Let’s Play Naked City!

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Big Tits

Based on a true story.

We were innocent tots when my cousin Jilly led me behind a bush. “Nicky you wanna play Naked City?” We took off our clothes and stared at each other’s parts. That was the first time I saw the funny little flaps girls have between their legs.

A few years later she wanted to play Naked City again. So we both got naked. My cousin showed me her tiny gumdrop nipples… and I got a two inch boner. Little Jilly ran away screaming.

Many years later came Senior Ditch Day. Jilly and I skipped school and headed to the lake to meet our friends. But halfway there her car broke down. So I popped the hood while she sat under a palm tree. “Hey Nick did you remember to bring some water?”

I shook my head. My cousin pulled out a bottle of cheap wine and downed half of it by the time I got the car running. She giggled, tossing a pebble at me. “Hey remember Naked City?” I nodded. “Hey let’s do that again. Nick I wanna play Naked City.”

“Now? No Jilly everyone’s waiting for us at the lake.”

“C’mon Nick I’ll show you my pretty little pussy cat…”

“Ha! You’re joking. Besides I already seen it.”

“But now it’s all fuzzy and really-really cute. Nick I know you wanna peek.” Spreading her legs Jilly raised her skirt slowly, and my cock slowly rose up with it. “C’mon Nick take a peeky.” Dammit I couldn’t resist. I stared between her legs… and saw a stuffed kitten.

“Ha-ha got you jerk.”

“Dammit Jilly you’re a ball buster.” Jilly took another swig, tossed the toy kitten and yanked her panties down.

HOLY FUCKING JESUS— I stared at her bright red patch of pubes with a glistening slit curling down the middle. As I watched, my cousin spread her legs wider, opening her wonderfully pink flaps… revealing her dark pink hole.

“Hey Nick I showed you mine now show me yours. Hurry.”

“Okay, okay.” I unzipped, letting my stiffy jut out.

“OMG Nick! Your cock is really-really big and SCARY.”

“Ha! You’re still afraid of my prick!”

“Am not! …um can I take a pic of your prick?”

“Sure and I’ll take a pic of your kitty.” Click-click. Jilly giggled as she took a pic of my boner. And I zoomed I close for a pic of her fuzzy red slit, shimmering with droplets of pussy dew.

My cock swelled into a raging purple monster. It stared into Jilly’s open hole and couldn’t resist… Jumping on my cousin, I wedged between her legs and yanked off her top. Jilly’s fat tits jiggled out, tickling my face.

“Don’t Nick!” She tried to push me off. Gripping her plump tits I pressed my cockhead against her twisting twat. “OUCH! STOP IT!”

“C’mon Jilly don’t be afraid of my boner. I’ve wanted to put it in you ever since you grew tits.”

“Gosh really?”

“Yes, your body is so damn sexy it drives my prick crazy. I have to put it in you.”

She gulped, watching my cockhead rub up and down her moist slit. “Well, okay I guess… if you have to.” My cousin spread her legs and I reared back, punching my stiff prick into her soft fuck-hole. Jilly jumped. “Ooof…ouch Nick… it’s too big… I changed my mind… wait!”

I couldn’t wait and fucked faster. My tongue stabbed into her mouth as my thumb found her throbbing clitty. Jilly squirmed but soon I felt her hips lifting her cunt onto my cock. I grabbed her tits and we fucked faster, my prick ripping into her virgin pussy.

We fucked so hard Jilly’s head bumped against the tree. Lifting her feet over her head my hard shaft plunged even deeper into my cousin’s tight fuck-tunnel. “Ouch-ouch… Nick…ohh… OHHH NOOOO!”

I saw her toes suddenly curl then Jilly screamed, ataşehir escort her back arching up in orgasm. “OHHH MY GAWD NICK!” Her spasming pussy gripped my prick and hot jism spewed into her burning fuck-hole. Jilly’s body kept jolting until we both collapsed.

After a moment I pulled out and we both looked at her gooey slit. A big glob of red tinged cum oozed out…

“You took my cherry!” She punched me. “And you didn’t use a rubber.” She punched me again. Jilly reached for her cotton panties. “And you got greasy fingerprints all over my panties!” I ducked the third punch.

“Nick what if my mom sees your greasy paw prints on my panties?”

A week later her mother, Aunt Wanda said she had to see me— NOW! Holy shit… I walked in expecting the worst. Aunt Wanda picked up a skillet. “Nick you know why I called you here?” I nodded and covered my head. “Good. I need you to go with Jilly to help granny move to a nursing home.”

“What…? No, sorry. Have to study for finals.”

“Pretty please Nick.” Then my aunt said something about the motel. “And to save money I only booked one room.” I glanced at Jilly. My redheaded cousin blushed red and stared at her feet.

