Lesbian’s Bitch

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It’s finally Monday Iyla is eager about the meet with her Lesbian lover Petra and bisexual fuck buddy Kale. All she can think about is relaxation and getting fucked by two strapping hot chocolate bodies to top off the fabulous feeling. Iyla, Petra and Kale finally meet at the Lick Club and have been sipping Jamaican rum and coke all night. Feeling horny and frisky, they decide to stop off at their local spa to cool down and shake off the alcohol. Petra is so intoxicated her sensual boundaries are warped and so only a threesome will pacify her now.

So this is Kale’s first experience at a nudist spa and he isn’t sure how things are gonna pan out, a little nervous he seeks and buffers his composure through Petra and Iyla. They enter the quaint little spa and are greeted by a blond lady sitting behind the reception counter. She has the longest legs, pert breast spilling out of her low cut lace teddy, softly spoken she says….”hello, how many this evening”?. Iyla responds “2 ladies and a gent please”.

Iyla, Petra and Kale proceed to change their outer garments in the locker room, there a sense of normality and ease about the whole thing as other fellow males and females undress in front of each other. There is no shyness but rather an intensity of ogling eyes marking their territories.

This little sanctuary of nakedness is kitted out, escort kocaeli top notch with spa pools, steam rooms, sauna, shower cubicles and rest rooms for those who seek more than just an adventurous night, in fact you could say the place feels like home. There is a living area intended for relaxation of a different kind……the kind that gets you buzzing cock sucking, pussy licking and fucking formal angles.

Iyla’s tantalising pleasures start with excitement and anxiety all rolled into one as she walks into the living area. She is convinced that this meeting with her lover and fuck buddy is going to be fun packed with lots of mischievous behaviour,in fact the thought has Iyla very horny. Suddenly Iyla smiles as she has a flash back to when she last met Kale where he used an automated powered dildo to thoroughly punish her pussy sending her erogenous zones screaming out loud….she came repeatedly that night. Iyla pauses with a sheepish expression as her panties become very wet, her pussy is throbbing, juicy, frustrated, happy and hopeful what is store for her.

Petra, Iyla and Kale finally undress and venture to the spa pool. They slip their robes off and gently immerse their naked bodies into the warm bubbling water. Iyla is the centre of attention, Petra is sat to her left whilst Kale is sat on the right hand side of her. As the water ripples kocaeli anal yapan escort over their bodies Kale slowly strokes Iyla’s body with pleasure, teasing her nipples with his fingers as he works his way down to her feet, he gently spreads her legs apart easing his fingers inch by inch into Iyla’s pussy wavering against the gush of water splashing back on her cunt. Petra admires Iyla’s breasts running her hands across the base cupping in her hand. Iyla turns to Petra and signals in contentment at the erotic tingling sensation as Kale continues to massage her pussy and clitoris under the waves of the warm water.

Now its time to treat Iyla, make her moan…..Enjoy the best of both worlds as Petra and Kale inject pleasure invoking passion, pleasure, and pain. As Iyla, Petra and Kale sit enjoying each other in the water, another couple join them and watch as Petra sucks Iyla’s breast nibbling as though they were food. Kale goes to Iyla’s front and lifts her arse onto the edge off the jacuzzi, he prises her legs wide open and pushes three fingers deep inside Iyla’s pussy….Kale whispers to Iyla “you ready to take big daddy”?, ready to take the digger deep inside you”?.

Kale gripping Iyla’s ass, thrusts inside her sodden soaking wet pussy. Petra is caught between Kale and Iyla fucking……she izmit yabancı escort wriggles herself from the tangle and sits in the corner of the jacuzzi watching Kale and Iyla fuck like animals on heat. The couple (Meg and Beth) sat in the water are incredible turned on by the sight….they start to wank each other as they flick their eyes to and fro between Kale fucking Iyla and Petra wanking herself.

Beth and Meg signal to one another, slowly they shuffle over to Petra who is engrossed in pleasuring her pussy hard. Beth starts to lick Petra’s nipples gripping her ass as she tastes the sweetness of her lips. Meg goes to Petra’s front and kneels down…..she takes Petra’s hand away from her pussy and begins rubbing Petra’s clitoris viciously releasing the sexual tension that had built up over the night.

Meg whispers to Petra cum for us sugar, we want to see it. Petra is in between a layer of double cream topping her chocolate delight….Meg and Beth continue to pleasure Petra who is experiencing a fucking orgasm…she is sat with her pussy directly on one of the water jets, whilst the Meg wanks her pussy senselessly.

Beth releases Petra’s nipples and reaches up to Petra, they lock lips and caress their tongues, teasing back and forth with strong suction. Beth whispers to Petra “How good is that”?….Petra is quivering unable to respond she nods in agreement.

Eventually the erotic acts fade as the water cools down….Petra, Kale and Iyla retire to one of the rooms…they invite Beth and Meg to join them as they all get caught up in indecent erotic sexual acts.

Part two more erotic pleasure to follow……

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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