Learning Cocksucking

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My first times sucking cock were with my buddy David. I visited him at his home three times.


The first time, we met first at a Dunkin Donuts to talk. I had been meeting guys on the internet for mutual masturbation sessions. I thought this would be another one. After chatting for a bit, David told me his girlfriend was waiting at his house, and he would like me to follow him home so he could suck my cock. I was nervous but figured what the hell. We drove in separate cars to his large house out in the valley. David was married but his wife wasn’t around. His girlfriend, Susan, was there waiting. She was a large blonde girl, but not fat, probably mid-thirties to my forty-three and David’s fifty, wearing a sundress. She had large round breasts and short curly hair.

David took off his slacks, and was wearing a little leather miniskirt underneath. it turned out he was a bit effeminate in some ways, which suited me fine. We both took off our shirts and I removed my pants. David slipped off his miniskirt leaving us both in just our underwear, me in briefs and David in tiny, bright colored panties. The three of us sat down on the sofa, with David in the middle, and he and I started feeling each other up through our shorts. I still wasn’t sure where Susan was going to fit into this. I guessed she was just going to watch me get blown, which was all right with me.

After groping each other for a while, David and I stood up to take off our underwear, and Susan got up at the same time to remove her sundress which she folded neatly and put out of the way. She was wearing no underwear, so we were all naked at that point, and then she sat back down on the couch to watch. Susan had a fat pussy which was completely shaved. David’s penis hung down a good five inches to my tiny one and a half. I would later learn that, despite our obvious difference in size when limp, our erections were actually the same length, and mine was a bit fatter. David’s body was hairless except for a tiny patch just above his cock. I was, and am, a hairy dude from head to toe, with a big dark bush on my crotch. No facial hair, though. I’m not a fan.

David fondled me, then got down on his knees to start sucking me. It didn’t take me long to get hard, and he kept working me in his mouth, stopping occasionally to lick and suck my balls. I görükle escort bayan have to say, it was one of the best blowjobs I have ever received, and it convinced me to this day that men suck cock better than women. After a few minutes of this, I was ready to come, and I told him. He just kept on sucking me, and when I blew my load, he took it all down his throat.

After that, I felt I owed him some reciprocation, even though David hadn’t asked for any, so when he stood up, I dropped to my knees and took his soft penis into my mouth. A new sensation for me, but pleasant nonetheless. “I probably won’t get hard,” he told me. “I’ve been fucking all week, and I’m jizzed out.” I kept on sucking him anyway. I was having too much fun to stop. I took his dick as far down my throat as it would go, and I sucked on his little, hairless nuts. After a while, I did stop, concluding that sucking cock wasn’t very different, after all, than eating pussy, which I love to do.

My erection having returned, I jokingly announced, “OK, who wants to fuck?”

In all seriousness, David replied, “She will,” indicating Susan. This was getting better. I walked over toward her, and she got up, leading me into the bedroom, where the bed was already turned down. David followed us in and sat in a chair. Susan lay down on her back, legs spread. I climbed between her thighs and started licking her pussy. Although shaved, her plump mound was stubbly with about four days’ growth of black hairs, a sensation I found unusual but sexy nevertheless. I worked her cunt over with my tongue, as she got wetter and wetter. Eventually she gave a cry, and then it happened.

I’ve been with squirters before. My wife often squirts a hard jet which I have sometimes caught in the palm of my hand down below her ass, other times leaving a huge wet spot in the bed. This was different. Susan GUSHED. All over my face. It was like getting hit in the face by a big wave at the beach, nearly choking me.

After I collected myself, I climbed up on her, sucking her fat nipples along the way, and mounted her, sliding my hard cock into her soaking vagina. Having already come once, I lasted a long time and kept on humping Susan with a regular rhythm. Eventually, she started to moan, softly at first and then louder, and then she came with another huge altıparmak eskort gush, this time soaking my pubic hair. That did it for me, and I shot off as well, deep in her hot, wet cunt.

We relaxed for a few minutes afterward, and following some chit chat, David let me rinse off in his shower, and I got dressed and went back to my office.


The second time I visited David, it was just the two of us. When he let me in the side door, his hand immediately clamped over my crotch, so I returned the gesture to his. We got naked fast, and stood facing each other, with me holding our two penises in one hand. This is when I learned how close in size our erections actually were, despite his big hanging wiener and my tiny soft stub. After playing with our dicks for a little bit, David had me lie down on a big chair with my legs on the matching ottoman. He then lay his slender and hairless frame on top of my hairy, beefy one in a sixty-nine position, dropping his stiff cock into my mouth, and engulfing my erection between his own lips.

He worked my dick with his usual expertise, while I sucked him down my throat and tried to keep up. I put my hands on his ass and pulled him to my face tighter. When I spread his skinny asscheeks and tried to slide a finger inside his tight little anus, he grunted and told me, “Nothing can go inside my ass,” more apologetically than offended.

David went back to working my penis with his mouth, and before long, I shot my come down his throat. He then got up, got me up, and laid down on the chair, on his back. I got down on the floor and resumed sucking his hard cock from between his legs. After a time, his breathing got harder and he started moaning softly. I wasn’t ready to swallow his come yet, so I backed off, drizzled some lube over his dickhead and shaft and started masturbating him. When he came, it was more like a spray all over his chest and belly than like the globs and ropes I was used to, both with myself and with other men.

Afterward, we cleaned ourselves up and hung out for a little while before getting dressed. While sitting around naked and idly playing with ourselves, the mailman came up to the house and walked from the door over to the driveway. All the blinds were open, and he wasn’t more than a few feet from nilüfer escort us. I’m sure he got an eyeful of two naked guys sitting in the family room.


The third and final time I visited David, things went much as before. It was just the two of us. We sixty-nined for a while and played with each other’s dick. I reached around and teased his butthole, but didn’t try to penetrate it this time. It didn’t take long for me to come, and David swallowed down every drop.

Then I laid him down on his back and began blowing him. I had told myself I was ready this time. I was going to take it all the way and swallow it down. Never had David commented on my not swallowing before, and never had he made me feel badly about not taking his come. Although he enjoyed both, I think he liked sucking cock better than being sucked off. I played with his shaved balls and rubbed my nose in his little patch of pubic hair as I continued working his dick with my mouth. I enjoyed his musky scent and taste. When he started making more noise, I knew he was getting close. I kept working it. Finally, he shouted, “Take it like a man!” and blew a load of come down my throat. It was enormous, seemingly much bigger than my normal wads. I swallowed it all. I didn’t hate it, but it wasn’t the nirvana that experienced cocksuckers write about. I guess I can take it or leave it.

After he finished, we got up and walked into the john, where we peed together in the toilet. After returning to the family room for a little naked relaxation, David mentioned something about Susan, whom I had not seen since my first visit.

“Did she like the way I ate her pussy?” I asked.

“She loved the way you fucked her pussy,” David replied. He then told me about how they went into bars together to pick up men. The come-on was that they’d get to come back and fuck Susan, but the real reason was to bring home a guy that David could suck off. I gathered that the men they brought home typically got to do both, as I had. Susan, it seems, was a world class slut, willing to fuck pretty much anybody.


After my third visit, David and I chatted online a bit, but I never went back. I had hoped we would continue sucking each other off for a long time, and that I’d get to fuck Susan some more, but he started playing games with me. He would send a message asking if I wanted to get together, and when I would reply and try to set up a date and time, he would just disappear and never reply. After this happening two or three times, I figured he was just jerking my chain, so I stopped replying to his messages, which soon stopped entirely.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32