We left in the morning and I drove fast as hell, eager as hell to get to the motel room and… After a long drive we arrived at the motel, the Purple Pussycat Motel. A seedy motel with daily rates and hourly rates… hmm.

Jilly blushed neon pink and locked herself in the car while I signed in.

A few minutes later I tugged my nervous cousin into our room and turned on the lights. The room had some retro mix of black lights and swirling lava lamps. Waves of orange and blue light floated through the room like a porno dream.

Jilly stared at the mirrored ceiling above the bed, shaking her head.

“This place is sooo naughty… and there’s supposed to be two beds.” In the lava light her face turned a blushing blue and her red hair looked purple. “Nick why would my mom get us this nasty-nasty room?”

“Because it was the cheapest room in town. Your mom is cheap… but we’ll just have to make the best of it.” I grinned so wide my mouth hurt. Pulling out a bottle of red wine I filled two cups. The lava light made the wine look pea-soup green. “Here this will calm you.”

Jilly gave the green stuff a sip and gulped it down. “Okay Nick. I’ll share the bed, but that don’t mean I have to share my hole with you… again.”

“You’re sooo right Jilly. Here have another drink.” I handed her the bottle and she took a long green swig. “But Jilly we could still have a little fun, remember Naked City?” She burst out laughing.

My cousin took one more swig, stared up at the mirrored ceiling and giggled so hard she dropped the bottle. She was so ready.

Pulling Jilly to the bed I tried to unbutton her blouse. She pushed my hands away. “Okay Jill I’ll go first. Naked City here I come.” Off came my shirt and pants. My boner sprung up like a spitting cobra… Jilly fell back.

“Your turn.” Jilly took another swig and removed her blouse. Blushing bright purple she yanked up her bra and let her big tits bounce out. In the swirling lava light Jilly’s brown nipples glowed orange. When her panties came off I was in pussy heaven, even if her red pubes glowed neon purple and her pink slit twinkled a radioactive blue.

I tried to touch her twinkling blue slit and she snapped her legs shut.

“Com’on Jilly I won’t do anything I haven’t done before.” My cousin shook her head. So I kissed down her neck. “Jilly I just love being inside your juicy cunt.”

“Don’t say cunt. That’s nasty.” kadıköy escort

“Sorry I meant twat.” She tried to slap me but I grabbed her arms and sucked her puffy orange nipples, remembering when they were tiny gumdrops. My fingers found her blue slit and I fingered jiggling Jilly until her clitty swelled into a hard bead.

“Ohhh… ohhh… you’re making me so horny… Okay Nick poke it in me already.” She spread open her purple pussy lips revealing her blue fuck-hole. I grabbed a condom. “No Nick, mom put me on the pill last week… after she found greasy hand prints on my panties.”

“Sweeet!” I pressed my stiff meat pole into her glowing cunt and pushed in. My cousin moaned while kissing my lips. My mouth moved to her plump tits and I rubbed her swollen clitty as I pumped, making her squirm. Soon I felt my balls burn.

Lifting her legs up to her ears I pounded deeper into my cousin’s fuck tunnel. The worn out mattress squeaked and groaned from a million fucks.

“Aughh my gawd Nick you’re so deep… it feels like you’re in my throat… you stud. Jilly looked up at the mirrored ceiling. “Oh…oh Nick I can see you’re your ass humping up and down… fucking me.” Her nails dug into my back. “Ohh… ohh yes…fuck me… Fuck Me Hard You Beast!”

I pounded my cousin’s cunt faster and harder… until my prick exploded. “Nick you’re shooting cum in me… I can feel it… oh gawd I’m cumming too… AUGHHH!”

When I awoke in the morning the lava lamps were off and Jilly was in the shower. So I jumped in, helping my naked cousin wash her tits and furry red twat. “Nick I hope you slept real good, after screwing the holy shit out of me.”

“Yes dear. Oh look, I’ve got another surprise for you.” My stiff boner bumped her belly.

“Dammit Nick why is your thingy always hard? And don’t get any ideas buster, because I’m super-super sore down there.”

“But Jilly you make me so horny and if I can’t have pussy… maybe you could give me a blowjob?”

“Don’t say prick.” She looked at my stiffy. “So what’s in it for me besides a mouthful of cum?”

“Jilly I could fix your brakes or… yes I know… I’ll lube your pussy with my tongue. Girls love that.”

Jilly frowned. “I’d rather have my brakes fixed.” Dropping to her knees my cousin took my cock in her mouth and blew into it… actually trying to blow air into my prick.

“No Jilly, it’s called a blowjob but you suck on it.”

She looked pissed but started sucking. It feel so good with her mouth bobbing on my prick. In a few minutes my prick exploded and I eagerly spewed gobs of hot cum down my cousin’s throat. Jilly gagged and gagged.

