as “the man that makes sure everything works”.

He asked Samantha if she needed anything, with real concern in his voice, but she declined for now. The only thing she needed was her freedom and he couldn’t give her that.

Satisfied, he left, leaving Samantha alone with her escort again.

As she turned around though, she noticed the watchful woman was gone as well.

Maybe she thought her work was done and left me with that manager? Before she could decide to act on the lacking supervision, a hand touched her shoulder and turned her around.

Samantha turned around and gasped. It was the man from the news! She had seen him not over an hour ago on the tv. What was he doing here?

“Seeing her surprised expression, the man smiled broadly.

“Hello Lightgirl, I see you recognize me. That’s right it’s me, Mr.Blitz from Rooftop News Network.

Mr. Blitz was a charismatic and handsome man with perfect hair and a captivating smile.

As long as Samantha could remember he had announced the news for the Rooftop channel.

“But…what are you doing here…Mr. Blitz?” she asked.

“Ah, you see, I like earning a little extra cash now and then and Mr, Matter always pays very well. This is the biggest job he has for me yet. rus escort I’m to commentate the show! Your show!” He grinned showing his perfect teeth and apparently oblivious to Samantha’s shock.

“M-Mr.Blitz don’t you realize he’s a criminal? He took me prisoner. He’s making me—”

“Yes, yes, I know it all and I don’t care. You only have yourself to blame for getting captured. I for one look forward to getting a piece of you once the shows done.” Blitz threw a lustful glance at her body.

“Pig!” Samantha felt like slapping him but just then the manager came over and told them to get into positions. The show would start in five minutes.

Lightgirl stood in position behind the curtain and listened to Blitz as he introduced the show in his sonorous voice.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the first ever show of “Fallen Superheroes”, the show where we watch a valiant superheroine try to win her freedom by beating several challenges that we will throw at her, all while every failure will change her body and mind. Will she be able to win her freedom, or will she end up an obedient sex slave?

I can’t wait to find out and I’m sure you can’t either. This show is of course made possible by the great Mr. Matter, who provided the funding, the housing and our lovely superheroine.

So, without further ado let me introduce to you…Lightgirl!

Samantha was pushed on stage and was greeted by cheering from the crowd. She could hear some jeers and catcalls mixed in, which wasn’t surprising given the dubious crowd and her ridiculous outfit.

She looked around and noted the stage was bigger than she expected. It was so big you could have comfortably fit a Basketball court on it.

The crowd was about what she expected. Thugs, mostly male with a few noteworthy criminals mixed in. She saw the impressive stature of Olaf in the first row and further back was Cobra lounging with her tail over three seats. The snake woman winked at her and Samantha quickly looked away, her cheeks flushing.

“Now I know most of you probably never heard of Lightgirl before. That’s because she has only been a Superhero for a week before she got captured.” Some laughs could be heard from the audience.

“Her powers are classified as weak, so really it’s no wonder she fell into our hands so quickly.” Samantha glared at him as he continued ridiculing her.

“Just what are her powers you wonder? We will find out, as soon as the first round starts. Because the first round is the fighting round. This will be consistent with all future shows so we can see the heroines power while they’re still unchanged.”

While he spoke, an iron cage slowly raised from the ground of the stage.

“While our contestants get ready let me explain the rules of the first round. The fighting round will consist of three individual fights with increasing difficulty. The further our contestant manages to advance the less penalty points she will receive. In the unlikely event she wins all three, she will earn a salvation point. Upon earning two salvation points she will be released and we will have to wait for the next heroine to get captured.”

Boos could be heard from the audience, but Blitz was fast to reassure them.

“Don’t worry even if she manages to get past the first two rounds which she won’t, the last round is against Mr.Matter himself. There is no chance any superhero would win.”

“Blitz sure thinks highly of Matter.” Samantha thought. “I wonder if he really is that strong?”

While Blitz had entertained the audience Lightgirl was positioned in the arena, across from ten tough looking thugs. They obviously were her enemies of the first round. Samantha sighed. She realized she had no hope of beating Matter nor in all likelihood fight number two. These thugs however… she had a chance against them. She resolved herself to give it her all, in order to save herself some dignity…and penalty points.

A gong tone signaled the start of the first round and the thugs started charging at her right away. She waited until the fastest had almost reached her, then raised both hands and pointed her palms at them. A blinding flash sent most of them tumbling to the ground as they couldn’t see where they were going anymore. An indignant roar went through the ranks of the audience as they got a face full of light as well.

