Late Night Spy_(6)

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My name is Sara and I have been married for 15 years to a very considerate and understanding man. His name is Allen, we met one day at a local bar and one thing led to another and we fell in love, over the following months we found that we had a lot in common and that simply made our love stronger.

One day I was getting dressed for work and happened to see our neighbor’s son, Kenny standing on their patio, I could not see all of the patio just the corner nearest to our house and it appeared as though he was talking with someone in the pool area. He was a handsome young man, blond hair well filled out and stood approximately 6 feet tall and by the time of the year I assumed he was home from college for the summer. Over the years I had noticed that he was very popular with the young ladies in the neighborhood, and seldom saw him without one at his side or nearby.

We moved in to our present home about ten years ago and our neighbors were really nice most had invited us over for coffee or drinks within the first month of us moving in. About four years ago my husband and I were watching TV when an advert came on about abandon dogs and we decided to get a dog, so the next day we visited the local dog pound where we found this cute little mixed German Sheppard puppy. He turned out to be a good dog but he had a bad habit of chewing furniture so we decided to put him in the back yard which as of today was some three years ago.

One night after Allen had treated my body with some very special attention and I was wobbling down the hall to the bathroom to clean up, I thought I heard our backyard gate click but disregarded it since Riley our dog hadn’t barked. I went back to bed while looking at Allen as he slept, I decided to make myself a cup of tea and ambled down the hall to the kitchen, because we always kept a night light in the hall there was no need for me to turn on any lights, I could clearly see everything need for my mission. Out of the corner of my eye as I stood at the sink I noticed Riley standing near the hedges and wondered why was he up and about this late. Upon closer examination I notice another object or something Sex hikayeleri very close to Riley, I moved into the dining area near the patio doors for a better view and made it out it as a person kneeling down behind Riley as my eyes adjusted to the darkness, I realized it was my neighbors son naked behind Riley they were butt to butt, at first I did not understand what I was witnessing and had to take a few minutes to slowly digest what I was seeing.

Riley made and abrupt turn and made Kenny turn so that I had a clear view of Riley being stuck with Kenny. Kenny’s manhood (approximately 7″) was hanging low and appeared to be very hard, it would leak cum each time Riley moved to extract his penis from Kenny’s ass it seemed to squirt more cum. I was hypnotized by the action taking place in my back yard and I must admit my panties had become soaked with my own juices and I slowly eased my hand between my legs and with the slightest touch, it sent me into an enormous orgasm so strong I became weak in the knees and had to seek support by leaning against couch.

After about fifteen or twenty minutes, Riley yelped and his penis slipped out of Kenny’s ass and Kenny fell to the ground as though he was totally exhausted. He laid there for about five minutes and then pull his shorts on and headed for the gate. I then look for Riley who had found a place next to the patio door and was licking his huge penis, I could still see the exposed veins and the knot. I slowly went back to bed trying to understand one of the most exciting events I had ever witnessed.

I awoke the next morning still in a horny state, Allen felt me stir and leaned over and gave me a peck on the cheek and slip his hand under my gown. He found me very lubricated and asked if he hadn’t done a good job last night, I assured him he had and said I was just reliving our late night episode and wanted an early morning repeat. He did not object and went to work on my well lubricated and welcoming vagina. After he ejaculated, he said he wished he could stay home from work and give me the treatment I deserved but an important meeting with the company’s Sikiş hikayeleri VP demanded his presence and headed for the showers. I on the other hand laid there relishing the recent fucking and the thrill of witnessing Kenny and Riley last night.

Later that day as I was cleaning house the doorbell rang and to my surprise it was Kenny, his mother ask him to bring my mail over because the mailman had mistakenly put my mail in their box. I ask him to come in not that I could not have taken the mail at the door, I just wanted to get a closer look and the young man who had fucked my dog. I ask him if he wanted a drink of tea and he accepted. He slowly made his way to the patio door and ask what kind of dog did we have and I told him a mixed German Shepard, he seemed to be mesmerized as he stared out of the patio doors. I ask him did he want to own a dog and this seemed to bring him back to the present, he said had always wanted a dog but his parents were not animal lovers. I told him he was welcome to come over anytime to spend time with Riley as a matter of fact we’re going to be out of town this coming Saturday all day and ask him if he would come over via the rear yard gate and feed and water him, he quickly agreed finished his drink and left.

My husband planned to attend a family meeting Saturday, but I wasn’t going and would remain home. Saturday finally arrived my husband left about 9AM and wasn’t expected to home until around 6PM; around 10AM Kenny entered the back yard and came up to the patio door peered into the house to see if anyone was still around satisfied that one was home he immediately went over the Riley, he filled his bowl with the food I had pre-positioned on the back porch. After Riley finished eating, Kenny looked around as though to to see if anyone could see him from the alley or the house to our left, apparently there wasn’t any way someone could see his sexual exploits and proceeded to take off his shorts. As I stood concealed behind the curtains, I could clearly see he was already erected and had small drops of pre-cum at its tip.

I eased down on the stool I had placed near the curtains. Erotik hikaye Kenny knelt and took Riley’s cock in his hand a lowered his head as though to smell it but instead he extended his tongue and licked it, this surprised me and I instantly became wet and could not help but masturbate, it did not take long I was trembling with an overwhelming orgasm. Kenny then turn his rear to Riley and petted his butt, as though he was trained for this act, Riley mounted and began to hunch and find Kenny’s asshole it took several tries but he eventually found his mark and the expression on Kenny’s face showed sheer joy with a mixture of pain. I could see his cock ease further and further out of its sheath, then Riley begin to hunch very fast Riley was doing a funny little dance with his rear legs, Kenny had now lowered his head to the ground and appeared to pulling my grass up by its roots, then Riley slowed and the little dance stopped he then lifted his leg over Kenny ass and they were now butt to butt. I could not help myself, I quickly slipped my hand back into my well lubricated pussy and had another earth shaking orgasm. Again they stayed joined for about twenty minutes and Riley yelped once again and extracted his cock from Kenny’s ass, Kenny laid resting on the grass and Riley as before begin to lick his cock until it receded into its sheath. Kenny laid there for about ten minutes and begin to play with Riley. Riley rolled over on his back and Kenny rub his stomach, played with his ears and then proceeded to jack Riley off, once Riley cock begin to unseat itself, Kenny lowered his head again and took Riley’s cock into his mouth. This went on for about five minutes and now Riley knot reappeared, Kenny quickly assumed the position and Riley mounted him once again and easily enter Kenny ass, did his little dance and again they were butt to butt, they stayed knotted for twenty minutes when they separated Kenny squatted near the hedges as though to take a crap it seemed as though there was at least a pint of cum oozing out of his ass. Once again I was in a state wanton release and serviced my aching pussy with cucumber from the fridge.

Since then I have staged several out of town visits so that I could witness Kenny and Riley in our backyard, my husband does not know of my newly found fetish and I think I will keep it like that.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32