My cousin pulled her mouth away and the last cum spurt shot across her red hair. “YUCK that was gross Nick.” Jilly ran to the bathroom to brush her teeth and put on her make-up, and whatever else girls do. Eventually she came out and we left for granny’s.

We moved her grandma’s stuff. But granny was so feeble that she needed moving too. So I flexed my arms and carried the frail woman down the stairs of her house and up her stairs of the nursing home.

Back in the car Jilly tongue kissed me. “Wow Nick, I never could’ve never moved granny by myself. You big brute— you totally saved the day.”

She winked her long, press-on eyelashes. “Gee I wish there was some girlish way that I could thank you…” Next thing I know Jilly’s head went down, sucking me off right there in the busy parking lot. I loved watching her red pony tail bobbing head up and down in my lap.

Soon my prick juice gushed into her mouth. Jilly choked down my cum, wiped her mouth on her bostancı escort bayan sleeve and washed her mouth out by chugging some wine.

By the time we got back to the Purple Pussy Motel my drunken cousin had her panties off and was beaver eager… Jilly giggled and turned on the lava lamps, bathing the room in waves of blue and red light. “Hey Nick um… you wanna take some p-purple p-pussy p-pics?”

The giggling girl jumped on the bed, threw off her panties and spread her legs wide, posing in a dozen naughty positions. I snapped away.

“Psst Nick you wanna see something really-really naughty?” My cousin grabbed the wine and dildo-ed herself with the bottle. HOLY SHIT! I helped push the wine bottle deep in her glowing blue slit and snapped more pics.

We screwed all night under the lava lamps and mirrored ceiling, in a drunken psychedelic fuck-feast.

But in the morning Jilly woke up hungover. “Nick I better not see my neon twat pics splashed across the internet!”

“No sweetie.” I poured her some coffee and helped her shower. But washing her naked body gave me a raging hard-on. She glared at it. “No way dog, my sore twat feels like it got bottle fucked by a beer keg.”

“Okay sweetie, let me do your sexy ass.” I rubbed her butt. “Sooo damn sexy.”

Jilly spun around. “Really? You really think my big butt is sexy?”

“DAMN YES! You’ve got the hottest ass in the universe.” Jilly blushed and turned around, wiggling her tight hiney.

“I guess you can screw my butt, but be gentle big boy.” I hurried behind her and pushed my cockhead into her anus. Jilly moaned and gritted her teeth. I pushed in further and heard her nails scratching the shower tile.

“Oh gawd Nick it hurts… You ain’t being gentle!” Bending her over I pumped faster into her tiny asshole. Jilly groaned. “OUCH! I don’t like this!” She tried to move away but I held her down. “Ouch Nick… hurry… hurry up… and cum dammit!”

So I pounded her ass and she bucked like bronco… and in a few minutes my cock filled her bronco butt with cum. When I pulled out she hit me. “Now both my holes are sore. Why did you fuck my hiney so hard?”

“Don’t say fuck that’s nasty.”

“Fuck you and your fucking prick. I feel like I been assfucked by a horse.” I laughed and she hit me again.

We drove back with my cousin sitting sideways. “Nick it ain’t fair that girls get sore and guys don’t… And why did you make me bottle fuck myself?”

Blah-blah-blah. After an hour of listening to her bitch I veered behind a tree. “What are you doing Nick?”

“I’m tired of your bitching— you need a good screwing!” She shook her head. “Yes Jilly, get naked now!

“Okay jeez, you horn dog.” Mumbling to herself Jilly climbed in the backseat and pulled off her clothes. I spread her legs wide, took a pic, and plunged my tongue into her squirming fuck-hole. “Ooooh… don’t…” Jilly gasped as my tongue lapped away. Her legs flew in the air…

“Please Nick… No-Nooo…” My lips nibbled her enflamed clit and her thighs gripped my head. “Oh my gawwd…”

I sucked her love bud like a soda straw. “OH YES…YEEEES!” Jilly smashed her horny cunt into my face as her hips rocked up in orgasm. Pulling my head away I grabbed her tits and shoved my prick hard into her wet pussy, pounding deep into her convulsing hole.

Jilly clenched my back and humped with my fuck strokes until she screamed in another orgasm. “AIYEEE!”

My cousin collapsed and I kept screwing as my prick filled her twat with frothy cum. Jilly blushed and looked up at me. “Gosh Nick, I guess I did need a good screwing.”

Late that night we arrived at her house and I walked her to the door. I tried to kiss her lips, but crazy Jilly turned and tongue kissed my ear.

She giggled. “Hey Nick I stole two lava lamps. Let’s go hook ’em up in my bedroom and play Naked Fuck City.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32