Samantha took her chance while she could and kicked two thugs in the head before they had a chance to recover. A third one got a broken nose as he attempted to stand up. The fourth blocked her punch but still tumbled backwards. Before she had a chance to follow through and finish him, two other thugs were upon her. She stepped back circling around them to keep one behind the other. She dodged a punch directed at her face and retaliated with a swift knee in his balls.

Another thug suddenly attempted to grapple her from behind twisting her arm painfully behind her back. The other thug saw the opening and sincan escort kicked her hard in the stomach. Reeling from the kick and squirming in the thugs grip Samantha managed to align his eyes with the crystal in her palm. The thug barely had time to realize his mistake before he received a point blank flash and let go to hold his face. Not restrained anymore Samantha easily blocked the next kick and tripped the thug by lifting up his outstretched leg.

Doing a quick body count in her head she concluded there still were four thugs left. She whirled around just in time to dodge a two handed blow to the back of the head. She went to kick his shin but he anticipated the move and lunged at her sending them both crashing to the ground.

She rolled away from him and scrambled to get up. Another boot came flying at her face which she barely dodged. Standing again she took out the attacker with one powerful punch, sending him flying. Three left now! The big thug that had tackled her, swung at her again. She blocked his fist and counterattacked by sending her other hand against chin. Her hand was blocked as well however.

To the publicums delight, the two started a quick and fierce exchange of blows. They were equal in strength so Lightgirl resorted to using her power again. She jumped backwards and sent a bright flash at the thug. Before she could see the effects the attack had two set of hands grabbed her from behind holding her steady. Oh no! She got too caught up fighting the big thug she forgot about the remaining two.

Still held firmly Samantha noticed with dread that the strong guy had raised his arm in time, and wasn’t very affected by her last flash. He slowly came closer and gave her a toothless grin before he pulled his arm back and punched her in the stomach as hard as he could.

The thugs that held her let go and Samantha crumpled to the ground, unable to fight any longer.

The big thug put his foot on top of her and gave a victory roar. The crowd roared and cheered loudly at the spectacle. They just witnessed a hated heroine get a beating, and now they would be able to watch her being modified.

The gong sounded again signaling the end of the match and the thugs helped Samantha up before they left to cart off their colleagues writhing on the floor. The cage receded into the floor again and Blitz reappeared on the stage.

“A very entertaining fight if I do say so myself. Our contestant came very close, but in the end her opponents simply proved too much for her.” He stepped next to Samantha and put a hand on her shoulder. “Sadly, no won fights means three penalty points for her.”

“So, since this is our first time showcasing how these work, we will go through all three possible methods of choosing modifications.” Blitz announced.

“Method number one: Choice. Where the contestant gets to choose her perk from three options.

These possibilities will be randomly selected by the computer.”

Blitz looked at his little device and called out “Her choices this time will be ‘Golden Goddess’, ‘Deluxe Flavours’ and ‘Nymphomaniac’.”

Samantha looked at Blitz confused at these choices. They didn’t give any clear indication of what they entailed. Reading her expression Blitz only said “If we told you what they did where would be the fun in it?”

Lightgirl sighed. She had a choice to make. She had an inkling of what Nymphomaniac would be and Golden Goddess sounded risky.

“Deluxe Flavours.” she proclaimed sounding surer than she felt.

Blitz smiled and pushed a button on his device then turned to the publicum again. “While the changes happen let me explain how this wonderful technology, courtesy of the genius Dr. Little works.

You see we injected our contestant with nanobots while she was asleep, that quickly spread through her body and are capable of changing her at will. Through a small chip at the base of her neck, we can remotely control these bots whenever we want.”

While Blitz spoke, Samantha felt a tingling go through her entire body once and her mouth was suddenly filled with an intense strawberry flavour. Working her tongue around inside her mouth she tried to discover what was wrong but she felt completely normal outside of the taste in her mouth.

“The viewers won’t be able to tell a difference so why don’t you tell us what’s different Lightgirl?” Blitz held a microphone to her face.

“It…tastes like strawberries.” She hesitantly answered.

“That’s right Ladies and Gentlemen, our contestants saliva will always taste like strawberries to herself and others. And that’s not all. Her skin, and all her other bodily fluids have also been given a unique taste.”

Samantha glared at the cheering crowd. Still. It could have been much worse, she mused.

Just then Blitz continued his recital of the different methods of choosing punishment.

“Two. where you the publicum gets to vote on Lightgirl’s fate. Again, three choices sıhhiye escort will be randomly chosen for you to vote on. And our choices are: ‘Repulsive, yet irresistible’, ‘Like a river’ and ‘Nothing to hide’.”

Samantha worriedly watched the assembled crowd vote on the pads embedded in their seats.

None of those options sounded good. In a way she was glad she didn’t have to make the decision. Suddenly an orange flavour mixed itself into the strawberry one in her mouth and she quickly removed her finger from her mouth in embarrassment.

The vote finished with a ding, and the screen behind her showed the result.

47% for Like a river

29% for Nothing to hide

24% for Repulsive yet irresistible

“We have a winner” Blitz said and pushed a button.

Samantha felt a tingle go through her nether region, and worriedly looked down. She couldn’t see or feel a difference at first, but then slowly a damp spot formed on her crotch.

She was dripping wet down there. But she didn’t feel aroused at all!

“Now this is a change we can see.” sounded Blitz’s voice.

Samantha noticed the cameras zooming in on her crotch and turned away embarrassed.

“Our beautiful young heroine now has a permanently wet pussy even when not aroused.”

The publicum cheered louder than before at his words. Samantha turned her back to them so they wouldn’t be able to see.

“Running away already?” Blitz asked. “You still have one penalty point to go. The random one! That’s right this one will be randomly selected from all possible options. Please direct your eyes at the screen behind me.

Samantha looked at the screen where a graphic of a spinning wheel appeared. Steadily the wheel got slower and slower, until it finally stopped on the words: ‘Big and bouncy’

“One of my favourites!” Blitz proclaimed with a wide smile and pushed his button.

This time Samantha felt more than a tingle. A pressure started building in her breasts and she looked down into her suddenly expanding cleavage. It got more and more uncomfortable as her growing mammaries tried to escape from her tight suit.

She was sure it was ready to tear any moment, but then as suddenly as it began, the expansion stopped. Samantha stared down into her much bigger cleavage in disbelief. She must have turned from a C-cup to a EE-cup at least. They felt heavy on her chest and her too tight suit uncomfortably compressed them.

“Well folks, I don’t think I need to explain this one.” Blitz said getting some laughters.

All the eyes in the room were on her boobs, with a closeup shown on the big screen behind her.

Furiously blushing in embarrassment, she clutched her hands in front of her tits and turned to leave again. This time Blitz didn’t stop her.

“And I’m afraid that just about wraps up our show for today. We will continue tomorrow at the same time. Be sure not to miss it.” She could hear him end the show behind her.

Samantha was escorted back to her room, the wobbling on her chest reminding her of her failure with every step. Her Supervisor/Caretaker confiscated her suit, promising to make “adjustments” to it.

She also told her to expect another visitor later on.

Defeated and naked Lightgirl sunk into her bed feeling the weight of her new tits with every breath. Her slavering pussy didn’t make it any easier to get comfortable either. She brought a finger down to wipe some of the fluid off and stuck it in her mouth. Cherry. Great.

Samantha couldn’t get comfortable and stood back up again. She wasn’t feeling tired yet anyway. Since there was nothing else to do, she decided on doing some push ups to stay in shape.

She got on the floor and started her routine. Her huge breasts also impeded her there, weighing heavy on her chest and scraping on the floor with every push up.

Still, she got a good workout and was sweaty and panting as she heard someone approaching the door. Her caretaker entered with her dinner and behind her? Umbra!

The dangerous criminal and counter to her powers strided into the room and looked at her with a serious expression. “Get on the bed.” He ordered. “Or do I need to force you?” He added as Samantha hesitated.

“Better not to anger this psychopath.” she thought. “I’ll just have to do what he says.”

The other woman left, leaving Umbra alone with her. She watched as he undressed and stood naked before her. He had a full body tattoo, that drew thick black lines originating from his hands and forming spirals that covered his entire body, all the way up to his bald scalp. He was well built and would have been attractive, if it wasn’t for his scarred face and the mad glint in his eyes.

“Here’s the deal.” he started. “I’m not interested in you, I’m just here for a quick fuck. You are going to provide me with one and if I’m not satisfied I will hurt you. So I suggest you give it your all. Do you understand?”

Samantha nodded.

“Right, then start sucking for starters.” he climbed on the bed and laid back looking expectantly at Samantha.

She crawled over and hesitantly started licking his limp cock up and down. She hadn’t done this kind of thing before and was unsure what to do. So far though, her actions seemed to pay off as his cock stiffened and rose to attention.

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